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The Narrow Path 6/4

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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June 4, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 6/4

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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June 4, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!


Welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and once again as we as is the case, just about every weekday.

We have an hour together with an open phone line.

If you have questions about the Bible or the Christian faith and value can also call if you have different viewpoints in the host or would like clarity on something we are not sure if you agree or disagree with. In any case, this is one of those unusual days where most of our lines are open right now it's starting time. Most days I think all the all the lines are most overfull when we go on every notion of several lines open and you can reach me at this number 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and our first caller today is Thomas calling from San Francisco, California Thomas, welcome to the narrow path extra dwelling will will lead you toward a Carol about this and that will never be forgiven. Can you explain that you can of the Lord's logic in verses 33, 32 months to read the passage okay what else I can I have it right here from two new King James version of a limited verse 30.

He was not with me is against me and he who does not gather with me scatters abroad one. Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven them. But the glass in his spirit will not be forgiven men 32 anyone he speaks again word against the Son of Man will be forgiven him. But whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven him.

You during this age or in the age to come in 33 through 36.

Seven. Also relevant, but that harlotry in the fruit again like my, my question is, is the logic in verse 31. Therefore I say unto you, linking the general conducts statement. He is not with me is against me and he does not gather with me scatters abroad to something more much more specific in terms of sin and blasphemy that will be forgiven and blasphemy that will not yeah so well you explain the best you can. Sure, the context of the passage of course begins in verse 22 and that's where Christ's detractors were saying that he was casting out demons by Beelzebub the prince of the demons and so he was addressing that fact. Of course he first called denies it and talk to help foolish it is to think that since that would make Satan opposing himself, which is very much likely and then he says if you're not with me or against me. Now he's just made it very clear that he is at war with Satan. He said if you know if Satan Satan and His Kingdom Will Not Stand As If I'm Casting out Demons by the Spirit of God, Then the Kingdom of God Is Come upon You and Talk the House Bound the Strongman and Is Plundering His House When He Is Bound. Satan and Is so Taken from Satan. Those Things Which Satan Possessed, Namely These Demon Possessed People That He Was Rescuing Now He Is Just Said There's Two Kingdoms Here. The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan and That There Is a War but However Christ Is Already Decisively Reduced Satan to Incapacity to Resist His Movement.

So Now, of Course, the Decision Lies on Every Person, Whether They Will Be on His Side on Satan Side If If on Same Side Than on the Side. He Is Simply Declared to Be Losing. But If Anyone Doesn't Want to Be on His Side. Then There Is No Other Choice. They Have Been Satan Side Is No Neutral Ground. There's No Place You Can Stand and Say Well You Know I'm Not against Jesus but Not Really Follow Him Either.

The Problem with That Is, of Course, That Jesus Makes Claims on the Lives of All People, Especially after Rose from the Dead. He Said All Authority in Heaven and Earth Belongs to Me, Which Means I'm the Boss on the King. I Have All Authority and Therefore Everyone Has To Obey Me or I'll Also Have To Answer for That Now. Those Claims Are There, the Messiah, Claims All Humanity Has His Own and of Course Humanity Can Decide Whether They'll Be His or Not.

If They Decide against It. Well Then They Are Making a Decision.

It's Very, Very Foolish and Very Poor but It Is Nonetheless a Rejection of Christ's Authority, Which Means There against Him Because of Christ Is Claiming Full Rule over Your Life and You Not Granting It from Your Robbing Him Your Your Claiming the Rule of Your Life Yourself and so Your Rebel in Your against Himself.

You're Not Submitted to Christ, You Are a Rebel against Christ Is Not a Neutral Position to Be in If If Jesus Wasn't Making Absolute Claims on Every Part of Your Life, Then There Might Be a Place Somewhere between Where You're Not Exactly Sold out Christian but on the Other Hand Do Not Really Persecute Christ Are Christians. But That's Not One of the Positions the Basically the Position Is He Has a Claim on You Completely and You Either Surrender to It or Else You're Denying Him His Claim in Your Rebel and Your against Him Now about Blasphemy against the Son Of Man and Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

This Is Been Understood.

A Number of Ways, and What Really Concerns People Is a Said Those Who Speak a Word against the Holy Spirit Will Not Have Forgiveness in This Age or in the Age to Come, Which Which Has Given Rise to the Idea of There Being an Important Unpardonable Sin, the Idea That All You Won't Be Forgiven Makes It Sound like There's a Saying You've Done It so Bad That God Simply Can't Bring Himself to Forgive.

I Think It's Probably Not Suggesting That There's a Sin so Great That God Cannot Bring Himself to Forgive It.

But There's a Sense of Great That When One Has Committed. They Have Stepped past the Point of Being Able to Repent They Not Because God Will Grant Them Revenge Because Her Heart Is so Hardened Persons to Harden Their Hearts As They Reject Christ, and That Sometimes There Still Soft and Hard to Receive Him Later but Many Times Not. If You're If You Have the Opportunity to Receive Pricing Reject Him. Your Heart Doesn't Stay the Same. It Becomes Callous to Become Hardened and That Means Unresponsive to Conviction of the Holy Spirit. So the Person Is Circular Continues to Resist God, They Come to a Point in Their Heart Where They Simply Are Not Capable of Being Repentant, and Therefore They Will Never Be Forgiven in This Age of the Age to Come, Jesus.

It Is Not Saying That If They Could Repent. There Is Nonetheless Some Sin so Great That Even If It's Repetitive God Would Not Forgiven. I Don't Think There's Any Such Thing Is That but What Is the Difference between Speaking a Word against the Son Of Man in His Comment. And Speaking of against the Holy Spirit. While This Can Be Taken a Number of Ways.

I Suppose the First Thing That Strikes Us Is That He Saying the Holy Spirit Is Holier Than Jesus. So That's a Greater Blasphemy to Blossom Holy Spirit Than to Blaspheme Jesus, However, That Would Not Make Sense Theologically, At Least I Don't Think It Does What I Think Is Probably More Likely Is This He Speaking to These Jews Who Are His Contemporaries, and They Have Every Opportunity to Hear Him See Him See His Miracles and and Follow Him or Not Affect Everyone There Is He's Points on Verse 30 Everyone Is Doing One of the Other There Either for Him Are There against Their Either Choosing to Speak up for Him and Confess Him As the Messiah Order.

Speaking against Him. There's Only Two Ways to Be Nice and If You're Speaking against Me. That's Not Necessarily a Business.

I Mean That You'll Never Be Forgiven for That However There Is a Time Coming. When Jesus Leaves and Senses Holy Spirit and That'll Be the Age of the Holy Spirit. And If You If You Reject Me While I'm Here This Little Brief Season, You Will Have Another Opportunity When the Spirit Comes and If You Don't Reject Him, Then You Can Still Be Saved. However, If You Reject Me and Reject You Continue to Speak Evil of God and of the Holy Spirit at That Time Will Then You're Not Can Have Any More Chances. After That, Because the Age the Holy Spirit Is the Last Age. This Could Be Available to Repent and and If You Blow It. Then You Won't Have Any Other Opportunities and You Will Not Repent and of Course When the Holy Spirit Is Convicting You and You Still Resist. That Means Your Your You're Not Just Resisting Believing in Somebody That You're Seeing and Try to Heart. You Know How to Interpret Jesus and His Miracles. Are They from God or from the Devil's Courses of Something. The Pharisees Were Suggesting. However, the Holy Spirit Comes and Convicts the World of Sin and Righteous Judgment. Then They Know in Their Hearts. What's True and If They Still Speak against the Truth, Will They Do so at the Cost of Hardened Their Hearts Potentially Irreparably and That's What I Personally Think Is What He Means by Contrasting That If If If They Are Rejecting Him While He Is Here. That's Not a Good Thing That They'll Have Another Chance. Holy Spirit Comes If They Reject Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When He Comes. What Is More Chances after That. All Right Appreciate Your Call and Rick Talk Next to Earl from Roseville, California Earl, Welcome to the Narrow Path. Thanks for Calling Hi I Am, I Heard You Mention Doctrine by Studying the Correct Doctrine, but the Word Faith Movement in Any Claimant Doctrine That Televangelist Pastors That Seem to You. I Watched Some of the Televangelist Pastors. For Example, Kenneth Copeland, There's Another Guy, Mike Murdock Is on Will Late-Night TV and Then Benny Can Even Long Time Ago and from What I Understand These Guys Are Wealthy beyond Belief. Kenneth Copeland Went around in a Twin Jet and Benny and from What I Understood the Guy Living Very Luxurious Mansion and Guide Update. We Have Ministries Where They Keep Going Right along like There's Nothing Wrong and They Keep Serving No Christians in Other People in Different Ways. Supposedly, You Make A Lot Of Contributions to People Who Are in Need and They Did Keep Living There Very Good Life in Their Preaching and so It's like in a Way in the Back My Mind I Think about My Not If You're Christian and You Can Get Ahead in Life and Even Attain Wealth and Not Keep Following Christ with Holland about That Sin and Having Wells Is Doing the Will of God and the Will of God Is for You to Be a Doctor or Lawyer or You Know You Space Rocket Scientist or Something That God Calls People, Lots of Things.

Some of These Jobs Pay Pretty Well and and and Other People Are Called to Be Janitors and Work Fast Food, Wash Dishes in the Back of the Restaurant so Forth. They Don't Get Paid Quite so Well Now the Main Thing Is That You Need to Be Doing What God Wants You to Do and If You Are Then You Not to Worry about Whether You're Rich or Poor Because God Doesn't Favor People Who Are Richer When You Have More There's More Responsibility. Jesus Said to Whom Much Is Given of Them Much Be Required so If God Gives You a Situation Where You Inherit a Fortune from Your Parents or Grandparents or You Win the Lottery. I'm Not Sure Why Christian Replaying the Lottery, but Some Do or Where You You Just Have a Job That Pays Well Then You Can Be Richer Than Some Other People but Because You Are Richer, There's More Expected of You and and That What's Expected of Course, Is That You'll Be Supporting the Kingdom of God and the Poor and the Things That Matter to God in a Bigger Way.

Because Were All Stewards of Whatever We Have When It Is God Gives Us Just One Talent That He Doesn't Actually Expect Us to Produce for the Kingdom of God Is Much As It Gives 10 Talents. So That's the Context in Which Jesus Said to Whom Much Is Given of Them.

Much of the Required so There's No Sin in Earning Money for the Sin Is If If There Is a Sin Present Than It Is Because of the Way Your Managing God's Money Because It Is God's If If You Inherit a Fortune.

That's God's Money, Not Yours.

You Belong to God. And so the Money so the Question Is How Are You Managing God's Money and Just like If You Imagine Somebody This Is My Suppose You Were a Financial Manager for Some Wealthy People and Let's Say Instead of Making Them Wealthier by Investments That They Entrust to You to Make. I Used To Just Make Yourself Wealthy and They Don't They Don't They Don't Benefit from That You You're Getting Richer and Richer and Richer Because You're Taking More Their Money and Using on Your Lifestyle Than That That Is Assumed That's a Crime You Know and and so It Is with God. If I Have God's Money and Spending on Me, but I'm Not Making God's Kingdom a Richer Than That's Criminal Now Now As Far As the Health of All Preachers, Their Situations Entirely Different. There's A Lot Of People Who Believe the Health and Wealth Doctrine, but They're Not Healthy or Wealthy. These Guys Who Are on Television Have Their Private Jets and so Forth. There Deftly Wealthy and It and It Makes It Look to Her What Reviewers That Hey, This Doctrine Is Really Truly See Their Doctrine Is That God Wants Everyone to Be Wealthy and That Wealth Doesn't Just Come from Working Wealth Will Come to You Supernaturally If You Make a Positive Confession Wealth Will Flow to You, You Know, and Not May Flow by You Getting a Better Job, or May Just Come in the Mail. You Know Whatever, but That Doctrine Is Not of the Bible Teaches.

The Bible Doesn't Teach That You Have Enough Faith to Be Wealthy. Jesus, What Was Have A Lot Of Faith and He Wasn't Wealthy and the Disciples Didn't Have Money Member Peter Said Silver and Gold Have None and He Was Telling the Truth.

He Is Pretty Spiritual.

You Know, the Prophets Were First Spiritual Watering to Sackcloth and Ashes and Being Spiritual Is No Necessarily a No Path to Wealth or Abundance. And That's the Problem. These Guys Are Teaching That It Is Means They've Turned Godliness Is into a Means of Gain Something That Paul, of Course, Warned against in First of the Chapter 6 Saddam Having to Do with Those Current Teachers Because There Are Preying on People's Covetousness. Now That the Leaders Are Wealthy Is No Surprise. I Think PT Barnum Was Pretty Wealthy to.

He Said the Sucker Is Born Every Minute. There's A Lot Of People Have Suckered People in the Given Their Money Away the Mormon Church Is Very Wealthy so the Catholic Church so Is the Most Are A Lot Of Religions That Have the Wrong Religion.

Frankly and Anderson Are Charlatans and so Charlatans Are Usually Pretty Good Fooling People into Given Money and There's a Bunch of Those Kind of People on Television Christian Television so I Mean Sure, These Guys Have Money and If You Say What's Wrong with That. There's Nothing Wrong with Having Money If I Mean, and When What They Do with It Is between Them and God. If If God Gave Me a Bunch of Money If I Bought Myself a Jet, I Be Ashamed to Stand before God on the List and Say Here's Identity or Money I Spent $35 Million on a Jet When I Could Have Flown in a Coach in Her Ordinary Airliner. I Was Just Too Proud to Do That You Get for Loading God Doesn't Matter.

Still, Maybe That's Still It May Be That Stewardship You Know I Fly over the World on Which I Don't Only General Want, You Know, Because I Have 35 $35 Million and Say There's A Lot Of Hungry People That Could Definitely Benefit from $35 Million and for Me to Buy a Jet and Say This Is Justified Because I'm Flying to Places I'm Speaking on Preaching the Gospel Will What Prevented Me from Just Getting an Airline Ticket on Southwest Airlines and Flying to That Place That Cost A Lot Less. You See, This Is a Matter of How Money Is Managed and and Every Christian Is Going to Have To Answer to God for the Way They Manage the Money God Gave Them As He Said That's between Them and God. If They Don't If You're Not Afraid to Stand before God with That Kind a Waste of His Money Well Maybe They Don't Know God Is Because I Think the Fear of God Would Prevent That in Most Cases Are Not Seen a Christian Would Never Have a Reason to Own a Jet or an Airplane or Some like That.

I Don't Know. I Can't Think of Any Reason Why Christian Would That I Don't Know Why Not Diamond God. God Knows More Than I Do All I Can Say Is That I Think These Men Do Not Take Stewardship Seriously Enough What They Believe Is It's God's Will for You to Live Rich Love These Guys Have Goldplated Hardware on Their Bathroom Sinks and Things like That.

The TBN Trinity Broadcasting That Will Their Offices or Are Laid out with All Kinds of Lavish Extensive Junk.

I Mean, It's Not Junk It's Cost Millions of Dollars Was Junk. As Far As Kingdom of God Is Concerned, so I Just I Don't I Don't I Never Say a Person Can't Be Rich but I Do Say That If You Are Rich. That Means You Make A Lot Of Money or Money Comes into Then of Course You Got the Responsibility to Say, Does God Want Me to Spend the Saw Me or Does He Want Reset on His Kingdom and You Want to Take That Pretty Seriously Because Someday Jesus Said the Lord of Those Servants to Come Back As You Have Called in the Form and Say How Did You Spend My Stuff. How Did You Invest My Stuff Did You Make Me Richer or Not and That Richer Meaning Spreading His Kingdom so I Think the Health Will Teachers for Saul Teacher, a Wrong Doctrine Which Is the Idea That If You Have the Faith to Be Wealthy but Also They Their Own Riches. In Many Cases Arming Us the Way They Spend Their Money and Live Their Lives. I Would Be Ashamed to Stand before God. If I Did That Ashamed I'd Be Terrified Because It's so Wasteful but That's between Them and Got It All Right. Thank You for Your Call Unless You All Right or Next Caller Is Scott from Portland, Oregon.

Scott Look into the Neuropathic for Calling. Hi Yeah I Wanted to Kind of Look at All Millennial Versus Post-Millennial View Here and Ask You regarding If You're Looking at Post-Millennialism and You're Considering This Gospel Victory Theme through Ourselves Yell Time and Space Here on Earth, and so on so Forth through the Course Time Where All Institutions Will Come under the Feet of of Christ, You Know, the Church, the Family, the State Public Policy, and so Also Part but Not Totally Yoking That Side Doesn't Necessarily Say Everything Is Going to Be Redeemed, but You Know, One of the Points That Are Brought up Often Enough and Style All Authority Given to the Lord Jesus Send You Know He's Not Really Lacking Any Authority so Therefore the Churches Asked Weights through the Course of Time Will Is the View Would Be to Be Optimistic about Our Exploits As the Church You Know the Equus See It Taking Ground. I Know You Your Pretty before on This Matter and I Think You Might, You Know, Concur, to Some Extent, but You Know That Doesn't Really Mean That There Is Suffering like It Now Millennialism Might Say, but You Know Post-Millennial, Would You Know except That, but Realize That You Know That's the Major Definite Purpose of the Church Is to Take Ground so Your Client in Your Question for Me Okay so Do You Foresee That As of Viable Scenario in in in in Comparing It to Millennialism and I Know You're Not Millennial What Would You Potentially See the Post Millennial View Coming out for Well Post-Millennialism Interprets Most Scriptures the Same Way All Millennial Student but There's a Difference and That Is All Millennialism Does Not Predict That the Whole World Will Become Christianized before Jesus Comes Back and Post-Millennialism Does. Now the Post Millennial View Is Not Necessarily Unrealistic in in the Sense That While We in Revival Times Urban-Whole Cities Practically Were Converted the Jails Were Empty. The Police Had Nothing to Do Select a Maytag Repairman You Know and That in the Food There Were No Brothels Know No Drunkenness in the Bars Closed Meet Our Ways in Which Whole Towns Have Been Transformed for Christ.

In Times of Revival in Times like Deal Moody's or or Finian and Some of These Other Guys. They Have a Tremendous Impact or Edwards but Some of These Revivals Actually Spread beyond Individual Towns into into Whole Regions and It Is Argued That If If This Can Happen in the City or in a Region.

It Can Happen to Whole Country. It Hasn't Happened That Way. Yet, That It Could. We Know That Nineveh, When No Jonah Preached to Them. Nineveh Repented and Hold Major City and I Think That Would Represent the Conversion of the Whole Country Because the King Was Converted Briefly but I Mean Not Permanently, but the Point Is That the Argument Goes That If If We Can See This on the Micro Then There's No Reason That God Could Not, at Some Point in the Future Fulfill This Vision and the Macro in the Whole World Be so Affected by the Gospel. I Mean, They Basically Have a Very Commendably Confidence View That the Gospel Is the Power of God to Salvation to All Who Believe and That Someday Everyone Are Most Everyone Will Believe and That'll Transform the Whole World and All Its Institutions and Governments and so Forth That's That's Likely I Say Logically Possible. Something Failed but Things Going the Opposite Direction. Well, Maybe Now They Are the Go up and down throughout History. If There's Another Hundred If There's Another Hundred Years. If There's Another Thousand Years before Jesus Comes Back Who Can Predict What Will or Will Not Happen in These Terms.

My Theology Though Is Based Not on the Logic of That Itself, but on Predictions in the Bible. I Believe at the End of Revelation 20. When Her in the Middle of It. When Fire Comes down from Heaven and Consumes the Devil and the Wicked. This Is the Second Coming of Christ. I Believe, and It Puts an End to the Devil's Career Just before That the Devil Has Rallied Our Worldwide Opposition against the Beloved City, Which I Think to Be the Church and the Numbers of Those That Are Following Satan Are Said to Be As Numerous As the Sand of the Seashore so It Doesn't Look like You Know, Everybody Converted You Got a Worldwide Movement with People.

As Numerous As the Sands Seashore Who Are Opposing Christ and Threatening the Church and This Is What Jesus Finds When He Comes Back and and Interrupts It with His Coming. When He Comes in Flaming Fire and Takes Vengeance on Those Who Don't Know God and Who Don't Obey the Gospel As It Says in Second Thessalonians Is There Other Things That Suggest Therapy, a Significant Number of Wicked in the World When Jesus Comes Back. I Would Also See That in the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares of the Servant Say Should We Gather at the Tares Because They Threaten the Weight and the Master Says No, Leave the Tares to Grow with the Weight and in the End of the Age. I'll Send My Angels out No Gather at the Tares and so There Not to Remove the Tears from the World until Finally, at the End I Think When Jesus Comes Back Is How I Understand It, so I Don't See the Bible Saying That the Whole World Will Be Converted by Any Means but I Am Optimistic about the Church, the True Church Because the Bible Says the Glory of the Lord Filled the Earth As the Waters Cover the Sea. I Think the Witness of the Church Is Going to Be Very Powerful. I Think the Unity of the Church Is Going to Have To Reach a Stage. It's Not Even Close to Right Now, but I Think It Will. And I Think We Know a Holy and Spotless Bride Are Very Optimistic about the Church Because the Bible Is about the World, Not Quite so Much. However, As the Church Advances It Does Improve Things in the World Incrementally so I Think the World Could Get A Lot Better before Gets Worse That Be My Answer to You. Hope That's Helpful You're Listening to the Narrow Path, We Were Halfway through yet Another Half Hour to Go, so Don't Go Away Were Taking More Calls in the Second Half Hour.

The Narrow Path Is Listener Supported. You Can Write to Us at the Narrow Path, PO Box 1732 Macula CA 92593 or from Our Website. The Narrow Other Gauges Nearly the Path That Leads to Life into the Narrow Path. Steve Grand Has Nothing to Me Today but Everything to Get You the Radio Show Is over. Go to the Narrow You Can Study and Enjoy the Three Topical Audio Teachings Blog Article Teachings and Archives of the Narrow Path Radiation. Thank You for Supporting the Listeners. The Narrow Path That Steve Grand When the Narrow Welcome Back to the Narrow Path Radio Broadcast. My Name Is Steve Grand and We Are Live for Another Half Hour Taking Your Calls. It's a Light Day for Calls Right Now There's No Calls, Languages, Incredible Faith, and I Don't Know If It Ever Had a Day like That of the Middle of the Program Is. No No Calls That's Good for You.

Opportunity. If You Have Questions about the Bible of the Christian Faith and Want to Get through. This Is an Unusual Opportunity Rare You Call This Number 844-484-5737 That's 844-484-5737 Now All the Lights of Lit up so Be Patient As Her Calls Good Has Taken One by One, Actually One Line Went down so There's No Line Open Still Will Talk to Mark from Vancouver, British Columbia Mark, Welcome to the Neuropathic Circling in the Gospels of Mark and Luke on Mark and Luke Will Make No Mention of the Exception in Terms of Their Job, Divorce Make No Mention of the Extraction of Adultery, Which Exception Mass You Guys Make His Gospel and When Matthew Makes the Expected He Make That One Exception Only. So My Question Is, Is That, Given the Fact That Mark and Luke Did Not Make Any Mention of the Exception That Matthew Did Make You Think It Might Be Possible That the One Exception That Matthew Makes Matthew Did Mention Might Not Be the Only Exception Divorce You Know Is It Is Possible I Don't Want to Chance with Myself. I Mean, I Certainly Would Never Want to Recommend Anyone to Divorce. I Generally Don't Recommend That Anyone Even If They Have Grounds, but Certainly If They Didn't Have the One Thing Jesus Mentioned, Which Is of Course the Sexual and Faithless in the Spouse If They Were Married to Christian Now Paul Says Is a Different Rule for Those Who Are Married to a Non-Christian in First Corinthians 7. He Said That You Know He Said He Spoke First of All the Christians Married to Christians and Said Don't Divorce and If You Do Divorce Stay Single and Try to Reconcile Present to the Rest and and the Context Is Very Clear.

The Rest Means Christians Were Married to Non-Christians. He Says If You If You Have a Non-Christian Spouse Don't Divorce Them Live with Them As Long As They're Willing to Live with You and Keep Your Vows and Being Honest.

Be Honest Because You Vowed Lifelong Fidelity, but Said If They Refuse to Live with You If They Leave You Then You're out You're Free and He Says the Brother Sister Is Not under Bondage in Such Cases, so We We See That Jesus Gave a Rule We Could Save Our Ruling That for Christians, Married to Christians, How I Know That He's That His Teachings Are Only about Christians, Married Christians Well Because Paul Said so. Paul Has Two Groups of People He Addresses One Is Christians Married to Non-Christians. He Specifically Says so the Other Group Certainly Must Be Christians Married to Christians Because It Is Only Writing to Married Christians.

So There's like Two Groups of Very Christians Those Were Married to Christians and Those Are Married to Non-Christians Not in the First Group, He Says to the Married I Say but Not I but the Lord, Let Not the Husband Apart from His Wife.

That's Course Restrictive 710 and He Goes on in Chapter 11, Save, Watch, and Oliver Has Been so for Now, What He Saying I Say This and Not Not I but the Lord He Sent Jesus Himself Said This, the Lord Jesus, That This Not Just Me but Then He Says to the Rest and the Rest He Identifies As Christians Married to Non-Christians to the Rest I Speak Not the Lord Nobody Means but Has Jesus Never Address That I'm Going to Have To Go beyond What Jesus Said Simply Because Jesus Never Address the Situation and What Paul Is Saying Is That Jesus What He Did Address Was the Case of Christians Married to Christians and What Jesus Did Not Address Is Christians Married a Non-Christian. So Paul Addresses That. So We Know That You Know Whether Jesus Would've Allowed More Than One Ground of Divorce for Christians Are Not It's It's Not Entirely Clear There That I've Read of Course Books on Every Side of This Divorce Issue for Christians and One Interesting Book Suggested That You Know the Jews Knew Very Well That Some Things Were Obviously Grounds for Divorce Are Mean. For Example, If a Man Commits Murder or Does Something Else That's Worthy of Death, and Should Be Put to Death, but for Some Reason He Doesn't Get the Deficit He Escapes or Something from Justice Then Then the Woman, of Course, Would Be Free. His Wife Would Be Free Because Her Husband Be Dead or Should Be Dead. I'm in His Committing a Capital Crime.

Presumably in a Just Society. I Would Set Her Free. Now Certainly in the Pages of a Situation like Somebody. For Example, Who Is a Devil Worshiper. No, That's Not a Legally It's Obviously Insane to Be a Devil Worshiper. But It's Not Illegal to Be an Alcoholic That Is Bad but It's Not Illegal and to Refuse to Work. It Is Extremely Bad, but That's Not Illegal in an Extreme Example of a Guy Was a Devil Worshiper, an Alcoholic and Refuse to Work with That Not Be Grounds for Divorce Is Much As Were More Than Simple Adultery.

Well, I Think That in a Case like That, We Have To Say the Christians Who Know the Couple Would Have To Have To Counsel Them Both Because I Don't Think That a Christian Can Leave Their Spouse Just Because Their Spouse Is a Non-Christian, Even If There.a Person Is Not a Devil Worshiper Can Have a Religion. It's Just about As Bad and Certainly the People in Paul's Day, Who Were Non-Christians Were Pagans Who Worship Demons, and and yet He Said Enough of a Believer Has a Spouse Who Doesn't Believe Don't Leave Now Obviously If If the Devil Worshiper, a Devil Worshiper Probably Wouldn't Want to Stay with the Christian If They Left in the Christians Free If the Person Is an Alcoholic That That Could Lead.

In Some Cases to Violence and so Forth. And I Think in the Case of Domestic Violence. The Victim Would Have the Liberty to Live Somewhere Else until the Danger Was over, Though I Wouldn't I Would Make a Grounds for Divorce Myself Because I Because Jesus Didn't Say Nothing to Say but He Would with Your Take Your Chances That He Would Go Ahead. But, of Course, Divorce and Remarriage. If It's Not Approved of God's Adultery Collapses in the Boxes.

No Adultery, No Adultery Will Inherit the Kingdom of God.

So, so I Would Say That You Know I've Been in Marriages before Where There Was Adultery. I Didn't Commit Adultery Spouse to, but I Wouldn't Divorce and Because I'd I Mean I Had Grounds, but I Don't Think God Likes Divorce and My Wife Was like a Confessing Christian, Though She Was Not Living like a Christian. So I Thought Well I Mean like I Could Probably Pursue Divorce in This Case, but but I Don't Want to. I Don't Think There Please Lord, All Right, Should You Okay Our Next Caller Who's Been There the Longest. It Looks like It Has Been John from Oregon City in Oregon. John, Welcome to the Neuropathic Circling: Daniel, the Kingdom of God Because Okay I'm Just Clarifying the Stone Strikes an Image in Its Feet. The Image Is in the Dream. This Is All in a Dream That He Has Had the Image Is Made of Four Different Kinds of Metals. The Head Is Gold. The Chest of Silver the Bellies Bronze in the Larger Iron the Theater a Mixture of Iron and Clay, and Then This Stone Is Not Shaped by Human Hands Strikes the Image of Feet and the Whole Image Crumbles Now When Daniel Explains This. He Explains That These Four Metals Represent Four Successive Empires, Beginning with the Babylonian and Therefore Historically Mail the Second Would Be the Media Persian Empire in the Grecian Part of the Roman Empire and Then in Verse 44, Daniel 244, Daniel Says in the Days of These Kings Meeting before the Time Is Run out That These Four Empires Rained in the Days of These Kings the God of Heaven Will Set up a Kingdom Which Will Never Be Destroyed, and It Will Consume All of These Kingdoms in Italy Itself Grow to Be a Great Empire to Fill the Whole Earth. Now That's in the Imagery and the Dreamers of Stone That Destroys the Image and Itself Grows into a Great Mountain Affiliates of the Growing Stone Is the Reppert Reference to the Kingdom of God Which God Set up during the Time of the Roman Empire. When Christ Was Here, and Jesus Himself Said It Was like a Mustard Seed, You Know, He Said the Kingdom of God like a Mustard Seed It's a Little Tiny Thing to Start with but It Grows into Something Very Large and That's Exactly the Lesson I Think Good Daniel Portrays There in Daniel 244 Publishing Rose Publishing and Stone Striking the Image.

London It in the Late Will Rose Publishing Must Be Because It Did Strike Stone Being Jesus First Coming and Then It Would Have To Hit the Image High in the Leg Early in the Roman Empire, but It Doesn't Go Image Feet Well I Don't, Linear or Not I'm All Melinda I See the Stone Striking the Image in the Seat. The Bible Doesn't Say That It's Going to Be Late or Early in the Roman Empire Just Says in the Time of These Kings so Sometime While These Four Kings Have Not Totally Vanished from the Earth, and the Fourth One Being Wrong.

This Would Happen so That We Would Have To Happen Sometimes before Sometime before 476 BC When Rome Fell and Actually Happened about 100 Years after Rome Conquered Palestine. Although Rome within Growing before That but Yeah It's Is Not in the Middle or at the End of the Roman Empire, but It Doesn't. The Proxy Doesn't Require That It Be Goal Is Clay High Second Image Feet While You're Saying That That's Not Nice. Congressman Logically Required the Bible Doesn't Say That the Image That the Storm Hits. The Image at the End of the Roman Empire Infected Didn't the Roman Empire Still Lasted for You Know Some Time, but but but the Seat on Her Legs, Me, These Are All Part of the Roman Empire Is All It Says Is That the Kingdom Will Be Set up during the Basically during the Roman Empire.

Swimmers Same so Okay What What You Think Represents What Daniel Sennett Represents.

It Represents a Period of Time of Kingdoms That Ruled from the Time of Nebuchadnezzar until the Coming of Christ. I Mean, It Doesn't Say How Long the Roman Empire Would Last after He Struck It in the Feet to the Growing of the Stone Is No Doubt Gradual and Therefore Grinds up These Others You Know over Process of Time, Just like Jesus of the Kingdoms of Mustard Seed, You Don't Plan Mustard Seed, and Then Have a Whole Tree.

The Next Day. It Takes Time to Grow but It's Once It Starts.

Chronic Grows Big 2124 and the Time of the Gentiles Were Still Living Gentiles. And so They Image As a Whole Jumped onto the Bible Doesn't Say so You Want to Blame It All. Dispensations Do Notice All the Old Kingdom All All Gentile Does Not Follow Does Not Follow That the Only Place in the Whole Bible That Uses the Expression Times of the Gentiles That Occurs Only in Luke 21 No One Else in the Whole Bible. It Doesn't Mean That That Expression Is Referring to Daniel's Vision.

Okay, so Many Hearing Things into It. I Don't Feel We Need to Read until You're Welcome to Do Some People Done so Ever since Dispensations and Began Last Century or Two Centuries Ago. Now, Almost.

Okay. John Got the Ship Okay. Our Next Caller Is James from Seattle James Welcome to the Neuropathic Circling How You Do. I Have a Question That I Came up As I Was Reading through the Samuel and Kings in the Way the Holy Spirit Comes on Saul or Samuel, As Opposed to How the Holy Spirit Comes on in Three People after Pentecost Is One Day.

Thinking on the Similarities and Differences Where the Holy Spirit Only Came on Some Individuals in the Old Testament, Whereas in the New Covenant the Holy Spirit Comes or or Should Is Expected to Come upon Everyone Who Is a Christian, God's People in Israel Didn't All Have the Holy Spirit upon Them.

That's One of the Features of the Old Covenant Is the Absence of the Holy Spirit except on Select Individuals like Prophets like Kings like Saul and David Orr's Some of the Judges the Spirit Came upon Sampson, for Example, in Ehud and Gideon so the Holy Spirit Would Come on Individuals and Empower Them for Special Servicers for Special Activity in the Old Testament, but in General the Average's Israeli Didn't Have the Holy Spirit upon Them or in Them Now in the Book of Numbers Moses Said Would to God That All the Lord's People Were Prophets and That He Would Put His Spirit upon Them. Now He Was of Course Concerned That That Wasn't so but He Certainly Wish That It Would Be so That by the Way Is Numbers Chapter 11 Verse 29. However, Joel. The Prophet Joel Chapter 2, He Said Well in the Last Days. I'll Pour out My Spirit on All Flesh in Your Sons and Daughters Will Prophesy Selling Others What Moses Wished for in Numbers 11, the Prophet Predicted Would Happen. And of Course When That Happened at Pentecost.

Peter Said This Is That Which Was Spoken about the Prophet Joel so What the Differences Is That What Was the Special Empowering of A Few People in the Old Testament Times Special People for Special Purposes Is Now Something for All Christians. All Christians Can Be Filled Holy Spirit. All Christians Receive the Spirit of the Times Are Converted and Every One of Them Can Have the Spirit Come upon Them Empower.

That's What Jesus Said in Acts 18 You Will Receive Power When the Holy Spirit Comes upon You.

So, Just As the People. The Old Testament Holds for Him upon Them. They Were Empowered so Christians Can Be Empowered by the Holy Spirit Coming upon Them. Now I Myself Might Seem Strange Arms and Can Because I Believe It's Possible for a Person to Be Christian and to Have the Holy Spirit, and yet Not to Be Empowered by the Holy Spirit. There Are Different Relationships with God That People Haven't Holy Spirit and Jesus Talked about the Holy Spirit Being in You. In One Instance, and in Another Instance, Determine When Holster Comes upon You, and so the Holy Spirit Resides in the Christian Community.

Every Christian Is Part of That Temple of Those for Every Christian Is a Living Stone Is Being Built up into a Holy Habitation of God through the Spirit. Both First Peter 25 and in the Last Verses of Ephesians 2 Tell Us That, but Having Those for NU Is Not Necessarily Same Thing As Having Been Empowered by the Holy Spirit, Decent to the Disciples after He Rose and That He Breathed on Them and Said Receive the Holy Spirit in John Chapter 20 and I Think They Did. I Think the Spirit Came to Be in Them. But Jesus Later Said When the Spirit Comes upon You, You Will Receive Power and so What Happened Those People in the Old Testament When They Were Empowered to Prophesy or to Break Ropes around Their Wrists like Samson and so Forth of Those Supernatural Power Comes Our Christians, Not, Not Always in the Same Form When the Spirit Comes upon Us Now, the Forms of That Power Are Seen in Different Gifts and so Paul Talks of the Different Gifts of the Holy Spirit and Is Not Natural Abilities Is about Spirit Given Supernatural Abilities and That Being so We See That As in the Old Testament, so the New One.

Someone Has the Spirit Come upon Them There Empowered and Gifted and Then They Can Do Things That They Couldn't Otherwise Do Not the Same Things That People in the Old Testament Necessary, Although Some Might Be Certainly Are Prophets to in the Old Testament and in the New, but the Main Thing the Main Difference of the Old Testament New in This Respect Is That in the New Testament to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit Have a Certain upon You Empower Is the Birthright of Every Christian. Whereas in the Old Testament Wasn't Even an Option. I Appreciate Your Call. I Hope That Helps.

Dylan from Portland, Oregon. Welcome to the Neuropathic Circling High Telling You Opinion on the Black Light Okay and Is Is Is Not Too Offensive.

No Way You Want My Opinion. I Thought You to Give Me Your Opinion You Are Okay Well I You Know I First of All, You Know Whatever I Say Is from Somebody but the Black Lives Matter Movement Is It Is Not Reasonable to Say Why Because If You Say to Them All Lives Matter They Call You a Racist Is Not Reasonable If If a Black Man's Life Matters, It's Only Because Human Life Matters and Black People Are Humans, but If Human Life Matters in All Human Life Matters, and so a Person Says Black Lives Matter You Say Why or Say Will Yeah of Course All Peoples, All Human Life.

Matters Are Made in the Image of God. And so, Asians, Asians and Europeans and Hispanics and Afro-American Sale. They All Are.

There's Only One Race per See There's a New Narrative Which the Left Is Put out in Black Life Matters.

Part of That Narrative That You Can't Say That All Races Are the Same. It Used To Be. It Used To Be That Racism Is Defined by and by. You Say That Some Races Are Better Than Others and That the Absence of Racism Is a Known No Races Better Than Any Other. All Races Are the Same, Which Is Only One Human Race Today in the Presence of the Black Lives Matter Movement. You Can't Say That without Being Called Racist. So It's Obvious That They're Not Reasonable.

Now It's True That Black Lives Matter in It but It Seems like What They're Trying to Do Is to Get People Riled up about Police Brutality against Black People.

Well, I Think We Are Riled up about It Really Be Part of Black Lives Matter Be Roundup Units. It's Funny. All These Protests over and over the Death of George Floyd, What Are We Trying to Convince Us That It Was a Bad Thing.

There Is Universal Agreement among All Races That That Was a Bad Thing. I Mean, As Soon As It Happened, Everyone Conservative, Liberal, Black, White, Asian. Every Human Being Who Heard of It Condemned so Who You Try to Convince by Protest Nothing. You Can't Protest People Can Purchase What They Want to, but Usually You Protest Something in Order to Convince People of Something or to Raise Their Awareness of Something and yet These Protest and Begin until Everyone Already Knew about It and Hated It Because They Hated the Fact That This Happened to This Man so Is like the Protest What What Is Hoping to Accomplish Make Us Make Us Think That That Was a Bad Thing Will Who Doesn't Think It Was about Thing I Mean I Think the Energy Could Be Spent Doing Better Things.

Now the Interesting Thing Is I Think What They're Trying to Do Is Give Us the Impression That Police Violence against Black People Is Rampant in This Country, but People Say That Don't Want to Look at the Statistics and You Can Because the Washington Post Which Is Not a Conservative Paper Has Kept Track of All the Cases of Police Killing Unarmed Black People over the Years, and for Example, Last Year, Which Was the Lowest Year of Any for Several Going Back Several Years Actually Police Violence against Blacks Has Been Reduced 70% over the past Several Years and That Last Year Was the Lowest Level of All but There Were. They Say That There Were 10 Cases Last Year of a Black Man Who Was Unarmed Being Shot by a Policeman Sometimes a Policeman Black to the Point Is, There Have Been in in in 2019. There Were 10 Cases of Not Unarmed Black Man Being Shot by the Police. Not Several Cases It Was Very Much Uncalled for and Other Cases on Our Black and Was Threatening the Policeman and You Know I'm Not Sure What the Police Do When There's a Big Guy Coming Out Of an End in the Won't Stop When You Tell Them You Know so That I Don't Think an Excellent Color Man, It's There's Actually Far More White People Unarmed That Were Shot by Police Last Year At Least Twice As Many As There Were Black People so I Don't Really See Why Some Return Tells That There's Epidemic of Police Violence against Blacks. Now Certainly Black People Have Plenty to Complain about You Know about the Way They Been Treated Historically but to to Give the Impression That the Police Are the Enemy of the Blacks and and to Try to Defund the Police for Example like like Is Being Suggested Now by Identifying and I'm Not Sure, Probably Black Lives Matter to Conserve Very Similar Groups in Many Respects but This Is Something That's Just a Left-Wing Political Agenda Based on the Fact That One Black Man Was Treated Very Terribly Instant and Unjustly Was Killed by a White Policeman. Now, Finally, the Same Week That Happened.

A Video Was Released of a Black Policeman Choking a Black Young Man with His Hands and the Man Saying I'm I Can't Really Can't Breathe.

Just like the George Said and No One Really Raise A Lot Of Complaints about That Because All the Participants Were Black, but You Know I Think That the Black Lives Matter Is Trying to Stir up Racism Where There Isn't. Now I Don't Know How Many of Our Black Friends Feel like There's A Lot Of Racism in America When They Say America's Racist Country. I Don't Know If They've Ever Studied History. It's True We Had Slavery or Black Slavery but Sold Every Country in the Whole World. America Was like the Second Country in the World to Get Rid of It and It Was the White People Got Rid of It, Not the Black People. It Was the White People Fought in the War to Free the Blacks. It Was the Whites Who Voted for the Civil Rights Movement to Equalize Black, It's That You Know so Many of the Things That Have Read Turned around the Situation Were Done by a Predominantly White Population. By the Way Two Terms in a Row. White America Elected a Black President. I Think with the Facts in View, It's Rather Difficult to Sustain a Case That America Is a Racist Nation. Yes There Are Racists in America and in Every Country but No Country Has Done As Much As America to Try to Get Rid of Racism in Its Borders and Has Done More to Institutionalize Non-Racism Pounded My Thoughts about the Movement Appreciate Your Call and Anyone Who Thinks I'm Wrong. Feel Free to Send Me the Facts.

Sometimes People Complain Because They Don't like What I Say Let's Go with Facts, Not Your Emotions Send Me Facts If You Disagree with Me but You Better Do Your Research. Listening to the Narrow Path Radio Broadcast.

My Name Is Steve Greg. We Are Listener Supported. You Can Write to Us at the Narrow Path, PO Box 1732 Macula CA 92593 or Go to Our Website. The Narrow and Let's Talk Again Tomorrow –

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