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The Narrow Path 6/3

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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June 3, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 6/3

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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June 3, 2020 8:00 am

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrowcast radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and would live for an hour each week.

The afternoon we have four phones that you can call in all right now the full picture: later and get through. If you have questions about the Bible of Christian faith or maybe a different viewpoint from the host you like to talk about and the if that is so you can use this number again when the lines open up the number is 844-484-5737 that's a 444-8457 37 and our first caller today is Michael from Huntington Beach, California Michael, welcome to the narrow path answer: oh to do in Revelation chapter 20 verse five is the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished and the first resurrection blessing in our lives. He lives part in the first resurrection.

My question is how resurrection is all there more than one and on these two motions like premillennialism views or historic millennia absolutely absolutely do. Yes, because when it says this is the first resurrection and then you read at the end of the house as you read of another resurrection makes yeah so so the premillennial view holds that the first resurrection.

Of course, occurs when Jesus comes back and that only includes that the saints that the righteous so only the Christians are raised when Jesus comes back and the rest of the dead stay in their graves for another thousand years and at the end of the thousand years. We see this other resurrection so they would say the first resurrection is the resurrection of the bodies of the believers in the second resurrection is the resurrection of the body's of the unbelievers, so the believers and unbelievers are not raised at the same time. On this view, and there's a thousand years said to be between them. Now, the millennial view, which is the view I hold sees the thousand years of symbolic and it's not symbolic of a time that will begin when Jesus comes back, but is symbolic of the time that began when Jesus came and will and will in fact and when Jesus does come back now, but there is this thing called the first resurrection occurring during the thousand years and is distinguished from the other resurrection, which is at the end. Now the end we know first.

Specifically, that the, the resurrection of the end of chapter 20 is a physical resurrection because it talks about death and Hades.

That's the grave giving up there. Their dad in this. The sea gives up and said these are for physical bodies have been buried and so it's the rising of physical bodies.

But the first resurrection is that an earlier physical resurrection of another group of people, mainly Christians or is it another kind of resurrection. Now we can probably answer that from cross-referencing. This is the only place in the Bible that would given a hint even that there would might be to resurrections in terms of his physical bodies but of course Revelation is not the most literal book in the Bible and there are books that are more that are more literal and they actually tell us something that would come to preclude the idea that these are both physical resurrections. Let me show you in John chapter 5 because because John part a little okay okay John wrote the book of John, and he also wrote the book of Revelation so he could not write the passage were about to read without being mindful of the other passage, or he cannot write the other passage without being mindful of this and John says in in John 524 through 28 or 329 I should say Jesus said, most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears my word and believes in him who sent me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life now passing from death into life is what resurrection is of course now he says, anyone who believes in him has already done that has already passed from death into life. It's August, not a physical resurrection but a spiritual one but then he says a little later on in verse 25 he says most assuredly, I say to you the hours coming and now is when the dead will hear the voice of the son of God and those who hear will live. Now he says the dead will hear. He doesn't say what what is our bodies are spirits because we can speak about a dead spirit or dead body. He just says the hours coming and now is when the dead hear the voices of God and the they change their status to the they live. He doesn't use the word resurrect but he does say the hours coming and now is which means this word that the dead hear the voice of the Son of Man and those who hear live is true now and it's true in another sense.

Later I believe that's what meters is the time is coming and now is the hours coming that the dead will rise will come to life and and the time is now here that the dead come to life and he's already said in verse 24. One of those too if you've heard my words and believing he was happy you have eternal life. You have passed from death into life so so that's the now. That's what's happening now. The first are coming alive of the dead is a spiritual phenomenon that's occurring now. But he said the hours, coming also and and when we get to verse 28. He says do not marvel at this for the hours coming but notice he doesn't say.

And now is in this case. He earlier said the hours coming and now is that the dead will hear and the come to life. So there's two different senses, but now it's time at the part that's not now. The part that's coming he says hours coming in which all who are in the graves will hear his voice at his physical bodies in the graves and come forth, those who have done good to the resurrection of life, those who done evil to the resurrection of condemnation. Now if were going to understand Revelation 20 in a premillennial way. Then we have to say that those who have done good and come to life a thousand years earlier than those who donate okay. But Jesus says it's all can happen one hour. He said the hours coming in which all who are in the graves will hear his voice and for some, those who done good to eternal life and and those who done evil to condemnation.

So Jesus seems to only know of one time one hour in which all the dead, good and bad will be resurrected out and okay and agree and I don't have family but can also lead to high murder and that it doesn't feel literal hour.

Of course, when Jesus said when Jesus said, repeatedly, my hour has not yet come. He wasn't talking a specific 62nd and 60 minute.

He was arm of his time. In fact, in one case of my time is not, however, when Jesus said the hours coming where everyone will come forth and he gave no indication that there is a thousand years between the first group that he mentions in the second group the images he only speaks in coming out all at once, and Paul did to in acts chapter 24 in verse 15. He's affirming to his to the Jewish court and and Felix the Roman that his belief about resurrection is not different than that of the Jews and he said I have hope in God, which they themselves also except in the Jews that there will be a resurrection of the dead. Both of the just and the unjust, so that everyone resurrection of the dead. He said, and it includes both the just and the unjust, so and that was also of course. The Pharisees believed the Jews belief which is what he said he agreed with so Paul did not believe agree to resurrections one of the just and later 1000 years later of the unjust, nor, of course, does anywhere else in the Bible suggest such a thing.

So when it says in Revelation 20 about those living in the thousand years. This is the first resurrection I believe the first resurrection event that which Jesus spoke about in John 524 when he said if you've heard my voice and believe in him that sent me, you have passed from death into life at the resurrection. Paul also talked about this with us. He said that we were dead in trespasses and sins, but you were dead. He is made alive with him in Christ so we have experienced coming from death to life. That is a resurrection and that's a spiritual one but the end of time will be when all the bodies, hours, and those of the unbelievers will all come out at once and that's that resurrection find the end of Revelation 20.

But the first resurrection I think. According to cross-referencing the same author John is the one who says this is the first resurrection. He's also one who recorded words of Jesus that there's kind of to resurrections spiritual one that only the believers have and then a physical one that everyone has and I John 524 through 29 adjustment you were to start. So that's what I understand you are not online but I'm trying to understand and get the difficult obligated it can be. It can be. I don't know if you have listen to my lectures online about the millennium but I do go into all the arguments for premillennialism and placement and millennialism, and I think a touch on postmodernism little bit too but the series at my website and free of course you can list it right from the website is called when shall these things be so if you go to the narrow and click the tab. This is topical lectures find the series called when shall these things be and you'll find a much more thorough treatment of this whole question that I can give here appreciate your call. Michael Carlotta calls waiting Mike from Albany, Oregon.

Good to hear from you and I have a question it's been a really simple Christian concept but for me I discussed second-guessing if I even understand writing about being forgiving Christ commands us to be forgiven or else he will forgive us and wondering what that looks like and in scenarios where there's a lot of injustice and I have a couple of tenacious to look at to see what your opinion would be an unworkable technique for giving come that the first would be bad if my son breaks house rules intensely invented sorry. You know, what would it look like to be forgiving their the second is that the crime is committed against me that I have to pursue in order to have a government corset many a good example of that is a guy on a patent and people imprint and append a lot make computers customers.they think they're getting different pragmatic, but that that will ever be enforceable if I go hire a lawyer and go pursue that and then MLS Mary would be. I have a friend years ago sexually assaulted the first Intel at this time differences immediately. That person never been arrested, look at that person now has a regular life that could something think that but now that she's grown up a little bit.

Not scared in society.

Listen to women more. This is just let it go or to see pursue confer justice there. So the question like what look like you forgiving in the scenarios.

Sure okay well that's some good to the questions first, so I think there's different kinds or levels of forgiveness. One of them. We are obligated to exercise the uniformly and spontaneously and automatically when someone wrongs us.

We are supposed to love them anyway.

As Jesus said, but don't just to love your neighbor and hate your enemies, you need to love your enemies too good to those who persecute you and bless those who curse you, and so forth. So that's meant simply as the automatic response of I think somebody who has the spirit of Christ that just like Jesus on the cross and father forgive them. They don't go there doing. He obviously had a forgiving heart is in any of the self toward them. So, like not holding animosity towards them right. That is an internal thing that's a matter of unconditional love.

Now forgiveness has other other levels because if somebody injures you, then you don't know if they're going to do it again and therefore Has been broken. You can't be sure that you can trust them anymore and Jesus said love your brother does something like that to you go to them and review can forgo the goat confronted with. If he repents, forgive him if he doesn't then Jesus said you take a couple witnesses and see if you can get them to repent then that's of course. In Matthew 18 verses 15 to 17 and if it doesn't work that does work out if he doesn't repent then take it before the church now here so so would not be trusting him again. Yes, right, and and it would be an official thing between the two of you to restoring the relationship. See, when Jesus is when Jesus said, father forgive them. They don't know they're doing, he wasn't saying that all these people are now in a good relationship with him.

It just means he was out holding holding it against them. However, if he inner when he came back from the dead.

He didn't go to all these people preserves PayPal you know let's be friends. He knew that many of the word were to be enemies of himself and of his movements, probably till the David died.

He couldn't trust them, but he didn't hold any animosity toward them is what we can see and sell him for forgiveness in the heart is one thing, official forgiveness, which restores the relationship to what it was before can only happen if there is repentance on the part of the person you can you can forgive somebody in condition if they never repent that as you can see I'm not, I'm not gonna rent space in my mind for them in a suit to torment me in my mind all the time and go just let it go.

I mean I've I've done bad things to people. I certainly don't.

Things offensive to God and he's forgiven me so I mean I should be forgiving, but that doesn't mean I would trust that person just like God doesn't trust everybody. That's why we have to repent before we can really be one of his people because we've had a career being his enemies and these negative see any reason to restore relation for some who still is an enemy after repent of that. So there is a sense in which forgiveness has that level II, and that if a person repents, then then then you can restore trust as you said, now there's 1/3 thing to and that is perhaps someone hasn't done anything against me. Maybe they did against my friend by your target, your faith was sexually assaulted. Now technically technically it's not my place to forgive that person because of the injury was not done against me, it's your friends place to do so and she can enter she can, you know, press charges or not, I would think if she is a believer and she's goodhearted that she would probably in most cases where probably do better just to say well, that was a one-off thing in his life is change. She's married his kids.

I don't want to ruin that. I think I'll just absorb the injury and let it drop. I think that a gracious thing to do. However, there might be times when what the person did is a pattern of behavior that can have more victims in the future. In that case, even if even if you forgive them and you hear this, sometimes some people verb someone is murdered and their parents, who are almost always Christians who in this case often go to the prison and they visit the person killed the child and say hey I forgive you, you know, but that that doesn't mean that you try to get him out of jail and I in other words, just because I forgive you enemies on Mike and I hate you for this will pray for you and get it out. I'll seek your blessing, but that doesn't mean that you're not a dangerous person who needs to be locked up so I mean there is such a thing I think is pressing charges against someone whose can be damaging other people now when people violate your patent.

I guess you can decide whether it's more in line with the spirit of Christ to forgive especially if it's a small matter and it hasn't assisted hasn't done much damage to your family or anyone else in on images just to be gracious and forgiving is perhaps what the Holy Spirit would lead you to do on the other hand, if if the deception they're using and stealing your patent is merely giving and inferior products to customers or some like rather by the by the fraud, then there might be something to be said for for the sake of just honest in the workplace and and and the safety of customers to get with a thinker getting and so forth that to make an issue of it. I mean, you wouldn't do it out of animosity.

If you're if you're in this walking with Christ but you might do it simply because you believe in justice and and use. You can see situations here were some people are victimizing other people and it even if it's just victimizing you at this point, but they might do it with other people too.

So you have to decide whether it's something you can live with, or something that your you feel like you need to protect other people from in which case you still forgiven your heart because it's only money is in on a case like that, but not there but if there's other crimes or other victims beside yourself. You might very well see a need to take steps legally to stop them as a father I feel like there is generally met official forgiveness, yet also mean teach my son to understand and will will write right if you are mean when it comes to your son has broken a rule there should be discipline.

Of course, unless it was unless it was very excusable in their ignorance of it or something like that that anything that they did something knowingly if I should even then there should be discipline, that doesn't mean that I mean you could say I forgive you, but I also train you in owning out what I'm about to impose unused discipline is not any kind of expression of my anger toward you in any way, but it's my it's my commitment to training so that you will do well in life and and with God and so forth. So if you don't suffer any consequence for this is a good chance that you'll be tempted to do it again sooner and and so I'm on your dad and have a responsibility to try to train you away from that kind of thing that levels of forgiveness, one that we are commanded to only you and wanted the things that are hard to not have patent animosity towards people right this second one. We should be as forgiving as as we can waive that right and we should we should seek to get them to repent and suggested confront them and if they were meant forgiven because what you're seeking is more than just that you have a clean heart, but that the relationship could be restored to the glory of God to us, especially if it's for the Christian, you may not be able to do with not averaged you know but with the Christian God certainly doesn't want there to be divisions between Christian so it's it's your commitment to unity in the family of God that would make you pursue this further. Hey Mike, I got my lines fallen and we talked her attending so that I appreciate your call machine introduction would have me again find okay our next color is Luke from Brenda California Luke welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling a chemical or might question, similarly lots color.

I'm psyched to do with justice and stuff like that also would like our kind of like criminal justice system.

Again, I would say I just noticed. Obviously, in the Old Testament, not like certain things that were done were like worthy of death, like if someone were to murder another person gave Weber Yen. They were deserving of the death penalty and or like someone were to commit like homosexuality, it would be like stone did not in the law.

I was just curious like how does that transfer over to the New Testament, and if our nation were to be like governed under like godly like actual faithful leaders in the faith, like little word art, and should we like uphold those moral standards are adjustments that are there are there are people called the Christian reconstructions who believe that a godly society.

Let's just say the time came, where all of our senators and congressmen, presidents and all that that they are all Christians that they should impose some people think the entire civil law code that was given to Moses because God gave it, and it's because it's just law code. However, if understand that there is no nation that is parallel to the nation that God gave it to me that that code made it death penalty to work on the Sabbath, or even carry sticks on the Sabbath, or to curse God, or to do other things that, frankly, are not what we call crimes except against God himself. Now I believe it's the church and the Christian family that are to enforce moral behavior on on their members, but I don't think the church can impose joy same.

The Christian morality on unbelievers. Paul said what do I have to do is judging those outside the church is talking about a case where the church has a man in the church is living sexually and morally impulses yet. I don't judge those outside the church, but that can stuff you said God judges them. We have to judge those who are inside the church. So things are mere moral issues and not criminal issues. I don't think that a Christian and government would impose on non-Christians but if so so what's the difference in a morally sooner criminal issue are our crimes immoral.

Yes, all crimes are immoral, but not all immorality is crime. For example, if you violate somebody's rights their right to the property or their right to life her life right to the reputation of the right to something else, their marriage that's a crime because it's not victimless. You've you've actually deprive somebody of their rights and the injustice is the upholding of some of its rights and so all governments are as far as God's concern ordained by him to uphold justice, but they are not ordained to uphold a religion.

God never end, except for Israel. Israel was a religious nation and is the only one that got ever established the section it doesn't exist anymore. All other nations or secular nations, even if we become Christian rulers of the nation. We are not to impose the specific worship requirements. For example, of Christianity upon unbelievers and weariness were in a secular, pluralistic nation and the best we can hope for is that we can make everyone behave justly, which is different than saying piously how you can't legislate the seminal love God and if you make them go to church when they don't love God, you could be doing what Constantine didn't create a whole society of hypocrites in a God. I think God hates hypocrisy more than he hates secular life. I think if a person is living a secular life and it doesn't love God, but they pretend to be a lover of God. I think that's more offensive to God that if they just don't protect us. Jesus spoke more harshly against hypocrites than he did against tax collectors and prostitutes is over night we I don't think the Christian in power should ever impose Christianity per se, but the Christian power does have moral standards and justice standards, which are not specifically Christian, they are universal requirements of justice and I think Christian ruler would stand for justice and would probably do so is a true Christian more faithfully than most non-Christians would not listen. I need to take a break here and I appreciate your call listening to the narrow path radio broadcast money to Steve Greg we, if you'd like to help us stay on the air. We are listener supported.

You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow were not done with another half-hour coming so don't go away. I'll be back with you in 30 seconds and will take some of small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to welcome you to the near and had nothing to tell you today that today's radio show is over, we invite you to visit the narrow we'll find time audio teachings blog article verse by verse teachings and the archives.

It shows learn and enjoy the thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path. Greg narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg and we are live another half-hour taking your calls if you like to join us. It's for questions about the Bible or Christianity or you have a different viewpoint from the host to talk about that number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 now you before this whole Cove they'd locked down occurred.

We sometimes would hold meetings in various places where where were on the air. I would travel to these places and we hold meetings occasionally I would teach and likewise into macula where I live, and that we just haven't really been holding those kinds of meetings since the lockout and when we did before we posted them on a website or I have some on the air. We are going to be having some small meetings coming up and that were not posting them, but if you're interested in knowing whether there's going to be a gathering in your area. You may email this address and ask its again that email is just ask. Are there any meetings have in my area tell what area it is and will be glad to get back to let you know what's coming. If anything, okay, we've got callers served galore. So let's talk to Dana Lu from Mountlake Ter. in Washington hi Dana Lu talking about in the Scriptures right right that this expression you mentioned several times that the expression and can enter and captivate our Savior" is not in the Scriptures right but I think that is valid.

Thank you. And with that the gospel and some explained it to you right that this is one way to enter into relationship with Jesus because that's what happened to me in a church and then went to Sunday school facts about Jesus, but I think I went to youth rally and I was challenged to asked Jesus to come into my exception is my Savior from certain income and balance report that I might be his child support and felt my friend. I was shy and I would think next to me. If she goes in Congo and she did.

She went so that I went with her and them that the tremendous moment to change happened and I finally understood what all the handwriting was about what they him singing about makes sense to me to the Lord so I don't know why I again set expression. Could you explain that to me. Sure, I'm not sure that I'm entirely against the expression, acceptance and un-biblical expression. It might give a lot wrong idea. I believe there are very many people like yourself who when they came to Christ genuinely they did so through the medium of St. sinners prayer and that's because almost all evangelism in in the United States in the last few generations has been done that way you know come if you come forward at the altar will lead you to sinners prayer and then and then they can regard themselves as saved now. I believe that those who have genuinely been saved in this country. In modern times probably were told to save sinners prayer. They probably were told as Jesus in the heart if they were, then they may have come to Christ that way. The thing is, lots of people say a sinners prayer and think that that's what saves them, it doesn't. Jesus saves them and if and that person can say any number prayers and not connect with God in any way. I think most of us were not Catholics would suggest that when a Roman Catholic repeats the our father or what we call the Lord's prayer and repeats it rapidly 10 times because the priest tells him to do it that way, you know, we have reason to wonder, do they really think about every word. Are they really are they really praying. Are they just getting you running through the motions while we know very well. It is possible to say a prayer without really praying to God without really connecting with God at all, or even thinking about God much. So if if we believe that can happen with Roman Catholics. We should know very well.

It can happen with us as well who are not Roman Catholics and to say Jesus come into my heart is even a very strange expression vis--vis the biblical forms of evangelism because they that the apostles were recent talk about asking Jesus into your heart. They talked about repenting and believing and being baptized in and being followers of Jesus receive the Holy Spirit and all of those things can happen alongside the scene of a sinners prayer but it's equally possible for that same sinners prayer to be spoken and there is no repentance. There is no belief there is no receiving Holy Spirit because they're just saying words you see coming to Christ as a matter of sincerity of heart and religion tends to attract lots of people who are sincere, but also lots of people who are hypocrites and you know in any particular religious culture. People who want to belong, will learn how to say the things that that culture wants him to do for me.

I think of many Pentecostal churches and by the way, I believe that speaking in tongues is a genuine gift, the spirit, but in Pentecostal churches. People are put under pressure to speak in tongues because that's the sign in their opinion of being filled in spirit and so some who was raised as a child in the Pentecostal church. They if they don't reject it when they get older they realizes you know they'll be looked down on. If they don't speak in tongues that will be considered to be having arrived at it. Whatever else has so they learn to mimic and and it's an and no doubt while I believe there is a genuine gift of tongues. I believe that mimicking someone else begin tongues is not prayer, nor is it tongues in my opinion. And so in any religious environment.

People can say or mimic what people what they think people expect them to do and that often happens insane. The sinners prayer asking Jesus in your heart, on the other hand, there's people like you who your heart was primed to turn to Christ, apparently you became a real disciple of Jesus. I'm assuming from your testimony and and you made that transition by saying the prayer.

All I'm saying is, people can make that transition without saying the prayer and they can say the prayer without making the transition, the apostles, for example in there called away from the fishing that's Jesus didn't say follow me to make you fishers of men. The power here and say this prayer and asked me into your heart know they became followers of Jesus by actually following him and that's what makes a person a Christian is actually following Jesus or whether they begin it by saying a prayer or not is not what the Bible focuses upon that's on the other hand, it doesn't mean that You pointed out the word Trinity is not in the Bible and I acknowledge that freely. Although I believe in the Trinity.

So in others. There are terms that we use that describe biblical concepts and so you're saying that sort like saying except Jesus in your heart. There's no nothing about says to do that but that could describe something that is taught in the Bible but it could it could depends and does anyone know what it means asking Jesus into your heart seems to my mind a rather painless thing to do but being a disciple means that your forsaking all things to become a follower of Christ and and facing persecution and possibly death out of your loyalty to Christ in your giving up all your rights to be a slave of somebody who bought you at a price. Now those are pretty serious. You know, commitments are being called for. And if some justice just just as Jesus in your heart. The person who told to do that.

First, those being told to do something. The Bible never instructs anyone to do and secondly, although people could become true disciples at that moment when the same those words, it's not at all a given that that the expression as Jesus in your heart somehow conveys the information of total repentance.

Total surrender to the Lordship of Christ. Following him obediently, even unto death coming. Perhaps some people have that frame of reference.

I suspect a lot of people don't. So there's not an there's no magic insane the words. I guess what I'm saying is, even if different words were used, even if biblical words you know of prayer were used. I don't think that's what saves a person is not prayer saves a person's relationship with God, which is amounts to far more than one prayer.

It amounts to a relationship that's defined by total submission him as your King and Lord now. I think it sounds like you made that that transition.

And I know many people do, and they did through prayer and I'm not. I don't discourage that.

I'm just saying I think that if we use that as our as our talking point to people about how how do you get stable asked Jesus in your heart. We may be communicating nothing to the effect of what Jesus actually wants them to do you know if they know if they know that the sinners prayer. They are leading them in means you're totally surrendered to Christ in all things is your life even to death and may lose everything, and they're willing to do that well then saying that prayers could be meaningful, it will be an apprentice not found in the Bible but will still be a prayer that God I think will recognize because he knows going on and in the heart. Okay appreciate your call. Let's talk to Anthony from Lafayette Lafayette where Indiana and Oregon and Oregon California Holland for covering a share of course I'm I know the Lafayette in Oregon. I know when in Indiana should've known the one in California living all about the thousand year just curious how you interpret Revelation 20 where it talks about Satan being bound for a thousand years and then loose for a little while after the thousand year.

The thousand years. I'm at the store thought I'll take your coffee here. Okay, thank you for answering yes the first three verses of Revelation 20. Talk about the binding of Satan in very graphic terms is very symbolic terms. We know because the dragons describe Satan is described as Dragon which is a symbol that the devil is not a scaly, reptilian creature, the devil is a spirit so obviously where he is called both the Dragon and a serpent in that chapter and he's not literal either of those things he's a spirit being in the in this wording of the passage he's bounded with a chain and thrown into a bottomless pit that then has a lid on it and a seal on it. I think most would have to agree that you can't bind the spirit being like Satan with the literal chain and some says well maybe it's a spiritual chain. What is that that's not and we we don't know if any such existing think so were using imagery of things we do recognize we recognize chaining up a vicious animal and can caging it up and so forth. And that is the imagery that she used. To speak of something. But that's not literally what it is Satan. I believe, is not confined to a space Event of the chain and is not a Dragon and therefore we know what we got symbolic language are now.

Fortunately we do have other references in the Scripture to tell us what it symbolizes. For example, Jesus in Matthew chapter 28 Chapter 1228 29 he said how can. How can a man going to a strong man's house and plunder it unless he first binds the strong then he can plunder his house that we know the context Jesus about what he himself is doing in same-sex he was delivering Satan's captives from Satan. He'd come into Satan's domain and was taking his stuff in this case demon possessed people that he was delivering taking them from Satan, from their former owner.

He says now you can see that I'm on wholesale in a plundering Satan's domain. Now you know you can't do that to a man is strong and Satan is strong, but you can't take a strong and stuff from unless you first find him. So in the imagery of the home invasion.

Jesus talk to.

Having bound. Satan now, again, I don't believe that we are supposed understand that Jesus has walked into an actual house and seen Satan learn tied him up and literally but he has said. Obviously, I am taking advantage of Satan, and he can't stop me. It's as if you've gone to the man's house and tied him up and he has to simply helplessly watch you take his stuff out the door. Jesus actually said the same thing in different terms in Luke.

He said when a strong man, fully armed, keeps his house, his goods are in peace. He says that when one stronger than he comes. He takes away all his armor, in which he trusted in spoils's house so the imagery changes a little bit of the same idea that he's come to Satan's house and he's taken away Satan's armor and he spoiling his house in Colossians chapter 2 in verse 15 says that Jesus through the cross. Actually, spoiled or disarmed principalities and powers and maybe show them openly in the cross. It also says in Hebrews chapter 2 and verse 14 that Jesus through death destroyed him who has the power of death, that is, the devil is Hebrews 214 and actually the word destroy their Katter Gail means reduced him to inactivity.

Satan is not completely reduced inactivity is not literally tied up somewhere even after Jesus said he had bound the strongman. The devil still doing stuff, including inspiring Judas Iscariot later to betray him, and the devil still is at large, but in the imagery of these passages were told that Satan has been debilitated.

He's been rendered incapable of effectively resisting the activities Christ and I would say also church, Christ is the victor over Satan, which is why demons are cast out so this imagery of the Dragon being chained and thrown in the pit and so forth is like the rest of the imagery and revelations it symbolic but symbolic of something we know something about from other passages and that is that the cross Jesus basically defeated Satan really and this is just one another graphic way of talking about just like when Jesus are going into strongman's husband binding and that's another graphic with or take away his armor Bible is full of images that having understood in terms of their spiritual meaning and revelation specially is very much full of images so this binding of Satan which Jesus said he had done when he was here the first time is depicted symbolically as a Dragon return in the pit and so forth. But it doesn't mean to say that were supposed to get literally and say welded the devil literally is sitting in some pit somewhere with chains on it just means the same thing is what Jesus meant when he said he had bound the strongman and no one can deny that he had said it was something he had already done so millennial view would say that when you come to Revelation 20 it's it's given that same information in a graphic dramatic picture and then when Satan is loosed at the end. This would speak of something assess for a little while. He has some freedom to not do damage again as he had before and if you know when he is bound in in verse three it says he's bound so that he might not deceive the nations anymore and when he is loosed in verse six or seven, it says he goes out and he deceives the nations so Satan's role as the deceiver of the nations is what is here being curtailed, and then and then allowed to take place again. Now the nations in the Jewish mind was ever in other than Israel and Israel were they knew Yahweh the rest the nations, worship demons, they were under they were Satan's dominion. The Jews never really did much to prevent that never went out to evangelize much and so to the Jewish mind the nations of that means the Gentiles. They are Satan's domain, but she said no.

Now they're mine you go and make disciples of all the nations, all authority in heaven and earth belong to me. And when Jesus sent out his disciples of all nations to disciple them. He was saying Satan no longer has the power to deceive the nations that he speak and deceive individuals, Jews and Gentiles anyone, anyone who wants to be deceived can be deceived by the devil and and Satan can still exercise that power deception over those who reject truth. In fact, the Bible says that God will even send them strong delusion because they don't receive the letter. The truth, but that doesn't change the fact that the nations were once a block of geography and demographics Gentile nations that were that were in St.'s total control and they're not now he could deceive them, but he can't. Now, at least not in the same sense because the truth is going to the light is shown to them and so they are no longer doomed to be under his deception. But when he is loosed again. It would appear in Revelation that he will be able to see them again so and that maybe it some people think that's happened now recently. Others have different opinions.

I I suspect it may yet be future when in in Revelation 20 and verse nine it says fire from heaven comes down and destroys Satan and his in his donations and followed him. I believe that's the second coming of Christ because Paul says in second Thessalonians, 18 that Jesus will come in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who don't know God and who don't obey the gospel so Jesus can come back in flaming fire destroyed and that's exactly what's described in Revelation 20.

In verse nine anyway.

That said, that's a thumbnail sketch have others to answer if I cancel before rent on time but I appreciate your call.

You get a full description of my understanding of this from all the scriptures relevant from my set of lectures at the website, which are free. The series is called when shall these things be all right check from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Welcome to the narrow IP hi end goal Congregational church Miami and not about who letter about why one about that. They sinners are tribes. Yeah, okay, now I know there are people who think that the story of Adam and Eve is so symbolic of the human race. The first humans. Others think there individuals. I think there individuals, people can impose a theory they want upon the passage that does mean all theories are equally good. We should probably use the data we have available to try to decide how literal it is or is not the fact that it says that Adam was a certain age when he had a son Seth and that Seth was a certain age when he had a son.

The nausea that you know she was certain age when he had a son, and so forth going on down all the way down to Noah and then after Noah's flood with the same kind of lines going after Noah's Abraham and then of course in the now we have Abrams limits trace the fact that there every generation of individuals from Adam to frankly to Jesus are recorded at and even seen how old a person was when he had his son and how many years he lived. After that, before he died. It sounds like it's kinda given a historical account and that if someone takes a different view of Adam and Eve are not going to go to the mat, fighting with them, but I personally think the evidence of the passage would suggest that's the literal people. I appreciate your call Laura from Greenville New Hampshire. I I'm sorry. Let me go back to try to gain because we have some kind of electronic loop on my voice and still doing it in a radial railing and that's that.

It is going on that is your radial are you there hello okay I like it. Not sure that okay please call back and I'll try to get a better connection we had a problem there for sure. Tracy from Hayden, Idaho.

Welcome to the narrow ex-convict all hear about your discussion along the chain and the thousand euros of Satan being bound for a thousand years and that Jane represents gravity of the earth and the benefit Satan in orbit around the earth for a thousand years where orbit is a bottomless waitlist, lightly bottomless pit. Is there some reason I should leave matters. I just thought you know the world because there that would be the way that Satan would be taken away from the earth for a thousand years. We can deceive the nations no more, and at the end of the thousand euros annuity orbited and brought back down to earth to prove that he still hasn't learned his lesson okay. Thank you for that opinion. I personally am not inclined to see it that way because I see it the way I described cell should be a surprise that I have a different view.

The new there is a caller try to get through here right now really like three minutes left. But if that call gets screened. I will take it. The narrow path is so here go it's Laura again from Greenville, New Hampshire, and I'm glad to come back.

Hopefully it will work better this time.

Go ahead.

Sure why I doubt before you go before you let me get the versus can't you get to see Matthew 24, 30 and 31, 31, three through 31. Okay okay I will thank you for calling Matthew 24 verse three. The disciples asked Jesus a question about the timing of something he predicted what he predicted was in the previous verse in verse two he said that the temple would be destroyed not one stone would be left standing on another not historically know that happened in 70 A.D. when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and destroyed the temple, so he was target something would happen 40 years after his prediction, the disciples came said, when shall these things be and what sign will there be that it's about to take place. Now verse three of Matthew 24 doesn't word their second question. That way, but Mark 13, and Luke 21 do. Matthew retains more of the Hebrew idioms that they use, but basically are asking when will the temple be destroyed and what sign will there be that that's going to happen soon and Jesus answers. Both questions one of the questions is the sign will be when you see the abomination of desolation standing where it ought not to be now in Luke's version look clarifies that the abomination of desolation is the Roman armies because Luke says has Jesus saying and in Luke 2120 when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies know that it's desolation is near salute, paraphrases it, but he said you'll know the sign of its nearness of the destruction of the temple is near.

When you see Jerusalem sorry armies there other question. When will it be because that's different than what sign will there be of it.

When will it be he answers by saying, this generation will not pass before all these things are fulfilled.

So those verses as I understand it, are answering the question of the disciples.

The disciples asked about the timing of the destruction of the temple, and if there be any for warning signs and Jesus told him it would be within that generation which it was just 40 years later, and that the sign of it would be the abomination of desolation which is to be Jerusalem's rather armies by the Romans. Okay, I again have complete lectures on find lectures on anything in the Bible there putting verse by verse to hold on many subjects, including those that have to do that. That's the narrow the narrow path as Mr. supported. If you'd like to help us pay the rate of those you can go to the website. The narrow past on the and click the let the links is donated.

And you can see how to help us out. Thanks for joining us and we'll talk again tomorrow. Lord willing

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