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The Narrow Path 5/28

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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May 28, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 5/28

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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May 28, 2020 8:00 am

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast.

My name is Steve Greg and we are live for an hour each week afternoon. Our lives are full that I'm going to get a phone number if you'd like to call later in the program when lines open up. As you can call us with any questions you may have about the Bible or the Christian faith or any disagreements we have with the holes that you'd like to discuss the number to call will be 844-484-5737 and as I say the lines are full now, but within minutes there will be some lines opening up, keep this number handy. It's 844-484-5737 and so go directly to the phone lines and talk to Linda from Akron Ohio. Linda, welcome to the narrow path. It's recalling your old granddaughter and put her back on hi what your name will Sydney it's good to hear from you what what your question Bible okay well because first of all, though there's two parts of the Bible.

What is the Old Testament and that pertained to the time before Jesus came so there were prophets that God sent to Israel. Israel was God's chosen people, and God sent prophets to Israel and they wrote books for Israel at that time in predicting that Jesus would come.

They also record history and some other things to at the time and and so that's what we call the Old Testament and then when Jesus came his disciples wrote some books to, and those are the books that we call the New Testament now. The reason that we don't have more books of the Bible being written. I think there's two reasons one is because when Jesus was here.

He appointed his apostles to be the ones who would be his special messengers to the world and it's largely they and their companions who wrote the books in the New Testament. Now that there aren't any of those people here now. Those people who were walking with Jesus are gone and therefore they there aren't any people to write books quite like that Jesus appointed those people to be his witnesses specially and so they wrote and and we don't have as far as we know any people like that today. They've all died off 2000 years ago, almost now the other reason I think we don't have any more books of the Bible being added is because I think the Bible is complete. The Bible says that we have all things that are necessary for for life and for godliness. Peter says and Paul said that in the Bible, we have the inspired word from God, which is profitable for teaching and for our correction, and for our instructions and following God so in other words, the Bible seems to say that we have everything we need that now there's lots of things that would like to know that the Bible doesn't tell us about but I have to assume that those are things that God didn't think we needed to know Wheaton and we would like to know more things about you know outerspace, perhaps, or about other scientific mysteries that we don't know about. But God didn't really write the Bible to give us information about that the information he wants us to have his information about how to know him and how to live in a way that pleases him. And I think the Bible contains all the necessary information for that of his other good books that are written that are worth reading are lots of Christians have written written hundreds of hundreds of books since the Bible was written, and many of them are very valuable and good reads but they're not the word of God or not or not you of the books written by the people that God appointed to write his special message so that's why we don't have people today who are writing more books to the Bible okay Cindy, thanks for calling. Okay, it's a pleasure talking to you.

God bless you by now.

Okay, let's talk to Scott from my Phoenix, Arizona Scott, welcome to the narrow path. It's recalling even good at. My question about that. Marianne what was going on. When Gabriel said that should be overshadowed by the holy spirit and all that and during our map units… At one time and I said to him during the conversation that Mary didn't have the Holy Spirit yet that my understanding was that nobody really had that thought experiment, though extra rest upon Jesus when he gave them to.

I would modify that a little bit there were people in the Old Testament like prophets who had the spirit come upon them, and even King Saul did and so did King David when they were anointed as King says the spirit of God came upon them, so in some sense they had the Holy Spirit member David send with Bathsheba. He later wrote his the 51st Psalm where he said do not take your spirit from me, he means, of course, like you did you took the spirit from Saul when he sinned and gave him and put on David.

David didn't want the spirit taken from him.

As a result of his sins, but you're right that the Holy Spirit was not given as a general possession of God's people until Pentecost and Mary lived before then and there she was there. Also at Pentecost in acts chapter 1 mentions her being in the upper room at that time, but when she was told by the angel that the spirit come upon her. That is not something that that Army incident was unique that a virgin has a circum-upon her and she became pregnant but was not unique that people sometimes had circum-upon them and supernatural things happened.

For example, the prophets of the Old Testament. The spirit came upon them, and they supernaturally prophesied or Sampson when the Holy Spirit came upon him, and says he was able to kill a lion with his bare hands, and whether supernatural feats of in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit would come upon some individuals of the difference between then and now is that the Bible says in the new covenant guys and are put my spirit upon all flesh in your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions, and so forth. In other words, the giving of the Holy Spirit to all people who are Christians. All believers is something that didn't happen in the Old Testament, but Mary having the Holy Spirit come upon her and her supernaturally conceiving is is not out, not something that's really an anomaly are out of the question. In terms of Old Testament precedents that there's no one who got pregnant by the Holy Spirit's coming upon them other than her but there were people in other supernatural things happen, but God did not give the Holy Spirit to all of his people in the Old Testament. It says that in John chapter 7 where it says the Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified. But to say the husband is not yet given that you just means not in the sense that he was given to all the people of God to inhabit them and make them into the temple of the Holy Spirit to be his habitation. That didn't happen until Jesus was glorified early. We are told, were not told we're told that John the Baptist was filled with spirit from his mother's womb about and probably the Holy Spirit rested on him for the rest of his lifetime because he was a prophet. We don't know that Mary continue to have the Holy Spirit upon her apartment one miracle because we know that again she was living under the Old Testament order.

The New Testament had not come yet and therefore, like other Old Testament people of the Holy Spirit come upon them for an event, I mean Sam Sampson didn't live with Holy Spirit upon them at all times by this is the spirit of God to come upon them at times.

As Ashley specifically says that and when those who came upon them then supernatural things happen so probably the Holy Spirit, coming on Mary to make her pregnant is probably a one-off kind of thing and in all likelihood were not to say that she was filled with spirit for her whole lifetime rates. What does that mean rate well everybody should be full of grace but the word grace means favor, okay say she's full of favor some translation instead's instead of saying, full of grace is just a greatly favored, you are greatly favored. You've received great favor from God is pretty much what it means that I think that's kind of silly thing to say because the expression doesn't have that meeting all all right.

Thank you for your call. All right, we can talk next to Eileen from Downey, California Eileen, welcome to the narrow path X recalling thank you for your ministry. I so much appreciate it if you would like a lot of strange happenings going on. As you know, with politics, pandemic and all these things and then greatly concerning to me one night.

I guess my question where to start with it is they're talking about these contact tracer thing where they're gonna talk about doing contact tracer is where they're going to come to your home. They're going to insist you be tested for Cove in which the whole thing is very odd to me, especially since the fact that this is a 99% survival rate obviously blown out of proportion. It's insights. I was hoping this whole thing was conspiracy theory, but as I look into it deeper.

I see that there actually hiring these people there actually somebody that I watched on YouTube actually went through the course of training is that it's a very real thing. They're saying it's all voluntary. However, it's not really voluntary because when you get right down to it if you don't volunteer:" it becomes voluntary or mandatory response. Some of this because I mean we could go on and on.

At this, there have been many countries in history that transition from being relatively free to being dominated by tyrants. This happened in the early 20th century.

Too many of Eastern European countries and of course China and North Korea, and so forth.

Places that were relatively free date. They transitioned rather quickly, sometimes immediately or suddenly into lockdown tyrant, turning set where they were dictators told him how to live instead of them having free choice.

There's a lot of people in this country who've always assume that could not happen here.

I've never understood why one would think that I remember when I read Brother Andrew's book got smuggler back in the 70s he was smuggling Bibles into the Eastern European comments countries and he said that many times the Christians there who are now having to meet underground and then were illegal as their and their leaders being arrested and thrown in jail and tortured a city go to these countries.

Some of them and they say or what we knew that happened in Russia and we knew it happened in Yugoslavia. We didn't we just assumed it couldn't happen here and I think that that's the way that the Christians and Americans have often thought about it about America we knew it happened in those countries, but which assumed it couldn't happen here.

Why well I think we thought it wouldn't happen here because we are freedom loving people because we are people who started out with revolution against tyranny and where there's a certain item. No American mentality of independence and freedom and liberty that was simply no revolt against this, however, those who are seeking to be our captors have been working at it for actually several decades very hard and they've been reeducating a younger generation to think that freedom is not as good as security. I let the government provide for your health care with the breve government take care of everything. You don't need any guns because the government will have the police will take care of you let the government to handle everything and keep you secure and you just surrender all your freedoms so that we can do that for some people maintain freedoms that can interfere with the government handling everything for you and this is of course this happened in Eastern European countries often to revolution or an invasion from Soviets or somebody here. It's happened very gradually because Americans have had a rather strong love of liberty from the founding of the nation but and we might've thought certain Isaac. I never thought we'd see a generation where people actually thought it's more desirable be given over to socialism and tyranny than to have liberty. I actually have seen young people out on the street just a couple weeks ago carrying signs and say, liberty is everything and people drive by honking and giving a thumbs down and cussing out because the enemy on the whole messages they want liberty and there's a whole bunch people saying no, we don't want liberty, shut up and go home because there's I think I think there's a generation or two has been rather infanta last by the state by a nanny state which promises to keep you safe from everything and then people can just stay home play video games and and watch Netflix and and a lot of are really glad even have the government send them these so stimulus checks are okay cool I got to work it out to be responsible to have anything going to grow up. I can just let the government be my nanny to care.

That's the mentality of some certainly more than ever were before. And I'm not saying everyone in the younger generation process where fortunately have seen some young people just graduating high school are never very strongly opposed to the whole leftist agenda so there is there is hope that there may be some interest in liberty, and the next generation but they are in the minority and again there's never a time when people who were willing to give up their liberty to the government and just trust the government think of everything outnumbered those who had to say.

Sanity and I think part of the reason is that the education of the generals has not taught them anything about history of the Soviet Union or China, or anything like that. They don't they don't know what World War I was about will World War II is about an infinite reason their oblivious you know when we were growing up we knew something about the fact that our parents had fought in world war that you were the freedoms of the world have been threatened and were defended. Anyway, I'm just saying there's a mentality it's different now, and in some states, the governors are are more freedom loving and decent. Generally speaking, I mean I'm not to make a political statement. You can just look at the list of them there red states that there are more conservative governors, but the more liberal leftist governors. They are trying to control everybody and there's no worse results in this in the states that are not trying to control him in his first cove.

It is considered covert has simply become an excuse for people who wanted to be tyrants for long time to be able to get people say, okay, please tyrannize me because I'm afraid to die. Again, this is another development there.

Usually more people who believed in the Bible and believe in Christianity in this country than there are now an Christians if the real Christians if they really know who Jesus is and they know the powers another not afraid to die. Christians who are afraid to die. Simply aren't very they don't believe much.

I never was 10 years old going to Billy Graham, Chris.

I was raised immigrant in the Christian faith. But I was already a believer, but I went to Billy Graham Crusade Los Angeles was 10 and I remember him saying because I'm a Christian. I don't be afraid to die, and at age 10 I never thought about death yet but I've never thickened. Yeah, I can think that that's true.

As a Christian I don't have your free to die and it's it was a wonderful thing is that why wouldn't everyone have not be afraid to die. You know, but because Christ is been rejected for by our society.

We don't deserve to be reserved… Owes us nothing except judgment hopes. Fortunately, there is a remnant in this country that still praise and still loves God, but it's an axis shrinking remedy and as a result, there are France's more people than ever, who are afraid to die. So any tyrant can just say if you don't do what I say you'll die if you don't if you don't stay in your house, you'll get this disease and you'll die and so people say, okay, I'll stay in my house because they again they are afraid to die. And they're not afraid to lose their freedoms so that's that's what we got. So just like let's say Romania or Poland or are you sloppier check Slovakia before they were taken of left and made into some police states slave states they can.

They weren't in that condition before the left took over and we aren't in it quite yet either, although some states are further left the state the more tyranny in the more course tomorrow lockdown so this is just a word of transition. No things can go to ice it can be that the trend it's in the leftist states can sweep to all the others and therefore the whole country can become a left-wing police state and that there's no reason it couldn't happen or who knows, maybe in the selection things will turn around. I don't know II can't imagine why it wouldn't turn around. I can't imagine why anybody who has been lockdown like this lost their jobs and so forth would ever vote for the tyrants to maintain power, but they keep doing it, but except for election if you don't hit me again slightly down again. I'll vote for you it's it's human."

Part of that. Well I guess I got a lot of calls limit what is okay is mandatory vaccines with micro-chipping.

Do you think this could possibly be the mark of the beast. I don't think it is the mark of the scribe. I object to it altogether coming first highlight of the object. I don't think they have a right to put anything in my body and I wonder. Okay. All right. Thank you so much Steve, thank you for your call – and encouraging his yeah it's a little depressing, but I'm sure that you know when the Nazis took over in Germany that the people, especially Jews were kind of depressed for a while until tyranny was overthrown. I do know that Lebron overthrown until Jesus comes back now, but who knows I have no I have no special knowledge of the future I will talk to Richard from seal Beach, California Richard, welcome to the neuropathic circling chapter 2 verse seven it said got the best of the ground, and breathed into it. The spirit of life and it became a living soul. Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verse seven it says when you die your body returns to the dust of the ground and the spirit of God report returns to God who gave it spirited in the in the New Testament it says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, what exactly can be present with the Lord, because you don't exist anymore in your soul does not exist anymore. You coded Ecclesiastes 12 it says that the body because the dust in the spirit goes to God. That's that's goes to goddesses. Apparently God goes back to God who gave it no know it's not as no no no no no no way where it's not the spirit of God to go back to God.

It's the spirit of the person who goes back to, but the point is, Paul recognizes that a person's spirit or lease their conscious self is something other than their body. The body is a house. Paul describes it as a tent that we live in right now in our resurrection bodies will be a house that we lived in so a body is simply a home. The Bible describes our bodies as the home where we live or not.

When we die were absent with were away from home were present somewhere else he said as long as were in this body were absent from the Lord. But when were absent from the body were to be present with the Lord. So we are not our bodies.

We are something else that can be present in our bodies are absent from our bodies and Paul even said and he was even talk about death.

On this occasion in second Corinthians 12.

He said he knew a man who is caught up in the third heaven, he says I don't know if is in the body or out of the body and he said that twice.

I don't know if was in the body or out of the body. So Paul seemed to think it was at least a possibility that a person might've actually left his body to be caught up in heaven to see some visions and come back down.

In any case, the fact this is I don't know if he is in the body of the body means that Paul believed it was at least possible that one could be out of their body. Even prior to death, but certainly at death we are absent from the body. So to say there's nothing left is to say the opposite of what of for the verses say that you're talking okay thank you so much okay thank you for your call. Good to hear from you today all right. Let's say Steve from Bellevue, Washington is next to Steve. Welcome to the neuropathic circling. Thank you Michael to do with parable people tell me out of your story makes it easy to understand printable and then other state or list of obscure that the disciples had to go to G didn't take what you mean by that parable right and it's in the context of a discussion with a friend trying to get to determine the weather, the labyrinth and the rich man with the parable actually all well in Matthew 1334 and 35. Jesus always spoken parable. I looked it up and that it's truly the spoken parable but I'm wondering if that's just for the parable of the chapter 13 not 16 Jesus public preaching.

He generally spoke in parables and it says he never spoke without a parable, but that doesn't mean that I think what it means is he never gave a sermon without using parables in the sermon is just like to use sermon illustrations in chapter 16 of Luke we find Lazarus in Richmond, you do find a parable right at the very beginning of the chapter, the parable of the unjust steward and that but then there's some other material that's more like preaching material and then there's the story of Lazarus to Richmond, which might be another parable or might not it.

It doesn't say whether it is or not. But to say that Jesus never spoke to him without parables.

It doesn't mean that none of his words existed outside the. The framework of a parable means that he never really gave a sermon without using parables, and it but just like to say that certain pipe preachers never give a sermon without starting it with a joke or are successor to that or or without using sermon illustration sermon lots of it does mean every word in the sermon is an illustration but means that the sermons are never lacking in them right out of the sermon on the mount stuff like that right ideas.

There are good could be what's called parables there about building on the house and on the rock. Most of most certainly is not parables is reduced to Pharisees in Matthew 23 are not parables. The Beatitudes not parable summing parables are only one of the things that Jesus used when preaching, but he use them. Invariably, when is preaching up the public but right but not not not as the whole of the sermon necessarily right and so that could be used as an argument to convince somebody that ladders the rich man what the parable I don't think you could prove I don't think you could prove that point from that argument okay good has received, we have another half-hour coming up that were taking a break at the bottom of the hours we usually do to let you know that the narrow path is a listener supported ministry. If you been listening for the whole first half.

He knows there's been no commercial breaks.

Note no products have been offered no sponsors. We don't sell anything. We don't let a real selling thing on a program is just a whole hour of taking a crisis with the exception that we do tell you at the bottom of the hour that we are listener supported. If you'd like to help us down the air.

You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 also go to our website it thinks free there, but you can donate if you copyright back in 30 seconds ago. We have gained nearly the path that leads to life into the narrow Steve grand has nothing to me today but everything to get the radio show is over. Go to the narrow you can study and enjoy the three topical audio teachings blog articles teachings and archives of the narrowcast radiation. Thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path to Steve Grant see when the narrow that will pass radio broadcast Steve Greg in your life for another half-hour taking your calls.

If you have questions about the Bible about the Christian faith. I will talk about the mere and if you have a different viewpoint than the hosting you can feel free to call about that too. Right now we have some lines open. In fact, that we have some calls waiting, we have more lines open than that occupied that's unusual. So that's a good time to call if you have found it difficult to get through in the past. The number is 844-484-5730 7F 844-484-5737.

In our next caller is while I'm not sure hundred and that should present Lou Jen from Southern California. I'm not sure got your name right. I did enjoy the thought you'd most of you in a little bit, but it might my view but benevolent on the Christian just be be taken. However, thank you.

I do not recognize the claim of apathy" in different than anybody else. I do not recognize the Mormonism that don't mean from God on the so I have an idea to prove the quality of those claims and I want talk to about that night and want to hear your opinion okay. Matthew 11, Matthew establishes the genealogy of Jesus to be from the King David and establishes it immediately to show his Jewish friends that Jesus is the Messiah at new Harley. I recognize that using his logic and argument of genealogy.

My question it. All of the minor prophet of Judaic this temptation might come back you'll medallion on the mind of God are the also descendent of the King David know most of them would not be some of them were priests were trained they were Levites. David was of the tribe of Judah, so give a different tribe altogether. Zechariah. For example, in Jeremiah and Ezekiel were all priests.

The minor prophets, some of them were from Judea, but not likely to be descended from David, because David was simply one of the kings of Judah, and certainly will only one of the families in Judah. So people of Judah.

People who are descended from David, would probably be in the country of Judah. Most of them but they wouldn't all be descent from David the majority when I'm around them that might might might might think of the logic of Matthew that I was going to use that if anybody now the claim to be the from God or do you have some connection to the date of India's summative genealogy if hope is that claim that the farming on Doug.infallible and outcome. Defendant of Peter and all that only the genealogy of your connection. If he claimed to be one of the key. What is your genealogy connection to David and gave it if you can. I know that I'm not going to bed.

It weakens their argument as far as you do go, but that we note that any clinics or, for that yeah you are right that the dissent from David was absolutely essential to qualify a person be the Messiah. And that's because back in second Samuel chapter 7 God made a promise to David that the Messiah would come from his family, not nobody else. Nobody else of importance had to come from the family of David necessarily means that the kings of Judah had come to the family, David, but none of them were the Messiah, but Jesus is descended from them so he is qualified by being dissent from David but but others were descended from David would not be the Messiah. There must've been many thousands at a place on decided hundred but yeah the profits or the apostles who wrote the Bible. We don't have any reason to believe that any of them were descended from David, should it weakens my argument. Well, a different light different argument. Yeah, you need different argument than that right yeah my thinking was that he claimed that the outcome gone anyway in any direction and injury difficult to show me the genealogy know but now the gene connected of dissent in the Old Testament in the Old Testament everyone who who was a prophet. As far as we know, every prophet was a Jew and had Jewish theology, but that would mean their descent from David just from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but in the New Testament almost all the writers were Jews because Jesus ministry was among the Jews and his disciples are drawn from the Jews, but they weren't as far as I know none of his disciples were descended from David, specifically in Luke, who wrote about 1/4 of the New Testament. I was not Jewish. He was a Gentile, so Lenny lineage wouldn't count for anything as far as being a prophet or a or sooner if some who speaks for God. Today now, but of course is very important in establishing Jesus's qualifications. Now, you mentioned at the beginning are not a Christian. Is there something about Jesus that makes you not want to be his follower, you recognize due to them denied Moses that you know that you write you sing with me just because I recognize you the kind as the Messiah.

I dedicate my Jesus and he got born of the Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception, get them excited that you don't wait and unfortunately did not recognize him right into believing something okay so I do understand that the word Messiah means the anointed king, and so and of course that the apostles of Jesus said that Jesus himself said that not only Jews but the Gentiles also can be part of his kingdom and and just various entities have all authority in heaven and earth has been given recent claim to the king of everybody. So if you believe that then of course it would only be reasonable if I believe Jesus is the King of everybody that would include me. Perhaps I'd better better acknowledgments my king and follow him as my I do appreciate your your your views but I 30 comes I don't hundred percent of the fact that I recognized you despite the not needed him one on John 118 for Amy and a father. I don't know and prove to me that Jesus is that God documented way to court and thymus time I'm game. I'm get my death my soul and parked. Recognize that you, this is the yeah I just interested in knowing condescension knowingness. If you believe that why would you not give more credence to his claims on your life. For example, I do. I give all of the claims wanting.

I don't have it on. I do not recognize is that I don't believe that he physically wrote, I do not believe that I'm been on the company and what is the weight limit. Yeah that what is what is it that makes that what is it that makes that particular part difficult feeling Jesus raise dead people when he was around and he predicted that he would rise from the dead. Why would there be greater difficulty in accepting that particular part. I have not challenged with it I'm I'm clear with my mind and my financial that he did not like it if you haven't have no problem with that is noted is why do you have difficulty believing why would you why would you not believe it when there are witnesses who saw it happen again give you many reasons that he would be unconfined of you, and I'm coming at you okay just yet, but I always wonder I always wonder that I was wonder why people love you believe is much as they say they believe that Jesus but then they think they draw the line of certain point when you as near as I can see everything in the story of Jesus in the Bible there is no obvious place to draw a line and if if you can believe the first part I think even said you believe is born of a virgin and that if you believe he worked miracles and raise the dead, and predicted that he rise from the dead and go back to the father in and I was I'm not sure why you believe any of those things and not believe the last bit as well that that's that's up to you.

Thank you. Leave it up with the lady who called me about COBIT 19 big cute and not too long dying little COBIT. 19.

Defendant dying from COBIT night yes I hope you think of our conversation that Bill had bought it for the first date that the documented recount the fund document: 19.

They have had a day of comorbidity at mag tape.

I bet your good cancer.

The audited had his COBIT 19 saw the book comes back. So when a person dies, but that virus in the bloodstream with other duties that that they were going to passively pump anyway. They conclude that the dove day died of COBIT 19 that's I think that the policy it is an and you have to wonder wonder why it is that the government would be interested in in passing along false statistics that is on your right it is a false statistic because we know that as you say, dying from COBIT 19 is not the same thing as dying with it and if anyone's having a hard time understanding the difference dying from covert 19 m covert 19 killed you that that there are countries full of people who have covert, 19, but are not even sick but they dive something else you covert, 1990 I think 99% of people who have it. They don't get sick or statistic something like that it does matter what it is. There's an awful lot of people who have the virus, but are not sick and they won't die of the sickness, but they might die an automobile accident rely dive cancer or they might dive some of the things just like they would have if there had never been a covert, 19 crisis, but if they dive anything and it is found that they had covert, 19 in their body. They are added to the statistics of covert 19 debts which is as you say it's a misleading statistic. It's a false statistic and an egg.

Again, I was I'm just a curious fellow.

When I find out that the government is lying and giving false statistics. I'm just curious, why would they want to do that now there is an answer that I could imagine that I don't I don't know why they want to accept that it does kind of fit in with their whole overall behavior in many areas of simply taking control over people. Keeping people afraid. If you keep afraid you can control them, and no one would be very afraid if they knew the actual statistics. That is, if we had accurate statistics of the deaths we find that if you're not 80 or older.

In a rest home, then you're not likely to to die of covert, 19 you might but you might dive the flu we might dive anything else you might die in a skydiving accident.

But the thing is, people are gonna dive something.

The fact that people some people dive covert, 19, doesn't make it really in a category by itself because people got a lot of other things to so you and others are trying to make its appear different than it is, and that you I'll just leave my audience to try to sort it out why it is they think that those that someone be interested in will initially benefit you know why I have my lines full but I appreciate what you said so far but II duty take another call for free to call back sometime but I've got lines full and not very much time and I do enjoy talking to people like you, so feel free to call back sometime I need to get some of these other people a chance to thank you Lieut. for calling us.

Okay, let's talk to Dale from Sacramento, California. They'll look into the narrow path.

Thanks for calling me again because I have a question I want to explain to somebody and the question is do you explain to a couple days ago about the demark of the East are being something that is a spiritual thing, not a literal thing and so I wanted to reexplain. It's a lot of people I run into even Christians to have this little appointment you about it, but your explanation it once a ritual exposing so I so wanted you to repeat it all down. Okay well you can hear that explanation by going to Matthew and looking up the market. Of these, and it'll take you back to calls like the one you heard Lassen and others who are taught that you sent Matthew there is an inlet is a topical index there of calls from the program going back several years and if you just look at Mark of the beast or be. I assume several calls from the past and you can listen to just click on his cigarette to the call, but I don't I just say very quickly since someone who's heard you question may be eager to hear and answer the mark on the hand or the four head of the worshipers of the beast is contrasted in Revelation with the mark or the name of God on his service, you have the mark of the beast at the end of Revelation 13 and you have in the very next verse chapter 14 verse one you got the name of God on the four heads of the righteous out the righteous don't really have God's name written on their foreheads.

And since that's not literally the case, I think we don't have any reason to believe that the name of the beast or the number of the beast is literally on the four heads of anybody else. It's not literal. The idea of having your master's name on your four head was relatively common phenomenon in the Roman world, which is were revelations written to. In the Roman world. A slave would sometimes have the brand of his master on his forehead or his hand. The reason for the hand of the four heads because those who parts the body that are very rarely covered with clothing and therefore be very unnatural to conceal whose slave you were. And it would be either a number or could be the brand or for the name of the master just like a cow as a brand on it of its owner and and so this was a very common custom in the Roman world. So when John talks about all these people have the mark of the satanic system on their forehead on their hand that would communicate to the listeners.

These people are servants of Satan, whereas you reroute the next group. They have the name of God and therefore there's all these are the servants of God. It's not literal its definitive language of Revelation, but it's basically communicate these people are visibly and easily identifiable as the servants of their master who would ever do either Satan or God.

Now the hand of the forehead also convey the idea of one's works and one's thoughts in the Old Testament God told Israel and in Deuteronomy 6 that he wanted them to bind his laws to their hand and before their eyes. That is on their foreheads. In chapter 6 he talks about an anti-comes up elsewhere to in the Old Testament and and so the idea is he wants their thoughts and their actions there in their mind and their hands. Their actions to be governed by his law and if somebody is governed in their thoughts and actions by the satanic system. One could say they have deftly the visible mark of being servants of that system on the spiritual stage right and if somebody has is said to have you know God's name on their forehead, their thoughts are more like concepts, they don't think like the world they don't think like the world system they think like as God intends them to think and they are clearly therefore his servants and so that's what I think this imagery in Revelation would communicate to the original readers talking about that shipbuilding Gypsy people, and I knew right away it that that frame of mind that that that did some even believers to have to have in order to make things sound so realistic to them, but it's not literal, not a literal thing right. That is my is my understanding appreciate your call.

Thank you Dale.

Let's talk next to John from Vancouver, BC John blending the narrow path high afternoon of my own issue on okay listen well.

Good show. I like to know you. You're familiar with the social customs during the time of Paul in our church. We are working to first Corinthians, and we get to chapter 7 we get developed verse 18 it talks about staying we were and they said in the book led him not seek to remove the Marxist circumcision. Now I go to John MacArthur study Bible and I talk about that.

And indeed there was the surgery. The people of the under goal to minimize or remove the surgery right question to you is with a lot of social nakedness in Corinth at that time is a good question is why would anyone care if they're circumcised, unless of course they're going to be sleeping with somebody even on wife or me around or the prorated around much thick numbing.

There was certainly there was nudity in the Greek world according to the Greeks him and in the Greek games. For example, that they would run naked they would run the games naked yet, but I don't know that they prorated themselves down the streets naked and I think very possibly some of the drama the great dramas might've had nudity in them to you, but I think that persons who wanted to remove the marks of circumcision were persons who probably wanted to remove the evidence that they were Jewish because it was always possible for those wanted to persecute Jews in this this happened in Nazi Germany to that if something was denying they were a Jew, but the Nazis thought they were. Julie pulled her pants down right there in public and see if they're circumcised and so you know if somebody said I don't want to be identified as a Jew. They might try but they were circumcised by the parents were there eight days old.

They might seek to do something to prevent looking like a Jew. If somebody ever happened to see now it's possible that some of the Jews might want to be married to Gentile women and they might not find a circumcised mail to be as attractive. I don't know. I mean yeah I really don't I really don't know how often a person's being circumcised or not, would become an issue in terms of visible display.

There could be. Sometimes in the Greek world. For example, resident dramas are the Greek games but I think for the most part of being an intimate thing now course, the Greeks slept with a lot of a lot of women and immorality was part of the religion they in Corinth that a temple with a thousand priestesses who were prostitutes that the unit to Venus the temple to Venus it to you know it was Noah's effort is the temple to Aphrodite was there and there were a thousand priestess prostitutes there so you know, sleeping around was no some was no big issue to people in Greece are like it isn't in our society anymore so you know if a person knows her to be seen by a lot of people that they want to impress on the and they don't want them to another Jewish megastar before they try to remove the marks okay on what okay appreciate your call. All right, let's see who's been here long since I could discuss from Chula Vista California lotto California colors at mostly California I guess. Welcome, my question is John 11 when John is dealing with the word word, I understand Jesus is preexistent. I believe all that I just do all the commentaries I read and get a satisfactory understanding or explanation of how John uses the word word. Well, there's different opinions are to get some different commenters. Some people think he's accommodating the Greek readers and he may been doing this even if some other answers are true that in the Greek philosophy.

The Greek spoke of the logos, which is the Greek word for word as the is that the source of all order of the universe. Sort of the mind and that and the intelligence behind all things.

It was was not seen as a God. I was more like maybe like the way the Buddhists see you know what's behind all things is the mind of sorts are sunk of a purpose, but not really a personal being, but in and calling Jesus the logos I got put on hold because the noise there were yours is too great and referred to Jesus the logos. John may be trying to make a connection in the minds of the Greek readers that when they think of that mind that is behind all things that source of the order of the universe.

Well there is such one that was actually Jesus. He's the one who was made flesh and dwelt among us and the giving that impression. But there is also a Hebrew background of the word because in the in the Hebrew Bible, the creation which is what John 11 mimic mimic some in the John 11 starts with in the beginning will set as the Hebrew Bible.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, but John says in the beginning, the word was there he created everything. Now in Genesis, you see that God did create by the word he said, let there be light and there was light and let dry land appeared in heaven. God spoke and it was so.

It even says it in another way. In Psalm 33 six where it says by the word of the Lord the heavens were made and a host of them by the breath of his mouth so the idea that God you know created through his word is an Old Testament concept and and John has apparently that in mind as well since he mimics the Old Testament creation story somewhat in his language. He seems to be trying to connect both with Hebrew and Greek readers. Both of them had this idea that the others this this mind and this is this entity through whom God created everything and he's I say that's that one. However, you may think of them when you think of been a Greek sensor and he presents. That's the one I'm talking about. That's the one who became flesh and dwelt among us.

I think that's why the expression the word is used there. What why John chooses as he does. Okay, that helps when you're saying that it is coming from two different directions to China work for Greek and Greek, the word logos is translated word but it also means the mind and the thought and the reasoning behind the resorts like is more like thought being expressed is is kind of what it would be because our the word logic comes from the Greek word logos okay we know the logic is rational thinking.

You know so that comes over logos and sodas were a you know word like anthropology or biology or any word that ends with her geology. If ends with OL OL GY that comes from the word logos and then edit it so bios logos would been life word biology means life word. A recent study of life, but logos is at the root of these words it's so it's more than just a spoken word.

It is a spoken word, but it's it it includes the mind and the reasoning and the thought that is been expressed in that word so it's kind of a concept. It's hard to find just one English word that conveys completely okay. Thank you. Okay appreciate your call and hope you'll join us again some other time. Now Danny from Santa Ana is our last card I can take your call. Because the music just started.

I very sorry that you were not able to get on today but free to call tomorrow early would be glad to take your call listening to the narrow path radio broadcast.

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