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In My Weakness You Can Shine After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 15, 2024 12:35 pm

In My Weakness You Can Shine After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 15, 2024 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on in my weakness you can shine, continues right here the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip is from "Jumanji."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hi, this is Roy Jones with Man Talk Radio Podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of race and denomination. Your chosen Truth Radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network.

Coming to you from an entrenched barricade deep in the heart of central North Carolina. Masculine journey after hours. A time to go deeper and be more transparent on the topic covered on this week's broadcast. So sit back and join us on this adventure. The masculine journey after hours starts here now. A time to go deeper in today's topic, which Terry, what is today's topic? We're going to do a quick test.

Welcome to Robby Hosting. I forgot. I'm sorry.

That's okay. Trick question. Pop quiz. In my weakness. You know what? That was coming to me. Okay. I'll let you finish the sentence.

In my weakness is Winnie Strong. Is that close? It's close. You can chime. Geez, thanks.

So, as you listened to the first show. I did, believe it or not. What were you thinking? Just shining in your weakness. Kind of like relying, well, just knowing that if you wait, and this is my thing, I think if you learn to yield us, just like self-control, just don't freak out and really trust God. I really believe that's where the gut of your testimony comes from. A lot of us don't do that because we want to be so much stronger than that situation. Which sometimes get me when some Christians, we so easily said, trust God, trust God. But then when that thing comes to you, you're the last one to make it work.

Easier said than done. Yeah, Nikita Koloff did a man up in tents at our church. And he's been to several of our boot camps, and so he's an awesome guy. But he made reference to Revelation 21, 8. And there's a list there of the people that are not going to make it, or actually that are going to make it into the lake of fire.

That's where they're headed, this particular group of people. And the number one trait on that list of the people that were going to make it to the lake of fire, he pointed out, were cowards, but fearful, depending on your translation. And that's interesting to think because fear comes from a lack of faith, right? And obviously, if you're going to make it to heaven, faith is a primary part of what we're all being tested to. So we talked about it a lot during the first show, is there are these waves that come at you that are tests. Abraham had 10 tests.

Every character in the Bible had tests. And as these waves come, it's kind of like birth pains that the idea is to stretch your faith because if a new baby is going to come, you're obviously going to have an opening for that. And it's going to come through a whole lot of stretching. And the cool thing from my experience, it was after, I mean, I had some stretching before I came to Christ, but oh, my goodness, it's been stretching since, right, since that event has taken place.

And so in my weakness, you can shine, interestingly, so that, again, you'll be able to strengthen your faith and have an opportunity to not be on that list in Revelation 21.8. So we have a clip, very, very, very excellent clip, by the way. I would have made it first easily in the first show had Danny been here to do it.

But as it is, we are giving you the first spot of the many clips that we have for the second show. Darrell Bock I got a feeling it's a lonely clip on the second show. I just got a feeling – Darrell Bock Stretch this one.

Darrell Bock That was being stretched right there is what that was. Robby, I love the topic, and when I got to thinking about it, I found this clip, and it's from the movie Jumanji with Dwayne Johnson, The Rock Johnson, and Kevin Hart. And they have been thrust into this video game. And so they are discovering that their characters, they've changed, and they've got these characters, and they discover how in a video game you've got attributes to the characters and that thing. And so they discover how they know what theirs are, and they're discussing their strengths and their weaknesses. And I thought, what a perfect clip for – and I cut out a lot of it because there's four characters, but we have two-minute clips, and this was like a four-minute clip.

But what they're doing is they're discussing their strengths and weaknesses and how they work together. And so you can play it and we can talk about it afterwards. Okay, this is what I'm good at, playing video games. It's what I do.

It's literally the main thing that I do. Play a game like this, there's going to be levels. In order to finish the game, you've got to complete all the levels. Levels are going to get harder as we go along. We complete the levels – Spencer, do you even know where we're going? Kind of. Kind of? Oh, that's good then.

We're in good hands. Okay. The missing piece, I'm guessing. That must be what we're looking for, the missing piece of the map. But the problem is, there's nothing here.

What do you mean there's nothing there? It's a map, just like you said. It's a map of Jumanji. Cartography. What's that?

The study of maps. It was one of Professor Oberon's skills. Yes, that's right. Oh, so you can't see this, but I can. The characters we chose, we all have certain skills.

So there's got to be a way to access our— Oh! Wow. What'd you just do?

Thanks. Fearless. Climbing. Speed.

Boomerang. Smoldering intensity. What just happened? Um, you just smoldered. Weakness.

None? Uh, how'd you do that? That, uh, that list? Uh, well, I just, I think I just pressed my, my enormous left pec.

I hate this guy. Weakness? Cake.

Yes. Cake is my weakness. Along with speed and strength. Huh. Strength is my weakness. Hey, can I—quick question. How is strength my weakness?

Somebody explain that to me. And why would I need speed? Why would I need to be fast when I'm being chased by an enormous killer zebra? You're also a good weapons valet. What does that mean?

Well, I think it means you carry my weapons in your backpack and you give them to me when and if I need them. Yeah, I couldn't help but think how, you know, we all get in this life, get thrust into adventures together. And, you know, I guess you guys have talked about, like, waves of stuff coming at you.

And I think a lot about how in marriage, you know, in the New Testament, God compares his life and ours to marriage quite a bit. But I think about how there have been times in my life—Michelle and I have been married for almost 22 years—that there are times when I was weak and she was the strong one and vice versa. The strength came from the other side because I need folks around me. I need my band of brothers. I need my family.

I need folks to shore me up sometimes. You know, I thought of the story of when Moses was—they were fighting in the valley and Moses was up there. As long as he held his hands up, they won the battle. But when he got weak and his hands fell down, the Israelites lost the battle. So what happens?

Two guys come along the side of him and hold his arms up for him. And so often in life, I think that's what that is, is that, you know, here you see characters, you know, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, and just their polar opposites in character is hilarious anyway. But, you know, he's looking at his character strengths, and his weaknesses, he had none. You know, kind of a Jesus character, if you will, because he was kind of their leader in that thing. And here's Kevin going, cake, what is my weakness?

That didn't make sense to me. And I thought, identify a lot with Kevin in this scene a lot because I'm going, I don't even understand what my strengths are. And I'm pretty sure that cake is my weakness, if you would see my bodily frame at times, or cake and ice cream. But those kind of things are what, you know, that made me think of is that, you know, but ultimately, when you look at our life with Christ, the times when I'm the weakest is when he's made strong.

You know, I think about, you know, being caught in addiction for, you know, nine years and just came to a hopeless reality that I couldn't beat this on my own. And guess who shows up? You know, Jesus shows up. And in my weakness, he's made strong.

And, you know, I mean, we're looking at almost 30 years ago. And so what an awesome adventure that, you know, and adventures that, you know, I don't know why, but I keep thinking of the phrase from Frodo Rodney that we use a lot, what sort of adventure have we been thrust into? Because life throws some curveballs at you, it throws some good and bad stuff. And you find out where your strengths and your weaknesses are, but you need folks around you. And most of all, you need Jesus. That is true.

And so, you know, Grant, it's your turn, man. Yes, I believe there's a trial or test. There's always a gain.

You have to pick out the good part of the gain, not the negative. Right. And, you know, of everybody sitting here, I know that you've had one, right, one heck of a test for 50, 40 years. Oh, that one. Multis. Yeah. Yeah, that one. So share, you know, as you can, with our listeners a little bit about what, you know, how you saw in your weakness in that particular situation, God certainly shined because here you are.

Yes. I was, I told doctors, nine of them said there's no way to pull a life spurt system, no way you can survive. Three said he might survive, be the worst type of vegetable for life. And why, why did that happen? Because as with a man, that he's going to hurt somebody, as you can talk about it, hurt them, I talked about it, and he had a telephone pole 65 miles sideways, and I kissed the telephone pole. He hit a telephone pole 65, he was on his way to hurt somebody, you're talking him out of it, he drives off the road, hits a telephone pole 65 miles an hour, and you were on your side of the car. I kissed the pole. Literally.

Yes. Well, maybe on the ear, but. Still not the kiss that anybody wants, so there you are in the hospitals, and five doctors said. Nine out of twelve.

Nine out of twelve. My brain died for two hours, on the average, died for 20 minutes, 95% are gone. They're sitting there on the organ side, they split me open, trying to figure what was the problem.

It came back to life. And how long were you in the hospital? I was in the hospital three and a half months, in the worst type of coma. And then how long was the recovery before, actually, you could even talk? Two years. And I still have problems. Right, right, and to this day, right, your communication skills are not what you had prior to the accident, that's for sure. Yes.

It took 65 IQ from my mentality. But interestingly, I can just assure you, for those of us sitting here around the table that know Grant well, like man, if you have an air conditioner problem in your house, right Danny? That's right. Or you want somebody to build a cover over your deck and enclose it for your wife who has high standards, that's a good way to put it. Like Grant is the man. I mean, he's in my own house. Yeah, but have you ever seen a more diligent worker? No, I have not. And you can speak to this Art, he's done a lot of work for you. Yes, on several occasions he's worked for me, yes. And how about at boot camp, man, I mean, he goes in there and what do you see happen? Like nobody can find Grant because he's working, working, working on the stuff at the boot camp. My benefit is I don't think about what the Lord would like me to do.

That is your benefit. And in socializing, I ignore too much. I think Harold resembles that remark. You know, there's a lot that can go unsaid as far as he's concerned. And I'm pretty sure, you know, Art feels that way too. Wait a minute, he's going to chime in now.

All right. Well, one of my favorite song lines is from a guy named Mose Allison. And he said that if, wait a second, it's coming, because he did it two different ways. If talking were criminal, you'd lead a life of crime because your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime. I resemble that remark myself, my mind is on vacation quite often. And I really love Simon and Garfunkel for their sound of silence. Yes. Yes. That's a great, a great rendition. So you know, again, Art, how about you? How do you relate to that?

In my weakness, he can shine. How has that played out in your life? Well, I can say that I've been really blessed in that I never had even so much as a broken bone or serious kind of illness, long lasting illness. And it's incredible the stories that you tell and Grant tells about your struggles, your waves, the waves that hit you and knocked you down and you came back from them. And I would say that it's, I actually proposed a topic and we had a topic of, you know, how do you deal with like a cancer diagnosis and where you're just, you know, it's just devastating. But you two are proof that, well, not cancer, but definitely a physical ailment of some kind.

Telephone kissing is, you know, telephone pole kissing is just nothing that anybody wants to participate in. Four hours ago, I had a 12 foot long, 12 inch wide by two inch board, pressure board fell at an angle on my foot. At the pain, it hurt, but I could walk on it.

So it's not broken, broken. But it must be a purpose for me being here today because I had trouble pushing the gas pedal, but you made it. Well, I can't rival Robby, but I've had, I've had the few things too. I had rheumatoid arthritis. It went away. And shortly thereafter, I flatlined twice and had five bypasses done. After that, I had a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

And so I've had, I've had a few things to myself. And so how do you deal with it? You turn it over to God and say, you know, I can't handle it.

It's in your hands. Yeah. I was talking to a lady in our church this morning who unfortunately, you know, her liver has failed and she can't get a transplant and they've given her just a very, very short period of time. And to hear the peace in her voice was shocking, you know, like this is for real. I mean, she's got two, three weeks, whatever it is, and she's just went through a horrible night. I won't give you all the details of the night that she had because it's just kind of gruesome, but she'd had a horrible night, a horrible night. And there she was.

She was just at peace, like I won't have to suffer much longer, you know, and her faith has been stretched and there she is. But you know, I've often thought that part of the reason why I went through, I went through is that I had a particularly hard head. And some people's labor pains are worse than others because they've got more stretching than it requires. You know, however that works, you know, so Grant, we're thinking that you're more easily molded based on, but there's no doubt in my mind that you've had your waves.

They came in different ways based on your particular weaknesses and your particular strengths. And Satan, believe me, he honed in on them and he realized that there was a force to be reckoned with. So Terry, it's your turn again. So we started out with Terry, you know, we're going to get back to, uh, you guys will actually see if I can get it right this time. No, I don't want to look for this time as your own, like, you know, that, that, that hit you and then hit you and then hit you. It still hits me.

Oh, it still hits me. You mean you're not done? No. Oh, okay. Because he's checking because he's not done. Oh no, he is.

No. And that's, that's, that's probably, you know, I think I've come to expect God in those waves because I know on those waves of work, he's forcing me up, pushing me up, lead me forward. I look forward to that. Maybe it's the stupidest thing in the world to do, but I just know that on the other end of that, there's a goodness on the other end. I think that James chapter one talks about consider it pure joy. And I can tell you what, I mean, the challenges is I do a men's ministry and the challenges is within some of these guys to make them to come to be who they, who they, who God wanted them to be and not who someone said they are. You know?

So that's the challenge. And that's probably, I guess the waves, but, but it's for me, it's a fun ride because if it wasn't for them being who they are, then I'm worthless. You know, that's part of it, but I would not say that because again, you know, if you were the only one, God would have died for you as well.

And so I don't know how all that exactly works, but I do know that clearly you are highly favored and certainly a joy to have, you know, and again, somehow it all works together in unity. And in the church, like as Grant goes through struggles, we all go through struggles, right? If you watch Grant take a few steps with his foot right now, you're going to feel some pain. If you love Grant, it's going to hurt, right?

Right. Or, you know, even the fact that I happen to know, and I was a little hard on Sam and David and Andy at the beginning of the show, as was my responsibility, but by the same token, you know, I hurt because I know each one of them is hurting, that they really would like to be here and, you know, their responsibilities and all have caused them not to be able to be here. But it hurts, right?

When they hurt, we hurt. And certainly, you know, that's part of, you know, what I call the Shema, or the, you know, what the Jews would call the Shema. It's Deuteronomy 6, 4. It says, Hear, O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is one. Well, you remember in, what is it, John 15, the high priestly prayer, where he says, I'm praying that you will be one like we're one, right? And that idea of being the high priestly prayer, is that John – 17, is that? Might be. But anyway, the idea of it is unity, that you get to be one with Christ, who is one with the Father. And if you're one with Christ, if art is, then I get to wear a shirt like that, too. Eddie Bauer and everything, man.

Eddie Bauer. And the color for the radio listeners, the color is not pink. It's not pink. It's hibiscus. Hibiscus? Hibiscus, yes.

And I was wondering, you know, I've been sitting there, is he really wearing a pink shirt? No, it's hibiscus. I should have known that.

Did you know that? It's not mauve, it's not coral. It's hibiscus.

I don't know such things. It's still pretty. But Danny, you've got – I can see you've got something on your mind there. Go ahead.

It looks pink to me, for the sake of – you know, I was having a conversation with our associate pastor this morning, and we were talking about, Robby, somewhat what you were talking about is that everywhere I go, I occupy space for the kingdom of God, and I need to be reminded of that. And whatever kind of aura I'm putting off, you know, if I'm sulking in my weaknesses and being beat up by the waves, that's going to affect everybody around me. But if I'm reflecting the joy that Terry's talking about, if I'm reflecting and going, you know what, yeah, things are tough right now, but God's got this, I also reflect that. And so it's contagious, and it does affect all of us.

You're right. I mean, when this team, when somebody's hurting, this team hurts. And it's a beautiful thing that you know there's people around you and that love you and that hurt with you. And those kind of things are priceless. And what a gift God has given us. And I just love the fact that there are people around me, and I get to encounter people every day that affect me and are positive and dustily, and maybe I can pour some joy into somebody's life.

That's awesome. Yeah, you know, I was my father's caregiver for a couple of years, and then he went to be with the Lord. And I'll never ever, as long as I ever live and probably on into eternity, remember what it was like to have my band of brothers there at my father's funeral huddled around me praying like we do at all boot camps, but then the prayer was right there, and at that moment when it was like, whoa. But I think about it, had that happened 15 years or 20 years, 25 years, whatever it was, I came to Christ 1993, 1991, then oh my goodness, I would have been standing there by myself because the only person that I really loved was me, and obviously there was nobody there in my corner because the only person ever in my corner was me, right? And so as you become a new creation, interestingly, like James points out, right, consider it pure joy because you have some waves coming at you, and those things are going to impact everybody, but interestingly, I know Harold's wife well, and so Harold, Jan has had a chance to suffer with you, and sometimes I think that Jan suffered more during your heart attack and those kind of things than you did. Probably. Yeah, when, of course, I didn't know exactly what was happening, but I was getting the catheterization when they injected the dye, I flatlined, and I didn't know anything about it. She told me about it later, but the next morning I had five bypasses, and I had over 90 percent in the widow maker, and I had 100 percent block in the major right. And Jan suffered through that, so, well, we've got a boot camp coming. We need you to join us. That is November 21st to the 24th, or, either way.
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