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Cost Of Freedom

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 23, 2020 12:30 pm

Cost Of Freedom

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 23, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! With Memorial Day on the horizon, the band of brothers are talking freedom this week. The discussion centers on what freedom means to them, and more specifically what freedom looks like from a biblical perspective. The clips used in this episode comes from the films "Saving Private Ryan," and "Braveheart." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.


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This is the Truth Network of every man his wife doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now masculine journey. Very glad to have you today siding day rally at its and even money Brian.

It's like Memorial Day EV. It is because you know you're the guy I get that way. Usually all about the idea of a weekend so you are tempted and for me this time. A covert thing going on and ready for that.

You know the big race.

At least my world which is Indianapolis 500 that is by grace you know an answer for a lot of people here locally in North Carolina. It's the one down in Charlotte, which doesn't really count but that's freedom. The unit, so there's no race this weekend and so my my thoughts can return to what Memorial Day really about not ending you had the thought for the topic for this week's au gratin throat you and what is our topic this week, so we had a late cancel it can civilization canceling wow now it was late cancellation as it where the cancellation by Morgan Snyder. He was going to do a review of his book and so you know late last night same text is something that you have an idea. I was like I was check the calendar and see what holidays up so I saw Memorial Day and you know since been involved with the boot camps know there's always been a focus of the boot camps of a lot of of the military movie saving Pvt. Ryan band of brothers that kind of thing and I think there's a lot of talk around is about freedom and those are obviously where we go as Americans of what was the cost of freedom. You know, for we all make the statement freedom isn't free so but there's parallels into that in our spiritual journey were all really not really experience in life unless were experiencing freedom of thought, you know the cost of that freedom, even to us as Christians that we have a couple ways were gonna look at that and I'm not in a running the the idea later buddy bring there is to it but mean you'll you'll see that in this masculine journey.

There's a lot of cost of the freedom that we all experience is a lot that goes with that and you know Memorial Day itself. I wish Harold was here this week. He remembered when is called something other than Memorial Day. It was called something like back when I remembered today is all about remembering those that came before I submit a price I paid a price that we can have freedom and and so you know where to focus a lot on that and so we can have a couple scriptures that we look at and so to Robbie talk about one of the favorite scriptures we like to use here on honor show is meant a lot each of us personally to say one scripture is more important than another, but this is been very special to us Really has in my own experience. Since I've been involved with these guys. God keeps bringing me back to the Scripture.

Time and time and time again Isaiah 61 the spirit of the sovereign Lord is upon me, which is where we normally say it, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor you sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim or proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor/this is the year that Andy is my favorite and the day of vengeance of our God, so that I may know they're there so much there that like I'll probably spend eternity. Just trying to dig into all that's in those freedoms. Yes it's amazing verse that we use considerably show when it came it came to mind for me was Galatians 51 yeah it's for freedom that Christ sets us free. It really is that simple know what it does freedom mean, that's a different question.

Will try to get to but it's it's that's what it's about.

Christ sets us free for our freedom yeah I you know that verse has become more and more and more of the driving force for my entire life. I grew up in pretty legalistic background and don't you know I'm not upset about that. Not mad at anybody about that it was you know was my own. Legalism is much as was a way else is. And yet to find out that Jesus or Paul would quote this talking about Jesus that it that it's for the sake of freedom that Christ has set us free. That's that's a an extremely open-ended phrase and so what Paul is saying is look freedom in and of itself, like grace, is one of the most powerful forces in the kingdom of God. And so if you give someone freedom. Yes, they might take it they might hurt you and Paul heard those arguments all the way to Romans every you know theological argument that he made.

There was somebody and that in the pews gone but Paul but Paul, if you know if you say that then people are going to go see it all the more so the grace may abound, and yet he continues to repeated again in Galatians, basically saying look Jesus has set you free. For the sake of freedom.

In other words, it's so powerful that it in and of itself was worth the sacrifice worth the cost that Jesus laid down for in in in all these war movies that we talk about the receiving is always at a cost it's paid. I mean, obviously, for freedom is a cost that has to be paid in order to have that anyone he told Sullivan about the first clip from my saving Pvt. Ryan. So, this is Capt. John Miller.

He survived the day he's came across the beach. He's there farther into Europe and he said now is I think one of his lieutenants and they're just talking about this new mission. They been given to go, say, Pvt. Ryan, Pvt. Ryan. If you haven't seen it. He's one of them. I think he has three other brothers. He's the fourth and the other three have Artie been killed and they're going after him.

This unit Capt. John Miller's are now going after him. The test save him because the the military leadership doesn't want to see his mom have to have the get the fourth death notice for the hurt our kids that are going to save him, and they're just talking about what the cost is been thus far in the benefit of that of what what it does to die for somebody else for their freedom and the benefit of that in the end wanted to be like to just how it correlates to go one after this one individual city save to 394 enemies is 10 times in 20 mission mission is this Ryan Pearson disease. I forgot about that last for the show that that statement was in there.

There is a lot to that you get the impression that that's what he has to tell himself to just get through it right that they deal with what he deals with every day.

I think it is amazing cars I listen to at that time was he knew exactly 94 yes yeah that that was the first thing that struck me as I listen to the clip as well as the guy who eat and he says when you kill one of your men take that's he's taken at the heart right that he's responsible if somebody dies under his watch. It's his fault right he's responsible and so young when he knows exactly the number he could probably tell you the names of the moms and and so he gets it he gets what the mission is about and you know, if you transpose that only Jesus. Jesus knows how many have been lost. He knows how many have fought a good fight. He knows the moms that have cried, including his mother, Mary, and so the cost of freedom is huge and you know you're hearing this weariness of of this guy. He's wary because of the battle that he's been in the battle that he's in and no waiting the cost ahead and yet continues to do it in and that's Jesus.

Isaiah says that Jesus was. His face was like flint. It was set on going to the cross. It was rock hard.

He was going to the cross and and we were going to be able to stop him from it. But he still knew the cost and was willing to pay it yeah it is you're talking and think about the other 12.

The came after him and the disciples that died the ones that were fighting for the hearts of others.

Yeah, how many generations were impacted down the road. Yes.

Now they all died very John died very horrible death and John had met a great life and living a nominee is boiled. I believe at one point right had to live in isolation and it wasn't a great life that he had yet because they were willing to make that sacrifice how many millions have found freedom that they never would have before John was tortured and they've attempted some a constant killing that it became having any was supernaturally protected things that would've killed men didn't kill him. So a quick trot, but they did packing off the penthouse, but it all of them and not look at Christians that talk to answer all of them haven't such a terrible life. My yeah and parent to Paul, the disciples, how bad is it and that I have to do that for myself. Often to remind myself that I do have freedoms that an grace that very few in this world of ever experienced anything give a bad day, just go back and read your Paul. I was shipwrecked beaten bit by by a snake by Viper right in all these things that have an insight yeah I'm really not. That's a little bit or freak that I thought my gimmick get ready get a break here in little under a minute that were to become backward and talk more about the cost of that freedom.

And then we'll get into what does freedom really look like that's what does it mean to be free freedom from want freedom towards what what is moving towards, we are free. I want to be getting away from those types of things exciting is a boot camp coming up July 16-19. I get the dates right coming up this July 16-19 till registered masculine journey radio.masking and register now for the upcoming boot camp would love to spend some time with you when we all get out of this isolation. Our friends at my pillow and change overproduction to make mass for hospitals, but they still had tiny products are right now. Truth listeners can buy one get one free on most products, pillows, Giza bedsheets towels even neck pillows.

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Their marriages change the way they walk with God taking cease-fire first promo here. Coming July 17 through the 19th. Register by this is Sam masking journey on here with my son. We talk about ways to help support the ministry only, is information on website there on how to do that you go to and click the donate button you can get a masculine. and find the masculine to email something to PO Box 550 personal North Carolina 2728 per month, and for coupling is the next week we got a little premature there. You know about isn't it in two weeks.

I wish to know what it is talking not about kings that a couple weeks we were talking about the freedom right in on Memorial day in the cost of freedom and Jimmy of the microphone in front of you what, what comes to your mind when we talk about this topic of freedom. The then the bump was to be by McCollister freedom which was Crosby stills Nash in 1970 and maybe 69 but that was both a memorial to those killed in Vietnam and a protest of Vietnam in the midst of it. At least that was the way I read it and the cost of freedom is very different for different situations.

The ultimate cost was Jesus, but we all have to pay a cost for that freedom and what really hit me with that is, the cost is using it rather than giving it up for me you you read the Galatians and I'm home.

I know we don't use the Bible much here, but not back in here lumber truck.

You did the first half of Galatians 51 freedom Messiah set is free so stand firm and do not be burdened by you of slavery again. That implies that the only one that can take our freedom away from us is ourselves and that was what I that's what I do all the time. All I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings will not go say that I want him and he liked me somewhat telling how wonderful a topic this is a benefit of click it's great but I did think it was great. Thank you that actually sets of the clip only go to and it's from the movie Braveheart in your head.

It's a it's a montage it's for five clips rolled in the wind, but it's it tells the story if you haven't seen the movie. By now you need to go watch it and it's been out forever so that you have Mel Gibson's character will he pick it up. He is laying literally on the table.

He's going to die on and it's shaped like a cross is laying there and they're getting ready to disembowel him there. There working on that and the tempter is telling Molly have to do scrap mercy and Serena listen to how that plays out and then also what's done with his life. Later on, how it impacts and frees others and then will our role in it so it's listen technical back and talk about chips and after hitting his body was torn to pieces his head, his arms and legs sent the four corners of Britain as a warning did not have the functioning plan and I use no doubt pay homage the Army's English King and except his endorsement of my crown will be to Scotland starving charged fields font like Gloria bullets.

They fought like Scotsmen and one for dinner when ask you, you know. In this clip, you deftly have a catalyst that the brakes some boundaries that freedom may be attainable right now in Jesus and I'm not. I'm not downplaying what Jesus died.

We can have freedom, but that doesn't mean that we don't have to go fight for the yeah you know it is. It is for freedom, sake that he has set you free. But don't pick up the yoke of slavery again, which implies we can and that it's going to be a fight to not do that and and Paul talks about that all through Scripture. He talks about it through Romans through Galatians, Philippians, Ephesians, first Corinthians coming all the way through Paul's letters he continually is talking about the the for the way that we must run this race. K fight these battles, God shows the way people fight battles all the way through Scripture from Genesis to maps mean it's it's one of the topics. One of the great topics. Love is the overwhelming topic obviously sacrifice all of those things are key elements but we talked about it before the show that Jesus was the one time for all time sacrifice. He was in his sacrifice means something it means everything because without without that nothing we do is worth a hill of beans. I mean we could be the greatest humanists in the world we could love people. We could feed the hungry, we could take care of everybody that was sick and it would mean nothing if Jesus Hatton become the one time for all time sacrifice so Jesus becomes the sacrifice to died. But then Paul tells us in Romans 12 to be a sacrifice that keeps living so we are spurred on by that sacrifice in there has to be a benefit to sacrifice or we would quit doing so what's the benefit to a sacrifice in my life.

It's, it's more freedom mean to give up pornography may not seem like a sacrifice. If you've never been a pornography addict to give up alcohol might not seem like a big deal if you've never been an alcoholic or to give up a drug addiction.

If you've never been an addict, but you go through some major sacrifices.

It feels like in order to get freedom from those things and ultimately each unit of the salvation is there but is the freedom that goes with the salvation there and so that's, or talking and we can deftly be saved in three left were free. We can be saved and not live as it for free right wing Jesus freed us right.

He did know we can cut herself back into bondage.

We also have to accept it and live in that freedom and love the things you talk about freedom from addictions and that is a fight but those that haven't gone through that are still in the battle. If you have a family that is a sacrifice, and you have to lay down your life or your wife for your children and grandchildren that you're making a sacrifice for them or if you are not not really up. Father, husband, grandfather, what does that freedom start to look like and you know in an instant, Andy. This topic of freedom. What has that look like in your world. For the main like Dan mentioned in the addictions of predominantly different things like that.

Obviously God wants to come in and get to the root of those give you freedom and those where you begin to realize that Jesus has set you free. But I think it's even even beyond that, to the point that you don't want meet again. I think it always takes us back to friendship and that freedom to be a son. And when you get to that point you walk in so much more liberty and just enjoyment of life because you're not this human experience wasn't meant to be a bound up experience. But fear will keep you bound anger will keep you bound all kinds of manifestations will keep you bound, but do when you when you really see yourself as a son of God and walk in that freedom is nothing like it. Philip switch the question then patiently said will come back either Michelle or in the after show to what does freedom look like one of those things that keep you in bondage. One would be.

I guess I would say not knowing that freedom is truly available or not believing that it's available right. Maybe it is for you but not for me. We need am I sorry I know my so I could be freedom from the old tapes of play in my head is then we tries to ditch the agreements and get a costly come at you with conviction.

What us guys what what would you say is captioned on where I can just look back to where I came.

At first boot camp.

I thought if you took a drink alcohol. That was it your on your way to hell. I really did you know like oh my gosh that they know the movie that these people are playing at this but I mean if I watch that it's things are rated are you serious or cuss words and and these people read books other than the Bible.

I can't tell you they read all these different books at seriously and they're just laughing because he actually knew this is this is the Robbie Gilmore that showed up there 13 years ago ever allow a longer one hundred years ago and again I had no idea I was in bondage to all these agreements and but it was striving in order to earn my way to heaven.

You know, however, that was to look at and the purists sadness. You know I have my devotional time and I had my things and God was teaching me stuff but it was I wasn't learning from a point of freedom. I was learning from a point of striving and not letting essentially Jesus be the one that had paid the price, but I was gonna pay all these prices did not. You know this was housed in a white knuckle it through all these things and and all my gosh Chrysler Financial had me in bondage. All my gosh's you know my financial status and my pride and who I was, had me in I and I think about you know how Jesus set me free from these things and if you don't know what I'm talking about and maybe it's worth discussing with him.

He may be forthcoming. By the way, I had the dates wrong. It is a 16 on the problem 16th ignite and a lot of things like take you through a small journey had you in the old English before you get into new English yet you don't and I told Kathy that I to register the beauty of going up the 16th through 19 July.

Would love to see you there. Would love to spend time with you get something exciting.

Therefore, you stay alone for the after show downloaded seek and listen to what we talk about next on the topic of freedom

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