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Cost Of Freedom After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 23, 2020 8:00 am

Cost Of Freedom After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 23, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue their discussion from Masculine Journey on freedom. The clips used this week come from the show "Band of Brothers," and the film "Saving Private Ryan."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.



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This is the Truth Network French masculine journey time to go deeper and be more transparent and on the topic of this week's but sit back and visit venture. Masculine journey after-hours starts here now. Welcome masculine journey after-hours with us today. We were special guest Snyder little baby would make it work.

Our special guest if you dry down from the mountain and so we just want to honor that request that you remembered that he probably would have been shattered. Had we not lose judgment you you are very special way that today's topic is actually been your idea so I know some most people just show instead that there be some probably join hands with Mr. if it's a brief synopsis of what the aftershave is about. We did have a cancellation last night on our other special guest MorningStar was supposed to be on but same thought out there do we have a topic I'm like okay it's looked at the calendar Memorial days coming up and you you know is we don't think a lot of times we give duty to our veterans as we probably should.

And there is a cost for freedom that they have paid the veterans that live the ones that you know that past and then there's a lot of spiritual parallels to the sacrifice Jesus made for us in the freedom that he bought for Simeon how we together as brothers and individuals. There's a cost of freedom the experience our own freedom and also to help others find their freedom as well. Very good so that thank you that was good. I am channeling my inner Harold. It was decoration days when you speak. Decoration I looked it up in my hotel yet.

It was decoration day before Memorial Day. I knew it was called something Harold screaming at you right now you probably as he knew it. But that yet. So anyway this topic of freedom only go ahead and go to the click is there.

This is your clip. It's from a band of brothers into this kind shows you what it looks to live without freedom or the weariness yeah so you know that if you're familiar with the HBO series band of Brothers. There's a major winners and his best friend basically through the whole time. There deployed is the captain Nixon, not Richard but Capt. Nixon, and Nixon is getting pretty weary and he's drinking more and more and more and it's become a problem and it's actually becoming a problem to the point where he is going to get demoted because it's a problem but what you don't realize is kind of what he's trying to kill with the alcohol he's trying to kill his wariness. He's trying to kill his hopelessness. He's he's more weary and so you you have to put yourself in the shoes of Jesus fighting this battle for the hearts and souls of humanity for a few years you know his entire lifetime he he's known it for some time and as his friends don't really get it, you know, he gets frustrated at times and and when his enemies don't get it. You know there's frustration and Jesus handles that very differently than we do usually. But for those of us who've been in ministry who are involved in ministry of some sort. Or maybe you're just the family member who's trying to love on somebody who is very broken right now may be there in an addict may be there on going through divorce. Maybe you know they have a mental illness. There is no telling, and maybe they were born with special needs and year the caregiver there is a weariness that goes along with fighting the good fight with battling and so in this were to meet Capt. Nixon who is getting very very weary of this and and just listen. Kind of. And it's very easy for a heart to go, therefore not careful, the 75 supply reasons more delicately. Congratulations for free, someone is never fired his weapon, no around so smart great fantastic to be directed over the drop zone. I got out to Louisiana rest. The boys love over Germany. Somewhere, sorry, what a tough situation and voice yeah terrible well wasn't me real tragedies. They also lost her CEOs as he gets around letters home from Col. St. this morning and how is concerned that a problem this way said to be happy. Sync is transferring back down to Battalion S3 should write these parents take what I said next, been demoted. Yeah, demoted, got his nonmonotonic kids never even made it out of the plane, tell him what you always time her sons died as heroes.

You really still believe that had to don't you let the most uplifting, but it does speak to that wariness and that hopelessness that you can be in especially if you don't. If you lose sight of the freedom that's you know I I watch a lot of different stuff follow a lot of different ministries that are involved in loving on patriots, warriors, guys have come back and conduct that and have sealed COPD PT yesterday as I had as a abiding tape but PTSD and and you know not every soldier has that so not every soldier is walking around, you know, feeling that way. But many are in most of them you wouldn't ever know it.

Quite frankly and and yet the weariness to just live day by day. Often times is is tough and so for your pastors out there, the weariness of being a pastor. It's a hard job. I was a pastor for the better part of 20 years. I don't want to pastor anybody, not even me anymore.

You know, I mean that's it's it's a weary job.

My son is a pastor. I don't know why. After a document out of it but there are so many things in this world that can drive a person to this weariness. If if Jesus is not at the center at the core of everything that were doing an understanding that I'm not serving out of obligation I'm serving out of the freedom that you know he is set us free. For freedom, sake, and Robby quoted Isaiah 61 he started the show that it's for this reason that Jesus came to bind up the brokenhearted, to set the captives free to give sight to the blindness and to declare the the day of the Lord am, and his vengeance so that's part of it for us is you know somebody's got a pay somebody's somebody broke something somebody hurt somebody. Somebody's got to do something well in God is saying not I got that I've got that and I've got you. And so don't lose hope, don't. Don't lose heart.

But in this battle that we face on a regular basis and we talk about all the time and masculine journey we talk about life is a warfare in this long sustained assault on your heart will wear you down, and unless you've got a good band of brothers unless you've got Jesus at the core of your life.

It's going to get to the point where you're just ready to give up like One of the seven deadly sins is what describing here now.

When you read it out in the old English at sloth and nobody really knows what that is cute little animal that move has three toes.

I like but that's a bad definition for it. And there's another word that also. Nobody knows acedia and it really is you are serving so long and it doesn't address pastors in particular.

It's been around since the Middle Ages.

They recognize this as a problem in that its you're still in the same place you've always been. It didn't feel any different. Why bother. And that's a terrible place to be and that the deadly sin not because you got to strike you dead for doing it. It kills your soul. We enter in to these things that God quote unquote because you into because you have a passion right and without passion usually becomes a feeling of freedom and livelihood of life.

That passion brings life and as soon as you start taking on duty, obligation, all those things enemies throwing that sound like good things sound like what you should be soon as you start taking those things on is when the wariness starts getting the federal right and it can really start to wear you down and it's we lose sight of the freedom we start giving taking on that you write.

Taking on that bondage yeah definitely that it's it is a yoke. I think a lot of that is what I carry for a bigger part of my life and sometimes you can be bound and not know you're bound, you think you're free you think you've read this this Scriptures in your free chair still bound to approval seeking approval from others from the shame that you carry because you can't live up to. You know what you think you should you're not doing all the dues and and and omitting all the don'ts you're not doing the things that the Scripture calls for, but it's because you're bound to, you know not really living those things from your heart but your doing those more from you know was seeking the approval of others or whatever it may be, it's the enemies many traps to get you to believe in a salvation other than the truth. Salvation that brings freedom only go ahead and go to another clip is in think it also speaks to a different way and since you're the clip from Pvt. Ryan and set the clip up and we can come back and talk about sites he talks about at the end of the first clip that we heard on saving Pvt. Ryan. It was on the other show but basically John Miller wants to know whatever he's doing is making a difference for the man that he saves her life or provides freedom.

Whatever. And that the private Ryan that they're trying to save. Actually, this is years ahead.

After he's lived the John Miller's company saved him so private Ryan comes back and live the life and he goes back to Normandy to the gravesite to pay honor to Capt. Miller and when he gets there he unite, talks to him but then he ate the talks with his family wants to know that the freedom that he was given that he lived it. Well, in honor of Capt. Miller, to be honest with you when you you you get to you you is under the swing.

Favorite quote, but I guess with throughout the question.

Is he living in bondage when you really listen to that clip. Is he living in the freedom that he was given orders he living to a duty and obligation into a bondage and that was Eichler and I was expecting you come straight to me because usually after that clip on cry time. This time, and really what Capt. Miller asked her says, as he is dying and this is terrible from a Christian perspective. We cantered nothing we can do will earn it. But with that and stop us from try and in this, that it's a little bit lighthearted which I don't often get with this clip but said that he was a good man because he asked his wife and if she's willing to say that but it it really was a matter of all of this almost have what he has a survivor guilt. Now we have all these folks that have gone before us, and done well and we are we good enough answer really is no but unfortunately that's not the definitive answer. Jesus is it's hard not to slip into a place of bondage.

There is, it feels like you're doing things for the right reason. And yes I would love that. When it's my time to go the my kids have great things to say about me being there dad are probably what they may or may not depends on how I am. That day the day before array that's on the day by day basis that the doubt it or unite to live my life that my parents would've been proud. Right. And there's nothing wrong with that feeling until it starts to control you worry you still you live in shame if you like to step out of it.

That's where the enemy starts to step in and get a foothold on it and it's hard because it's such a slippery slope did not see coming and I want to throw this back to Robby here in just a second, but the week, ended the show. Robby talking about, you know that yes he knew Jesus paid the price you know and and done the sacrifice, but he was going to earn it anyway right. There's nothing wrong with us as Christian men, one team to believe and and desiring that God would be proud of us that that God would think okay yeah you you did well there. Good, good and faithful servant. All of those things we hear those terminologies. There's absolutely nothing wrong, God put the fork created in his image, and I believe we are. I believe God put that in our hearts that we want to do well by others. Right and into goat at step further, we want to do well by Jesus sacrifice. We don't want his sacrifice to be of not. That's the terminology that the Hebrew writer uses don't do these things because it makes his sacrifice as not worthless. We don't want his sacrifice to be worthless. We want his sacrifice to have been worth something.

Our transformed lives the freedom we live in now is the fruit of that in and that's why wanted passenger Robby a little bit because he you know Robby's got a good take on on this whole idea of what fruit we bear and to Robby fairly old it out. The thing that happened that was like like I guess a vessel was broken open and it was pure unbelievable wine that was in there that was showing me the beauty of my own heart and and that has everything to do with freedom.

You see, I love to fish.

I had not connected that to my Christian walk at all. I I'd love to hunt, I'd not connected that you know all this stuff didn't appear to fit into the church life like this. This wasn't part of anything that anybody told me about in discipleship or anything else. When it came down to the things that I discovered at boot camp, like all God put those desires in my heart and so I'm actually running in the paths of what God made me to do. Originally it and loving the freedom and the way I experience that honestly every morning is a celebration to him. I make brown matzoh and I drink wine little bit and taste the fruit and taste freedom and praise God for those things but doing it in just like we're talking about running in like I know I'm where you want me to be with a heart that you gave me and a heart that is like all that's why I love this stuff that's that's why these clips flipped my switch. That's why these things, but because you know your wild at heart and and I guess that's just it goes back to that saying for me is what wild at heart is what God had in mind for me. Oh yeah he he had that in mind for me. I know you think I'm making fun because that's typically what that for those of the don't know what matzoh is it explained that sure matzoh is his unlit unleavened bread is what teachers call that they would take a Passover is very simple to make.

By the way, it is just flour and water, maybe a little butter oil if you like.

It's correct to the very low temperature to remain very high temperature limit and and it's it's like in on the bread of faith we see bots. I think like matzoh balls or something that's miles balls are that same mixture, but to just put soup off because they are super lower and elites of visual so back to Galatians yeah it's for freedom that Christ sets us free.

Do not take on the slavery and I'm paraphrasing, and so what Robby talks about doing that gives him freedom may be parts that would take you into bondage if it's not party your story and what God's calling you to do. You know I have boot camp at times during a quiet time people would probably think I'm not paying attention to the rules quote" it had to go out and equate because I got to finish most the time but I never talk when I finish it except to God right now. Not really saying anything. And for me that's such a peaceful time and a great time to reflect that you others may look up and say we are not doing what you're supposed be doing another legalistic thing but for me it's a very peaceful alone time with him, but enough to put me in a tree waiting on a dear and I would be going stir crazy. That's not what I wanted yeah that need to have beyond their for me that's it's probably early in the morning journaling Scripture journaling my prayers.

Things like that or it's on a mountaintop in the Rocky Mountains and may be on a trout stream, someplace loving to do that it's it's a very active thing for me. I have a hard time just being still and knowing that he is God now deadening that I don't need to work on that. I just have a hard time with that I sent 10 to experience God more. When I am moving through the beauty of his creation and appreciating that in an understanding all the things that that says about him, but also about me and you know falling back into a yoke of slavery for me. I studied the Bible so religiously for so many years with a very legalistic mindset.

I literally kinda had to take time off from that to keep that from being a bond and and I don't please don't take this the wrong way studying the Bible is not going to make you a slave. It's your mindset when you go to study the Bible that can make you a slave and so I had to unlearn a lot of the bad habits and a lot of the things that I had learned over the years and it took time and and so now that I'm back into the Scriptures in a different way with much more freedom it's it's a much more fun and an inviting exercising and very enlightening. Whereas before I was studying it, probably to prove me right in the wrong and now I'm studying it to hear what God has to say yes I want to make sure we make the point that no as we talk about a couple weeks. You know, kingship you anytime you are a king that you have responsibilities you have duties you have things you need to do for those people that you're with Jim and talked about being a good parent. Good being a grandfather might've been before the show when we talk about it because you know we talk about stuff before the show that there are things that come along with that right but it's a mindset in which I take to those yes there's things I need to do because my kids need me to do those things right, but doing it out of loving giving heart out versus out of duty and obligation. I think makes a big difference right you know not saying okay that's Connie to go play golf all the time you leave your wife and you know you leave your family and never pay child support. No, that's not what were saying or saying you're walking in is allegations of things you're called to do the position that you are in in life, but changing the mindset and walking and freedom in the midst of it. I am an owner for making a sense of that now definitely definitely I think it's this dead set up with next week and kingship and that you cannot be a kinky fear.

I don't know many bound kings if they are there not very effective. Things right so it's deftly part of the fully and I definitely lowered this laid on my heart that you know this whole thing about Memorial day and honoring our fallen wheat we definitely want to do that. That's what Memorial Day is about, but I want to honor the guys sitting around this table as each one of them was instrumental in bringing freedom to me and in the group that's not even at the Mike's and the extended group that participates in the boot camps is that you know this thing is much as Jesus is there. I would have been able to do that without it, and it was his intent to have a group of men to come along and help us find freedom. That's no different band of brothers of the man in saving Pvt. Ryan or any of the people to on fleeing the back. The Revolutionary war. Anybody that we experience the physical freedoms we do have here in US. It's easy for us to correlate that to a spiritual experience of being we could all be speaking German and BN in outbound by a ruthless enemy but were free and that freedom to me in the spiritual sense, and the masculine journey came from.

I guess the guys right here. They started a ministry. It was attacked. It was imparted on this on the show many times I think that has more and this ministry is that the test of time and parts of me and set free thinking is been God leading the way. But it does take us all playing a part that others may have life and we doing pretty to register the boot camp and that's can be July 16-19 not the 17th 1916 through 19th masculine Morgan Snyder in two weeks next week to talk about unplanned changes

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