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Reflected Glory 3

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 16, 2023 12:30 pm

Reflected Glory 3

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 16, 2023 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys conclude they're discussion about the different aspects of God's glory, that we reflect in our lives. The clip is from "Second Hand Lions." . 

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Hi, I'm Joanne Dikner, Memaw with It's Storytime Memaw, an answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. It's a great adventure, but life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates and wide roads, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find the good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for? Grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers who will serve as the guides in what we call the masculine journey. The masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to Masculine Journey.

We are glad to have you with us this week, and you'll be glad to know that we're finishing up the topic we started a couple weeks ago. This became pillars really kind of quickly. We have a tendency to do that. Well, it would be more of a stool, really. It's just three legs, you know, so it couldn't be really.

It's enough you don't fall over. That's true. That's a fact.

That's a good thing. Yeah, so we've done three shows on this topic, and we'll be finishing up the topic today on the show. And Andy, would you share with us a little bit about the topic?

Sure. So we believe as the Masculine Journey team that each one of us, God in the way he created us, put a certain glory or just Robby calls it a special sauce. Just how he uniquely created us, and we offer up that to the world from what, you know, he gives us. He tells us to become the light of the world, and we feel like it's a reflection back on him.

We're not really the source of it. We're just reflecting it back because that's the way he created us. And I think we sometimes tend to look at people and see they're not glory, the opposite of that. And we're looking, really the focus of this is to really look for the glory in other people and call it out because that's what God does with us. We act like God when we do that. Yeah, we're the reflected light to the earth, right? And we're reflecting God's glory. And so each one of us have a unique piece of God's glory that we're designed to reflect to the earth that if it doesn't get reflected, it doesn't get seen.

Because Andy, you have your own version of it, which is different than Art's, which is different than Robby's. And so what we've been doing over the last few weeks, as Andy was saying, is we've been trying to show you an example of calling out that glory that we see in other people so that you can do that with those around you. And when you first hear it, I wanted to throw this out too, is sometimes it almost sounds blasphemous or it just seems out of order of what we hear in church or whatever. But I mean, if you really look at how God calls these things out or he brings them to light in Scripture about how, you know, he created us in our mother's womb. Well, how did he create us? We know God was a creative God who created this incredible universe. So humans are the crown jewel of that. So surely there's some glory that he put in us. Absolutely.

And so we're going to continue that topic. And we actually continue it with David, who you have the first clip. That'd be you, David.

Yeah, that's just because I got Danny, I think. He's used to Dave. No, I'm used to David.

Are you? Yeah, definitely. Well, we can work on that. We'll have to rectify that, won't we?

No, there's no way to rectify it or work on it. It's good, you know. Yeah.

So Danny was the lucky one that I got for this. And the, sorry, was the mic not? Yeah, it wasn't very loud. It's like one of my first time again.

I know. And so this clip that I chose, actually, when we were picking clips for it, I chose this clip. It was shortly after our first hunting experience together.

So we'll listen to the clip and then come back to talk about Danny a little bit. OK, here we go. A used lion? Stand back, kid. You don't want to get mauled and eaten.

What are you doing? Brother, this is the best idea you ever had. Well, this lion head will sure look good hanging over our fireplace. What fireplace?

You don't have a fireplace. We'll buy one. You're going to shoot it? Well, we'll be seeing you.

He's in there, all right. I don't think this is very sporting. Kid at our age, this isn't sporting as we get. Walter, come here. When I give the word, pull this. Pull.

Hey. Come on out of there. Hey, you and the crate, get your lion butt out of there.

Soft old tape. This lion's not good. It's, it's defective.

Well, saliva's the main thing. Well, go ahead and shoot it then. No, it wouldn't be sporting shooting inside a crate. Looks kind of old. Worn out looking.

Some kind of lion hunt this is. Perfect to reject some sick zoo castaway. So, can I keep him? I'll look after him and take care of him and feed him and everything. I've never had a pet up a very old before. So, kid, you want to take care of it, nurse it back to health?

Good. Then we shoot it. That's a great clip.

It's from Second Hand Lions. We use that in boot camp all the time. And, you know, like I said, I picked that clip because that was after the first hunting experience I had with Danny.

But I picked that just because that's what we were doing at that time. What I really see in Danny with the glory that he shows is that he is able to connect with anybody based through his stories, through the walks of life he had to be able to connect to them on a level that shows him that they're not alone. And I can tell you one thing is for sure with him. I know without a doubt if I call Danny day or night, doesn't matter what time, you know, unlike Sam, he was definitely going to pick up the phone and definitely listen to everything I have for him. And, you know, just his energy alone, you can just feel the vibe of what God is doing in his life and bringing it to the other men around us.

Yeah, he's got a heart of gold. I remember when he first came to a boot camp and he came with a bunch of buddies and we were at Park Springs that time. So it was kind of a new experience for us.

And the next thing you know, Danny's just in there middle of us cutting up. I was like, it just felt like he was one of the group right from the get go that here's a guy who knows he knew some of what the Maslin journey was about because he had read Wild at Heart and had some of those books and had kind of even thought about doing some kind of ministry along those lines. And it was just it was just interesting. I mean, he came down, he fly fish with Robby on the very first like day.

We had to go fishing and stuff. And it was like he just it was it was kind of like it was meant to be. And if like David was saying, if you call him up, he'll be there. But he's always willing to step in and speak up about things in your life, things in his life. He shares his life. He's got just a heart for others, his heart for his family, his wife. And it's just it's great to watch that in a man versus just a guy. You know, he's a man. He steps up.

He does things that you need to do as a biblical man, as far as a fathering your children, as far as even their leading your wife. And I just I love it because at one time he got called up. He was at camp.

He gets called up. Next thing you know, he's on his way to see Michelle and take care of her and rescue her. And that was it's great to be able to watch another guy in our team being able to have that with his spouse and love his wife well. And that was not a short drive from where we were to where you were going.

I mean, that was a pretty good round trip. The other thing I see in Danny that is just spectacular, in my opinion, is intimacy. That he has ability to be intimate, not just with all of us, but with God, because it's not unusual at all for me to get a text at 4 in the morning, 5 in the morning, 6 in the morning from Danny.

Robby, what is the Hebrew for this? Or Robby, I'm studying this and this is what I'm… In other words, that's an intimate time to me, you know, when somebody's spending time with the Word of God, because that is Jesus and that is intimacy truly when you study that way. And he gets insights that truly blow me away. You know, every season he's got something new and you know what he's working on and you know where God's taking him. And that's the idea of a disciple to me as well, that he's an enthusiastic learner. In other words, he's always trying to learn and he's pushing into the next barrier.

You know what I'm saying? He's trying to get breakthrough in his relationships with his family, but also in his relationship with God and I love it. Yeah, you guys have both said the things that I would add to that. But the one thing about Danny is when you see him take on a talk when we do a boot camp talk, I always find it so interesting that he gets a talk and initially is like, well, that's maybe not the one I would have picked. You know, it's kind of the look he has. But then he digs into it and then next thing you know, you can't get him out of it. You know, he's just loving what he's learning and he's trying to pick that up. As a matter of fact, you know, he did a couple talks at the last boot camp and the first thing he said, we were talking about the next one. He's like, I think I want to stick with those because there's more I need to mine out of them. There's more I need to learn from it.

So that avid learner, you know, is definitely there. And then the compassionate heart. You know, you can't spend time with Danny and not realize that behind him is just an amazing, compassionate heart for those around him. You know, and he would do just about anything for anybody. As long as they don't cross you. Isn't that right, Danny? That's right.

Then they're off the list. One of the things that I love about the man is you can't feel bad around him. It don't matter how you feel when you get in his presence, you're going to feel better. Yeah, he's going to crack the choke.

He has a way of lifting you up. Yeah, he's going to – well, that's easier to do with you than it is some of the rest of them, sir. Right. Isn't he quarter slice?

Yeah, he's quarter slice. Yeah, we talked about that last week. Yeah, I agree with everything. I mean, guys, you stole everything I was going to say, but – We're still trying. Yeah, I guess. I won't sit here and ramble. Go ahead. It's going to be the first time.

Or the last. No, I love his Southernisms. I love – he and I are kindred spirits on The Andy Griffith Show. But he just does have a heart for people, and he is absolutely an enthusiastic learner. I mean, the time when we were going through the names, and he gave me the Hebrew name on the rock. Just things like that that make a difference, that Danny sees you. Danny sees you, and his heart is towards you and breaks for you in any pain that you may be experiencing. And he's – I mean, I can't imagine – the guys that God has brought in the group, but it was like Danny, from the ministry that he came from, was pre-made for it. I mean, he just kind of came in and just felt very – I think he felt very comfortable, but it was just because of who you are.

I think we've kind of mentioned that. Well, thank you. That was very insightful, Jessica. We appreciate that.

They're going to hear the rest of the story sometime. Yeah. Yeah, those are kind of words. I'm all broke up over here. My tough guy image is leaking over here. But yeah, I mean, you guys are awesome.

It was a comfortable fit. I mean, I knew you were my kind of people. Well, thank you. We're going to talk more about it when we come back. We'll talk with you after the break. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. Welcome back to Masculine Journey.

And that is a clip that was picked for The Bump by somebody that's not even here, which we're good at that. But, you know, Jim actually picked that. And so Jim is out sailing away once again. He will take his 94 days out of the country to another number after he's gone. How long has he gone this time? Do you guys know? A week is all. A week. He's gone a week, so he'll be back.

But yeah, we do miss you, Jim, and we hope that you have a good trip. But that is from The Who. It's Who, exactly.

And so if you didn't know that song, that's what that is. And we're talking about really who are you. And that's where it kind of ties in that do we really know who we are? Well, we know who the world's told us we are, but we often listen to who God tells us we are and what we bring to the world from him.

Right? And so that's what we're trying to learn today. And we're going to continue on that topic with our friend Art, who's going to be talking about Andy. I've got Andy, yes. And I'm a little confused.

I must have missed a message or something. I thought Andy said we were going to have a roast tonight. You know, the thing you had, you were supposed to roast them. Yeah. Yeah.

We can do that. I said reverse roast. Roast?

Reverse? I don't know. I just have to go with what I've prepared here. Okay. Roasting.

Yeah. So Andy was talking two or three weeks ago about how he met my dog Max at the retreat. And Max was just loving him. And he wanted to go home. He wanted to take Max home with him.

And Max about sat on his lap. That's what he was telling. But, you know, I noticed that he didn't mention my other dog, Bella Claire. Sorry.

She bit me. No, I'm just kidding. Yeah.

Bella Claire has a more refined taste there. Yeah. Yeah. At one point, she came and sat down near Andy. And she looked around and realized her mistake.

And she got up and moved several feet away and laid down again. Didn't you say Max will pretty much eat anything or just partner up? Yeah. That makes some sense.

I thought I was choice. Yeah. Yeah. And that's pretty bad to, you know, a dog to move away from. I've had women folk do that to me before.

Me too. Yeah. You know a dog?

You know, I don't know. But I think the thing is, you know, she can see into your heart, Andy. And she knows that you covet her toys.

Her squeaky balls and her plateaus. That's right. Her sausage that she plays with. And she knew that you wanted one of her toys. That's right. And she got away from you. And, yeah, you know.

I don't know. But, yeah, I think the Hebrew word for covet is hamad. Is that right, Robby? It's hamad. So you need to tighten up there, Andy, on that. Hamad and do better. Oh, my hamad. Yeah, your hamad. Tighten up there. But, no, I do have some good things to say about Andy. Well, you had the tough one. Go ahead. And to feel some air time. Yeah, I reckon he's a pretty good boy there.

So I've got a clip. We'll play it. It's bluegrass music again. The Carolina boys, we like our bluegrass music.

And the Carolina girls. By the way, Andy's other name is Jessica. His new name is Jessica.

So, yeah, I guess he likes bluegrass, too. So I'm going to interject here and defend myself. I got Jessica in the last couple of days.

I'm looking at buying a car. I went in, and the AI chat thing, it was Jessica's name. I said, thank you, Jessica. And somehow all the follow-ups from the car dealership are, hello, Jessica, we'd like to help you find a car. So, you know, I guess I've been renamed, and I'm like, Jim and I will hang out together when he gets back. Oh, yeah, they'll buy that.

Artificial intelligence, you know, they know each other immediately. You got to use proper grammar when you're... Yeah, I guess. So you ready for the clip? I'm ready. All right, here we go. Here's some bluegrass music just for you, Andy.

I will take the ring to Mordor. Oh, that's not it. Wow, that sounded like some strange... Oh, I picked the wrong clip. I told Keith the wrong clip. Oh, no, that's on me. I don't have the other clip.

We'll have to do that in the after hours, so we'll have to come back and set it back up. He will take the ring to Mordor. Yes, that's on me. He's sort of a Hobbit-looking character. I was going to say more like a... I picked the wrong one. A Sam, maybe? Yeah.

Not Mordor. Uh-oh. We're going to have to... Call an audible. We're going to have to call an audible.

Omaha. And we will have to get back and play Andy's stuff in the after hours, so you get to see us behind the scenes, right, making a mistake, which I made it. I told Keith which clips to get and didn't listen to him like I should have, and I told him wrong, and so we'll have to get the correct clip during our break and get that loaded in when I can figure out what that is, and so we'll do that in the after hours, and so if you're not familiar with what after hours is, after hours is a show we do after this one. That's why it's called After Hours, and so this is the one that goes out over the radio broadcast, and then the after hours is a podcast only, and so both are available through podcasts, through YouTube, through Facebook, and all the different locations, all the different podcast places, but we will actually do that in the next segment when we can get that set back up, and so we can finish this segment a little bit as we wind out the rest of our time here. We're talking about a little bit what we'll talk more about in the after hours of when have you seen other people kind of step into their glory that God has in them?

Any examples of that? I can go ahead and start. For me, my son Caleb came to one of the boot camps, and he got his new name there from God, and it comes from Revelation that we'll all be given a name on a white stone that only us and God know, and that there are names, and when you look back, there's so many names for God, there's so many names for Jesus. Why would you think that he wouldn't have so many names for his children? If you're a parent, you probably have more than one name for your children.

You have nicknames, you have all sorts of things. Some are funny, some are loving, that kind of thing, but there's all sorts of names, and so we have this new name, and so Caleb got the new name Fisher of Men, and so he kind of got that. He was a high schooler playing football, and the next year when he played football, he was the captain of the team and was a leader of that, and rallied the team around a lot and really kind of stepped into that, and then he went on to college and played ball and kind of had that role, even though he didn't get to play as much as he did in high school, but he still was a leader, and so the coach called him on his leadership stuff and watched him really be able to influence people, even though he wasn't getting a lot of time on the field.

He was injured a lot. There were some other things that were going on there, and so he just had some challenges, but watched him step into that, and then it really kind of came full circle when Andy was doing the new name talk, and Caleb responded for him, and he got up and did a response and really kind of shared how he's lived in that and learned to accept it, that it was such a blessing, and what was really kind of cool about the rest of the story of that that happened, Caleb sent out an email or a text to a family group and just said, hey, I got recognized at work, and was talking about why he got recognized at work, and part of it was for going out and recruiting other people to come work there. You know, and he's not a recruiter.

He doesn't work in HR. I mean, he's an employee there, but he was so good at recruiting people, they always took him to go do this, especially back to his old school, you know, and after he shared that, the next day I sent it out to him, and I said, hey, you realize that, you know, that's still another example of being fisher of men, and he said, you know, I never really thought about that. Thank you. That means so much, you know, that you just start doing those things, you know, and they just become natural that it's nice when people can point that out and remind you, hey, this is a reflection. This is part of the glory that God gave you uniquely to go do this, and so I think it's pretty cool that, you know, they have that, and to watch him kind of step into that, he's now 25 years old, soon to be 26 next month, you know, and he's had probably now about 10 years of having that new name and learning to walk in it and live in it and to experience it more and share it with others, and it's been pretty cool to watch him kind of to grow in that area.

Anybody else have any thoughts? Well, since we were talking about Andy, you know, one of my favorite things about the last, I don't know, six or seven years, I guess, is to watch, you know, Andy come into his glory as a public speaker. You know we're going to do that after hours, right? I do know we're going to do it, but, I mean, it was like— Andy needs more time than just the after hours. Oh, my goodness, you know, we talk about all the time that the enemy comes against your glory, right?

Mm-hmm, yeah. And you could see the enemy come against Andy. He was so nervous, and all this stuff that was going on, and if you would listen to a radio show, you know, five or six years ago versus what you hear from Andy today, you know, it's just amazing how well he gets the subject matter, and he understands, you know, clearly where God's worked in his own life in order to lead people, you know, in that same direction. You know, for me, I've talked about that eagle story about the free eagle calling the rest of us out of the cage.

Well, Andy's that, right? He's been called out of it, and especially when it comes to being fathered by God, and to watch sonship, right? But sonship gives him a voice to be the speaker, right? And it's like, you know, I'll speak of my testimonies before kings, because when he speaks, he speaks as a testimony, and it's coming out so clearly and so beautifully.

Sometimes, it actually gives me chills to watch him speak up there. Absolutely. Thank you. Yeah, I know that Robby first shared about Tammy's heart with children, and I'm like, oh, my gosh, my wife loves children. So, that was one of the things that I really went to then working on to call out in her, because it just, like Robby described it, she just lights up with kids. And that's one of the things that I started doing is watching for that. And my son, you know, there's the time when you're misdirected, but he's a fighter.

So, it's misdirected at times when he was younger and was doing things and fighting for the wrong reasons. But to see him fight for others, and he told me of a story one time where he was in college, and they're at some party or something, you know, which isn't the right situation, but some girl was being, I forget what the situation was picked on, but he stepped up and took care of her in that and basically made sure that guy got away from her and all that kind of stuff. And my daughter, you know, watching her lead, she's always led the younger kids and the kid, and the horse farm, and riding horses and teachers and help those.

And even now that I hear what she talks about work and her situation, it's not the best situation, but in the midst of it, she still leads and she still works with others very well. Thank you. Please go to We will have some upcoming events. There's nothing posted right now. There will be some stuff coming up soon. We do have a spring boot camp coming up. We have the dates picked. We're trying to finalize what we're going to do the event on. It may be an advanced camp.

It may be a regular camp. We're just waiting on God to give us some more direction. Go to, and please pick up the podcast on any of the podcast locations. Love somebody well this week. This is the Truth Network.
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