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Reflected Glory After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 2, 2023 12:35 pm

Reflected Glory After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 2, 2023 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion about reflected glory, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Second Hand Lions," and a clip montage of "Robbyisms." 

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Stu Epperson from the Truth Talk Podcast, connecting current events, pop culture, and theology. And we're so grateful for you that you've chosen the Truth Podcast Network.

It's about to start in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, and please share it around with all your friends. Thanks for listening, and thanks for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Coming to you from an entrenched barricade deep in the heart of central North Carolina, Masculine Journey After Hours. A time to go deeper and be more transparent on the topic covered on this week's broadcast.

So sit back and join us on this adventure. The Masculine Journey After Hours starts here, now. Welcome to Masculine Journey After Hours, and we are continuing somewhat boot camp topic, to some degree. And this topic came up when we were at boot camp, and Robby's talk on God as Father, and it actually comes up in that talk all the time.

But Andy, you want to share with us what we're going to be talking about today? So we're going to be talking about, you know, the glory that we carry that God puts in us. He's given each one of us a glory. Something that is a reflection or an attribute, something of him that he puts in us, that we are able to reflect back. And for humanity to see and for God to see, to bring him glory.

And it's just that special whatever, sauce is what we call it, but that special, what makes that person unique? What makes that person change the world, change the environment that's around them, and what God puts in them, and just kind of calling that out. What we're doing is calling it out in each other. And we're not doing this to sit around and glorify one another. We're actually glorifying God and doing it. But hopefully we're setting an example to give the listeners an idea, because I think it's important we, as Christians, the enemy tries to put labels on us so much.

And it's our job to, God will tell us a lot of times what our glory is, but also I think it's important he gives us the vision, Robby's word, to see what the glory is in somebody else and to call that out on it can be a great encouragement tool. Absolutely can. Absolutely can. You know, you were saying before the last show ended, you know, it's like the gift that keeps on giving. Yeah, yeah, definitely. You know, so how nice would it be to, not the Jolly of the Month Club like in Christmas Vacation, but it's close.

Yeah, but it's better. I can tell you there, my daughter wrote a card to me last year. She got me a nice shirt and stuff like that, but what I remember is that card and the things that she said in it made a heck of a lot more impact to me than that shirt and not to, it was a really nice shirt too. You know, it was just, those things matter. Those things are what help bring us alive.

Not that we're getting our validation from them, but they're an encouragement to us. Absolutely. Anyway, I will actually go first, you know, because I have the controls over here. So I picked first and so I go ahead. It only makes sense. It only makes sense if I go first.

It makes sense for me. So I had Harold and so as soon as I knew I had Harold, there was only one clip that came to mind. I mean, there was plenty I could have picked from, but it was like, oh no, this is the clip. And I'm reluctant to even set it up because then he'll know what the clip is. But if I don't set it up, then the listeners won't know what the clip is. But you know what, I'll tell you about it.

Which is more important. The listeners will figure it out. We'll talk about it afterwards, but I'm gonna go ahead and play Harold's clip and then I'll tell you why I picked that clip for him. So here we go. Hey old man. Give me some.

We're busy before we get lost, all right? What did you say? Here's a perfect example of what I've been talking about. Since this boy was suckling on his mama, he's been giving everything but discipline. And now his idea of courage and manhood is to get together with a bunch of punk friends and ride around irritating folks. Too good-natured to put a stop to it. Hey, who do you think you are, huh? Just dumb kid hubbs, don't kill him.

Hub in the can. I fought in two world wars and countless smaller ones on three continents. I led thousands of men into battle with everything with horses and swords to artillery and tanks. I've seen the headquarters of the Nile and tribes of natives no white man had ever seen before. I've won or lost a dozen fortunes. Kill many men and loved only one woman with a passion to flee like you could never begin to understand.

That's who I am. Okay, so what's going on there? If you haven't heard it, then we'll talk about it. Hub McCann had just gotten out of the hospital for having a heart attack and they go to a barbecue joint and they're having some barbecue and these teenage kids come in and start wanting to try to pick a fight a little bit and that's what you hear going on. And so as I knew I had Harold, this clip came obviously to mind for a lot of reasons and it had to do with the part at the end you know where he said you know I've loved only one woman because if you've known Harold for any length of time you know that he's been married 61 years, is that right? 59 and a half. 59, it seems longer. We've known one another 61. There we go, that's what it is. Yeah, so I've loved her even before I married her. Yeah, yeah, and so that's always a good plan. That's a good plan, yeah, but couldn't you just hear I've done thousands of punch cards you know you're just going on yeah I kicked a bunch of boxes you know you just fill in the bikes but no this clip was Harold because if you know Harold is passionate about something oh my gosh he will fight tooth and nail for it you know and it's a good thing and I think there was a lot of years the enemy came after you for that passion Harold and said you know your anger and all that was a bad thing and it can be when we let the enemy take it in the wrong direction but oh my gosh you are a powerful man you know I give you a hard time about you know not being tall but I would not mess with you Harold you are a powerful man and when you are engaged in something it will happen you are determined and you're going to make it work and you just amaze me and so that was the clip that came to mind would anyone else like to add anything in oh of course I knew you would yeah I you know it kind of surprised me at first but the more you like you you say it you know and I and there's so much about that clip that where he's giving you an I am statement which is a significant thing to really even consider about yourself you know when you say I am I am what right and it's a really deep thing but what I know about Harold is there are friends and there are friends right and I mean this man like that that's another aspect to all of us right that his loyalty like when he says he's going to do something for you you can just mark it down like this is absolutely positively gonna happen and so hub McMahon you know it's very much along those lines like you mess with his brother you'd be in bad way you mess with the kid you're gonna be in a bad way you mess with somebody that Harold loves you're gonna be in a bad way I mean he is he he is truly an ally from the standpoint if it's your fight it's his fight when my dad fell that you know who the first person to the hospital was he was there before I was there it's I recall I mean he was right there yeah and with Jan and I'm telling you it you know mark 10 30 says you're gonna have a hundred mothers and sisters and brothers oh my gosh Harold is one you want yeah you know I've shared this story before on the air about Harold but I remember we planned a birthday celebration for Harold and Harold called an audible and he's like texted all of a sudden said hey I'm not gonna be there tonight I can't make it I had family come in and we had the whole show we we duped him we told him it was about something else we even had clips out there about something else and it was not about the show it's all about him and then all of a sudden he's not coming in and so I just called him and I said Harold I can't tell you why but you need to be here I know you got family in town but I need you here and he didn't say anything but I'm on my way and he left the family and came in and was here and because I was like oh my gosh we don't have a show if Harold doesn't come in we're stuck you know and so just his determination and his loyalty is just key you know and you see that play out so this goes back to the clip kind of too so the hey old man part yeah something like that actually it is actually it is because hub and Garth were sitting there talking about hub just what worse does he have what worse that either one of them have and quite frankly I think Harold has articulated that same thing that you know he's retired he joins the group so hub in that clip taught those boys a lesson and Harold not really feeling like he had something to add has come and added so much to this group he's taught these boys here a lot and we can all attest to that he truly is a sage and really has spoken into all of our lives and give us an example but walked out this thing with us too and been very transparent to share how he's growing in this thing just like we are and it's it's a great encouragement because you know we're never too too old to continue to learn but yet also the stories that he brings that can speak in directly to what we're talking about is really cool because he's got a lot of stories he does he does and that leads into that I cut it on you um that's Robby uh one of the things that I've loved about Harold and it's likely unique to me not very neat unique Robby but unique when I say something and I get blank stares and quizzical looks from everybody he gets me and he's got such light like hub he's got such a wild ray of wild why well maybe wild but wide range of experience that he is usually right on point with anything anybody brings up yeah he's a man that's a very few words but you want to hang on to every word that he says because it's so insightful it's like oh it doesn't come across as a flippant comment it's like oh I've been there I understand I get it and have you thought about it this way and you're like oh no I typically haven't and there's very few men that you're going to say love God as much as Harold I mean he just has a huge dedication to God he just I mean anything you're going to say in terms of biblical you know speak or anything he's he's there he knows the scripture he understands it and he's just willing to just speak it he's not going to sit there and hide it like we're saying earlier he's the man who's going to fight for that and just speaking into our lives on a continual basis is just one of those great treasures that treasures that you know you don't get that very often to have somebody like that that's in your life that has been there and done that and what I keep picturing with Harold that Jacob wrestled with God and when I picture all that anger whether it was the road rage or the kickboxing and all that stuff that was all his version of wrestling with God and finally the you know the final match in which God finally won was Jan let me show you how to rearrange that dishwasher to get more dishes out of it that's why I think finally broken it's like now go enjoy retirement and under really grow with me and you just see the the softer side of Harold I can't picture him being all that angry I just can't I've never seen it I just can't do it and Robby has if you're a part if you're a part of the conversation on zipper merging you would have been there oh yeah I was a part of that but by that time Harold's already calmed down you know he's like yeah I get it but it's just one of those things that that's where you see maturity in this age it's like don't go where I've gone guys I've been there done that and just just trust me on this and you don't walk away thinking you've been talked down to you walk right going I need to listen to that and you said something that triggered something to me you said he we want to all love God the way he does we also want to love our wives the way he does yep we want to love our friends and our brothers ancestors the way he does the way he does hey I don't have too many role models left but you're one of them thank you uh Rodney you're next with Robby here comes some secret sauce spill it here we go oh man you talk about something that's like a target rich environment Robby is it I think what I would like to do is just play the clip and then we will just talk after that okay here we go here's a clip on Robby Robby oh here we go live from the truth booth truth booth your host Robby Dilmore how fun is it just that's outstanding isn't it and so you knew at the end of all those shenanigans I actually would have a riddle you're exactly right so how cool is it we are gonna have a blast today you're going for the Hebrew answer that's good I like that that's you exactly right I wanted to say that your laugh is confused how fun you are absolutely correct so if I took just John 3 16 and said for God so loved Robby this is the year that Robby is my favorite which I call the RSV the Robby standard version how fun is that right yeah we gotta play some shenanigans here so here we go you'll be able to hear it in inside in its high tenant and it's high in the complete show I can't say it it's funny entirety thank you isn't that awesome so I'm gonna say you're absolutely right you're both right now you're exactly right you're a winner so you're exactly right that's outstanding isn't it that was good oh man that was a labor of love that was fun oh that was so much fun I was just sitting there putting that together just I was dying it had to become from one of his most faithful listeners too right oh my gosh I just I I wish there were ways to go find other stuff that I want to put in are so bad but I just I had to go I could take the stuff that happens the most often and use that and put that out there I thought it was wonderful but I mean Robby the first thing I think about is just like we were talking about like with Harold you get Robby's got that voracious appetite for God he's in the word all the time his prayer time in the morning is something that everybody would cherish with God and he does it so faithfully which is his name with God and that that's just something that I always saw in him and it again he gets up in the morning and his favorite radio station comes on WGOD and that is you know again that's there's other clips that I really wanted to get on there and then so one of his big things is he's always talking about like when I first came to my first boot camp was Prager's spaghetti sauce you know it's in there and it's in there and it's like Prager's spaghetti sauce and you're just like he has all these sayings you know that he just keeps bringing on and on and I want that's where I really wanted to go I was I was wanting to be able to fill in about five to ten minutes worth of just Robby's clips and except I'm listening to these shows I'm just laughing putting together and I got to stop listening it's like no I got to clip this I gotta get this out I gotta I gotta put something over there so when you have all this passion and then it's basically just completely wrapped in humor he just he can't help it he just starts laughing I mean I'm half the time like what's he laughing at I don't know what he just starts talking he starts laughing at himself because he knows something's in his head that's not it's just not coming out of his mouth yet but he's thinking about something that you just don't understand and then he starts talking like oh okay I see what's going on because because because his mind just goes to different places like we learned about Dusty this year at boot camp I mean I never would have thought Dusty was in the Bible but Dusty's in the Bible that's Adam you know Adam's dust is dirt you know so it's now Dusty and you learn about these things too you're like okay there's another Robbyism it's like you can't keep up with them he's like I said he's a target rich environment and so another one he he's has not done this much later but it's on like Donkey Kong oh yeah he said it at boot camp yeah did he do it this time again yeah because I must have just been oblivious to that this time but he just loves coming up with something that completely describes something in different words which is 100% Robby because he just he's not going to give you just the same old run-of-the-mill talk speech presentation of something you've heard a thousand times it's like oh I never heard it that way before it's just completely Robby and it's it's wonderful because his passion for the word of God his passion for the Hebrew that he's what maybe four years now or so you've been doing that that it's it's wonderful because you get to learn all these things and then when he gave us all the Hebrew word that's all Robby and he sees that like calling out your glory and he's just he's somebody that wants to do that and that's why we do word of the year it's why we do a lot of things we do is because Robby leads us in that we watch him go we watch him have these experiences with God and in his word and learning and wanting to share and I just like you know Thanksgiving season's perfect because it's so thankful to have somebody in my life that's willing to not only learn for him but the whole reason he learns is because he wants to share it and he just shares and he shares and he shares and that's why he's faithful he's you know just who he is and we learned more and more about the secret sauce and he already said whack-a-mole earlier today on the on the first show and I'm like all right he already took one and rang that one up that it was always out there too but I I couldn't get enough of his laugh in those clips and I just wanted to keep finding more because I'm just sitting there just dying that's why I had to repeat that last one too because I'm like that I thought that one was just the classic Robby laugh Rodney I think you really got him in his intrinsic and his eternal his entire entirety his complete story yeah well kicking kicking of kicking of the can a little further down the street on that idea of faithful he can probably tell me I don't know how many years that he drives over to Knoxville on Thursday mornings and we have a meeting a small group meeting there's five at most of us usually but he also does a devo at the nursing home and he's been doing that for how long Robby since 1998 1898 no no that would have been me but you know the idea of his faithfulness to people is just outstanding the labor of love where they take care of vehicles for people that need help just on and on the things that this man does that most people don't realize I love him love and laughter can you listen to him for more than a couple minutes without smiling at least if not breaking out laughter I can't yeah and I love that about it right and Jesus labor of love I mean what that has become and how much meant to so many people that you know I love the stories that he tells because again I listen to the the Robertsons their podcast they send Jase out Jase travels who does something for a show and he comes back with all these stories of what's happened to him I'm like Robby and him I'll get together you two would have a great time because all I ever hear out of Robby is oh yeah when I moved from you know Colorado and or when I went here went there went there there's constantly stories and they're and they're not just okay that's interesting it's it's downright nice what I'm selling jewelry in Mexico one time right exactly it's like what you can't make this stuff up and we all know Skipper Wagner will never be the same right exactly he's got a nervous twitch every time he's so pretty sure yeah here's here's a BB gun sound he's like yeah yeah the funniest story with is the I don't know Debbie you and the coming back from Colorado and the yarn gotten caught in the steering wheel column yeah when she forgot the keys to the car yeah yeah that's it I had to pull the steering wheel probably don't have time for that right now it's a long story but it's a funny one it is yeah I just think of just joy just joy and everybody's touched on it but just laughter and joy but just totally a positive attitude spoke into my life and times when I really needed it as I was struggling through doing these talks I can remember one time I just butchered one out of coming out of boot camp and what's Rodney do Robby do he calls me up I think I'm at the beach when he does it he says hey I want you to host my show next week I'm gonna be gone what did you not hear what I did you don't want me anywhere near Mike and sure enough I mean had a friend come on with me and actually it was quite therapeutic and healing it was still rough but it was it was what I needed and he just saw that and spoken into my life a lot personal some relationship stuff and all and just been a just a very close friend and my fellow trout pond fishermen oh I love it yes I would add that yes I agree with everything you guys have said to watch Robby come alive at boot camp on the talk there is nothing to match it you know first of all you never know what you're going to get you know it's you know what the topic is and you think you know where it's going to go and you don't know how long it's going to go it's yeah it's a lot of fun trying to keep up the power point with where he is hey you know I'm looking at the next slide and it's nowhere near what he's talking about he's like 10 slides ahead of you already and then he goes back to that slide you're like are we the beginning are we the end where are we at and his cop-out is well God took over I can't help that yeah I think that's very unique isn't it yeah I definitely want to give Robby credit though this last boot camp man he handed me the notes for his talk and they're normally about 50 pages and it was three pages and it was bullet points I was a little nervous but I mean he took it all the way down to the prayer he's like all right 40 second prayer and right when the timer hit zero it was amen it's done well one of the things that I observed is that he would not be anywhere near where I thought he was but it was better yeah 100 when he varies it's actually more powerful than what he had down on the paper yep yeah we would never know because we don't see the paper and maybe he's right that is that God thing it could be there's a paper yeah well yeah it's in like 47 font but there's a paper one word per page yeah yeah see Robby talk that's pretty much how that goes I'll decide for now yeah two hours later you know guys often have to get up and go to a bathroom break it's not often they have to have a lunch break in the middle of the talk but once in a while you know it's like anyway but we are we're going to be wrapping up this segment here pretty soon but before we get going is there anything you guys would like to add before you know the music starts playing here let's play yeah isn't it awesome yeah the people love each other and have this yeah and we love you Robby we give you a hard time you know and we love this topic and we hope you guys are enjoying it as much as we are but we love loving on one another and showing how God loves us picking on one another is a love language for men it is that we pick on both of you kind of like a reverse roast right it is it is it is we'll go to masculine journey dot org for any upcoming events we don't have any currently but we will soon so be checking that often and this week go out and ask God who you can love on this week and love on them well and look for their glory talk to you next week this is the truth network
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