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What Door Did Jesus Open

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 19, 2014 12:00 pm

What Door Did Jesus Open

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 19, 2014 12:00 pm

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Jesus was losing one feels more like a losing battle when something welcome right working to just go with these three last week.

My plan for my official name of this, not Monday Saturday maybe it's but I know it's a history. Big day tomorrow. The arthritis, and resurrection with tomorrow being a big day.

We all know that has to salvation which is really really cool, but others are missing part of Jesus's message.

It often is told is fully yes not a superhero. Talk about today is why Jesus came. Why his death on the cross.

What door did open up and you know we usually understand about it opening up to salvation. But what was it salvation from an salvation to John 14 six really tells us why he came Jesus that I am the way the truth and the life and you were seen as bumper stickers that stop right there you maybe there are bumper stickers anymore, but really they're missing the best part of the verse, which is the second part. No one comes to the father but by me. So he's telling us the reason why Jesus came was to clear the way to the father so the destination wasn't salvation which is a great awesome thing we gotta have it, but the destination was the father. The father you receive God as father so Robbie, when you hear that how you receive God's father was that something that you have always this kind of thought that wears that something has changed a lot of last figures were now I remember the first time Todd shared that a boot camp. I was there and it just put a peg of a hold always the way to the father and what exactly does that mean it really started me on a wonderful journey of beginning to understand how I could be fathered by God and in even I picked up a book that everybody knows by John Owen that communing with the triune God to begin to understand how is it that I commune with the father and what is that intimate part of my relationship look like what what how is it different than just communing with Jesus warning good books written this everything you said about it. I will take your word works on probably get a read on the Kindle.

There's a lot of good books. Todd leave a lot of my likes to read as it were to be talking about God's father and that's kind of a hard thing to get your mind around. Sometimes somethings get in the way that maybe that's not the full theology you brought up in the doctrine I heard in the church got his father but really there was any teaching around. What does it really mean and how do you apply that absolutely it's one thing, knowing that God is your father and most of us know that because we know the Lord's prayer our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Okay, so Jesus is talking to God the father. So we know he's a father in her head, but it's a totally different universe to allow yourself to be fathered by what is that look like was it look like when I'm not being bothered by him or her talk about that today.

Remember my first exposure. This was years ago when I heard a lady talking presentations really really powerful, but she kept referring to God as daddy just really made me uncomfortable and then I you later realize it's probably more my issue utilized anything while she's kinda weird.

In reality it was really my thinking was not aligned with what it needed to be what gets in the way of us believing that God is truly trying to father a server is there to father's yeah that's a great question.

You know I think one of the things one of the primary things that gets in the way is that whatever faults and weaknesses. The father figure in her life had with us. We tend to project that onto God the father unknowingly and that's really a mouthful right there. It took God. A lot of weeks and months to help me understand that so you maybe say no I don't think I do that but really if you think it through. If you take the time to realize the woundedness that your father figure may or may not have intentionally or even unintentionally head toward you in some way. A lot of times we don't want to be fathered by God because it sounds like the same thing I got for my earthly father, which wasn't that great light and that's a great segue into the clip that your fixer played Sam because Indiana Jones at been hearing this stuff from his father, Sean Connery, which was cool fathered by the what and he just wasn't unlike some of things I got from my father and my heavenly father.

I didn't see the significance of until the moment came in the scope what you're going to hear is you have Indiana Jones is his dad's been wounded in Yemen seen it. It's like 20 some years old so far just to watch it but his dad's been wounded. He has to make this journey through very dangerous trip to to go help rescue his dad along the way he keeps here in his dad's voice in his head, reminding them of things that he thought was unimportant.

One points were to listen to that seen in the inability of bingo. I don't know why that's what comes to mind what movie several times and it's been a lot of years in such unit were preparing for the show.

You know Robbie and I were talking about it. Just how cool it is this relationship between any agendas that is kind not the best right when things really come down to his dad's been trying to teach them some things he really needs to know and so is been misinterpreting a lot of what's been going on around them, which is what we can do with our heavenly father's time yet that's that's why it's important for us to receive God as father and understand how he's bothering us because if we miss that we may be missing some things that he's trying to impart in some bestow on us that we may need later. So we we can't do without talking over before the show. You said something to God does in your life that you have to get your head around all we're talking about being our performance-based thoughts. Often times we not had that situation with my father for many years and still struggle with it still struggled with it the other night and talking to him, but I still have this template of love being performance-based coming back from my childhood and I was dishonest with him about a situation with losing a job when he asked about when we're going to do the Easter music and I began to tell him when we were going to do it and everything why I lost that job three months ago, my fear was how my father my earthly father will react now as I told you guys. He's not like that today. We actually have a very loving relationship is not as much like that is used to be and I will telling about this particular set but I'm, have to go back and have speaks in truth there, but but I still have that mindset that template in my brain. A lot of times with my dad think you actually threw that to you.

It wasn't really clear on something and it makes a great point you were talking about their sometimes that that relationship with God is impacted by relationship with her that we can talk more about that talk about other things get in the way of of us really allowing God to father's way that he's been trying and he wants to go to the women's retreat coming up in total women's weekend next June 6-8 in Providence, North Carolina, go to Goodhart for more information. Welcome back to masculine journey were to steer off air making fun of Robbie which is her favorite past. Yes, seven doors were talking. Yeah we will maybe we'll get to that we are we're talking about an incredible topic today that I think is very timely for this time of year, which would be what timely means that tell us what what we talk about today talk about what it means to receive God's father were taking a deeper dive into why Jesus while we celebrate Easter we know that Jesus came and he died and he rose again as incredibly awesome was that all about. What is salvation all about that he come to only justifying forgiveness or was that justification and forgiveness in order to get something deeper and he said in John 14 six. It is about something more. It's about getting us to the father which means Jesus is saying. I know this may disrupt or rearrange some theology. I hope it doesn't. But Jesus is saying I'm not the final destination. I am the way, in a way only has meaning if it leads to a destination and the destination is God father and was at Maine was that look like were that's over talk was really glad when you spoke on this. It kinda rearranged my thinking. You know, because it didn't diminish Jesus's role well I am he plays critical pivotal role in has to be willing to step in their and and do the things that he does for us, but he was doing it to bring us to the father absolutely is a restoration of that relationship. Your right is not to minimize Jesus. It's to restore balance to the father and now that clip that you displayed that we heard Sean, in an Indiana Jones you know the interaction and Indiana Jones did not realize what his father had been training him to do and and that's kind of, I realized this week. This is week that I had that same experience. I was supposed to do my Seder that I do every year with my special-needs class and I was studying up on Moses and I revisited Moses and the burning bush and I saw something that I've never seen before and that when God told Moses look put your staff down and that's going to turn into a snake it says very clearly Moses ran the words he was checking he had a legitimate fear of snakes and then God really put them on the bus and said okay.

Pick it up by the tail. Can you imagine if your Moses. Oh yeah, so he picks up the thing about to become so staffing and then even a bigger freak out for Moses is take your arm on your shirt and guess what, it's white nulliparous meaning he has a disease that's going to kill him. And can you imagine Paul your shirt out. No, I got cancer and I got this horrible kind of disease and I'm a die.

God's will just put that back in your shirt. Now you can be okay, but interestingly God he helped Moses overcome this gigantic fear that he had obviously appears makes but then he showed them that he could heal him from almost any does it well for many disease he could he have things under control. Moses didn't know how much he was going to need that fathering until he found himself in front of Pharaoh and also to other challenges that he had right after I received Christ.

My biggest fear is 6 foot five guy was. I was afraid of the dark and he had one night I had the same discussion that Moses he was scared of the snake. I was scared of the dark and God came to me and said you won't do you want freedom from this impossible. You don't understand, so we could come in here with a knife and kill me and I was just talk about running God civil Robbie what's the worst thing that could have a list will be so bad about that.

I thought I get to be with Jesus and he had fathered me through my biggest fear which was my fear of the dark and a year later I got what was called killer cell lymphoma which was supposed to kill me in the matter of months and within a month's he healed me.

I thought wow. Just like God had fathered Moses through this fear that eat, overcome, and then he followed them through this miraculous healing to show Moses what I got this you can trust me. And he was showing Robbie the same thing and I thought I'd missed that fathering until I went to revisit that things will without the right perspective will deftly misinterpret what's going on in your life. Clip the Virgin Mary to listen to and it's it's from the TV series lost and refused to before, but in this clip you have, Jack, who's the father.

At this point is had some pretty significant father wounds of his own, is that it literally told you don't have what it takes. And so, as many fathers that have been wounded tries to set out to correct that his son, which is then misinterpreted. Listen to how this plays out.

Really listen to the father's heart for the sun and how the sun doesn't quite get it initially great and saw me this a couple months where I was. I thought I can get back here place, for he got home, we know you're still plan to leave my son was such a big deal. You sent in which a practice so didn't tell you is coming here because chasing know when I was your age I in one single failure to say to me. He said that I didn't have what it takes my whole life going on around me ever when you know what you do in my eyes you can never fail to be a part of your life as you listen to really speak to think if we don't allow God the father to validate and this if we don't build a relationship with him that allows him to validate that we do have what it takes. I see this in the counseling office all the time we as men will spend hours and weeks and months and years in activities spending money doing things, trying to constantly prove to ourselves and other people that we do have what it takes. How about going back to the father that created that heart. Who knows the special sauce that he gave you the particular slice of his glory and let him father you into settling that you do have what it takes when you have thank you and you're exactly right when you have a story like this with Jack and his son if he's really misinterpreting his father's love.

It may indeed get in the way of accepting God's love, which we talked about a little bit and that's it. That's vital that we understand and even in that clip you you can really see that the father's heart was good to talk about heaven father wounds will imply that that's a bad I love my kids immensely and I am sure without a doubt, the absent father wounds because I'm I'm broken and I'm in the process of being healed and restored just like all of us that are walking with God and but I know they're not in escape route having it.

What I can do is hope will lead him back to the father right it's gonna love them and provide a way that they find Jesus to have it and learn to walk as God as father. Honestly, I'm still struggling to learn how to walk is got his father was at the/boot camp and and that you normally do the talk on being fathered by God and our friend Chris did and that when he was talking this time just man, what if it is a show just for me and it just you know brought me to tears.

I could hardly control and I just couldn't figure out what was inside and I walked outside during quiet time to God. What was that just the only thing he said was, why won't you let me father and exited what you mean crickets really venture. It is why why is not letting God father me and I know I am more than I ever have. What is trying to say is I've got so much more for you if you just moved past some things you need and passion. Let me father you Dennis you talking before the show as well that God sometimes will come in and do something with this get us back on track. What was that yes had. My life the last several months where this seemed like one thing after the other is been happening at Todd not rush talking about this yesterday and I remember the first time you ever said something about God disrupting our lives and I could not understand that at all. When we first started talking about it because I was like I don't like disruption. I want things to be this way and that way what you guys that have help me to see is how God will use a season in our lives and disrupt different areas of our lives in order to bring him bring us to a greater point of trust in him and to show his love, so that moving forward. He may have something planned down the road for me or you were not aware of right now, and I cried out to God several times on this but why did you allow the stuff to happen and you guys are spoken that truth to me a lot about how to look at that disruption in our lives because he is constantly doing a lot of things in your life, and he taught his disrupting and what else is he doing dismantling this mailings.

What's that really mean it. Disrupting his arm on a path that is to stop me. Linden has to dismantle which would be yeah like Francis any we have habit structures of thinking and habit structures of behaving in and seeing life and he wants to dismantle that he wants us to align with his way of thinking and seeing and believing and I think for us. It's what what is it look like when when I'm not letting myself be father when I'm when I'm resisting that disruption that Dennis is talking about when I'm not seeing it as God fathering me but I'm so angry at God for bringing the disruption and we know were not allowing him to father us whenever we get self-reliant we get independent we tried to handle it all ourselves but but the point about being fathered by God is that God wants to do it with you. He wants to come beside you.

He wants you to give it to him and then you both do it together. Whatever it is, the disruption dismantling the whatever and all the is done fully and completely in love right you. If you are a parent you will understand that there times that your child is doing something they really want to do you out. You can look ahead and say that's not going to end well.

I lay there, waving her hand over that candle. That's not going to work out real well for you to try to disrupt that before you yourself, you know, in an God wants to do those things for us and that dismantling thing disruption for me was when I was frustrated you talk about the dismantling thing was when I resist naturally God turn Takeaway foundation. That's not good. Even if you have a good house built on still get a fix foundation you listen the masking journey we got so much more on this topic. When we come back and really seeing what God's trying to father's and how do we allow that to happen we get a boot camp come up November, November 7-9 masking journey for more information or for women's event June 7 for six or eight welcome back to masking journey Robbie on got this and were going to go through this and I know you want to say something similar.

All I'll call.

Thank you.

Welcome back basket journey were to scared to talk about their lost track of time and just kinda laugh and CNC we do have fun. This is a sign showing we talk about some serious things, but man it's so good to see God do these things in our life. Robbie really talk about something coming up that's really important. It really is. And even though today's Easter even more talk about father and father by God, there's really I'm thinking it could be only 22 shopping days left until Mother's Day and this is a serious issue, guys.

It really is. But I can imagine a better Mother's Day present to give your wife some time alone with her and God. And this Goodhart women's event that's coming up Goodhart women's weekend, June 6 through the eighth. It's a fairly inexpensive way for you to really give her something that couldn't be more precious time with God. But then the other thing that you can do to make that happen is obviously not just pay for but then you can agree to keep the kids right so that she really can get away and get out of the busyness of life to be able to hear from God what that will do and I know it's done for my marriage and was Jennifer's average. I don't know. It's time for Todd's marriage MRI guys this is huge.

It is made a huge difference continues to make huge differences was not a one time thing one and done. It's a continual process. The guide unveils things every time whether it's men's boot camp for me or the ladies, we can for my wife something's changed immensely in our marriage. Each time, and the ability to hear from God like Elijah heard the still small voice which actually was a voice that had no noise on my wife and never really heard from and so to be able to give the heat get ears to hear that voice for lady and then the she herself can be fathered by God is so huge. What an opportunity to have, I mean really Heidi and and Sheila and the ladies that are going to be involved in in and guiding them down this Goodhart women's weekend and Robbie is on her mind. And that means there's only 21 days Mother's Day that you keep that in mind, very good mother of all this that would guys. Well I don't know what to tell you what about those guys and see what I got this. I really don't need to be fathered.

How would you would you talk to them about it yet. First of all read John 14 through 16 because it talks about God being our father over 50 times so it is in the Scripture you know to check it out. However, what you'll see is a pattern as you read about you just look in a concordance and look up all the times that God's being talked about his father, is that it is a reality that we will be fathered by someone and we can either be fathered by our Creator. Or we can be fathered by the Scripture causing the father of lies. And isn't that interesting. He calls the enemy the father of lies not the leader of lies with the author of lies. He father's us into lies in Boise subtle with it. And boy did we get trapped in it and the whole seven.

The worst thing right there thing is when we look around the world follows his lead and so the thing that looks like normal is walking with the father was, which is is not what God intended it. How do I know if I'm being fathered by the father of lies will walk with the father.

Truth and you'll know when the father of lies, the more we walk with God our father, the more recognizable it is when we are listening to the flock is not where I talk about being indwelt by the enemy were talking about, fathered by his voice and that is possible for a believer to be fathered by his voice and be led astray led into bondage and says now Robbie God uses other people help father's dozen service.

It's amazing the times in your life and demand steps in and share something with you that it really can change the direction of your life in an God is allowing another man like Rich Mullins in the movie ragamuffin. You could see all the men that came in and became his father, my own life. I remember one time doing our Christian business men's committee meeting and saying my wife. I had opportunity to teach this, he ought humongous Sunday school class but my wife wanted me to teach special needs and I was like guys, I've got nothing for that I can't talk to them. They got involuntary movements. It scares me to death. How can I teach.

I know all the stuff about the Bible.

I could never share it and there was a guy named Margie Jones a little missionary looked at me and he goes, Robbie, under the least of these my brother you dog but you know 14 years later. I can't imagine him not speaking that truth and what that is meant for my life to be part of that ministry because that man sipped father and the point is God father's us through other men and people in our lives.

The father, sister circumstances, he father's us through people.

He father's us through his word. We just have to expecting a dentist will sand off the air, there's that phrase expect to win. What's, like, expect to be fathered. You are you looking for it.

Are you aware of it and and saying God having a father, me today. I'm on the look for to put a clip from a movie called secondhand Lions refused a few times in the past, but it's such a good movie about a young boy who does not have a father figure and in the people that come in his life that date.

His mother are very very bad for him. Very abusive.

In a lot of ways and so she shipped him off to live with two old uncles that seem very aloof at best and along the way they really learn to love each other and I want you to listen to this interchange between young Walter in his uncle, hub who thinks that he has nothing left offer see how this plays out around my mom all I hear is lies.

I don't know what to believe a long speech I sometimes think it may or may not be true. Things managed to believe in the most people basically go courage and virtue in everything the power and money. Money and power mean nothing good always triumphs over evil guys mentioned believing those things because things will believe in it is a good speech so thanks you really think about that. He talks about doesn't really matter what the world says there's things here that are worth believing in the deeper than what would appear, and what a great little movie.

I had a friend might recommend that to me years and years ago I thought I really don't watch this movie and I watch it all man. It was so powerful is to see how this relationship between these older men and their young nephew brings them all life is a learn how to father never been father's but God still uses them to father talking about before the show and I was think back at a time way back almost 30 years ago now that I was just getting in the construction and I really didn't know anything. I used a hammer, but I really didn't know much about it was entering into it and was really intimidated and a guy that had I work for really helped father me you give me some really good advice in the key thing is really so cool as I don't know the time that he was a Christian but he didn't keep got got from putting him in my path to tell me what I really needed to hear.

As a young man that today I'm still doing a career that's began almost 30 years ago because this man was in my life and I do pray that he became a Christian down the road, but it was very vital for me in an God will use people as Dennis said, expect to be fathered. If you don't expect me fathered. You're probably being fathered by somebody else.

Yeah, if we don't expect to be fathered know what were talking about. And I gotta mention his name Jack Frost has a ministry silo place ministries. He is passed away. Now that his material still around. He's the one that introduced his teachings. He knows what introduced me to this message and he talks about living in the sun ship of being fathered and were not living in at rest in father's lap. Then what are we living life like were living life like an orphan. We take on an orphan spirit, we were not allowing herself to be fathered by God when you think of an orphan. What you think you think of someone who's alone is constantly striving. There's a lot of uncertainty there's a lot of defensiveness you're always on the defensive. What's the opposite of that. You know when I'm when I'm at rest in father's love. There's I'm being heard. There's protection I'm being validated. Yet it's it's the it's the it can make the difference as to how you're living your life. You now have people told you constantly that you constantly striving you got be doing this year. You know your edgy or whatever.

What happens when you're at peace more what happens when you feel protected more. That's the difference and we gotta allow herself to be. Father, we got ourselves to God to work in our life people and means, and so forth to share his father and Paul was trying to tell the Roman church.

The in in Romans ABE could in the original Greek. It was like are y'all crazy what he actually said southern great case. If God be for us, who can be against us, he that spared not his own son, but delivered him up for us all, how will he not also freely give us all things. In other words, if God gave you his son, then what could be better than Jesus. What makes you think he would withhold anything from you. I mean that's how much he loves you he gave you his very best. Now, don't you think he still is in the hunt to to allow you to have the special sauce that the top talking about with this so hard though. You know, I was listening to Jack Frost. It actually talking about just the concept of orphan spirit and how it's it's when you live in that it's hard to ask a blessing as you look back scripturally. Blessing was handed down from father to son. It was a rite of passage. It was given to them. It was there saying that this person is a man they have what it takes is providing for their livelihood and when you live in an orphan spirit. You can't accept that from God. Even though it's been freely offered right you live almost a striving you live in ways that I gotta get this on my own.

I gotta take care of this.

I no one's gonna be there for me right back that's it that's that's the concept known to be there. I gotta do it all myself and that decreases as we allow ourselves to walk with father throughout our life, a father, what do you want me to do with this rather than me taking it yet taken the bull by the horns, which is what we loved it. I think the be easy to get the impression that if your father you gotta be perfect.

That's not the case you make this mistake has had a little nothing there. Love you back to God's and the masculine journey you get more podcast journey

We've been on a lot of different topics that really move your heart closer to God.

We pray that you do that in consider being a 300 and helping us financially, we do need that support masking journey welcome back to masking journey.

We're just having a good time today and what a great weekend. This is it's Easter Eve Eve issues on your I just put it together. You there's even New Year's Eve Eve and goes on and on, have a few words for you after the show. Eve issues and you should never tell us you're scared of the dark. Talk about this orphan spirit and there's a clip you a music camp really kind of just sums it all up is not only Guinness. What is it look like whenever we run to God as father right. That's what this next clip is going to answer. So here's the clip.

There is a there's a dad by John Cusack and he is adopted a boy who's on I was seven or eight years old and the boys name is Dennis and Dennis. Long story short has issues with believing that his newly adopted dad is going to stick with because he's used to being bounced around is used to being given away. So listen to the conversation then unfolds between the dad and the adopted sign and how the dad goes after his son's heart and what it looks like when the sun runs to the timer standing on a water tower right yeah way up above the ground so there's a lot of danger actually going on here as well yeah you feel like you belong to me. I think you really want all this, I think you want to belong to someone more proof to the parents disappear for history.

Sometimes I don't know because they were stupid. The stupidest beings in the universe can even see will see how extraordinary you are big your heart is smart and I can see it's so obvious we do these can be no. I think I think you love me to never ever have. Well, you know, this is men are visual oriented. But when I look around this room. I see some eyes are there kind turn up some really really strong strong people venison strongmen. So what is it about that. The just really touches your heart.

Yeah, you can't listen to that clip without it touching you deeply and that's a good thing we have to lower hearts to be touched in a one of the things that gets me about that clip is that it is very obvious that the dad makes it very clear to his son. I see you for all the goodness and the worth that you have. I don't see you based on the way you see yourself which is all the mistakes and falsely that's why you can run to God, your father, because he sees you the your faults and weaknesses are covered.

That's it.

He doesn't see those he wants to heal those but he sees you as he created you with that glory, that he gave you with the special sauce that you have with all the goodness that you have. That's how he sees you and that's why you can trust him and rest in him.

That clip, I love the fact that the dad goes right after the fear Robbie talked about that early in the show I with Moses with you in that clip and I love in Hollywood doesn't realize what they're doing, you knowingly put out something it really points back to God. Whether they want to or not. I don't know about who wrote this what their agenda was Hollywood. In general we all agree it's probably not the highest priority is to weed people back to God. But in that clip shows a father just loving the son as you said, for who he is and where he is going right after that fear but fear of being abandoned and I will never ever ever ever ever ever in us is like five more times leaving and that's what broke the little boy's heart in a good way. He's trying to say. I will never abandon you even when you're not what you're supposed to be wow that's that's the place we want to run that element of your the apple of my eye comes with grace, which that grace in the Hebrew was favor that you are God's favorite and it was obvious that that boy was his favorite, and that he was really the apple of his father's eyes. And what little boy what older boy doesn't want to know that wow I am really my dad's favorite that I my heavenly father's favorite.

And if that's the case then I can rest that he's going to only allow things in my life that are truly for Micah in a Robbie there.

There are few things in my life that made as much of an impact on me as this message and my wife and kids will tell you that before I got into this message. I was edgier I valued being right more than I value the relationship and I parented that way and I had a marital focus that way. And since I got into this message. There's been more of the peace at being at rest with allowing God the father and what it does is it just it. Lets all that other stuff wash away and no that I don't have to do it all myself anymore and I don't have to feel the pressure of being what I think I need to be at rest with father.

He is accepting me he is bothering me. He knows that I'm going to make mistakes as a parent and as a husband but he is helping me.

I mean there's no more validation than having that unconditional bothering that says I've got your back, your in my lap and you're never going to leave you talking it it's not a one time event right my godfather and recheck off the list yet. Right now it's a relationship that's a process and is continuing to father is continuing to take us into deeper, more intimate places with him. So we been talking a lot about this now. Now let's please genuine throughout their how God's fathering right now or has been Fotheringham recently helped publishers really understand how we live this bow throw out this recently. Honestly, we've had some struggles here amongst our better brothers and I got to be followed by the father lies a lot lately.

You tell me all this person they got it out for you know this person that and I was here, and all these things of mistrust and you know there it was. It was horrible and then I went to the group. This this afternoon and the first thing the leader said was. Now this is how Jesus said the disciples will be spotted by the way they love one another and I went while yeah I'm really loving that person. I'm at odds with right this minute that it really assembled a look from the outside what they see God's love the way that I'm handling this person's heart right this minute and I was like man. Thank you Lord you fathered me through this situation to once again see how important it is that you know that I be that I I show the kind of grace. You showed me the same favor that he was showing me. I can fit I can show my brother as we talked a little earlier to show God's counsel after certain things we talked about this in an other shows that is disrupting dismantling healing and restoring, and right now, thing to say where I'm at in and godfather and is this dismantling stage, there's just some real deep-seated beliefs that I don't know that the root of, but it deals with some abandonment and I don't know where that started in my life. I don't know where I grasp onto that, but it's still there because it keeps cycling around you anything. It's been cool about in this were not there yet gotten and I aren't there yet and I'm the limiter there.

I'm sure but what's cool is he's allowed me to lease recognize it so much quicker knowing okay all this is just that issue again and it doesn't stay as long as unless his deep, it just lets me go back to him so okay father, where we still here again and I'm honestly just of the last few years become comfortable in talking with him. That way if you would ask me to pray years ago I pray to Jesus every time another that's a silly bad but I just didn't have a relationship with the father and on. So I felt like I had to go to Jesus. Every time and again there's nothing wrong with praying to Jesus, but right you know, for me it was a a limiter because I didn't have the relationship with the father weights look for me lately is in my relationship with my wife. I have a huge challenge of wanting to be right more than having relationship and you know how we as men are. We are willing to kill the relationship of her being dad gum right you know this is not fair. And we know she is in the wrong and we know she is and she know she is or goodness that you and I am not back into and what father has shown me is it's okay if you're right you don't value that is much as you value what it takes to have good relationship with your wife and he's just kinda call my heart about that know what it is about as now. I got all that figured out yet about me, but what is it about us where we just have to be right you know it.

It's almost like it's just going to go horrible from now to eternity.

If were not it will correct it so he's working on me to say no relationship is more important.

That doesn't mean you don't kids do what's right. It just means do it in a way that values relationship more and you're exactly right. You're exactly right this the masculine journey we have so much more on this topic.

If you really want to dig into deeper boot camp. Let God dig into that with you one coming up in November. November 7-9 51 of her female listeners go to Goodhart and register for the upcoming women's event. God wants to father you to

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