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The Price Of Freedom

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 26, 2014 12:00 pm

The Price Of Freedom

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man is one we see Jesus as masculine as many one feels more like a losing battle, and something I had a brand-new time to bring time.

If you have Norway at 1 o'clock an hour on a new or normally now on at noon and welcome to the host Easter show there's no even of any kind.

This time, but we are talking today about it really, really cool topic. I'm very excited about it or talk about the fullness of Jesus's death and resurrection, and there's a lot to that really immunity and I say that all is if we know the fullness of it, it will have 30 minutes and only have 30 minutes but were going to talk at least about the fullness that we've discovered so far and so if I was asking you guys.

I know you been to church on Easter at least a time or two, and in the room today, it's me, Sam Mainwaring, Robbie Gilmore, Vinnie Menino and Al Emily and we were talking through the severe some voices and we called each other you know who we are but Robbie when you been to Easter services. What are some of the topics. A trip typically preach on on the Sundays about Jesus's death and resurrection by my bed there to talk about and I went and he died or so. What if you left in the tomb yourself there gonna talk about the forgiveness of sins to talk about the he is risen. There's and how there's always a lot of no, he's not there and that some good news is is very good news out of what will usually talk about that you're used to disclaim the same thing. I think my favorite one is when they talk about the shroud and how it was not folded it was wadded up being that he's coming back personally without one. No you when you fold your napkin, and I'm sorry I think it's terrible what is folded that mean you're coming back to the table that was a Jewish tradition will his linen clothes were folded, which means he's coming back as opposed to being in all wadded up vertical vertical. That's my favorite video but what about you what's been some of the ones you listen to on on Easter Sunday. While I've I will back a lot and I can remember this when it was kinda special because I don't know. I started to watch old movies prior to Easter Sunday and they will have a different version of like Jesus was crucified and what Easter meant well to me it means that it's my second chance in five messed up all year long. He's out these free entities out for me. You know when he will take care of me and whatever problems I have and that said I like you say father, but if we don't believe in our father, then there's really no hope for any of us.

We must believe in what I do believe I will tell you something that I was sharing with Sam, just a minute ago and this is the first Easter sunrise that I've missed in 50 years. And the reason is because I can drive at night time so I can't be that I couldn't be at the church and I was so guilty for the whole day I went to service and I just begged him to forgive me for not being there and for my family that's up in heaven with so it was it was a good message from the I think that you talked about do we believe in the father right now. I think it really may come down to what we believe about the father by what is the thing that we've been told about the father. What we believed what he believed about his son. They came in and wanted to play. Click here and want to set it up little bit you're going to hear it's gonna be a little different for you. I promise you that.

And it is meant as a what would you call Robbie at this satirical thing is not seriously it's not how we feel to show Jesus is not right.

It's exactly what Jesus is not and why he didn't come in solicitor this is from vintage 21 church in Raleigh were in a listen to and come back and talk about how it's time to make telling like you've down around Siam handout can hardly Timesheet that Sally will find you here and choose anyway. When you pick a finger with a hammer chain him when he sang having ranking on he nearly fell asleep and changed Emily the day and to thank you I can name you smoking a cigarette behind that baby playing happy, you change the place.

I don't mind saying my case, Frank just came because she he's with me-I please bear with us. This is not a poking fun at Jesus and anyway it's poking fun at some stereotypes that society sometimes can have the will to the stereotypes be Robbie Wickham's mind as you listen to me.

I think it's clearly how Satan would like us to portray God in our minds is this judge that he's going to he's standing there ready to judge her next action and if you don't measure up. You know you're not can I have a relationship with him anymore because you know you have this reaction to whatever it was that was in your printer in his presence. And it's so far from the truth but to me is nice to be able to laugh at it a little bit to realize why that is so far from what Jesus is and what he came to do so over the top like that.

It lets you really just say what I truly believe. I know it's not this I know this is when I what I believe. I think to fully understand why Jesus did come and talk about this on the show many times but to go back to why he said he came back to Luke chapter 4, he read and it talks about Aziz quoting Isaiah 61 he says you have come to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free and so that's a lot of why Jesus himself proclaimed he was coming and we talked a little earlier about what we hear on Easter service.

There exactly right. There's nothing wrong with letter saying Jesus did come that our sins would be forgiven. There's other reasons, it came as well. Absolutely you and as I look back at different points in my life. There were different things. One of the things that I got from this was restoration that you know in. Todd was talking about this. Not too long ago where I am the way the truth and the life.

Well, what is the way to father when he speaks of God. He says father wind went before he blessed the 5000. The food for the 5000. He said father I mean, to me that's a clear indication now Emily can't take it on another turn. Because we will talk about what Jesus was and what he wasn't one of the things that I never thought about until this clip but the opposite of what that was. Was fun. That clip was not fun, but Jesus played with kids all the time. That's his nature. I think that's a big part of the who Jesus is and you know I need to understand my heavenly father is not this judge mental condemning Nate in person. That's not his nature. You know it's about joy.

It's about enjoying life and I'm not not walk away from sin on this or my my responsibilities but I'm also saying that there can be joy within my faith in my walk absolutely and to be clear, were not saying that God is not judge Scripture says that he is correct right. He does have condemnation in this place, no missing the right thing at your work LOL they already know what is and is God and therefore there is no condemnation of those are in Christ right there is a conviction. It's based upon your heart by the Holy Spirit. God doesn't do the condemnation. There's no condemnation for those who are in Christ God is those things.

But above all, God's love right and we were made to be in relationship with him. That's what the enemy's first job was to be in relationship and when you go back and look at what Jesus did those couple things you often hear on Easter Sunday night. I get it because sometimes her new people there are. The only time that they, and I know why they they talk about those things but we don't often get the rest of the story, but the talk about forgiveness of sins. That is incredible.

We talk about salvation, which is also incredible as you said, that's the way back to the father is when those sins are forgiven and they no longer matter now we have free access to God. That's what kept us from God. Jesus came in today that when we got salvation we got eternal time with God and that's why look so forward to Easter every year because it just came to grow and grow.

My understanding of all that Jesus did at the cross and all the freedom that was available and as I get closer to God.

I get this better picture that's a lot clearer than the clip that you paid but also every year I get a little bit more freedom from things that I just didn't realize I was free from, but Jesus comes in there to give that healing and so is the more freedom I have, the better look. I get the father and when I get a better look at God. Often that means I get a better look at Robbie and and and his role in the way he made me know when Jesus talks about in Luke went when he squatted there and he says it attended set the captives free. There is freedom.

And that's done through forgiveness of sins. It's done through these other things. But the point wasn't necessarily those the point was restoration with the father restoration with relationship which he talked a lot about last week and and so we went when we continue on that topic again but we are not talk a lot more about freedom because it is a big topic on why he came that we would have freedom from lots of different things and I freedom is specifically every look deeply in Isaiah 61.

It's a freedom from darkness and our sin puts us in these chains of darkness, and so that setting the captives free us is actually opening your eyes to light the light of the world, but our own darkness that were surrounded with the freedom is is actually being able to see a pathway to again the father but also the way that you bear his image. Absolutely there is so many things in this freedom topic, it will talk about. There's so much freedom as you said Robbie it's it's it more as revealed every year is not just Easter but that sometimes at the time we really think about it is revealed to us all throughout the year and it's cool because this thing we see the root of the stone rolled away from the tomb and the light begins to come in, so the light begins to come in and then to an extent. Robbie's light comes on. If you picture that any begin to see right will absolutely yeah and in the nice thing is, as that happens in our hearts and our soul cascades down to our family children. Absolutely, there are ripple effect began to rock and water had everything as we come back to talk about ripple effect number and type of freedom of this fullness of freedom, freedom, and Jesus came for that we had, but he died for. He rose again. And what does it really look like in our lives and how do we hold onto that listen to mass concerning radio and a Braveheart quickly get here your phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became a radio that's right you take the Truth Network with you everywhere. Now they start brand-new Truth Network That's right. Listen to Dr. Michael Brown light a fire to?

I would Robbie do more to thought life. All our programming 24 seven right there fracture out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport. You can plug into the Truth Network just go to download to do for you Truth We have a job to be a winning team to get to work like winning team.

My team depends on the thousand strong major league baseball players working together to train and inspire the next iteration of the accident team.

Welcome back to mask injury. We're glad to have you with us today. If you are listening at this new time for us.

The 12 o'clock timeslot. We welcome you and if you listen to want to get my hearing is right to tell your friends listen to his go to Facebook if there's something about the topic. We talk about today that really stirs your heart something you want to share with in this go to Facebook and look us up on matching journey radio I'll need you give great suggestions.

Well, absolutely. Actually, I'll have to take it from Vinnie was his idea but if there are things going on the one at one us to discuss or that we could do a little deeper and help you out.

Please put that down there because we want share and take your topics in will learn with you will are if you were to have some freedom this year and we would love to hear how Jesus gave you freedom and often satellite of healing that you had to light the light for somebody else that that will give them away to that same for when that freedom came at a price did it with a very very high price and so will Randy were to listen to the clip from Braveheart and regardless of your personal feelings on Mel Gibson.

Some of the kindness and the struggles he's had is made a couple movies are really really impactful.

One of them being Braveheart.

When you watch Braveheart if you watch it with an open mind and you see the ending of that movie you can't help but think about Jesus.

At least I can probably answer. It's that way for you and you guys as well listen the first part of that it's incredibly painful really, really remember what Jesus went through for freedom and wouldn't do that through looking at Mel Gibson story and Braveheart tries of full fuel needs no burial so freaking loyal subject is see and you is to use the well that was about two minutes globally painful two minutes is Robbie and we show that clip every every year at boot camp twice and and and and it never loses its impact of what the price of freedom was, but I the thing that III got this year as I was listening to that was that he labeled him a traitor. He said behind behold the high price of being a traitor.

Reason but really Mel Gibson was providing free freedom for that are not Mel Gibson. William Wallace was providing freedom for the people of Scotland like George Washington would've been labeled a traitor by the crown. But in our world.

He was a great freedom fighter but really for the Pharisees. Jesus was the traitor.

But he was the son of God. And so it hit these labels have a tremendous amount of significance and power. That's not there.

One is to strictly this year when I heard it was.

He said kiss kiss the emblem and you will feel no more. I've been numb enough in my life like in case the emblem I want to feel and that's what this freedom is give me the ability to feel more love, more joy, more happiness, and in there is still frustration but it's so much more powerful, especially as the Easter scum as we were talking about. There's just a freeing feeling in you know when you when you listen to these clips and their modern-day parables.

That's what they are forcing you know it really puts things in perspective. There's a lot of power and then seen the power movie Braveheart you know and I know that because it's really helped me forget that that Mel Gibson sporting a mullet through most of it.

So when I click focusing on that. It's really got my attention and you I guess it too seriously right about that. The thing about that high price of freedom is it when we begin to look at our lives and look for the freedom that Christ has for example, there's things that I've struggled with forgiving myself. Some of the deepest sins that I really have to think wow how in the world could God forgive me of that. And at that point Jesus can say to me, didn't I pay enough in understanding some of the what that price is allows me to get my innocence to to say oh yeah, that was of high price paid for that then of how accepted I can have my innocence card. I call it an end and I can carry that and say no when Satan comes after me.

There was a price paid for this and I've got that innocence and I can cling onto it because I know the amount of suffering that Jesus did on my behalf for that source. Freedom goes out when what you think you know I think that early in my marriage and I was really insecure and will we get to the poser talk. Part of it was that I wanted my wife to look great. My children look great. The house look great. It had to because if it didn't. Somebody might look at me and so I was really meticulous.

The house had to be clean.

Now that's not a topic in our family will we keep the house clean but it's not like the neat freak nonfree from that, you know, I don't.

The house doesn't define me. You know, everybody's image doesn't define me. What defines me is my joy. What defines me is my happiness where I find it and how I find where did you discover that your identity is not your house, you know, it was the poser talk. To be honest with you when when it said who is what is your pose.

What are you hiding and and I realized I wasn't who I wanted to be and you know when I that's when that was the first at the poser talk the wound talk within when I went in the Jehovah became my father when I'm there. The father by God.

That's when it all came together for me and I understood exactly know he loves me. That's what this whole purpose of restoration is for that salvation just means you're not going to go to hell no and I don't mean to downplay that at all but that restoration sanctification that is an incredible place because I don't have to live in condemnation or fear that other people going to judge me know because my father has already said no. You are my son, you know, as I think about the topic of freedom.

I was raised in the church. It was very loving. It was really really nice people. They loved God and they they tried to walk with Jesus really really fully but they were very much stuck in the mindset. There were only a sinner saved by grace and we are indeed a sinner saved by grace, without a doubt part of the story is only part of the story right where new creation in Christ want that allows me to do if I'm only a sinner saved by grace and am only a step away from being that again nobody find a new creation. There's hope, there's hope that I don't have to be that old guy that's just to get by by buckling down and having great discipline and discipline is important. The discipline is not the same as restoration play. In fact know it's what are you being discipline for which the purpose that discipline is it to achieve a goal or is it to make yourself look better.

Is it because you're afraid you don't look good.

It's being free from what other people think of you because your real focus needs to be.

What does my father think of me.

What is my heavenly father and there is a time for self-control absolute.

Obviously that's a fruit of the spirit right you can have some self-control and so there is a time for that, but self-control alone will not get you there right it won't cause what's learning the underneath that morning. They were not oftentimes lack of self-control is you know feeding that that that wound retarded by me again and are you to pick up another clipper to listen to the end of this Braveheart clipped it's probably the end of that. That scene really the only time you really are Mel Gibson say anything if you see that you know what it is with you haven't listen the Lord he uses what is he really call out for what's it's really been about why did Jesus really come saying I have a after hitting his ability to Jesus's head from London Bridge is in legs sent to the four corners of Britain as a warning did not have the shanks plan.

The Jesus's death did not have the effect that the plan regulations 51 tells us it is for freedom that Christ set us free that we no longer have to be yoked to that slavery and so a part of his death and his resurrection was all those things we talked about but a big part of that was the freedom, the freedom to walk is his beloved child.

The freedom to really know him as far as father in an intimate way that to have the Holy Spirit be with this comforting shrub even and a lot of studying in the Holy Spirit, that's for sure you have the next week to talk more about this venture into how do you walking this freedom now that we have another we know it's there. We walking this freedom in also heavily hold onto it his enemy doesn't like the fact that we discover we have freedom he comes after that is always been about freedom to listen to and we thank you for listening to us if you'd like to go to Facebook everything to say about the show. Anything that came up perimeter topics for other shows are how you got freedom in the past. Go to Facebook messenger. The radio units Facebook messenger the radio that is hear from you next week.

The masculine journey radio show you weekly because of your faithful prayer. And yes there addresses masculine journey radio, PO Box 641, Louisville, NC 27023 or Be sure to let them know that you listen to the program on the Truth Network

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