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What Will You DO With Your Freedom?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 5, 2014 8:20 am

What Will You DO With Your Freedom?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine losing one feels more like a losing battle when something welcome journey will rub your listener intro no, that's a rhetorical question more times than I could count really ever mixing it down. Originally I was really, really long to figure like this will twist and turns that it is easy to try to lose heart.

If you don't remember some things right, freedom, freedom, freedom, and student.

Today we have Robbie nine or from Vinny Menino and Emily and I and our friends to, but there in the studio as well, just not as much. The other just as much as Rob. But today were going to talk about freedom were to continue the topic that we started last week when were talking about the fullness of Jesus's death and resurrection. So Robbie to put you on the spot.

What was some of that fullness. While the price that Jesus paid for our freedom and this week you reminded me of those guys on the imaging and we have asked to have it pictured her Facebook fan page asking journey radio, no shameless plug here, but when I was studying that picture this week. I couldn't help but notice that there was one guy that didn't have his hands on the flag and what else was put the flag on this other guy was desperately trying to get his hands up on the flag but I was thinking. He waited just a moment too long to raise the standard and so he got a got you notice that you didn't have any did have his hands on a got to Hawaii, and is in scalable and the other guys that had it in the low part of the staff. That's right is Hans Cano. Nonetheless, there is a tremendous price that had been paid, and these guys were all taken part in raising it is, you know, and we talked about. There is a high price of freedom and it reminds me of a clip my last week we got a place in great clips from a good movie Braveheart. I think you may have heard about once or twice and sort to play another clip from and it's a shortened version 1 you'll find you've heard before going to listen to these words and the questions. It's ask about what will you do with your freedom and you know when you will will will will will and well well, if the movie was only about the still be powerful, so I was you listener could put some of things that come up mine.

Well when I first saw it was to be on the list. I thought or doing this will again and then did what I*think about the topic and I started thinking about that guy. He was going to walk away during this battle scene. He was talking to the younger gentlemen in their leaving Athol about his face and he realized, wait a minute. I'm free if if I choose to fight I'm free. Maybe that's not what he was thinking maybe you think about Mel Gibson or something, but I'm sure I was there thinking we are free, it's just the realization of that freedom and what we do with it, which is the topic of what were talking about today is what you can do that freedom. What are you going to do with it.

We've been given. As you say the guys in Scotland were technically free living like it never living as if they were in bondage. I think about the classic story of the elephant. The baby elephant that they put the chain around his leg when a small so he gets train that he can't break the chain, but even though when he gets big, you could easily break it. He still feels like he's chained up and so much of our Christian life realize that Jane is goddess, but only in our minds.

One thing that struck me was a big thing about the children of Israel, and how they just never bought into their freedom.

They they just seem to want to go back to that they didn't have faith in God and I wonder if it wasn't because they didn't fight for their freedom of God to all the fighting foreman while they saw these miracles, they should have understood that this was done for me, but you have to be a part of the battle, you have to be a part of fighting for your freedom you are willing to talk, jump right in and disagree how Jesus was the battle for my freedom. I mean, he paid the entire price right.

I didn't act like the children in Israel.

I understand what you're saying and I do believe we we fight we help fight for other people freedom but essentially without what he did in fact you could take the boot.

Isaiah 59 Cory said that he saw. There was no man in wonder.

There was no intercessor.

Therefore, his own arm brought salvation for him and his own righteousness.

It's a statement that's Isaiah's 5916 so in my world and I'm thinking yes you're right. We gotta fight for freedom, but to an extent. It was given to me to well you didn't totally disagree there.

Robbie, you partially disagree. Okay yeah I think that's Howard like that.

Back to Galatians 5 when we use last week. It says it is for freedom that Christ set us free. But that's not the completion of that verse rightly continues. And so, stand firm, then do not let yourselves be burdened again to the yoke of slavery. The Christ did pay that price for freedom, but we can give it up or as did the people, the children of Israel, we can forget that we have agreeing with me, Mr. Gilmore, I agree with you but I disagree with.

I agree that we can give up our freedom, but I don't know that we were the ones that actually want original knowing I know we didn't win it.

We were powerless to limit Jesus had to come in defeat death, he had to get victory over that you had to die first, and you lead away to the father all those things in the fullness in him and he had to do that to have us even have the ability to have freedom just as Adam and Eve had choices in the garden of Eden. We have court choices of free will and in we can, as the Scripture says here allow ourselves to be burdened again with slavery, which again we don't want no longer have freedom. Last week we fight for it. And that's okay to understanding part of what Jesus did was that if I don't begin to walk in that freedom. If I don't begin to think I don't have that chain honor.

I don't begin the process where my in bondage and where can I go work on that in my own freedom then it's kind like you always say Sam, if I don't get that oxygen and bring it down for me. You know, as the stewardess always tell you if you put the oxygen on your mouth first. That way you can provide oxygen from the people but I can tell how old your regular fighter to help you employ a low blow first disagree with me but I do agree with you, and I think it's you talk about the times you know why doesn't God to step in and heal us of everything.

It's been broken from other people from ourselves because you know I work with people that are prone to wander, you know.

And so it's part of that relationship guides about the relationship and the continued relationship and I know I can only speak for me personally, but he snapped his fingers and I was fully healed. I probably chart off on my own and thanks God night and had often and it's not because it's not appreciating it is just you know, we kinda wrestled time to study with this control thing you know and part of that loving with God is being fully submitting to him and so I think it's a way of freedom, we do get freedom at the end there's more freedom to be had and we have to continue to go after that freedom with God okay got, how do we get this and what's my role in portal very wise old man Robbie Gilmore told me one of that one. Eye-opening things about God rescuing you from a problem. We will God come and fix the problem.

But when Robbie said he said God doesn't rescue you from it because he wants to go through with you now that was a while for me as a young Christian I pray for patience have had right to do that with you and was actually thinking how is it you know Barb, our friend Todd Clark.

He says you know when you see something happen. You have a moment of temporary or whatever and it's time to check under the hood because it, well, I'm acting like a slave here and you can feel it. That scene right there, as I'm acting like a slave. Now how can I go check under the hood is a way that does occur to guard guide/dog would put it's a great thing and I use in training with guys every day. Even secular profession I have is you know when were dealing with some things in some behavior that's out that we don't like. After looking circuit what's driving in is that sin there is that brokenness is a false belief system and what's really causing not to be that way. And only God can lead us through that.

So if fighting for your freedom and walking with God and that obviously Robbie if fighting for your freedom as part of that. How do you guys fight for your freedom. What you do what you have to.

How do you fight for your freedom for me.

I love that that whole thing is that I realize that I'm getting angry and I'm and I'm reacting in a way that I shouldn't and I know this is not loving. This is not grace. This is not the way that Jesus would handle the situation. Then I go okay there must be something that some type of root making bad fruit so to speak. When you got something in their that you need to help Jesus take you back to his what's been extremely effective.

Sometimes it was not that long ago, but sometimes it was way back in my past and I begin to walk with Jesus and say take me back to what's caught driving this behavior and I've had some miraculous freedom that's been provided me with Jesus walking me back through some of us think that's one part a big purchase under the hood and there's also this belief are these agreements over the forgetting of identity right. I may not be sending in the fact that I am committing some sin willfully and I'm doing it, but I let the enemy rob me of the identity that that God has given me the things that he says in Scripture the things that he's said to my heart of this is why I made you the way I did. The enemy wants to come after that when I start to forget that start react differently so that's another thing for me as it is an old sin is an old Bitterroot agreement is something there, but I forgotten something. The gods told me you know and that's takes me back to when Jehovah became a father and in I started walking with him in this message.

I forgive myself for a lot of things. It took me probably another year before I forgive myself everything.

It will come back to that we will we will come back we'll talk with your story about that when his father talk about what you do else with your freedom. What else are you called to do your whole to fight for others.

Was it a great help on that talk more about how you hold on your Facebook go to mass country radio give us a little of little input to show things in life was to talk about her back and were talking about lots of cool things about freedom not only freedom but how do we fight our own freedom that we fight for others freedom even how do we hold on to wait there is more left. I was told this story I'll jump back and will return to set a backup will so when I started walking this message, and I accepted that Jehovah was my father.

Now, and that he loved me and he forgave me in his Robbie would say you note, didn't I pay enough then I started to understand that I was forgiven and he loved me and had to face these wounds and had to let the past go, I had to. They reoccur they still attack in as well as the condemnation for making mistakes. But I've learned it's been a long struggle through this and it's it's more messy than it probably sounds in a few seconds of speaking, but I've had to learn to let that go to forgive myself and to allow myself to be loved and I think you hundreds to add on to that part of that letting go is not just saying hey that's gone. It's letting God take you back into it and go through some really, really painful areas so that you can get the healing it's on the other side and on. That's part of that being able to let go of God, saying, okay, this is now done in your restored and that aspect so fighting for your own heart is the first thing Robbie talked about you know as the flight attendant tells you with that last drops down and puts the oxygen on the knees or if these are jets are not like biplanes. They put that thing on and protect yourself so you can be in place to help others ride in helping others is often a way to fight for your own freedom is like the situation with David and Bathsheba. It said that in the time or the in the spring when the Kings went out to war.

Had David been out there fighting for other people's freedom, he would not have the spare time to look out across the rooftop and see Bathsheba and so you can't help but see that, had he been engaged with what I would call the helmet of salvation will get into that in a few minutes and maybe he would've been able to hold onto his own freedom, but instead he went completely under that bondage that to a great extent bothered him the rest of his life in general really cool clip. Sam I Don this fighting for the people and will get to that okay yes it is. Want to quote something you said just as we can't get our own freedom on our own right.

We can't get the freedom of others, we play a role in that God helps us play a role in that we get asking father. How do I play the role here. How do I engaged I not engage what are you calling me to do you not in the quote different Robbie that said no we don't do it on her own and we don't do that for other people around. We are going to listen to a great clip from a movie called freedom riders. It had Hilary Swank should place a teacher in an inner-city school and she helps some kids get freedom through writing about their life and one of the kids. It had had some breakthrough has been missing class.

She confronts him outside the classroom to kinda find out why to talk to him a bit more about him. This conviction I'm sorry I missed class so much things to do valuation assignment was to grade yourself on the work you're doing something that is so when excuses against all of us up against something blue piece to write and tell me this is all you deserve. I am not letting even if that means coming to your house every night you finish the work. Do you understand me. I can see you please talk to Kevin Cummings little humor there. Are you tripping so Robbie, as you listen to that powerful clip you know how this lady fights for this young man talk a bit more about how that touches your heart what it speaks to what it speaks to me as a little while ago I was really really studying that passage in Isaiah 59, I talked about a moment ago where it says that when God can find anybody to stand up that he his own arm brought salvation, but the way he puts it, he says that he meeting Jesus put on the righteousness as a breastplate and a helmet of salvation on his head. I thought wait a minute, why would Jesus need to put on a helmet of salvation since Jesus was obviously saved and I began the process that my thought wait a minute. I remember the scene from the passion of the Christ where Mel Gibson was getting flogged and Jesus would not be broken and the sky was just flogging and flogging him in the stronger Jesus appeared, the more the man flogged him and I realized right then that this helmet that Jesus is hardhead to take that flogging was the helmet of salvation it, but the salvation was my salvation. It was your salvation.

It specifically was Vinnie salvation, but he was taken is because he had on his hardhead and when you listen that clip) you listen now hardheaded that lady is going after this man's heart and when we take on that helmet. We believe we we get like this hardheaded this that were going after to help somebody and it gave a whole new meaning to the helmet of salvation for me and I do a devotion. As you may know with some older folks. I gave that story 200 need to go. You're a lady by the name of this back to is read the Bible literally 60 or 70 times when I share that with her eyes lit up.

She stood up for the first time in about seven months and said you know what I got to go fights for his Valsalva salvation.

I'm on my way to the motions today without a walker without a came here, she came Vinnie I know you think of no words that told me that on on I know I'm bald but now I just found out that I'm hardheaded.

Yeah, I know that Robbie just every once in a while, but he's a good friend in the is like a son to me and actually brought a lot of my freedom to make many, many years ago by making me understand so much about the Bible and God and all father I wanted to look but I don't have enough time about well for all you veterans out there what your freedom when you think freedom is. I know we were told my will going free the people and that's not a bad thing. Let's do it. Wow. That first night when you start firing that weapon and become back that night. If you're lucky and I you just said you got what about my freedom.

They stampeded free. These people, but now I'm stuck. What about my freedom.

I think all you vets out there understand what I'm saying bail me out of this out or Sam thinking a part of what you shared with us and hope you're okay with it is for you.

A lot of that freedom was being able to kinda way back into that little bit you know and look at a different way and United, on behalf of us three guys that I now I know you are in the service. I never was in there. I don't think you are Robbie but were so grateful that that freedom is there for guys like you know that earned the ability for us to be able to come and talk about these things and it does come at a high price becomes a very high price and knowing Vinnie. For me it only talked about me fighting for his freedom.

If I had not had a chance to share with Vinnie. What it went through to actually kill somebody kill a young man you know all those things that he was involved in and what the cost of that is emotionally is is phenomenal.

You know is all morning seeing his own his own buddies being hurt. It's, it's more than phenomenal. The cost of it makes me think that a lot of times the wounding of others does as much damage to our own heart. Whether it be emotional wounding or physical wounding. We suffer the horror of it I think of you. We all have baggage is Hilary Swank said in that clip and not have my own baggage, but I think of the things that bother me the most when I really get down to it, it's not necessarily what's been done to me. That's what I've been turned on.

You just know that you know and so you know, getting freedom of even that God can come after that and say you know what you are there you are broken things that happen in you. You are wrong. Talk about for me only you were wrong.

Let's also go back into that and find out what was causing that you let's look under the hood is my friend Robbie said in a in and do that. Make sure that were in the right place knowing who we are. What I loved about that clip is notice she went after whom he wasn't right. You know she said I know who you are. I see you I see you and you're not failing you, not who you've agreed that you are so often with somebody like that.

They don't think anybody notices they think nobody cares nobody is gonna think of mere care about me and then somebody tells you that that's why think it's so important when you see somebody like that. Need to reach out to him and I love the second part of that Galatians passage is a real good place to talk about that's it is because it does tell us that we can become in bondage to slavery again. We were born to be free right Adam and Eve walked free and that's where we were created. And that's why God wants us to be. There was a great movie Amistad that was about freedom and play quickly permit, in which there is a reminder that all men are free and it comes at a high price and when they realize they're free. They're willing to do almost anything for the natural state of mankind is freedom to which a man not child will go to regaining. Let's take Jane Seawell decimated Ty Ty Ty get home. I love that clip standpoint 33. That's a good thing we just go back and claimant stand firmly and who God is. Jesus is my yoke is not heavy and so were feeling a heavy yoke of oppression.

That's not from standing on the truth of who we are in him and then fighting with him by her side leading the way is leaving late for our freedoms.

Watson keeps us in bondage today that I love in his heart for the veterans and I know there's got to be a lot of as I think about the images and different things there really finding a hard time to get freedom and I can't think of a better time to go asked Jesus to help you walk through that time and find out where where the where the root is what's worse, the sticking point and help. I can imagine for me would be a lot about how could I possibly have done it would be very difficult to try to leave some the things against them when you know we all know what we've done in our own lives.

That's horrible. And so God has come after that. Some of the six ingrained into Dupree for disguising veterans after please write to Jesus the is only fine freedom in this he found it is continuing to find it and you can to listen to mask underneath the masking journey on Facebook messenger new radio that's on Facebook. Let us know how we do and let us know what topics you like to talk about mask injury radio masculine journey radio show you weekly because of your faithful prayer yes addresses masculine journey radio, PO Box 641, Louisville, NC 27023 or Be sure to let them know that you listen to the program on the truth network

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