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The Masculine Journey as seen Through King David Part 1 Sat May 10

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 10, 2014 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey as seen Through King David Part 1 Sat May 10

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 10, 2014 12:30 pm

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Was the name and Jesus was one yes it's Mother's Day you think euros on the go and start preserving social regularly you know that's a running joke.

If you haven't been assisting with the schedule start to get it.

We just today discovered that on the fifth day, the day before God created Eve.

It was in fact Eve would that's deep.

That is why I'm laughing inside the downward accounts will think you're in studio today. Sam Raymond Robert Gilmore Al Henley and anyone you know and I will be talking with you, not about mothers now know you think that we would Mother's Day weekend were not talking about father's little bit. Specifically, before we do not want to talk about this name the masculine journey it says in her intro as many twists and turns in this thing called the masculine journey. Robbie did we come up with outerwear. Why did we start using that on John Eldridge's book father by God. He talks about the stages of the mass and journey and you know even Pilgrim's progress is a journey that men go on it. It's a little different than women's journey and there are certain aspects of that that we God intended for us to get along the way and sometimes we miss out on the way of what we got plan today is really fun because working look at this from the life of David. We are in. This is actually the beginning of something we don't do very often be doing a series on the stages masculine journey and how it's portrayed in David's life and some other Scripture you were going Scripture on the masculine point as well as movie clip so that's that's good, but the stages of masculine journey. There are six stages that a man supposed to go through the God ordained its boyhood stage.

It's the cowboy Ranger stage.

It's the warrior stage. It's the lover stage the king and the sage I'm staying in cowboy Ranger. I like it there.

The village people I don't know why cowboy is masculine yeah okay okay but what we are to be talking about the Bascom journey will be more Robbie alluded to what happens if you don't get something in the stages, each one of the stages we impact this over the next six weeks or so to talk about each stage is vital.

It's critical that we get something that we need to get from that stage.

But what happens if you miss it or you don't get it.

While the good news is I think that's a lot where the gospel plays out and where Jesus can come in and take you back there to help you get what it was that you're missing but quite often because Satan knows that there's a woman there he will take you back and you'll find yourself trying to play out there certain behaviors that come with men that have missed something in a particular state. If they miss a certain stage they may be stuck there. You see the guy that's still living in his 50s or 60s as he did in his 20s right and you know that something is maybe not quite right there maybe should be exactly the same with her. Something was probably Mr. they still trying to get to talk about all that morbid first woman to play clip.

This comes from the movie man of steel and then the scene you've got young Clark Kent is about 10 at the time.

I think in this clip is talking to his earthly father is really want to know who he is is been raised as his father, son, his earthly father son but he doesn't know why he's different than everyone else and I want you to listen real clearly how the father loves him and where he leads us. We were sure the government showed up at our doorstep. No one ever came was in the chamber to metallurgist Kansas State whatever was made from even exist on the periodic table is another way of saying that it's not from this world class you the answers.

Answer Charlie alone in the universe want to be and I don't blame you a huge burden for just one Clark and I have to believe that you are sent information exchanges that you're going through one day is a blessing when it comes choice of whether to stand in front of the human race is signed.

Father to Teresa Clark to your sound well what a powerful scene in so many ways. Robbie, as you listen to that word is your heart go.

What jumps out at units well obvious that there are so many cool things about our own life that were not really from this world and that God had other and we got a big father by another name. But the thing from a masculine journey standpoint that you can't help but see is how well Clark is being loved by his father and that is clearly clearly the apple of his father's and and he is resting at this point in time in that he can understand really what's going on but you can really feel him resting in his father's love and send this I'm good right here is your son good writer and that is an awesome plan. You could hear the father's love come through thing you know you are my son is not even a question in my mind, but you do have another father and I love the way that he is.

You say he loves on, but also lets you know there's more out there.

You were made for a bigger reason than even just this. This is awesome this is great in living in this family is incredible. But there's more to why you were made, and I think that's very cool for father to be delaying that out for us on saying in a way I know you have what it takes in one day you'll find that out. But even before that he's telling what I'll know what to say and even deeper than that. Once a little boy want to know I have what it takes me below that. What's deeper than that. Even that thatů This is loved by his father absolutely at the end of the day, regardless of whether he has what it takes doesn't have what it takes. It doesn't really matter because he is the apple of his father's eye, but there's nothing that he can do to separate him from his love and I think that's very credible and then of course then it becomes to have what it takes in something that I really like in this clip is that his father, he doesn't see he doesn't know is taking deliberate actions that he doesn't understand the form his life to affect his life, which you know we get from our father in heaven. Every day in the contrast to that is what we talk about today with King David is when you look at that and we we go back to that story. We don't see David's earthly father Jesse necessarily speaking into that but Sam take us a little bit down that story and ensure I was reading back through Samuel. I think it's after 17 Samuel makes a substantially to do that. I'm reading back through then Samuel comes to David's town and and he wants to meet with Jesse God's letting their right to anoint a king, and so it's to be from Jesse's family, which is David's father. There's a boys in the family and so he concentrates Jesse and the boys are there and invites him to a meal, and forgot to try to sort out who's going to be the next King. Think was interesting about this is David wasn't there. We don't know.

I do not imply that Jesse and David had a bad relationship.

I don't know what that looks like in Scripture doesn't tell us that, but we do know is Jesse was to bring his sons to a banquet was somebody very important and David was not in his portion or site to do that. There was something there that just doesn't seem like it adds up for a father that's truly loving on his son fully and if it the way I read that is, they were actually scared Samuel shows up here and Samuel is like the judge and like there comes a judge and's.

This might be really bad because they know their stuff going on with Saul and and and they're really scared and so you always have the picture that the David's just a little bit while and he's the youngest of the brothers and if you know many families, the youngest is always a bit of a clown we so are you to bring in the clown when the pastor comes a dinner I don't know on this heated dance naked now. I don't really think about that with so what does it look like your David was not clearly we don't know clearly whether he was just dappled. Jesse's iron on will do we find out in Scripture will bit later on when when Samuels went through every one of the brothers and God said no not this one. Note that this one and the question becomes isn't there another one right and when when David comes what what's what's the reply of of of the father in regards to David about how he sees that will Samuel is the number one I think it's just a cool scene know Samuel is expecting the big tall guy. He looks good.

This gotta be the one.

And God says now is not about the appearances I am not judging by appearance. I'm looking at the heart and so Samuels obviously clearly used to hearing the shepherd's voice and he's not here, and it is not here and he's not here, and it, and he then he slept with. I haven't heard this if you got another son that's a fascinating question but what I'm hearing. If there is God hasn't seen the heart of the king and he's looking deeper beyond what man sees a NII think it's so cool that David is is just a young boy maybe young teenager maybe at this point right and is out in the fields with the sheep you know and and God calls him in and clearly in Scripture that I see there says to him you are the apple of my right you have what it takes. David went anoint you as king, and so now the what does that feel like to know that you have your the apple of the father's that's a good question thank you and there's something about that feeling of confidence when Jehovah ate your father and you know he loves you. There's great confidence in that it erases you know so many of the wounds for forming past and I was thinking there is a really cool example here that I happen to know because we have any Menino in the audience for this and there was a time intervening had an earthly father.

And then there was the godfather seriously. This was the situation and there you were, and Vinnie.

What was it like working I have to go man around the godfather called Vinnie out when his own father was part of my family that is teasing back. I can't wait to hear this story. I know this is not like more information, visit us on Facebook messenger the radio on Facebook.

Let us know what you'd like to talk about. Let us know the things that you like and don't really like robbing messenger.

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Here are some ways to get the job killer start burning house to see what luckily there's an easy way to call 911 if you see someone experiencing the symptoms of stroke, sudden weakness on one side or total speaking, walking or sitting science message from a nationalist neurological welcome back to mask injury. I hope you can last through that minute with the questionably left with Robbie.

I just read they were talking about being apple. The father's eye, and what happens if you're not in this early. Will your earthly fathers. I would be in the apple somebody graders in your opinion or is equal to anyway. Or the father's eyes. We talk about Rob you left with the question that this is burning down because I I know the story that Vinnie is a young man was involved in New York City and there was a father and there was a godfather but there was a point where the father was not necessarily for but the godfather was speaking.

Can you share a little bit about the most. The Titan people are when you young boy. You travel with your father and my father is. You can probably gather was a tough guy.

Let's put it that way and I was with him. I was that 17 years old and we were in a seller in the tenement house and he was speaking with the godfather. I mean, the godfather, they will have a meeting and I just stood in the back that just protecting my father. That's what he was supposed to do and they were talking business and I'll bet who was a godfather called on me and I had nothing I was just shaking in my boots. When he told me what to do and my father my earthly father. He jumped then he says now that leave them alone. You know he's not ready for this and all the kind around John. I'm not talking to you commit any and he told me what he wanted me to do and I did it but what event do for that young horrible man on man. I was so pumped up. Nobody could talk to me for a weekend and you picture day night now is Samuel is stepping in front of him. You are his other brothers and their anointing him king and one of the little brother, you have a little brother.

The new boy on the block and I was a boy and the odd thing about that Robbie that I never told you I got in the call with my father and I drawled we went home. He never said a word and tell my mother and never mentioned and I took that as what I knew it to be your room now protect yourself.

That was my earthly father, and my story about the godfather and being being called up into something you have David left him off the he's been out with the sheep and also in he's called to become the anointed king.

Not right away down the road a little bit and so Al is worth talking about that how you think brothers really take that news when even scripturally here with David story how they take the news when the littlest brother is the one that looks to be the apple of the father's this kid who I've clipped all my life that who is beneath me is now going to be my king. I don't think that whenever very well at all and we were talking about this I was. I went back to Scripture to read it and I got to Scripture about that that moment where David is with the guys. Goliath is called amount. His brother comes down on them and it says now we live is older brother and lives lie of his oldest brother heard when he spoke to the men and lives. Anger was aroused against David and he said why did you come down here with you left those few sheep in the wilderness. I know that you prided. The insolence of your heart.

You've come to see the battle. David said what if I done now, is there not a cause. I'm sorry. Is there not a cause, so he when he says what have I done now. This is an unusual occurrence.

This is something that I'm sure he got quite a bit and you get to hear at least in the way that I hear it being read is what you don't. Those few sheep as if what you're doing is insignificant right now. You really don't matter. You know in your coming here for bad reasons. Your heart is bad and it so Robbie scripturally if you lay out some of the different people that God decided to be the chosen one of their time for lack of a better term. What happened to those around them. What was a common reaction out and envy it it it boils up tremendously. You thought certainly and Esau and Jacob. And then you would Joseph's brothers.

Obviously they put them in the pipit that went down at Daniel and even Jesus's brother. They spoke to me about what you and I go down there and show off you know it at the feast and and those kind of thing so it's a common unfortunately sibling rivalry, and even amongst the disciples we saw between John and Peter and try to figure out who can be on your right side, but also in that fireside chat that happened after the resurrection. So there's some cool stuff there, but we got a great clip we do we do and you know even before going back to the original brothers enable all yeah you know they began their the latest the seed of envy you have a great clip and in would not used to before is brought to us by a friend of ours named christen used it at boot camp. Whereat Mrs. from the movie for in this clip you have. Thor is the anointed king going to take the place of his father in you have Loki who is his brother and in the scene you hear Loki talking with the father really questioning who he is and how the father sees him and really questioning the father's heart's path.

I know what I know my son wasn't the only thing you took from you know the aftermath of the battle Levinson to the temple to be giant, so suffering and dying knee-deep.

Why would you take me some time to I thought we could unite talking one day thing about tendinitis about peace spends none of them so I will start in writing. You might like you twist my told me when I was from the beginning. Why my son wanted only to protect my parents tell their children about night all makes sense now will will well I would even say today what you hear that this the envy of the anger, the rage it's in Loki's voice their have the really sad part about that is the Loki and me and you see it's one of those times I wish people could see the clip, the love of the father. You can see it in his eyes. He played it really well on his when I see the lover you could hear the love it when he says what am I cursing you guys know you're my son and the son was missing out on all that he was the apple of his father's eye, but he had so much envy for his brother that he was missing what his identity was in the store and you know it's all about comparison.

Why did this person get blessed more than me. Why is this stuff going on over here and we look to all these comparisons rather than finding our place must not doesn't always just happen with blood relatives.

Now it happens, unfortunately, and in our churches. It happens in our workplace happens all these different areas. It we say okay why is that person be more blessed and specifically at times we turn to God and say why are you loving them differently or better than you love me, to our own lens not through God's lens through their lens of judging what is better and what's not and and so you know they look at this and say okay what why don't I get that right and it starts to be this in the thing that turns into a rage at the other person and essentially God right in the end. The challenge there is even for a lot of us with our earthly parents because they didn't love us the way that they left our brothers or sisters. We felt like that it wasn't real and so you know were missing out on that and Satan continues to bring it up in an and use that against us in any way that he possibly can and the interesting thing in the thing I love about the passage with David is that I can glean from that because I really, there's a lot of issues with trying to figure out exactly what's going on, but the one thing that's clear is the reason that God love David so and wanted him king of Israel is that he had a fierce love for his father's sheep and and it was all about. He was gonna feed the sheep he is going to protect them against the bare line he would sacrifice his own life because he had this fierce love for his father's sheep and we see that so clearly in the fireside chat between Jesus and Peter after peters denied him three times and Jesus says to him, Peter, do you really love me more than these, and peters now faced with this wow I was comparing myself of all my brothers that I was better than everybody. Now I realize it's just about me you know I love you Lord and he says what feed my sheep. If you want to be the apple of my email just simply if you love on the father's sheep with all you got your gonna be a good place then is not the first time the Jesus talked about sheep either. You and I talked about loving them so much that he leave the 99 to go get the one right in outset, conviction of, I'm going to go after every last 111 with that detail, not just love most of them and let someone can fall where they may. And so that the neat thing for me is that I sometimes do find myself in that comparison thing and if I can drop back and go wait a minute, God, what can I do to listen to what you you have for me to help feed your sheep to carry lambs protect the flock and kind of thing. We thank you. I'm just taking it all in the whole part about comparing David feeding his father sheep and in when I was reading an earlier those specific words are there feed my sheep.

And that's the zeal in a man's heart that God is looking for is not looking for something lukewarm. He's looking for a committed soul who loves them. It's going to look for him for guidance unitrust in his heart is going to feed the sheep what's God calling you to do rather what if you want to be the apple father's. I got Tony to do today have for me it's too figure out how I can do and how how I can leave more people towards their stage of the mass and how can we help them feel like they're the apple of their fathers. I am a guy would. And this is not always about salvation.

Solutions also having Christians blocking more intimacy with the father. Listen masking journey go to Facebook messenger radio. Check us out with this message. Let us know what you think and shows my want to see you after the series in and some thoughts on this week show. Thanks again

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