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What Did King David and Cowboys Have In Common

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 17, 2014 12:30 pm

What Did King David and Cowboys Have In Common

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 17, 2014 12:30 pm

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One. Jesus was flying like a losing battle, and something in largely kind of taken you through the masculine journey. The stages of the masculine journey kind of mirroring the book the way the wild at heart by John Eldridge. We've been in this series of what is a masculine journey look like in the life of King David in one of the different stages. He went through some of the different stages that men go through. I'm in the studio today with my good friend and masculine chirpy compadre Vinnie Menino welcome and welcome Robert B.

And we got out Henley with us as well and what were gonna be talking about today is really a neat stage. It's called in the book is called the cowboy stage, but as you might imagine, in King David's life. He was a cowboy of sorts, but he was a shepherd and his father had asked him was something that in today's age. I wonder if we could even imagine, send and 1112-year-old boy Albert to be by himself out in the wilderness child services would be all over to take on the lion and the bear and all those kinds of things in. So what does that look like, how was David fathered, how are you.

You fathered and and what are some of the things we missed today in the way that we were father and now we got an amazing clip that will start right off limits from the movie called the ultimate gift and in this movie and I got a set this clip up a bit because we hadn't seen the movie you might lose your bid and it James Garner is dead at this point in time and had a grandson.

He was unfortunately very spoiled. I'm sure he will hear that with you. This clip and his father is grandfather is trying to give him something that would really mean something not just a bunch of money that would spoil them further but actually given something to base his life on the gift that would that would take him somewhere and part of it is taking them through this cowboy stage and interestingly he sends into a cowboy to learn something about what that is and that's hard work and so you're going to hear him start to dig fence posts and how he learns about the gift of work and it's this interesting ultimate gift that he gets just out of this experience.

Well here. What is a strange concept.

Jason made a lot of mistakes with our family, but you're the one I think I hurt the most way I can make it up to not give you anything for what I mean by that is not giving it just yet so thinking about this little how can I give you something in ruling you like your uncle Samantha's gaze so I want to give you give series of gifts leading up to well I will call it the ultimate you failing anyway. It's over. You breakfast is over as Gizmodo wake you up morning is from the center will far, my supposed to go.

Were you run out of posts before they run out of Texas, Louisiana, dollar for every fence post and said if I could do whatever it is I get I survived this geriatric cowboy until he gives it to me or when I get back or unfinished. You know what I get back to so that's it is just forgetting something again. I came here to pick up again member that was the gift I do manual labor for a month and you try to tell me was a favor to me. You work while congratulations just telling my total inheritance is I'm over this, never thinking about offering those masculine journey prods to help you get your kids. I would love to have one of those was very effective in get that young man out of bed but you know it's an interesting thing. Now how God father sometimes real father like this cowboy experience that weirdest hearing, but sometimes God himself bothers us, but he puts us in a position to find out that we have what it takes to do some kind of work that we never really thought that we were capable of it. As you listen to our stories today am open your thinking yourself and connect in some thoughts on maybe how God was showing you that.

Or maybe how we can show our sons or grandsons or other young men how they could enjoy the gift of work that out when you are in the Navy before you. You understood the gift of work and you and you got kinda volunteered for some, that's absolutely right, and I didn't have a father on the house smells a kid to this my first time environment with watchmen and in learning to interact but we were in the Persian Gulf and the US is started being hit by an exit missile in the got hit in the fire control room which is where I stood watch of my ship so they needed somebody to go to the engine room into a switchboard watch trained to do. It usually takes about a year but they wanted to fast-track. It was a 666 watch which means you work six hours you are off six hours and you were back for six hours in the Persian Gulf. In the interim about hundred and 80. They had alarm to go off to tell you when you drink water and you had to consciously drink any. I think you soon as you drank it was coming at your porch because we were sweating. It was miserable and we were off yet. Go to sleep. It was hot when you took a shower and the water was because we pulled out of the ocean. It was hot there and for me that was misery that was just enduring pure misery for that time and I think back, there were there a couple times in this or even boot camp. It was just misery and I had to learn to endure the no fast-forward.

I was going through divorce.

This is almost 10 years later and I did a restaurant manager and fast food and I was just so sick of the drama and the difficulties that come with that type of work and I was going to apply for a job as a waiter in a restaurant and they said, look, we really need dishwasher like you couldn't pay me enough to be dishwasher. He's helping you this much money is a key pay that much money for dishwasher. He's like yeah instead of me having to have you note for my separation I was paying child support. I was paying all the debt took it all on and had to survive because you have to get to full-time jobs and a part-time job. Will this amount of money allowed me to just get to full-time jobs and being working in a dish pit is miserable. I don't care where you are, but it was so much better than being on the light in his room. The Persian Gulf that I was saying I would laugh I would pick up a play with the people coming in after a while it became so fine that that's where people were hanging out in the manager said looking you can be the dish room everywhere ever anymore because everybody wants to hang out there they move me out to the kitchen and some neat things about that storage ended up being the manager come to Greensboro meet your future wife yelling I got was a father and you through all that and the neat thing is, God was there and that was the 70s and 80s, but you don't know this but no, not just when I was in the early 90s clear back in the 20s and mid 30s when Vinnie was a young man, but Vinnie has a really you know Harry is a young Italian man in Manhattan and what a young Italian man in Manhattan do when they start to find out about how hard work is Vinnie.

Well, I wasn't too great. I going to school and I want to quit school but yeah but there was an alternative to quit and how to go to work and my father put me would his father, his brother as a plaster. I don't know how many people out there know what plastering is.

But that's before sheet rock. So in 1947 I went to work as a plaster and I was a plaster was seven years and I worked with a man by the name of Victor Ramsey who fathered me in many many ways, but we had this job to plaster a church. Now I was used to get non-scaffolding that was 3 feet off the ground and there was no falling and gotten hurt, you know what I mean.

Now I go to seated look at this job and is 75 feet up in the year and I don't mean the scaffolding that people know what we have today and all locked in battle and all that stuff completely safe. This was rickety planks mail together. I want to climb 75 feet on a good step. No stairs.

I told Vic that I can do this and is what you know, your uncle which I called pop a pop Angeles as I can tell them that you're going to have to do it but I can't. Vic you know I mean anything. Was it not only were up there that high.

You are just putting up plaster you noted this was a great church you had to make it in ornate shapes that ultimately made shapes which the victim was a mess around it and I tried to tell him Vic I can do to stop this is you could do it. Just listen to what I tell you, and you can do make a long story short while. I ended up climbing up to 75 feet and was up on that scaffold upon approximately three months. That's just the due to ceiling. I would gotta work our way down and you know if it wasn't for Vic to give me the boost and fathering make and the greatest thing about the whole story is that he didn't tell my uncle this I knew what would happen so it's interesting how those things work in life and I had one of those tests early, but then later on in life when I was laid in my 50s and I lost everything I lost my dealership allows my house a lot on my cars and I lost most my friends. Honestly, I got like the ultimate gift to watch the movie. The next step is you lose everything to find out who your friends work. I found out that I could deliver papers to help make some of the money I needed just to get a deposit so we could go rent a house and I had two kids and all the stuff I had to pay and the next thing I knew I would totally lost confidence. I couldn't do it.

I know I lost all my family's money.

Everything in the world. I had no confidence left.

So I started delivering papers and the guy showed me how you need me to put in a damn straight I noticed that the sum of these little ladies. They had a mailbox that had a place for the paper size a lot, but they like it better not. If they didn't have to bend over and get their papers and and I can do it and make sure the papers got out by the end of my stint doing papers the little ladies. Forgive me to tell me how great a job.

I feel I was like well like I may be a failure. I can deliver papers so even later in life.

God can come and father and show you got what it takes. We got so much more mass mentoring.

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We have a job to be a winning team to work like winning team. My team depends on me and my team thousand strong, high school students in major league baseball players working together to train and inspire the next iteration world. The accident team. Welcome back to the masculine journey work. They were kind of taking us through the steps of the masculine journey sort of mirroring John Eldridge's book the way of the wild at heart, seeing how father has followed us through all the different stages of the management journey last week talking about the life of David and the boyhood stage. Today I finally get to do the cowboy stage which is before you get to the warrior again were saying that for next week but were were part of the series in this cowboy stage is usually when a man's a young boy started from the 13 age on up into his early 20s, or in some case, you know, if we didn't get it.

God's gonna take us back to that stage to to make sure that we get it again, but part of that stage is certainly the hard work that we described in I hope is we told the story some of you recalled how somebody had stepped in and father June, but the thing of it is that cowboy can be injured. If you fails at that hard work if you get something that's over his head and he continues to fail, they begin to get this other labeled it.

Satan would spit on them, so he needs a father he needs him to step in and say you can do this like Victor did for Vinnie and like God actually did in your case and eat and he didn't mind and show you that we could do it but now we had this other party sort of an adventurous part in it is an interesting thing I found out that Teddy Roosevelt is a boy, was kind overweight. He was a rich kid. He was kind of like the kid in the in the ultimate gift and he went on adventure to learn how to hunt and in doing so, it turned his whole life around as he found out in any wrote a fascinating book and he talked about when he got Buck fever when he was hunting.

It taught him how to get control of his emotions and how those things happen outside now. Interestingly, you can find a lot of the way the godfathers. This is the way he fathered David that he was alone all this time he also father Jesus, and you remember Jesus in the cowboy stage. The only time we get to see Jesus and that stage is when he went to the temple. What was he. He was alone right now absolutely. And what was he doing what he was about his father's business. He was checking sharing his spirituality with with the priest and the rabbi he was going in and doing what it was that he knew he was in a later be called to do. He was doing it alone and so often a boy finds himself alone, as David did as he kind of tasted line and that beer man is this clip that were to play from the never ending story where the young warrior is facing this wolf like creatures what you're going to hear and then listen will unfold pretty fascinating clip close. I will you will you are have the honor of being my last days. I am the worry Ray Lori is because people whose downhole's tree's roles have bad destroying this and I have been trying to help people know all easy to control and control line 7 no. I said one nothing. I lost six states were young man begins to understand his own right. Sometimes emotional strength. Sometimes the ability to fight. Sometimes the ability to protect and to learn some of those things not only protecting himself, but sometimes protecting others to stand up in a particular situation. Now you know how blessed are we to have you know warrior two warriors in front of us at both of served our country that both of defended our freedoms, but before they got to that part of their life. God had sent Mel's form in Vinnie's case, it was a stickball game and set that up for Vinnie is in tell us how that played out in the streets of New York. Alrighty, most of you people out there that are listening probably don't understand what the game stickball was what we used to play in middle of the street, dodging the traffic and in the summertime, nowhere condition. So everybody was out on the stoops know as we called them stoops of their homes and we would be planning they would be bent all father's would be bent against each other on us kids playing well.

I I committed an error ran in front of one of my buddies. Anyway, we got into weight pushing and shoving, you know, blaming each other.

All of a sudden, by I feel somebody grab me by the neck and it was my fault she tells me this is a good friend of mine this good in a thousand reasons knock him honest but overall knock you on your butt will now I don't know who I'm afraid of more but I took a good guess it was my father. If I had a knock him on his blood and no soda ended there. My father was proud that his son for an pool all of the unit. I don't know what what are you nuts Vinnie, but in any case that was being fathered by my father at that time and in your father had an understanding based on his life partner was that you needed to know that you don't hold back when it's time to fight you got some time to fight. You know what's this sissy stop pushing in a those things didn't happen in 1944.

That put them up and do good out while you was the as we called them sissy but anyway that's my story about an in and ask case value. Again, you didn't have a father around the house which had a coach and you had a football bully coach Henry Douglas actually played guard for the University Tennessee and he had to plague as Claude Humphrey in practice and he told us a story about staining around while there was, I had my own. Claude Humphrey named Farrell Burton. He was wild man, toughest kid middle school and every time after the play, each start pushing shoving me hit me knock me down and I said because the whistle had blown. I wouldn't fight back.

Truth was I was afraid I had nobody fathered me through that coach pulled me aside and don't give me that wire to fight him want to fight back hidden as I got one break the rules coach.

He goes I will hate you if you don't and he was big and I was like okay goes and I'll tell you something he said he does not wear protection below the belt and that's where I would start and so the next play, Farrell took a swing at me and give me a shoulder pads and I had him twice in the got and I just went for with the coach I went for his future generations. Farrell went down five minutes when he got up he came with just both guns blazing, and we got into a fight and I realize something it doesn't hurt people each. When you have pads on input.

Here's the thing I was afraid of fighting but had a reputation for standing up to Farrell.

After that, and nobody fought me nobody. Everybody just treated me with respect which I think I really needed that point my heart my confidence also that I did need to be challenged and when you think about it in her Jesus was went through this cowboy Ranger staged himself. And we know that he handed battle with Satan in the desert and there are some other things that God was teaching them along the way. But when you look into Jesus's prayer at the end of his life in John 17. He says some very interesting things that I think we can really glean from it says I will remain in the world no longer, but they are still in the world and I'm coming to you. Holy father protect them by the power of your name. The name you gave me so that they may be one as we are one.

While I was with them, I protected them and kept them safe by that name that you gave me had you ever thought that Jesus was carrying the family name and that God had given him that name by which to protect his disciples and now we are protected by that same name is is is just more than amazing how Jesus was learning how to use what God had given him in the family name and Vinnie.

You know what it meant to be a Menino in your day in New York City right you look Robby Ike that I like where the writer is not in a many there's a lot of things that are right there that we understand that when we take on the name of Jesus that we have a certain power that now is been given us because we are one with the father and and and it's it's a similar situation. There was family lived across from us. They were from Chicago. It was five of them and when you got a fight with one you got in a fight with all five if they had that name. You cannot fight them all and that's the deal. It's it's it it's a band of brothers and it's the family name. Now when you think back in your own life you had that story of work you had that story of early battle. How was God fathering you through that and then think about the young men in your life that are in that stage.

How can you father them. I can't recommend the book where the wild at heart enough for me there so much wonderful stuff about how to initiate young man and those kind of things again. We got all kinds of resources for you at masculine journey radio it on Facebook clear that Facebook page mass concerning or on twitter and all those different places. We've got resources for you.

We got boot camps because this whole masculine journey is is set should the life changer. It's a life changer. It's so cool to see that we been on this journey and there's ways for us to go back where we've been wounded and get the things that maybe we've missed.

Or maybe that there is another opportunity for because God's got something for you again is mass concerning radio at Facebook or you go to mass concerning and then you can get all sorts of information and again we would love to hear from you. As we talked about before, tell us your story right there with government lighting up on Facebook right now. Stories of when you were fathered when you got followed in the work or when you got father through some warrior experience who knows who you might bless because the power comes from your witness will absolute. Thank you for list of the mass concerning next week Bergen to be talking about the warrior state King David, can you imagine Goliath, and I understand we might have a special initiation of life itself to all the amazing same time sensation.

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