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The Warrior Stage of The Masculine Journey

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 24, 2014 12:30 pm

The Warrior Stage of The Masculine Journey

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 24, 2014 12:30 pm

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Jesus masculine. Many life is like a losing battle when something like this Memorial Day weekend is Memorial Day EV was excited. I thought we had a believe that we could talk about that. I am really excited about today show and first I want to. Great job last week. You know you guys miss me not at all. It was awesome.

The set list of that show you're here now, you did miss me at all, but it was a great time with my family in Florida was good time to get caught up with my mom and some other people but that you guys did an awesome job and catch a show last week and encourage you go to mask and journey radio on Facebook or go to masculine journey and you can pick up that that shows were continuing to talk about the topic of the masculine journey. The stages of the masculine journey as seen through David's life and of course the movie clips is reason that in so last week show Rob you can update us what last week shows about how we get the cowboy's face or stage which was really fun because David was sort of a shepherd cowboy but we took them through some clips there to see how it is that we can well in the cowboy, a young man's heart. If were not in following him through certain parts of that stage and we get to do that again today we doing today were to talk about the next stage is the warrior stage.

There are six stages in all. If you have been listening. We hope that you back and listen.

Some of them with their six stages characters that the boyhood stage there is the LA Ranger stage is the warrior stage. The lever stage the king in this age range so right on the warrior stage and were partway through, and you may have known that David was a warrior think they chronicle that just a little bit in the Bible yeah yeah what's up story, you remember Al that was about David being a warrior well the what with Goliath stands out in my mind that was David. Yeah, yeah, it was David okay right but David is a young boy becoming a man and he had been through the stuff you guys talked about the cowboy Ranger stuff and this is really his first battle with with a man that we know life in Scripture and in so that happens in life. Life is a bit of a battlefield. If you haven't noticed that and describes what it feels way that it does. But today's bit we need to be prepared for that morning listened our first clip is from a movie that's what mid 80s yeah maybe early 80s maybe early 80s is from the original karate kid and were gonna listen to part of this and I want you to listen to interchange between Mr. Miyagi and what's crickets name. I'm thinking Ralph March Sandoval Daniels to the interchange here.

Specifically how Daniel on talks to Mr. Miyagi so not everything is dicey like yeah show me send me send big suckers showing me wax on wax lacks on myself in state axon shall meet up on the site. I always say Satan's saw me wax on X. Show me.

I am the room I was left from listening to it without watching it sounded like it allergies. I thought this from you, your based on the crickets. I was following me and my earthly dad.

One thing that struck me as really relevant to our topic but when is that stop me from saying something about the people and happiness together.

I just generally think about that. Yeah yeah yeah well back to talk so as we listen to that you good young Daniel who is really a teenager at this point midteens. France was moving into that warrior stage and Wiseman tough for him. He's been getting beat up by some kids and he runs into the sky that appears to be like a maintenance man and a gardener guy for a comp apartment complex and he starts to learn that he knows a lot about life and he starts to teaching, so she does listen Robbie what kind of jumps out at you as you listen to that clip about how does it relate to our lives are what God's doing in our life there so much there because you got it. My boys got somewhat of an orphan spirit is a single mom now so here comes this guy from nowhere and his father, and it's really a neat thing to see him step in and begin to get them to work hard, but at the same time he's teaching the discipline of karate through hard work and discipline. But the thing that blows me away of the most about the clip is again that Daniel does not yet trust the heart of the teacher and and this is where that is really beginning. He's beginning on does that same thing with me out at times. I've been on sand the floor and did not know the thing a valuable lesson, as was David absolutely no wheat we talk about the story that you mentioned with with David and Goliath, but it's not the first time he picked up a slingshot or sling to throw stone he had done that in the past, correct, well when he was attending his father sheep and I don't know what child services would say, but he's out there he's alone. He's got a little patch with two strands of leather and some stones and bear a lion they come up go after the sheep and eat.

Not only does he fend them off.

He kills fleas how to use that for protection for the sheep for himself the whole time. You could look at that and if it's like a lot of teenagers are like I was. It would be wow look at what I gotta do and I go do this hard work. I gotta be out here.

Oh woe is me, and yet he's really learning how to be a warrior and that's a thing so is prepared when he goes into that first battle.

I wonder what he said to the person that showed in the sling and the rock and said okay this is what you're getting use to defend yourself against wolves and bears really rock in the sling. Have a staff as well so he could hit him with that rock and sling was far away you could hit them. So that's what you want one thing that strikes me in that clip was that Mr. Miyagi was less than what he appeared.

Daniel was trying to be more than what he was an as we go through life. It's always the ones that seem like less give us more point. We had in that first group.

We had a person that was being trained and they didn't realize it, or to listen to another clip here were somebody knows are being trained. They know what the antennas and they still struggle with it. It's from the movie Rocky. The original word I listen to it and come back and talk about chasing chicken poison because I said so and second is how we always catch the that's so funny.

You know, instituted Robbie and her friend Dennis is back with us and this is good to have you here. Then he sent off to the side. Will try to coerce him appear to maybe talk a little bit of course, I'm here in Stamford. Dennis welcome back as you listen to that clip is or anything in that particular clip jumps out at you or jumped out at me is is how we in our younger years and I'm thinking rebellious teenage stages. Often times that it will be asked to do something you were thinking this is just absolutely ridiculous and were laughing when he's talking about that with this Kentucky fried. He doesn't see the point of what he's tried what is trainers trying to do with them at all. He will see it later, but at the time east as to why my wasting time doing this. How many times in our young lives. Do we go why my wasting my time doing this was my dad or God having me do this. I wish I could say was just my young life which is in our religion.

Many times I thought something was pointless on the outside looking in at this clip, you have a guy that's been a street fighter. He stood on flat feet. That's always fought is fighting a true boxer dances around the ring and this is what the trainer knows what to get his father in in him and this clip knows he's going to be light on his feet and the only way he's going Bill to do that is to try to catch the stricken and so you have again what you said Robbie what's going on here with the pupil and nightly teacher is not trust in the heart of the teacher in the thing I find fascinating is how much we love these types of scenes is meant.

These training scenes in the whole Rocky movie to a great extent. The reason we want to watch this to see how we can train this time.

But if it's going to be eggs in the blender, you know what is he gonna lift the big crates of what you have chin-ups on the farm in the Siberia or what is it going to be this time in the same thing with karate kid movies. It's the training that gives you intrigued and so obviously there something in the heart of a man that just craves that warrior training right it's necessary form discussing your very right about the other point that you made. This continues on in our life. We can be on 55 years old and still get excited about about seeing that sort of thing was so excited about being involved in something that may be new training course and it goes back to trusting the heart of the teacher know when you look at this in a warrior has to learn to submit to the king is gotta learn to trust the heart of the king. He's got to be willing to submit to the king very similar in our walk right way with God.

We have to be willing and submit to him and trust his heart is good.

David had to do that as well come back and talk about that. We got so much more. Guess it should be called and talked about camp on this topic fathered by God's will come back with him after the break.

Listen to masculine journey we just go to mass country radio on Facebook you some thoughts give us some ideas on what he likes to talk about any movie clips and spoke to you. Visit if you want to meet Vinnie Menino in person were talking the Godfather: there is a treat and we got an opportunity for this coming Thursday. It's music at twilight in Kernersville, so join us in downtown Kernersville this Thursday from 6 to 8 stop by the WTR you to have all masculine journey team there will have Dennis think the question is whether you can sing. The question is can you sing and how heavenly Nike missile some great giveaways downtown Kernersville from 16 on Thursday gassing your phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became a radio that's right you take the Truth Network everywhere. Now they start brand-new Truth Network out. That's right.

Listen to Dr. Michael Brown life are you? I would Robbie true thought life. All our programming 24 seven) your hand fracture out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport plug into the Truth Network just go to downloaded new for you Truth decided to have you with us today on the world and we can hope that your geared up to do whatever you do on Memorial Day, which for me is watching a big race. I know it's going to send all you people here north going to but I watch the Indy 500. To me that's not a great surge that it's an indie town called Indy is not indie it's not India, it's Indianapolis oh will get to map out later, I thought it was like that new wave, Indy, music, and it is not that. Anyway, thank you. We're continue to talk about the topic of the warrior stage and as we left off were talking about David and how he has been taught by God and is not just our words say that there's in Psalm 144 David's pretty clear about that as well as I could get it pulled up as a type of the wrong thing to have glitches here and then ask Andrea if some are small yeah you go in Psalm 144.

This is David's words because it says Psalm of David. So we know it's him for sure praising the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war.

My fingers for battle, is a loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliver my shield, in whom I take refuge, subdues people under me.

If you go on and you continue to read the rest of that Psalm is very much about God not only teaching David to be a warrior but also being a lawyer himself. So if you think about the topic of God being a warrior and were made in his image. Surely, there's gonna be some passages in which it says got the warrior and is a better trainer than Meredith Baxter Nasser Burgess is probably better than her to all Avenue we got Jean on the line. We do yeah he's a it's good to hundred Jean how you doing me… It's great to have you got a lot where were you excited to be the Allied. We are excited to have his allies and in Europe north of us here just by a little bit you wrote is just a short drive system short drive you something very exciting coming up here in a few weeks down the road in June. What you tell us a little bit about that I wouldn't be putting on one of our Boot Camp and I was initially thinking on last September with good old-fashioned mentorship and this next one would be just like that one, but now know you're entirely all about audit by God. Going through the stages of the journey like how not quite sure how to do that and so working on figuring out as we go along.

It's really encouraging for me to be able to time to you talk about the state of the warrior here and not such a powerful thing.

So many are still uninitiated absolutely good news is we don't have to leave it there. God doesn't leave it there right comes after that is not going to see everything a lot over the last month on unexpected battles in an opposition live fire exercise. I got it on the you're ready for this… Grab your sword and started swinging with the details for this arete masculine and also there in our Facebook page and posted that today but Jean tell our listeners. Where is it and how how long is it in a few details are

Basically it's a three day not tonight starting on Friday around dinnertime a little bit after lunch around 2 o'clock or so and I it's just outside of Winchester, Virginia.

At this greatly called hunting Ridge.

Wonderful place 350 acres locking off the woods with critters deer in and out and about and that you will stock fishing pond. It's a wonderful way back in the back.

A beaver dam if you want to go hiking to go look for but the thing is, it is amazing place where God is gonna be showing up in men can connect with Jean now what should they expect when they come. I know you said the gods can be there and show up there there for the masculine journey.

So what should expect God is going to be wanting to do with the majority of them and I got to do what he wants to do with each other and obviously what I got you become an after in their hearts. While I fully expecting and praying for is that I can't really connect with God and distinctly about where our day in there in the stages of the masculine trait. I expect him to become an after helping them recognize you know you never really did too much in that cowboy ranger station and let's let's just work your help. Understand this better and let some but let's see what we can do to help you with that movie on down the road so that again. One of the goals is that by the time you reach the Kings stage want make sure that you've done your business in all the previous stages.

Frankly, this world is filled with uninitiated and kings who have less than solid foundation of the result hurting everybody Jean thank you you right in the thing is you working today. That'll take you back to those other stages in my life will in my late 40s.

We spent about a year and the boyhood stage and on his best to get that when you're before your teams and in God's now I get to come after some things working there are excited about that. Would love to talk with you after the weekend and see how that goes. But for Conan and will go ahead and get that information up at our website and Robbie said was up today so you go to mass and journey you can click a link and go on into Jean's website and get registered. It's gonna be a great event and these guys are just awesome. They walk with God, and I trust that you have a great weekend and will be made.

Is there at the events and Charlie listen to another clip. Now you think that a warrior at some point doesn't need to be trained anymore in order to listen to a clip about a man who's been a warrior finds himself in a in a bad position doesn't really think he needs to be trained and yet a man enters his life wants to do that form a sort of a listen. That's from the movie Zorro mask of Zorro when I come back and talk about your angry no condition to get the Dragon all it will will saving your life. No, today he's doing to go see him trying to drink as my friend, you would've been with eventual brother I fight to know that is saying a very old saying he was ready to must you want to kill this man. I can help you. I can teach you how to think of to take your revenge on his dedication to time as you listen to that clip so much in there. One things it's jumped out at me as I had listen to it through four times to really catch what Anthony Hopkins and saying easy former Zorro going to change training the new Zorro and Antonio Banderas but he says when the pupil is ready, the master will come will appear will appear x-ray and so when the pupils ready to be somebody show up in your life to help train you know what all men really want the core, yes they want to know how to do things with her want to be shown the way and something sometimes down we saw that in all those clips and even in David's life as I reread the passages he was fixing to go and meet Goliath Saul himself. Obviously God saw something good in him as a king, and David was following him as king he wanted to know what he was getting what the king had said would happen for the man that took on Goliath and you can see Saul trying to protect David when he couldn't get me said you're a boy in but he saw that his heart was set on a new civil let me give you some armor and he wanted to walk around and that and still he was making a valid attempt to help David. Although David had been fathered by the man who we talked about in the Psalm that it actually which is so cool to think God trained his hands for battle and I love ever since you told me about that song to think about how was God trying my hands for, but I think the worst things a guy does with with warriors in any good king does this help them discern when you're young warrior. Everything is a battle and to some degree, it should be.

Is your training as you get older there should be some discernment on which battles dinner and to and which ones not to and for me that's when the gods really help me on. I was a person that would want that tacky battle. I could and I didn't really want to back down and some of it comes from stubbornness, some of it comes from a wound set that I had as a kid, but that it was there nonetheless and I was gonna fight but God, let me know.

You know there's there smarter things to be in a warrior than always fighting and reminds me David the story of David when he's gonna attack his enemy. One time when God says here you got new medium right here around the trees and you meet a man and I'll be there and will defeat him in the next time David's going up against the enemy again. The ascot gets is no this time. You sit still and wait on my command and then you go out ahead of you and I met you to go to feed him and I just sat there listening to the father.

At this point, David's king remedy really has all the authority in the world but not out of this world and he really needs God the father and minute and he does throughout the Scripture not so incredible to see him father him as a warrior.

He does and have time for the patriot we don't weld next week were to hear an amazing quit because so many of us we take off or were distracted by battles that Satan lures us into in order to take our strength and put it in some direction other than fighting the actual battle that God would have us fight and I think there's a lot of that we could even be fighting another good battle is so raw, fighting bad battles you think about some of the great lessons in history 90 back and you look at why did you know the powerhouse of Germany really lose World War II. They were fighting the battle onto many fronts. And that's what the enemy tries to do with this. He tries to get us to fight the battle onto many friends so that we can't be there for where we really need to fight and that's one that's that's been for me it's honestly been a bad battle but there's been a more important Jan I love the John never says this book for young boys when they're out there knocking over sand castles and that kind of stuff that they are feeling or strength or wanting to use it. They have that heart of a warrior and they're ready for the call, but it's gotta be the call comes from absolute we have an incredibly cool picture MS concerning the radio on Facebook. It's just incredibly funny about a little boy the Sandcastle you gotta go look at is going to make you laugh even listen to mask injury next week will talk about the King stated as come back and be here with us if you have anything you'd like to talk to us about reach out to the she can reach us at our website through the contact page to get a hold of Robbie. How can I we get a hold of Dennis and of any and get questions of them. Thank you for listening, asking 30

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