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Gordon Dalby on The Lover Stage

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 31, 2014 12:30 pm

Gordon Dalby on The Lover Stage

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus many one feels more like a losing battle when something, my quest will credibly excited about mainly because were in the middle of the series on the mask injury which is incredible of its own right. We have a guest with us today with Gordon Dalbey which rendered him in a few moments, but uses written some incredible books all a lot of them about the masculine soul lot about the feminine soul as well but just some incredible deep books that I'd encourage you to go to Debbie W.Abba looks up some of the stuff that he's done and read up on the books he's written and they are just absolutely incredible and he's gonna talk about the topic today, but we are continuing our conversation about the mask on journey and how it plays out in David's life and so will touch on that a little bit today and will continue that conversation next week but in studio.

We have Robbie hello Robbie, I'm excited because anytime we talked about the lover home. I am uncomfortable with how you're looking at me right now Robbie that's all we have Al Al and her younger phone you talk with, I am just put my phone down, turn the ringer off just in case I get a call and Dennis Dennis welcome great to be here. I'm excited to hear when we get to the lover part that we talk about music a little bit too. We might as well Encinitas with us, but he's not working say hello right now but we are talking about the lever stage and in that does include in the masculine journey where you do recognize her as a woman. The equation right and it happened sometime in its earlier and earlier these days. I think it happens but it happened sometime in your teens and and continues to notice and probably the rest your life, but it also is the love of other things. It's finding that there is more to the story than just the sexual side of the lover and working to listen to a clip from a movie called Goodwill hunting and in this clip you got Robin Williams and Matt Damon and Robin Williams as a counselor. Matt Damon is whatever it is, dispassionately handling AII stubble subtypes of the state of the counselee and Matt Damon said something to him. He's really kinda said something mean to him about obtaining that he did in regards to Robin Williams is dead wife and really was pretty harsh with the earlier note and what we pick of the scene are set in a park and Robin Williams is going back into that conversation with him since the faintest idea lost nations, but you can't tell me what it smells like the Sistine Chapel interested ask you about women feels like to wake up next to woman truly cared about. So Shakespeare once more into the breach dear friends, best friends, and Jasper's last love is just for you and rescue you from the depths of hell was like to be anything tense about sleep and sitting up in the hospital for two months holding her hand as the doctors could see in your eyes terms. Visiting hours to an exciting loss only occurs when you love something more than anybody while you should listen to that what you say Robbie or me what you say to what Robin Williams is saying what comes up in usually smooth, there is a transition. There, God's given us all where there life's about being a warrior and all that and then all of a sudden something else starts to awaken inside you and the corsets awakened and Robin Williams and he is recognizing that it hasn't been awakened yet and the young man is talking to any he doesn't know exactly how to call that out of but the main thing is for us today. Sam, as we have a guest that probably understands it better than most.

We do, and you know part of the stage you find out of love for our love for music which we may talk about today would make it into next week, but you asked also do find that the woman or sexuality is involved in the stage it that enters in. At this stage in any young man's life or the awareness of it anyway and we do have somebody it's really knows a lot about that topic.

Gordon, we're so excited to have you be in North Carolina next weekend talking about this topic will thrive during the conference. Average growth Friday and I will talk about how getting real when it got each other great circuit. That's awesome. We were talking earlier in too many times people don't really understand God is a loving father. Is that something the people you find struggle with when you work with with men while yeah I think a great problem of the court recognize something after absolutely in order to recognize love. You have to think about. Sadly short supply article like I are just thinking about her, but King David.

You know, his son Absalom. I was on point, your sole discretion College of teenage teenage years.

One hour gone out to the snow when I say here is what I have for you drawback that I get so angry at him like that and eventually I began to fall. My knees and say I got 10 how I love like to think that nothing did I totally disregard the dog was about and I began to realize that later. Later, after the first about it if I brought with the car just left the black and I and I just would watch him get out to get called back the car and picks up the jacket puts it on the matter fact goes about way that you know love/as you let him have but love deal gently with the young man Absalom is out to kill me.

He hates me got his army gone against mine.

But you know I that's my son and everything I want to deal gently and I learned that now with my wife to going out walking.

The cold and I don't know were all like all teenagers to God and not just put the jacket in the back seat and we get there.

Monaco away, but it's it's that that may sound trivial to some, listed here, but to me that that's one of the first lessons I began to gather about love about my agenda about fulfilling my agenda. It's about looking out for the person providing everything you can do to help them achieve what they need, but I'm not expecting anything in return except satisfaction of knowing that your father God is right there is a good job pointing writing something that you know enough about we could do that with perspective that I think so. Talking with the man about sexuality always is that something that God meant for good to us as a gift or create one act in which we act like God we become good work creator and writing a book on that topic: sexuality and spirituality. A marriage made in heaven, something people don't readily connect in our culture works at the secularized culture that most Western European culture. The very sexual factor I Burger powers greater than we can we can control click so well we we denigrated reminder, we can control shameful datagram we scorned other cultures that do. That's the route that there is the root why great scorning culture break. By the first like the woman back.

I think the woman holds the place of creation farewell and that's that paradise. We all want to go back to the place where we were created for every man there is a locus 88. A physical location where all this work created and where the marketplace and we we were in escrow that your mother's mom and we we have a holy memory.

I call holiness to help you to go back to the place of creation. Like in Hebrews it nowhere were sojourners on this planet where we just can't we just stay here for a while. We go back to another place that we where we come from and the physical, as it were representation memory connector where we come from sexual desire is the desire to go back to the one you go back to where we come for the back of creation are creation quite we could call it sexual attraction. The problem with our culture is factor I culture. We don't acknowledge the deeper reality and that's it I'm holding a telephone handset right now and that the physical act of my hand is on the triggers information through my arm up to my head. I know I'm calling I'm cutting it, but I do make a woman yard away from never get near physically and felt think your physical body, mind, and I even impact your physical impact, but no physical contact. Now you know what happening here humble enough to say stuff going on here that we can control nobody affect nobody responds like that in our culture because without going into Grieco hubris. We think were better than the gods we know more than God were so scientifically able, but were not really get humble and acknowledge his desire is a lesson I want to get into even listen to mask injury with the next week. Speaking at a conference goes to our website link to that messenger new… And pass podcast on Facebook or twitter just about everywhere how the mask and we do have it iTunes 30 radio phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became radio that's right you take the Truth Network with you everywhere.

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Then we are fighting an amount. Register back mask injury and Robbie is going to bring up the topic. Probably what were you doing things that I love about what we discussed today. Is it God put this like my Gordon was talking about season sizes. Love the woman and sometimes it's his way of actually wooing us when I was in middle school I while I was a long time that was very ancient way way way back talk board actually was called junior high, so specific, it wasn't called middle school and junior high and I got a crush on this girl and I was at such a crush on her. That actually became almost a stalker and so I used to go over to her neighborhood and I would hang out on the street just in hopes that she might come outside and I would get a look at her. That's how infatuated I was a ghost. Gordon was talk about.

She was a long ways way I can, but she had some control over me. That was just unbelievably powerful later on in life is.

I began to study the Bible more and more I got in the book the song of Solomon, which I clearly understand to be Solomon at nine otherwise obviously knew a lot more about women than I don't know what it is they can, but he had not another one but he really understood how that related to God and the song of Solomon is a lot about the beloved and how this lover is coming after this woman, which essentially is the church and it's a picture of how Jesus comes after us when the second chapter she is describing how her lover is pursuing her and she says he's bounding over the mountain tops like a like a deer and he's coming he's peering through the lattice and when I saw that passage I realized while God is stalking me like I used to stock to Sue Trousdale as I saw this picture that God was literally as infatuated with me as I was with her and that awakened in me. This understanding of how God is it a lover to the extent that we are even more so than in my wildest dreams and and is one of the neatest pictures on my favorite chapters in all the Bible is that is that because I can picture how infection infatuated I was with Sue and now I know gods that infatuated with Dawson if you don't say in in as you are for him now. I would imagine Robbie as it says in Psalm 42, one, and we talked about that earlier as the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God, so we become that infatuated with God as well and it's it's it's a neat picture of how God's doing that. But sexuality as a gigantic placement, it doesn't know that it takes a journey to get there and I unfortunately would love to say just flip a switch and all the things we went to for validation.

All the things went to for comfort, all of a sudden, aren't there anymore and I'm sure that does happen for some people, but for most that I talk with are truly genuine. There is a battle. There is a journey and an Gordon you help guys with a journey, not just with different types of sexual addiction. But homosexuality, pornography, all those things and and so have you help guys move through that to find that love of God that were talking about reality with spiritual powers and how to control and it's not about biting the bullet back… Surrender and give yourself to God. It brought back to life. Surrender your whole being to handle you right it's not about you are trying harder. I command you now do not think of a yellow elephant that what are after all you can think of would yell off the market made up of the law does it brings you think might allow the state knowing right from wrong that the tree of knowledge of good people is not a tree of life when you know your your father loves you.

You do it. He says not good you're afraid you know it best for and most of us haven't had that level love from our fathers in my generation. My dad was the Depression-era World War II guy sounds of the World War II warriors became hippies. That's another story on Tom's father thought that there but many fathers did not have that affirmation of love their fathers or from the culture around them. The bandages shut everything down.

They were not allowed to want an ice cream read to entertain any desired depression, gone the world war going on and so they taught us what my dad said to be if I would cry instead of saying well, how about@pick me up and told me to stop crime or I'll give you something to cry about. Make it work like your paint work and so we we learned as boys that you don't go to a man to be real good, you pay 40 we have a whole generation today hope culture that now where I when I was young man in the 60s we we hated our father all look like it was political stuff and there was some political underpinning, but basically what you bring your home tell your parents that was literally what we said France. At the same time I get 68 the revolution was that thing that any friend of my fathers is my enemy was a man hating spirit that we moved on on on the world when a man Jesus. Father want to come back of his father and is afraid to approach and be real with them right that then the father of lies. Begin to speak, father of lies. Who knows the boy law you longing for a father's love and embrace care is not getting it from the real source so than that it gets distorted and the next thing you know, the father of lies as the one you want a man embrace.

Don't you and you know you do but it's not another guy hit your father. You look for and that but if you think you can't deal that openly it was too shameful and antiplatelet matching plays like a piano and I must be gay or something like I have a Amanda came to want the 50s to the grandfather and that your life that I for for for years and become a Christian company or silly can stop there are.

Gordon is off on a desire to going back get help to know what how can we start a prejudice show you where this began your life) Sunnyside member was five years old under hiding on the kitchen table. My dad was here yelling at my mom raising us there together: Jesus to be with you still living in a place Jesus do you call Jesus. Jesus is here and look at what's he doing. He's picking up and holding. I thought that your real father. Jesus, it seemed that using the father the real father from off the true name of the report so what now your securing arms of Jesus to Islamic your true father tell you that I feel dad that stop yelling at mama just just hold me daddy please hold me just burst out tears and I think scenario. The names are changed in the circle for both the same stories baby daddy please hold me.

I couldn't bear entertain that feeling of the board because we are vulnerable to you with me not be destroyed and could not trust you emotionally tell me my mouth become the norm in the culture of the norm.

I have hundred 50 memories of your dad talked about sex to that that might let you get to use it because you gave me a book if it has 60 minutes France are six months ago.

Not one of them had a father talk about what were abandoned and what were we. We need that that that input from our father and in the lack of it. What happened when the whole culture become become normal to be 100 than the one become defined management reality, and we have a politically correct that which is based on a man hating spirit and and you find that the growth of the homosexual movement, as it were, is because whole culture is his father and people take all your your homophobic yes every one of us is homophobic.

When could we all have this one will all looking for our fathers, we didn't have as were susceptible to this and when the vulnerability of the map begins to redefine the culture becomes normative healed folk are AND the healer gets crucified. Want to come as this is not the way God great and the powered hand due to change it out most of all, you can't change that little how it by.

We got to God with faith don't do this please don't do this it will harm you and say good luck. It's got got.

If God cannot work to restore and heal sexual brokenness that has no right to command me not to do it. That's religion. I hundred times six, seven years old time religion Gordon Mrs. Dennison. Quick question for you out of what you been saying in this is happening in my family right now are relative has said I was born this way in announcing the scale used once why he was he was he was basically fatherless because his father wasn't around and aunt and aunt said you know this is an abomination unto God. And the whole Facebook thing lit up and I was talking to my mother. Mother recently about a big deal with that when someone were sharing our culture today. Unit working on that way here… And all kind of deformity we don't to say about Mark surprised you go to the doctor get healed.

And besides, from a Christian perspective were all born into sin defined what is the saving work of God, Jesus Christ, towed fingerboard maybe were born abroad born with sin in the beginning of the story of and what would you describe right away the boys longing for that.

Okay. And until you get that level of reality where he can get to the point, like I described. I want my daddy you don't want another man to hug you want your daddy and when you get when when the daddy is so dangerous. Emotionally, he can't focus at appropriate in this dream is gone downstream get blocked again I can't focus appropriate it build up in it and it flowed and overflowed and flood to destroy 181, and that I will say that I remember no small snake during spiritual warfare. I I I work a lot with wood deliverance ministry and in man and now it is.

If your mother for example, were abused by a man she could develop a man hating spirit and I would come down to you and and you would take that generation. Overall, like my father's generation.

We hated we hated our father and so as a result we we reject all masculine values we would burn the flag we got all the stuff we became peace and love let her hair grow long and tried to be very feminine.

It didn't work didn't work out one more leave the feminist movement of stamp University brother Greg Gordon wanted men to get sensitive. We didn't want to get past of what hast what happened was we never daughter what we really want and what you have done is a whole generation men will hate 1st acre fathers and out of that hate, masculinity, and out of that. That's the root man hating spirit is what drives homosexuality Gordon we got about 30 seconds a conference coming up next weekend we tousled it more about that again and what you can be doing her yeah I'm talking the first in the plenary session why women in the spiritual and spiritual etc. I was something our culture and capable of dealing with with secularized we are doing a smaller lot detrimentally call him a text route father was how things man hating fathers that broke thank you more information that the website.

Lots of good information there and read in the middle of reading religion versus reality and what an awesome book that is innocent messenger messenger need out or you can download an app that you can go and get our podcast. Find out more about Alta survey was no more about how you can find out more about Robbie and Dennis and about me even thinking thank you Gordon for being with us and join us next week as we continue this topic about the 11th masculine

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