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The Lover Stage As Seen Through King David Click to Listen 30mins

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 7, 2014 12:30 pm

The Lover Stage As Seen Through King David Click to Listen 30mins

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 7, 2014 12:30 pm

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Jesus many one feels more like a losing battle when something request days and weeks and I think in order to talk about today. Don't be rubbing absolute fishing with partly will be fishing for some things today in order to continue to talk about the lever stage. If you missed last week show.

You missed a great show.

I think this will be better. So stay tuned last week show was amazing where Gordon Dalbey on the show and talk about this set the stage and the mask on journeys we been continuing the they walked to the Masco journey which was done before but this time were kind of focus in on David's life scripturally and also how that relates to our lives and that last week we had the pleasure having Gordon Dalbey on it really helped us continue to look at the stage of the lever stage and how that can kinda get derailed and guys can take off in a direction that feels like the lever stage but at the end of the day it's something false and so if you'd like to elect list so that you get a Masco journey listener that you check us out on Facebook and that's Masco journey radio on Facebook or LinkedIn just about everywhere think you can be on so if you got access the Internet you can find us with the welcome were glad to have you in studio have Robbie good afternoon good evening good day good.

Whatever it is where we live. Good morning Robbie how are you here I am in a talk about the lever. My wife is laughing out loud. We all are now in the morning your world is. Oh, this is Sunday Sunday okay, now we are Saturday afternoon. Thanks. Join with any it with as many were good were grateful to have you in order to continue to talk about the lever stage and the couple quotes that I want to read to you that I think are really pretty cool.

Both of these come from a book fathered by God by John Eldridge. Obviously he didn't write them, but he quotes them in one of them is an old Celtic quote that says never get a sword. Never give a sword to a man who can't dance. As I make a since you guys if you didn't know the story. If you didn't know what we are talking about.

You kind of think how much of the been drinking before they have the statement right because it doesn't seem to make any sense, but there's so much insight to this particular statement doesn't directly now because unfortunately warriors will take off on any ballot with a man who understands what it is he's fighting for is is a much more dangerous lawyer and the guy who's just fighting the fight absolutely, absolutely.

Great point. Then there's another one from Thoreau that I will thought was incredibly awesome. I never heard it and I could say probably never read it before but it says most fishermen spend their entire lives without knowing it's not the fish.

Thereafter, how you like to fish right absolutely hear that. What does that the cloaking to bring up in your there's something about the beauty the environment when you're out there in the middle of a stream that there are days when I don't care if I catch a fish just like to be out there in as many days for me unfortunate that comes true that I don't catch a fish and I am just out there, but I enjoy that as well and I think that that's what were talking about at this stage is as you go through the whole background.

The boy goes in the boyhood stage and in that state she supposed to know without a doubt, he is the beloved son of the father and that's what he has to get on that stage and then moving from there he goes into the cowboy Ranger stage and in that stage.

He's really got a learn that he has what it takes to do hard work and there's some small battles that he has to learn that he can fight not big overwhelming things at things a man should face with small things to prepare him for the warrior stage. Then he moves into the warrior stage in which he needs to learn that he can rise up and fight against injustice. We can rise up and fight against things.

But it's when he becomes to the lever stage.

After that, he enters into it as you said Robbie. He really learns that there's more to fight about over.

There's the right battles to pick, so to speak is not what you're saying AR and that's a lot of a man's life is realizing this is something worth fighting for and this is something worth going after. And that's the main thing about being fathered by God as John Eldridge said, especially through the stage, which I'm afraid that most young men even David's own kids didn't get a lot of fathering as you can see from Absalom through this particular stage, but the heavenly father can give us this idea of the kingdom which is the ultimate battleground that Jesus himself is going to come and be a warrior absolutely. We have a great movie clip when I go to the claim actually played it last week but is such a great clip like to play it again actually were not really that later motives. With that you have a great clip later. It's from the movie good Will hunting. But right now are to pay another Robin Williams clip dead poets Society. In this scene we played part of it before and you are part of it on Microsoft commercial I think it is. But that's not the part were planned were playing the part that leads up to it or he's dealing with these young men that are in poetry class because they have to be in he's talking about this book that the reading that tells them how to break down poetry into some type of legalistic way of interpreting whether it's good or not… And how he tells them about poetry text understanding understanding poetry by Dr. JF Prichard to fully understand poetry, we must first be fluent with its meter, rhyme and figures of speech to questions. One, how artfully the objective of the poem and rendered into how important is that object question one rates the poem's perfection. Question two rates, its importance and once these questions have been answered. Determining the poem's greatness becomes a relatively simple matter if the poem score for perfection decided on the horizontal graph and its importance is funny on the vertical's total area of the poem yields the measure of its great pipe. Talk about poetry describe poetry like American Bandstand like by running 42 but how would you teach my class, you will you will and language what anybody tells you words and ideas can change the world. We don't read and write poetry because it's cute read and write poetry because we are members of the human race in the human race is filled with passion, medicine, law, business, engineering, Canopus it's necessary to sustain life.

Poetry, romance, love, stay alive for about what really springs open going back to Waldo.

The quote from Walden oral Golden Pond. It's not about catching the fish.

The liver phase is not about sex.

It's about the companionship. It's a lifelong emotional connection between a man and a woman now. I know when you're in the warrior phase and even in the boyhood cowboy Ranger stage you're thinking, wow, she's a beautiful woman now, but you have to go you have to understand that this phase is about appreciating woman. It's about going after heart. It's about letting her come after your heart. It's about a lifelong interaction were to become one. You're right and I think the beyond that. You also learn that there's so much more to love you only think a David and and we know that what you know about David story obviously God calls him a man after his own heart.

David is not perfect. As we talked about Robbie he is and he makes his mistakes, but the times that he falls into the father's love and seeks it, his eyes open to the beauty around him, not just the physical beauty.

The woman which is deathly God's creation and thank you God for making that that's that's a very good job there. Thank you. The beauty of poetry.

The beauty of landscape those types of things never forget. I was on trip to St. Petersburg Russia and I was going to go into the meat art museum there and I thought this would be the most boring thing I ever to go through and there was a painting by Rembrandt or and I was walking through the sky. Okay, there's a painting by Rembrandt and then all of a sudden I saw that painting and I almost went to my knees because there was light inside that painting somehow there was beauty beyond understanding. There was genius that I'd never seen before and I stood there for more than an hour and gazed because I saw something that I never would imagine was possible for a human to put into a pain and realize that you could print that books from the taste of the cows come home less you actually gazed into that Rembrandt painting you can understand the beauty you couldn't understand what it was that the genius was that that the people that it seen it and I begin to understand what it is when you look into the heavens right if you go to the Outer Banks in a certain way you look in the skies at night and you see how the heavens declare the glory of God is. It's the same kind of thing and awaken something in you that's larger than you ever realized he had. I was thinking about the different times are guides awaken my heart to beauty in different different ways and this last time it really just almost brought me to my knees as you talk about was the time this last winter when Heidi and I were able to go in our 20th wedding anniversary and we didn't get a have really honeymoon supply situations financially. Lots of things and so 20 years we decided were going to go to Cancún and we never been anywhere like that it never really been out of the country. Other just across the border to Mexico and and when I lived in California and and we flew into Cancún and it was breathtaking. I the pictures we brought back people are amazed at the pictures and the pictures do not come close to giving it justice to how beautiful that environment was the different colors of blue and the water right. They never seen before and just going wow my gosh got you made in and create a credible thing here, and this is so much less than what heaven described as in this just blows my mind and hear the monkeys in the trees and fields little animals I've never seen before. It was just such a pleasant thing and I never found myself I'm usually somebody has to keep busy. I was perfectly okay just sitting back and looking all around and see that what God is done. If in this is really incredibly cool and what a teacher you are Robin William portray Robin Williams betrays their bill to take the young man, and say wow there is so much more to life then these noble pursuits which are to be involved in all their life, but this is what you stay alive for our these things and being fathered into understanding that is so huge and it's clear that David got that out in the desert. Yes, I think I'll think I'll talk about when we come back.

I am looking forward to that human listen, the masculine journey to continue this topic on the lever if you like to go… And talk has to be done in the past to the messenger. He radioed out, leading to mass concerning radio on Facebook you have an event coming up in September.

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We were waiting for something.

Now you are going to tell us in that minute was the longest minute really wasn't. It was close to the longest minute of my life as I waited to hear what you had to save was married before my hurt wife Candace, my second marriage in the first marriage. It was before I walked in this message.

The marriage was all about me. It was for her was what she wanted it for me. It was what about I want what I wanted but now that I walk in this message and am married to my lovely wife Candace number 17 years you know it's about us were talking about what we want to do together. I'm looking for things in her life that I can do to make it shine. She does the same thing for me and that to me.

That kinda speaks to what Robbie was talking about the beauty you know when I look at my life now and I look at my wife. I think it to me is breathtaking because it's something that was God sent exactly you know when we can look at that. You don't talk about walking in this message yeah John Elder just had an impact on our life.

Gordon always had an impact on her life. But what's had an impact on their life was the gospel right and really, all they're doing is telling the gospel in a different way and going back and said okay that sounds good in your book, but I want to see that God's word and going and looking at it and finding that there say no. My gosh, how could I have missed this for so long either so much more there that got you been trying to give me but I haven't seen that lets me really see life from that perspective, you know, one of the things we talked about earlier before he came on his it's easy to beat on yourself a little bit in the sliver stage and say look, I'm not what I need to be still pursue the affections of the woman too much to answer my question are. I'm looking at things I should be looking at two.

Give me happiness so to speak, and part of that is is realizing your unlike David within this early get things from all the stages we needed to get the other things were missing. Maybe in the boyhood stage for us, or maybe in the Kelby Ranger stage or even at warrior stage the gods you have to come after you and help you get his and after father you through that and then you can be a better place to be the lever that are called to be.

I definitely am a different person. I still fail at times with a different person towards my wife and kids and I was even a year ago that I was thankfully five years ago. That's as God moves me closer to that, but he does it through father and we threw some of those things I messed in the past and we talked a bit about before. When growing up, my dad was a great man loving but through a series of events and never felt like I was a priority to my dad and had spent two years almost come after me just showing me that you know what your priority to the point that it almost got comical. One day, probably eight people came up to me and made comments to me is like so off-the-wall and I'm saying God, what's this about, and finally him say are you going to believe me.

At some point you are priority in on.

Then I could just again take that stage my life and let that okay got. I get it now we can move on. I'm sure there's healing I got a get in the Kelby Ranger stage of things that I messed I and I think of my own love life, to whatever extent even through those early years, the early heartbreaks sent me into a deeper passion that later. I could only find God would fulfill at and what I really understand Jesus's love for me if I had not understood how deeply I was desiring the love of these different ladies in my life, but that Reno proceeded my life, but yet let you know.

Certainly when she came in and fulfilled that I was realizing that there was something more to this and something that only God could fit you when I was a child I miss the cowboy Ranger stage.

I sat around watching TV and I didn't really get out. Enjoy life and live it. I didn't understand what hard work was when I got into the Navy. Boy there was a reality of both hard work and you got to learn how to become a warrior. It didn't click with me until later that learning how to do the hard work and learning how to fight the battles really made a difference to me as a father because with my daughter whenever I make a promise I keep it I don't make a promise unless I'm going to keep the boat when I make that promise. Sometimes it is so hard because I'm a warrior after rise up and overcome whatever the days turned to me to keep that promise. And I think that there is there's more for everybody. We've all had these problems. That's just one aspect of it.

The same thing for my wife you there times when the warrior in me wants to fight a battle at her, but the battle is not my wife.

My wife is fighting for and have to learn to make that segue yeah that's that's a great point. I think the you know at the onset of the warrior stage. We talked about earlier that every battle seems like the one that I want to die on the hill for you not it's understanding that there's more to life than just the battle in order to go and listen to the clip. I promise you it plates good Will hunting in this clip you got Robin Williams again it's Robin Williams day today and in this clip. It's such a good movie.

There's some harsh language there and you gotta get through that some difficult subject matter with her so incredible screws that's in this that that lead you right back to the truth of the father and in this clip you got Robin Williams is a psychologist in his patient Matt Damon and Matt Damon has made a comment to him headed to Boston on a little bit about a painting he had done in Robin Williams is responded to him about. You don't really know what you're talking about were to listen to that peaceful sleep since the faintest idea lost as to give me the skinny nations you can tell me what it smells like the Sistine Chapel just see ask you about women feels like to wake up next to woman truly tough kid.

So Shakespeare going to the beach to best friends and Jasper's last love is something feeling like God is just for you, rescue you from the depths of hell know what it's like to be anything tense about sleeping sitting up in the hospital for two months holding her hand as the doctors could see in your eyes terms. Visiting hours don't apply to loss as it only occurs when you love something in this we have to warriors. We have warrior was loved and lost his love what he still lever and we have warrior is fighting everything around him. He's insecure and angry at who he is and worries come from, and because of that it holds him back from being able to experience the love that Robin Williams discussed because he's had the heart of the lever can now be a king, and he can help coach those warriors on these are the battles you want to fight I just want to read you some the words from David because at some point we like to bring the Bible into this conversation and Psalm 1611, it says you make known to me the path of life. You fill with me the joy of your presence, your eternal pleasures at your right hand. Some of the Psalms, it goes into this 42 one. As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. Psalm 63 one you God are my God, earnestly ICQ.

I thirst for you my whole being longs for you and dry and parched land where there is no water.

This man is a lover, but he's not loving local woman. At that point. He's loving his Savior, his creator is when he can live in that love of the father that all those other things can become a new perspective and when we know about David is David does lose sight of that at one point in Inman. We do we love to say that were always on the straight road whenever you take a step to the left or to the right. We live in a fallen world were still in in stages of healing and restoration. And I love to think I'm never gonna take a step off path, but I'm also at least old enough now at 50 to realize that's probably not reality.

You know I can hope and I can pray.

But at some point when I take my eyes off the father. I'm in a turn and look to something other than that, and you get to see David do that with Bathsheba right in that story when you go back to your you read through it all the kings were going off to war. It was a spring in Kingsville enough to warrant fighting the bigger stories are fighting for freedom of fighting for things that you know that literally God has called some of them to go do. And David decides in the season is like to stay home, to the point where now he's not focusing on what God wants you to do, necessarily, but is focusing on what surrounding in the first person catches his eyes. What Robbie the beauty of the next 10 minutes talk to you the kind of stuff you it was Bathsheba who was bathing across the way right and he could see her from the tops of the words could not capture what Robbie was saying.

I just let David's eyes I would see the deer in headlights and rub his eyes but now they're panting, but David loses sight in any false, you know, there's definitely repercussions from that. There's ripple effects from that choice and in working to have those been just like David story. That's not the end of the story and David turns back to God and he says God you know I've fallen by any turns his love and his attention to God and God continues to father him through that and that's way. David is a man after God's own heart right, at least in my mind God's will and set it. I don't know for sure but it's because he let God father him and turn to him for the answers. I think of I hoping that the parents there's so much adventure that people feel like they can get on the Internet or TV and always places but I love that movie clip you don't have it here where the guys going to Alaska and he says all those people are looking for adventure sit man from the boom tube and there is none. There are not really experiencing art when when Robin Williams says if you looked up in the Sistine Chapel. Well, you know, I got a chance one time to actually see the trains that you disturbed I got what you actually see the statue of David and go to Florence and see that order. See the leaning Tower of Pisa. There, there are things that are way beyond under you know if you get a chance to go do those things go on that adventure and and get to see some of the things that God has provided to big to bring out that lever stage and in us, whether it's art or poetry or where you find other than just obviously, which is pretty good.

I know told the story before but hiding I was to visit the Grand Canyon and I love to say the Grand Canyon was the second most thing there that day. Phyllis and Heidi know that was such a breathtaking place in just the never been there. You have to go processes just across the country that's done some amazing things in some amazing things here in North Carolina you go there to mask injury you can get more information on upcoming events you can get more information about the death camp that Robbie is going to be more information out on get past podcasts. You can learn more about when you can catch up with us in Kernersville, the masculine journey radio show comes to you weekly on the truth because of your faithful prayer and gifts addresses masculine journey radio, PO Box 550, Kernersville, NC 27285 or sure to let them know that you listen to the program on the Truth Network

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