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Searching For Sages..this weeks show click to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 21, 2014 12:30 pm

Searching For Sages..this weeks show click to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine.

Many life feels more like a losing battle when something is about top when talking about this one is a real life, and Richard has really really enrich my life would talk about the sage not the spice not the one that you you put in your turkey dressing okay this is this is the one that we can glean from having older folks in our life and God has really blessed me about over the years and so I'm really excited about what this brings to the table for most men, you think it's any coincidence that the spice sage in the topic of elderly advice sage being spice your life is any coincidence now actually I did little research on that and John Conrad in 1630 through three wrote a book on herbs and sage. He said was good for the mind and it stimulated growth and having people like that in your life is definitely been good for my mom and stimulated growth because they can see holes in your armor that you didn't know your pamphlet back about six 1623. That was part of the class just ahead of the front of our mild we are going to be talk about the sage live guest with us today from Heritage Woods and it's an assisted living in independent living facility in Winston area, so that correctly.

Tammy and Connie welcome.

Thank you and remember talking about some of the experiences that you guys have and in the joy of working with people that honestly our society dismisses. Sometimes in the shame of the wealth of knowledge that there we get the benefit of being with any every week and just getting information from him and learn a lot about life and is also said such a straight many many times and I just would imagine what we would do without that there are so many people out there that this have so many gifted things to share just about their life that would would love to learn more about and so will talk with you about that but I want to get into a clip pretty sentence from Sean Connery is in it so it's a really good clip. You know has to be Sean Connery's minutes from the movie finding Forrester and in that movie. If you haven't seen it.

It's about a young inner-city boy that really likes to write and somehow he learns that this older guy up in an apartment may have been a writer and he kinda breaks in and they get to talk and they develop a friendship and this is Sean Connery turning to teach this young man how to write and I want you to listen this and to see how the sage plays out in this young man's life while you socks inside out so badly design the seams are on the inside told in some cultures it's considered good luck be wearing something inside out and you believe that no equity risk. About this professional you feel having them tell you what he knew he was betting show show always so much better for others.

Gladden what will you do like you to the problem. Just think your first draft, right right right Rob is here that I think about all the school project that wouldn't start and where to start this watch this movie would've told me what to do I get I'm familiar with that clip and as a writer I time and again I go back to that and just start let my heart go and see where it goes and it's amazing how often that combined with prayer. God will direct you. But the cool thing is is that when how cool would it be to have a guy upstairs, but you could go knock on his door and he could give you answers into wisdom like it's incredible how that that ability to do that when things are going to point out real quick is is what people if you're not familiar with the assisted living or independent living. It's not the nursing homes of old you I was young kid. My grandma take me nursing home to visit her brother.

It was at least at this place is a place where people went when there was no one to care for them and and this is really more of a community is really what we have and I've been blessed to be in one. On Sundays we go to and actually church service. There is such a lively active place. It's like man I can't wait time the agent I can get in there and so much fun.

So what is it like to be in that community with the people of different people that have impacted your life.

I think part is just being there is is recognizing that there are so many people there who have value and hey hey were not.

They are just because they're all there. They are vacant.

There they are because they want to leave heaven.

They want to do things into it someplace and any nights I've had many fights over the years to only thing I see them do things that make that excite me and I thank you I and there's a lot of live and left today in a teachers who taught me and helped me support me and raise amount. Condor and think I'm just talking about my kid did this or my kid did that and then all of a sudden I'm getting this wonderful advice from a 97-year-old lady he taught for 40, 45 years that that's the kind of thing that I get from the residence that we get to work with every day stuff you shared a little bit before he came in and I'm sure anything you wish you'd want to be just the difference between reading about history in hearing about it.

I amazing thing you had a couple residents of really instrumental in history and hear from first write I worked I worked with a lady who had dementia when alert with her. But if you talk to her now. She was over 103 and she was at and she had done some amazing things. She taught stock college taught history in college or English one another. I'm not sure but she taught some of the gentlemen who work in it with the Greensboro four and Grace Brian. It was very interesting to talk to her and hear her tell you about some of those things and in 103 years the things you can ask her and find out in the thoughts he had about things and and while she did have some some memory issues. It was white.

She was always able to impart some knowledge that I didn't know when it was really it was just a cool thing about clamp to and be able to say I knew her and she influenced me.

You have to have ears to hear, right right you know Rob you made a point that a lot of times people that are truly sages. And before you get there. What is a sage if I ask you that the question of you defined this very simple one sentence. What's the sage it's the stage after the king where they've gleaned understanding on how to do that and now they are actually in a more important role of being able to advise other kings on how to do what it was that God taught them thinking. The reason would ask using a I knew you knew it and and I did as well, but also just to see where society says that that's the agent there. There no longer useful in the reality of it is it's one of the most useful is the most time on their hands the help they have the most life that they've lived in this promenade can be many situations. If you if you read the Bible. There's not a lot of situations in there that don't happen today on drama TV you know me and why humans are humans and they have been forever in a talk with somebody it's been through some of those things and say how did you ever get through that would be key county where the questions I had for you was you know the time you've been there been a couple different roles there but hubby really enjoyed working with the residents what some of the things that they've impacted your life with. For me it's because my parents have gone. My grandparents are gone and I think for me it's just that I have the privilege of working in their home and everybody has a story and have learned a lot throughout the years and just what makes them tick, what their likes are more of the discovery and with their passions were in their youth just just about their families and I take that home with me every day impact your life insured was now back to Scripture because we do like you Scripture here on the masking journey from Proverbs 1630 it says gray hair is a crown of splendor is attained in the way of the righteous of any you must be incredibly righteous because you have some really nice gray hair there and I know you and I like to joke with you but you know life is had its twists and turns, but only times you stepped up for us and said hey guys timeout. You need to think about this a little different yeah I've done that a number of times in my gray hair is just around my is not safe.

Potted wit it many ways I am the sage of the one thing that I've learned being with you people and where I live because I live in the Heritage Woods with Connie and Tommy.

The one thing that I have learned this where alive, you know, I mean people see us as old ladies in mind while I look at people where I live now and hold it in me, and on the kid you know and but the sage is all part of growing up. I have learned before onset of being rambunctious and always telling my family my kids everything, do it, is that I have learned that it's better to listen and really absorbed books, and on and that imports what a sage really is all about you not to listen and to guide and I'm happy to be at heritage. Woods. This is not a promotion deal.

I am happy very happy with my life is blind and I get so much help from Tammy Connie and the staff and come in here every Wednesday doing the show with you guys make me feel young. They make me feel young and what more can I ask you also make us feel young anytime salmon. We had discussions about issues with our kids or grandkids for that matter. And then all of a sudden that we've been talking for an hour and Vinnie and said nothing and also here comes the solution and realized it was just it was there the whole time he's waiting on us to ask even listen the masking journey when I come back after this break we get another great clip from a movie you don't expect to recent moving at someone you might not see his essay. If you listen to past podcasts go to masking journey we can find us on Facebook at masking journey radio you want to meet Vinnie Menino in person were talking the Godfather is a treat. We got an opportunity coming up Thursday, June 26. It's music at twilight and Kernersville.

So join us at downtown Kernersville this Thursday from 6 to 8 stop by the WTR you tenant will have the whole masculine journey team there will have Dennis and cannot sink the question is whether you can sing. The question is can you sing and how heavenly nakedness out some great giveaways downtown Kernersville from 16 on Thursday gassing your phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became a radio that's right you take the Truth Network everywhere. Now they start brand-new Truth Network out.

That's right. Listen to Dr. Michael Brown light a fire to Christian to thought life. All our programming 24 seven) fracture out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport can plug into the Truth Network just go to downloaded do for you Truth welcome back to masking journey we're talking about sage today and again not space space it adds so much to our lives.

If you learn to walk with one person wanting to know what one is and then trying to decide you know I really need one is been so many times it is you read a book we've been reading about father by God that as men we just get angry and only really boil down what that anger a lot of times is is this the frustration that there's been nobody to show me how to do this, you know, I'm just a bit of a walk with somebody that's been through those things. It is, you can't measure what that isn't. It's not just current day it happened back in David's time we've been talking about going to David's life on the masking journey and Robbie David had a couple sages in his life today Ellie I had him he was knee-deep in safe concern that I you know, one of the most fascinating stories and Scripture is in the Bathsheba incident incident where, how could a guy like that go so far south and not see it but then this amazing sage and Nathan comes to him and tells him the story because you know is not too cool to go to the king and say you're an adult for a number and said he tells him the story about this guy and his sheep and and leads him to his own conclusion that this guy needs to be punished and then Nathan says will be guided killed the sheep that's you and and and that was amazing but also when Absalom turns on David, there's a whole issue with these advisors and we talked about before that advisors end up with more power in a country quite often than the king. We think it's the president.

Those advisors have all this influence and that comes from years and years and wisdom of these advisors that were with Absalom were the what David knew to be the more divine advisors and so actually they they condescend a secret agent sage to undermine the good sage so that they wouldn't take the good sages, advice, and he goes out and commit suicide because again doesn't take his advice. That's how much though sages play the role it in the Bible in what you know a king. A good king depends on great counsel him. You know there's plenty Proverbs and say were in a lack of counsel plant plans fail and that's the beauty of having a Vinnie in your life are always folks that are there at heritage with absolutely no if you told me wouldn't talk about a secret agent sage that was left me off on that. Thank you, know that the sages in an advisor are totally two different things, at least in the way that we define them in advisors. Somebody taken to the I guess the extremist somebody that wants to give advice to be lifted up himself right right you not want to have value and in a sage is really trying to help somebody in their life that does provide immense value, but it's the motive behind it that's that's different. Sometimes sages come along that aren't always what we expect now if I ask you about a sage with Connie Tammy if asked about a sage in your life and I would imagine most the time that would be some.

It was rather friendly with W true statement. Most of the time. Most of the time, but because you can learn from people that aren't necessarily friendly). Sometimes the best advice we give can come at us in a way we don't expect you listen to a clip from the movie the hunger games. It's actually the second one catching fire, catching fire, rather in in this clip you get here. Merchants talking to people from his area And and Pete and they're getting write a plan to go back into the ring and listen to the advice that he gives him don't listen to how he says it but listens to listen to what he says freeze to death for fire, that's a good way to get kill all Choi when she join us just giving some lifesaving advice I got thought I was just about to find shelter come in handy if in fact you were still alive past Jan, how do you find shelter. Give me a chance to waste sweetheart's mentoring is very taxing stuff really want to know how to stay alive. You get people to like you, not what you were expecting in the middle of the games and you're starving freezing some water knife or even some matches can mean the difference between life and death, and those things only come from sponsors and to get sponsors you have to make people like you and right now sweetheart you're not off to a real good start to rub your life and that was that was that make you laugh so much of what goes on in my view and ministry were these people are trying to figure out a way to get Christ across and and they go about it in with such a frown on their face and without the joy you know if nobody likes this. It did not come except the advice to it's hard to believe there's good news when it doesn't seem like it's been beat with it little bit harder statement. We talked a bit about what a sage is hopefully getting the idea that you need one not know Robbie you walk. Listen guys for number of years on Thursday and is at sage relationship you meet with those guys is that one way thing that they just here here's your wisdom for the week. I head out youngster and come back next, no, no, no, it's one of the joys for me of having those folks in my life is that sometimes they I get to give them stuff and then other times I give it to me.

It's it's a give-and-take situation.

It's very much a relationship. The main thing for me is that to have people like that that you know they can pray for your family don't always have answers and you don't always have answers for them, but it's just another way that God shows up for me is in the heart of some of these older settings because he's in there and in the end, and he shows up through their love which is a unique kind of it is is to me a question for you should live a story where you walked in and looked on the wall and there's a picture of a guy that you thought had a monkey with a 98 it was it was maybe not a monkey that we would think. What was it AIE quickly tell me correct to me that it was not a monkey was a man. Evidently, if you are with monkeys or chance. The difference is very important that he told me that in that it was a temperance.

I like how that's really cool. I like to dance and but what I found out was that he had worked at NASA in his job. He trained some of the first space chance and that was really kinda cool to me, and that we got to talk about that a little bit. He was pretty stoic about give me information, but it was real interesting to have that information from him and sent to me to think back on.

I've had some doing what I day working with senior citizens. I just had some wonderful experiences and got to meet some wonderful people and learn things that I not be in around as many senior citizens that I have. I would have never learned say to me that's been a blessing and and just a value added value to my career as a things have been able learn absolutely sure that you actually took your son in. I did actually took my son to meet him because I thought it was cycle that this man's train spaced his Parnassian.

My son was young enough that he didn't even really know what a space jump was that we had to get on the Internet and figure that out and then we had to go and we went out to this gentleman and over the years. My son is is 12 now and over the years he's been able to me hundred and three-year-old lady who they shared a birthday and we gave them a birthday party together is been able to be teachers who have been retired for years and years he's been able to meet an actor who acted in a horror movie that we got to watch site site dyes are just experiences that you knew that you will get to have. Without these these these people who have all this value in this experience that that we should appreciate reminds me thinking about we talk several times on here but why did Jesus teach in parables Jesus taught in parables because of her stories and people learn in stories and as you talking about the train. The space chance about your son never forgets that right right. We will talk about now and that's 50 years back because there's a story there somebody that he knew involved in the power of the people having her story to bring to the Nets were talking about. If you're somebody out there that it would be a sage and so do not just have some things I'd really love to share with somebody mashing journey if you if you are on the Internet. If not, will have a call heritage words in and talk to them over there, we'd love to build a talk with you about trying to match up with some way just want to know your story, which kinda brings me to point what people want to meet essay just so you know, I'd really love to meet some a male or female US females out there would really love some advice from some lights walked in their shoes before I could think about doing it with every something they can work with you guys on, I think it would be one of things that that we were chatting about earlier is in and in senior living. We do a lot of programs where we match up children adopted grandparent programs reading programs mentoring programs and things like that and and and when we started talking about doing this I with you guys. Especially after spike to you on Monday I start thing out when Nicole if we had a group of adult man who needed that mentor we could start to set up those same kind of a relationship since I think that would be a wonderful thing in and I would certainly like to see that that drive the gift if you did you like a women's version in the men's version. The women's version would probably talk a lot quicker than the men's version of January they will allow the. That is a point you know we talked off their little bit but there's always times in your life. You keep thinking that when I get to be the certain agent and I have arrived, and I know things I get there and just as confused in on-site. What I didn't know what to do with the 12-year-old son. I really didn't know what to do with it. When my child got to be 21 and the challenges that come there and be able to walk as male or female to talk with somebody that has walk that with you would be huge rallies. I think about this topic. What what mortgage like that. Yeah I all of us have folks like that are probably somewhere in our circle. We go to church with them.

We don't know how to engage and we talk a lot on the show about the poser and how we think we got it be a certain way and we gotta be that way. This way but actually if you just be completely authentic with that older gentleman or or when you walk in and in your in this group. You begin to share what you really are struggling with you and I really don't understand this that's going on in my life or I don't understand this passage in the Bible are I don't understand this that I'm dealing with. And in doing so you you call out that Sage that Sage is sitting there listening and when he sees you are actually humble and you actually have a desire for what it is that he has to offer then it calls him out, and it gives him life and I have the absolute pleasure of producing a program on the network called with some of the wounded, which is done by Karen Mulder. I saw an email the other day where she said this show just give opportunity to share what God is teaching me that's a great point you talk about life saving advice with his life given on both sides of that equation when when you walk this morning. That way you can listen the masculine journey we got some events coming up, mashing journey events tab were to be in Kernersville June 26 be there once a month that music, twilight's gone and read more about that journey. also have adult camp coming up in September September 7 fifth through the seventh through 73 can go to mashing journey radio on Facebook or on twitter and journey radio mashing journey

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