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How Does God Want Us To Have Dominion? Click to listen 27 min

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 28, 2014 12:30 pm

How Does God Want Us To Have Dominion? Click to listen 27 min

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus please. Many like losing members and something topic nonetheless really talking again about the king stage talk about it in a way that you not not expecting us to. Are you guys excited about the things I do look around. I just excitement on your face when we hear little bit very much that bother you. Thank you Dennis in studio today we have Robby, Dennis, Al, Vinnie and myself and so you will hear different ones of us speaking today on some of our personal experience and if you're not familiar with what we talked about on the king stage were talking about from the book fathered by God from John Eldridge. He goes through the six stages that a man goes through life and one of the stages when the last couple stages that is that is called the king stage is that where Elvis did have most of his work between you and I will and it was on the stage around medicine, whichever is the smallest things Always have a dollar bet Elvis would look back King. The king stage of being in charge or not necessarily being responsible for others being responsible for the care of others how Jeffrey said have dominion like God gave Adam that you have dominion over this dominion over that you know we were meant to be sons of the King. So you know that's where we end up. And there's a lot of biblical stories that they going to talk about and preparing for being a king or a lot of around the king in general were talking off there that in the in the history of their time at the North region and in the South region.

Robby, can you share a little bit of that.

Now when you look at Israel it be pretty tough to find a good king as he had 20 kings in the southern kingdom and Judah that only eight made the cut. As far as Bob was concerned that they said they had a good kings and they were in 19 kings in the northern kingdom which was Israel and they had a batting average of Zebedee they had zero good kings in the northern kingdom and so a autopilot 39 minutes.

It's pretty tough to find a good king. It is, it is but yet I think there are some people that the one to use their power for their benefit in the Dennis and are some people that really that's her focus of of what do I get.

There's a big difference between being trusted with power and abusing your power and what what what we saw biblically and will and what we see when we look at the kings as there was a lot of abuse of power and we can do that in our lives is kings we can abuse the power that was given us kings and an art. Kings can be can abuse it as well. Sometimes that happens because they just come along it because they are ready to young ready to be in that position. Interesting thing to say about young boys that you see rising up and then they give you an idea that that's a king right there that's in the making is the noble heart you know you see that they know right is right in and out and in those kind of things and you can see that in the boy and I think that's one of the reasons that clips like this one. Your fix the play speak to our hearts is yeah that's a king right now.

That's a king right area absolute Emma play a good clue. The second that really sums up. I think what people in her heart so yeah that's what I want to be if they really desire to be a good king when I was trying to find clips stone you is unfair that I came across to a Mel Brooks song. I would initially recommend it talks about. It's good to be king and you start listening after about 15 seconds to realize it's going in really bad direction and it's all about. What does he get out of it right when I talking about that person and how they view you kingship really talk about this character and it's from the movie Camelot and it's a Sean Connery plays King Arthur is having a discussion about whether he should enter in with some people. Robby, who is he talking with initially that's a great unsolicited and fat guy. I'll take that as a bad cut into knowledge. Thank you so good hours here and to divest yet they do I will listen to bail herself out here. So here we go beyond Camelot flesh of people. People too weak to protect themselves, let them die other people live by other little was off all of Camelot to rule the entire world, along with an enslaved man launches free I we hold to be right and good and true is right and good and true for all mankind under God will be just another fine like a talking piece, especially to be found on the shrinkable that much, I so how's you listen to that. What this rises up and you and you listen I love Sean Connery's kingship in what he says about their laws and set people free early on with my children. That's what I wanted to do not necessarily exclude and inspire me, but now I wanted to be the firm hand to guide him in the right direction and in rather than the one that just acted on his own when I think it's neat point that the bag and this was Malaga, which is like malignant, which is deadly. He's that he's obviously in the warrior phase and he's he has no guidance.

He has no function other than serving himself but Sean Connery's role.

If you look at Camelot thrives. This does he go out in the field know he trusts people to go out in the field is not involved in everything, but he leads them and gives them what they need to be strong and successful and he also has expectations. As you listen to that you think about man I'd like to like to be that guy. But sometimes it's easier to do than other times. One of the neatest things I learned in that way the wild at heart or father by God broken the king stage that I realized is so significant and I want wow that is so true, and I missed out on so many different levels of being a king is a good king wants to make his kingdom as much as heaven is possible is much like heaven. And there's a clip that John Eldridge talks about in an I'm trying to think of the name Murray Jerusalem okay kingdom of heaven.

The kingdom of heaven where the young king is you know he's digging and always people say why are you working so hard to make this a ghost because I want to make it just like Jerusalem, where the picture is that a good king is going to do what he needs to do in his kingdom.

To make this much is like heaven is possible.

That's things are right and fair, but they're also good and that's why you know a good dad. Supplies first family in the NY he wants to live in a nicer house on why he wants that kingdom to be as much like heaven is possible. And Jesus obviously is do that for us in making a way to the front and preparing a place worth in it. It's not that the king wants to make a heaven for himself right. It's for the other people is really the key.

And that is that easy to do we know. I think that if it's easy. It's because the king is serving himself and for me, you know, the hard part of this for me as I have a son is in the warrior stage have another son is in the cowboy Ranger phase and then I have a little girl who's in the childhood phase in each would need something different and then each one needs my time and they need my wisdom and they need me to be in their face with them so I have to be a warrior with my warrior I have to be cowboy Ranger with my cowboy Ranger and have to be a child with my daughter but that I also have a queen and needs love, attention, and have a kingdom at home and then have a kingdom work so balancing all that in giving everybody what they need is the biggest struggle for me. It just is so taxing because at the end of the day and always rears up that you miss this opportunity shouldn't on this or you got you got to make this happen this week for them.

It depends what you're measuring one or two if you measure against perfection were always going to come up short know but I would say no measuring that you you enter into that warrior stage, but you're also still the king but you you don't never forget being a warrior and an end to joy, still fighting a good king knows which battles to fight and seeking to help Evan no king knows how to become a warrior that fights the good fight. He shows them how to walk that path from warrior to kingship as a young lawyer every battles. The battle to fight and that's part of that some rods are so stupid.

Some of them are, but that's part of how we learned in yeah Robinson at about that requisite easy, is it easy to be the king, I know, and I've challenge beyond challenge when I see certain things are going, especially in family, it seems like it's the kryptonite bit can bring a king to his knees, which is exactly what God had in mind. I think because in less I am walking with the king of kings. I got it I got no answer. In this in the buck stops here and I got to go somewhere. So if there's a place where I find myself needing to be followed by God. It's right here in trying to to make my home that way or my work or you know my radio show. Whatever the case may be, without God.

I standard shift that this searcher know what types of humans and to hear what types of things. If we talk about this king stage is really confusing you will talk about it you know a different way from, but it is those things that you have influence over those things irresponsible for dominion, that might be, but we each have things that we had were a king in and looks different at different stages of life and now you talk a little bit about work and in about home and Rob you talk little bit about the radio show, but you could be a king in a church he could be a king at different places we could be a king over a Little League.

The coach right right Sunday school teacher.

We talked about choir director, all those things are kingship's, yet the successful kings. They walked the kingdom. The successful managers they walked the though floor date they see every aspect of it, it'll just sit still and I think that's the part that then makes a king worn is that he's needing so many areas and Robby I think you hit it on the nail hit the hammer and the nail would have a thing yeah that's for clear. Thanks for the fuzzy nail camera but that rejuvenation. I get that from the Lord. I get that in my Bible study in. That's what I like about this band of brothers as we talk about the things that we learn we talk about the struggles, but in there's one person that always amazes me is Robby because he comes back with this gleaning shimmering nugget that I have a thought and I draw strength. It's more Robby's nugget back masking journey. When you come back and talk about where we still struggle with what successes we had were and where do we still struggle to get more information masking journey or go to mass country radio on Facebook family adventure this fall. September 5 through the seventh of camp specifically for folks for the fathering to learn how to hunt, or perhaps just don't have a place to go. I can't because will be intense and that might be a family adventure because the funding is just a small part of this weekend all masculine drug events tons of food great talks by both the men and women naturally with great movie clips and most of all covenant assignments time specific time set aside for your whole family to hear from even a movie Saturday night. I think the thing I'm most excited about with the death camp is really learning how to shoot a 12gauge.

I got a Christmas and so kids, my wife and I all got guns for Christmas and it looks like a great opportunity for us to get around some people that know what to do and and really help us learn from.

Go register now it masculine journey individuals are hundred $69 whole family for just $299 masculine journey radio so far under the events page. Welcome back masking journey. We're glad you're with us today we are talking about the king stage and we have a great opportunity coming up. You probably just her little bit about the Robby what we have coming up that you'd like to share with dove camp. 2014. I am of all the events I can think of the last few years.

I am so excited about this one because there's so much about boot camp that I dearly, dearly love but always wanted to be able to show that in a family atmosphere where some of the younger folks could get a chance to experience covenant silence times where they could get a chance to feel that because to me. Boot camp is really close to heaven so I think about a good king creates that atmospheres like heaven than when I get a chance to come into that kind of thing this case dove camp.

It's our prayer that this going to be like heaven, but a chance for families that have sort of anything and that in the dove hunt itself but there's going to be our talks, there's going to be camping. There's going to be fellowship in the food that we always have you know of any masking journey Oya there's always a lot of it.

It's always quite good now. Are you excited about going.

Are you going I'm assuming you are going to be there, and I've been toying with. We get a shotgun shotgun for me and that's mine that I will share passed on one of my sons so I'm excited and try to pick up the right shotgun. I'm also trying to one up my buddies so it's that dynamic of of it could be a Browning her and I'm sorry about that, but I'm excited because you know the food, fellowship, but also the dove. I've not yet. If you're if you're not a good hunter you've never shot before coming out because I've never hit a dove, and so his third attempt. If you want hit them. I always in high always aim high. Did get the one that kinda flew into a tree never came down to claim that that one died up in the trees network will have a service for me to go back and I waited for that I would talk about Internet is gun conversation may really be a two 2221 whatever time I have no clue when it comes to guns. And that's why I'm excited to go. I'm excited. I do own a gun very graciously. My father-in-law gave us anyone at Christmas since 12gauge and I have shot at some that's Mesquite and I'm really looking forward to going in and learning something that my dad was unable to teach me and so I think it's going to fund it to walk with some people that are most of my age.

Like robbing him a hard time but let him father me and some of that because I really was unable to get that. My dad and got a father, me through Robby during the time hopefully that's all really talking about is is being a good king. We listen to the Sean Connery clip a few minutes ago and it's on a very large scale, and he's a king of the nation. He's a king of very prominent and so you can look at and say what I get it with him, but that that's not me I'm back at the small kingdom.

You know, and in the middle you have a family home, still a king. But the people who live under the king's role are so dependent on the king. The matter how big the kingdom they needed they needed. They need him to engage not be passive. They didn't need them to address them in a and hearts, but also about to lead them in a path were to listen to the clip here that that's a little different still from the king stage zone. It's from the movie Rudy and in here you have the lead character Rudy is thinking about quitting football is very disgusted. Some things that the former coach and promised him didn't come through when the new coach took over and he is is ready to quit. And if you never seen the movie. It's an incredible movie about the termination is based on a true story of get some advice from a well-meaning king and will come back and talk about that and what the king had to sacrifice in order to lay the groundwork for this person that he cares about that anymore. I quit well since we got the license to the point in the greatest tragedies in the world I wanted to run out of that tunnel for my dad to prove that I was somebody who is so full of crap athletic ability football team, the land to a degree from the University another day in his lifetime prove nothing to nobody except yourself what you've gone through. If you haven't done that by now in England never happened: so I never got to see your first game is five seen too many games in the stadium that you said you never saw seen again from the stance plaintiff wrote the bench two years but I wasn't bent plate because of my color addict so I quit. Still, not a week goes by. I don't regret it, and I guarantee you week will go by in your life you will walk and not letting them get stuff you hear me clear and as you listen to that is a good king Robby would you call him a king know absolutely and his motivation is clearly you know the heart of this of the subject, or that he season in peril in a position to make a decision that he knows all too well the results of that decision is as listen to this young thinking about the part first part of the speech that he gives him his powerful and it's true right what is telling me hung in with the vesting of this is really you're not, you should name the been here that's all true but that's not the power of their conversation becomes powerful when he opens up these vulnerable absolutely sure as part of himself. Yet when he's willing to do that and that to me is one of the greatest strengths of the king willing to be vulnerable willing to share your experiences willing to sit out one of the questions you asked earlier was word you feel like you're working well with this and and that's with my daughter right now my daughter just recently asked to come sit down and talk with me and I thought it was this she said was a relationship thing I thought was relation relationship thing with the boy that was part of it, but it was really her relationship with God and we just had an amazing conversation over lunch about and I was able to share with her at her age at 22. You know where I was struggling with some of those things and that's what this guy's doing he saying you I was in that place you worked this hard.

Don't give it up now. This is what happened to me. He's willing to open up his heart and say this is what happened to me and that to me is where he really truly becomes a king. As you listen to that. What did that king have to gain was or anything that had to gain from that feeling.

Obviously he's going to get out of it in him for his benefit.

The only thing he gained at the end was what was that that the joy in saying Rudy playing the game, but he didn't know what was going to happen that I had no idea, but he took a tremendous risk right so what was the risk that he's taking their you really listen to that when when the king is talking to the warrior and he shares a negative experience the negative part about himself. He risks losing the esteem that the warrior has form and what does he have to gain every king's work.

The salt wants to see the people around them grow and become stronger and stronger than him to eclipse him even that's what a good king does. It's not about me it's about the people around me. It's about like a great king is a loyal servant to everybody in the kingdom. And then she started to go here for us. Thank you word we get when it's time for us to be vulnerable little bit and so you surely think you're doing well Robby what you think you're doing well in this area. You really put me on the spot there. I want to be and if I'm vulnerable there like I really don't see much that I read over there you go, you know there's a quote that I posted on the website. There has been if you want to register for the mission generated a masculine journey if you want to register for the dove camp by Queen Elizabeth I said that crown looks pretty good from a distance. But once you put it on your head shine quite so much and you know that responsibility falls on you in the end those failures and you could hear it almost in King Arthur, forcing Sean Connery's know that that that comes with a cost and and there's a lot of pain from my standpoint, that bit that's involved in that. And to me, I see that reluctance of taking the crown as part of that stage. Not don't be so quick to because I remember when I was young basketball player and I have a chance to coach a team, a young Boy Scout man I needed to be the head coach right away while I got baptism by fire red led to figure out that was exactly what I was prepared for. At that point in time I wasn't prepared to be head coach but I found out that the hardware and got those wounds again where that and today I see not so quick to pick up that crown is as once I was because there are some responsibilities and in and being sure that that's a crown God wants you to pick up slowly so I know what you think you're doing well right now. You said you've entered in those areas. He says the challenge of the worry worry being successful in your mind will have to turn a lot to my wife to give me feedback because you so often we look at what we are doing well, but I engage with my all my children and my wife on a personal level I want to know what's going on in their lives and am active in their lives and to the point where if they're doing something wrong, I'm not afraid to call on it.

Not not in a way that harms him, but that encourages them in, but also lets them know a don't don't settle for that quality is what you're after.

Especially the cowboy Ranger phase you want to learn. The quality is more important than that, the weariness you get from hard work. So I have to say that because it the feedback I get when I come home that they rush me for hugs and they want my time.

That's a sign that you know I'm doing something right. I'm not sure exactly what it is but I think your paying for me. He hit the nail on the head. You can get a view of where you're focusing his for me. I was look at what I'm not doing well in on the Internet that can be a healthy thing. It can be very unhealthy thing and when we talk about this topic in an alley in our time at an earlier that the thing that gets in my way of being a good king is my own selfishness going to be just very honest and maybe some one day my younger son commence a halo that shoots and basketball and I'm just tired.

It's been a long day and instead of getting up and going to play basketball. Too many times I just want to be selfish and on. I look back mix of others usually gone so quickly, and I wish that I had him back in nine so my going to do something different the next time I like to beat myself up over because that's when you do anything, but in my going to change into something different. Moving forward, and learn to be a better king today. That's what it's really about making progress were not ever going to be the king that we want to be here for like we ought to be. We can be very grateful and not thinking we used the snow perfect 10. Well there is clear there is one that's right, but not if it is not you. And it's not me inside out Robby anyway so that's good. Hopefully you enjoy this topic and talk next week beginning on the topic of fatherlessness and I know the word, but it really applies fatherlessness journey to download some podcasts we had in the past downloaded daily devotional that we do is lots of different things there that can help you walk along and hopefully lead you back to father, he would not listen.

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