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July 12, 2014 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus please send why feels more like a losing battle, and something, my quest is another question, guys. Maybe in a better question. Who are you letting it bother you today. That's the question that were unopposed and Morgan will be talking about today welcome into this day's version of the masculine journey radio show were glad you're here. I'm Dennis Murray and Connor sitting in for Sam main this afternoon, but Sam is what the Sam hello. You sound like you're on the phone or in a garbage can or something or are you glad to have you with us. We also have Mr. Vinnie with us today hello venting you don't doing great. It's good to see you and Al. I would rather be in the studio.

The taking of valve poverty that Sam is done understand out. You are the questions I posed when we started out the show. Now there's some guy sitting out there this 50+ years old, like me, and me going and you going and I made an venting Vinnie to go a couple more pluses here because of this is mobile midnight there you go, but there's something there some guy sitting out there listening to us right now. Probably some woman sitting out there listening to us right now gone. What you talking about, whose father, me, my father hasn't been around for a long time or my father has passed away. I never had a relationship with my father. I'm a grown man or a grown woman what you mean whose fathering me today and and furthermore as I start to get a little defensive listening to your show what you're talking about who's letting you father me what you mean, who's letting me father me today how are we trying to talk about here because I'm not getting it. Talk about God and in every person's life. There is a guide father who walks us along our journey in their different then the walk in our lives they come into our lives and they guide us through certain things like it could be a football coach you can be a teacher. He could be of a great friend he could be a mentor but they guide us through but there's only one real father. And that's our father in heaven now. All of these people bring us to a place tour.

We finally try to surrender and let him father us. That's the ultimate goal. Okay what what were talking about now is the heart of the father and do we trust the heart of the father in the one is trying to lead us and if it's not the father within his leanings.

Sam gonna pose this question to you there someone out there listening right now that doesn't believe in God so we're talking about being fathered were we go with that. But where are you getting your direction where you getting your barometer of what the successful by or how I arrived letting the world that stage of what it looks like to be a man or what it looks like to be a woman or to be a dad or mom or whatever that will declare the multiple roles you play you letting the world father you we know this world is a product of a fallen world, and that the father the thought world, but none so you're looking like you're looking very pensive there like you're in thought. We had to share with us about this. I'm just thinking because we have the father which we all know who that is, whom we all know who that is. But I just thought of the commercial that I've been watching and we collected just before we got on the area.

How old do you have to be to be a father you will business commercial that's on TV.

Possibly you guys have seen it and the audience is about an investment company and that is working. What is five-year-old son coming home and he keeps on the son keeps asking Mrs. much money does he make an egg in the father just look I don't know, as soon a couple questions and it always comes up because I don't know and at the end, the father looking up the steps is house looks confused.

Is my kid telling me that you know I'm doing something that's not right.

I don't know what I'm doing with my money. I that's just an example. I'm bringing up just to a five-year-old could be your father at a certain point in your life, what day you just never know was, we have over here and on the stage supposed to be, well, I am because I'm old. We will know that they keep telling you that but you guys up on this to make and you knowing you're all younger than my children.

So I don't think age has anything to do would be enough on its whatever was coming from the point.

As you know, we like to use movie clips to illustrate some of the points that were talking about one of those is the end of days, and now she said this clip of it in a preface this by saying this isn't necessarily movie we recommend that in addition strong language and just probably not the best will deftly not the best family movie but there's a scene in this the paints a picture and Arnold Schwarzenegger was a law enforcement. He had to testify and in a court in the people he was testifying against a is something that can happen to you if you testify well, sure enough, they committed the kill his wife and son and wife and child and in this it that happened long ago. Now in this scene that were about to hear that devil is talking Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to turn the blame on God in these trying to question the heart of the father. You just you are doing your job.

Could you possibly give it into anything wrong.

You are an honest cop didn't take many you had to testify against them even after they threatened your family. Most people never testify against us guys didn't like you have to do the right thing when was God because he stopped but he didn't make you feel guilty me. I don't know what happened. He did while Sam I'm hearing some voices here from this clip were those voices coming from earlier movie Arnold Schwarzenegger lived his life. Dammit, I imagine you're very very broken and blaming them. So why did I do that.

Why did I put my family risk you're trying to do the right thing in the list and that condemnation and the enemy wants to get even more common agreement little platitude what you're all in a day.

It wasn't that you know God's fault for not turning away from the heart of the place where you can really find what many really get solidified all this really does strengthen the playbook of Adam and Eve, because what is Satan do to Eve is a treat. You can eat of any tree in the garden all now it's just the tree of knowledge of good and evil will know why because if you read of that tree will be like God, he does want that it's a right away. She's thinking what God's cheating me is taken away from me something that I should rightfully have an we see in Adam just sitting there watching think while he does nothing. So were we were we get to the point where we you not heard for years that Sam that that inner voice within ourselves is is since our conscience, but were saying here that that can actually be coming from the enemy work orders that started and how do we get to this point, but a part of it is what you're hearing me. Rarely do I statement you know I will be the statement, you're an idiot, meaning like think about that and I'm not look no NBA star department and I'm aware that coming from outside me answer something I'm hearing and I'm believing to be from me. You know anything enemy like you like little threat that is really stupid thing you know it would classify that range a little at was all said and done that's not who I am. Want me to believe that this agreement, any just keep keeping on top of that bear you under the ILO after route and then moves on to live, trying to take away your art in the heart of the that speaks to early in my life, especially before I came to Christ when I was father by Satan.

I was down myself. I had no confidence now so worried about what everybody thought about me in so I just that's when I go into the posing motor.

I did and you know I'm listening and being father by Satan that disperses bad this person is bad with this person who really is bad for me he says oh that person's good for you and I'm just walking down the path where I get involved with the wrong crowd doing the wrong things believe in all these lies and I'm duped because I think it's the truth that in then when you get fathered by God, it's a it's a whole reversal no. He leads you to what's best for you. It's not always easy, that the enemy tries to tell you this is easier and better and will make you happier father doesn't do that. He says this is what's best for you and this is how you're going to grow many o'clock he had some share with us but it seems like Al is been listening to everything that I've been saying for the last six month and just tell my whole story know I'm in there… You know, kind of repetitive, but that's what happened to me. I listen to people did the wrong things and then I will finally fathered by God. And as I've said so many times in I guess some people won't believe me but I know my band of brothers.

Believe me, I saw God at the worst time in my life and he fathered me from that moment on, so I'll I'm glad you been listening to Mick. I have father Vinnie. Yet it it's interesting because of our producer) I were talking earlier before we started the show today about those wounds that can come to us quite early in our lives and we start to believe those lies and we start to believe that that in and Sam was talking about this.

To that those last illness were stupid were fat were crybaby you know were selfish were ugly were dumb those things from our childhood that we can remember that carry with this and I never thought about until I got around you guys in the context of God never took me to that point and talk out with you guys in the context of of Satan speaking this last me to lead you away from the father absolute right to leave me away for to talk more in this matter fact really hear some others voices when we come back to the masculine journey radio show that's what you're listening to right now we want you to go to masculine journey and check out our podcast or check us out on Facebook at the masculine journey radio also going to talk about the masculine journey fantasy football league coming up and how Sam is not to have a chance when family adventure this fall. September 5 through the seventh of camp and specifically for focusing on for the fathering to learn how to hunt, or perhaps just don't have a place to go. I can't because will be intense and that might be independent family adventure because the hunting is just a small part of this weekend all masculine journey events tons of food great talks by both men and women naturally with great movie clips and most of all covenant assignments times specific time set aside for your whole family to hear from God, even a movie Saturday night. I think the thing I'm most excited about with that of camp is really learning how to shoot a 12gauge. I got a Christmas and so kids, my wife and I all got guns for Christmas and it looks like a great opportunity for us to get around some people that know what to do and and really help us learn from.

Go register now it masculine journey individuals are hundred and $69 for the whole family for just $299 masculine journey radio so far under the events. In an back to the masculine journey radio show now want to go right to you on that.

Were those voices coming from is a great, great question when you listen to the father of lies.

The giant isn't tell you bad things about yourself isn't tell you bad things about other people. God doesn't do that because you were created in his image and he knows the plans he has for it and he sees what you can become his his job is to get you there. Sometimes that's like a drill sergeant where yeah you got to do push-ups in the rain. You got to run more miles and you feel like you have to. You don't pray for patients because he's going to he's gonna run you through patient's boot camp but the father of lies.

Get it say no it shouldn't be this hard.

Now there's an easier way look at you. You gotta work on yourself and like you say I'm fat, I'm on weekend all these terrible things father Bill job that's his purpose. That's his goal that that fellowship with you know that's why father in the house needs to be a picture of God. We have to be of honor.

We have to be of integrity have to lead our children in the past. It's not comfortable but that is definitely getting make them stronger when they start walking on their own. Sam we were talking about this recently and I and we talked about on the show before. Sometimes we can we can share the best when we become vulnerable and we share from our hearts in we wanted to share a little bit if we could maybe recent situation where we are to be worried or being father by God, or were being father by Satan something come to mind for you that you like to share today. Now I looked off the chair when you did that. Absolutely. I think the talk about conviction and condemnation, a loving father speaks true to his child trying to lead them into freedom the enemy speaks partial truth or lie league and the bond and also there are times that God is going to come at you and tell you something that may not be pleasant but it won't be ours. It won't be condemning others that you know that probably wasn't the best thing to do better than a blue if you're an idiot kind of thing that Scripture but it does come at you with truth because he is. But here glove probably some folks out there and listen right now that there there father image may include that you idiot you stupid you crybaby you, whatever. Somehow we get past that. I think the United together once someone turned to God for God, I needed a father meet here. I need to find a way that she knew the landing to see you at the image of a father. Given that some point God will probably lead you into some level of forgiveness you may not. But I know that might good man, but there are some things that God had me broken the let me really walking a deeper intimacy with I agree completely that my heart struggled with with that and I'm gonna pull back as I was at something I probably shouldn't share okay, sure. Something real quick. Something I have been battling recently that I didn't recognize it first was was last coming at me and and you guys know optically. Sam help because we talked on the phone on Saturday. Last Saturday, and I vented quite a bit about it about a job situation I was in and there was something wrong with everything that was going on.

Didn't realize and as we were preparing for the show. It's only been within the last 24 hours or so that God's help me see that that that is been Satan. Satan attacking me and telling me you're not good enough to do anything else you're not can do anything more than what you're doing right now other words, it's a it was a much bigger battle than I saw it as being I can really I can relate to that wholeheartedly work you do all your homework and I'm a project manager so as I do all my homework I prepare for the project to mitigate every detail and then I start hearing which forget what can happen.

Think about all the things or make you fail and have to stop and say wait a minute. I prayed before I started this. I pray during this if there was something that was going happen. Father would reveal to me if he didn't. It was simply because it was a growing experience.

I take so I take comfort in the Lord that even if there something bad that happens.

Okay this. These are the push-ups in the rain with the drill sergeant yell at me, not to God's a drill sergeant but I think back to those times in the military where you got it, but you got stronger from Sam not to let you off the hook, whose grandfather and your recently recently. I think it is more of a heavenly father with the screaming father lives tries to step in and save more days and not I do better on that, but there's still a struggle because some of those lives of ran so deep in my life and in the shredded they have some shreds of true venom which for me.

I'm a very logical thinker and so if I can't dismiss this whole thing and I got a clip art of its truth or not it that the mortgage banker and not a recent situation, but gradually laid on my heart just the past situation I talked about last week, but when my daughters were growing up. You know, I hearing you don't know how to handle their them you're not doing a good job you don't know how to handle your why in the situation.

That situation but you do not have a handle work and on. After all, it is your responsibility to provide and you really don't want the truth is that why you would get me on that.

I didn't have the I see was you don't have what it takes linear and really what the damage was done was relationally. Time of my daughters my and my wife and that's really what he was after was to try to get that neck and all is well now I can blame God for situation. I like Brody years or month.

Anyway, that's a great intro for next clip, absolutely because in this next clip from blood diamond. There is a son is kidnapped and he's raised by these mercenaries. These Rela fighters any strain just to kill, will he comes across his father. His father in another manner digging in their accomplishing something and then the sun comes up with a gun and faces and and the father asked to speak to the heart of the sun to bring them out of the father of lies bring away from you home in Detroit for soccer school shoes should we expect before you make an August 2 260 hose wait for you, but you mentioned that things some that exactly what the heart of the father is he wants to pull you out of your sin. Sin, that it took you away from your innocence in the father of lies they tell you no doubt number bring up a situation that just happened because Dennis to sit in the chair tonight little glitch with the radio and the father lies is going to say what were you thinking Lori don't know what you know. The truth is you have done a super job in this this whole this whole show I've been impressed with wow, it's his first time in the big chair is got radio background, but what a super job. So tell me, let me ask you question the father lies come after you on that one. Try to within. I remembered Sam doing the same thing last week there were good. That's why God had to say and do it because he knew doesn't happen. This weakness right to question on this and that's a great point because you know when something happens, we can harp on it.

We can dwell on it. We can say you know I'm so bad I'm so awful. But what is the father of truth tell you the father. Truth tells us it doesn't matter what we've done. He tells us that it's okay that we made a mistake. I've been reading while at heart again recently in a couple of things. It John Etheridge talks about a lot is is how he had this driven perfectionist mentality and I struggle with that all the time. All that you know in and Satan want me to go home tonight and in excess over the fact that we did what we did here on the clip, but it doesn't matter it's all good in that's a great point because worry in dwelling or something like that is the waste of a good imagination. That's a good point Sam at something force on the card that was really good. Here is the father that recognizes shy with you, they made you do bad thing.

They convinced show something that you thought were true that were not true. I did happen, but that's not what matters. What matters is your father. I love you and this is who you really are to love anybody that he did his own personal risk, as the sun is been trained as a killer brainwashed holding a gun pointing right at them.

What is he do.

He doesn't care about himself as part of the sign. Sam tells about the fantasy football they were quickly going out really berated out of work. Click on the event the book click on the picture. The that part of the website allows you to register it against your people like me and the guy little draft rents and masking journey check out the podcast will be continuing discussion with the subject next week as well to thank you for joining us publishing to meet again

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