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Faith an Ingredient in The Masculine Journey... Click to listen 27 mins

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 26, 2014 12:30 pm

Faith an Ingredient in The Masculine Journey... Click to listen 27 mins

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man is Jesus masculine money sometimes. One feels more like a losing battle for request God face you got no what is faith look like to you. If you have faith is your faith stronger when things are going peachy keen or is it the strongest when things are not going so well in your life will good afternoon and welcome into this addition of the masculine journey radio show on Dennis Britton were glad to have you here along with us on the Saturday afternoon sitting here with me around the table the truth booth are the band of brothers to my left, Robbie Gilmore, Vinnie Menino over here is always Al Henley and we've got Sam somewhere in North Carolina on the phone somewhere Sam, are you there with us all or yells going to tell you that we were not doing the giveaway right now so you have collected all try to call back.

That's right. Can you turn the radio down your cursor back around the room here right now and asked the guys real quick what is faith to you Robbie faith to mediated scores. I guess do I trust God, do I think he's got a good heart when it comes to me, Vinnie. Yeah, I guess I got a double up on my with me, faith is that I believe in myself and the only way I can believe in myself is because God believes in me is really good faith now. That's what rescued me from fear and stress placed us yes, but you Sam well I gotta go. Things are outside of what you think I could control it once a lot of people really one situation I know I have no control and I have to give it to God really grows most things in Scripture but I don't have any idea how to work out. I guess they forgot about okay for me faith is believing God knows I didn't say believing in God says faith is believing God. There's a difference and he goes back to you what you just talk about the going to his word. A lot of times Hebrews 11 10. Faith is confidence.

What we hope for and assurance about what we do not see Sampson out. He does a he does a daily devotional when he sent out some quotes this past week and we don't come back to Robbie in a minute for this one. But what I just want to read to you a couple couple quotes of people and how people define faith. First of all, Gandhi said faith is not something to grasp its estate to grow into. Martin Luther King said faith is taking the first step in when you don't see the whole staircase. George Mueller. Mueller, Sarah Miller, George Mueller said the beginning of anxiety is the end of faith in the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety. Some people say that about fear and faith and another one here Mahalia Jackson said, faith in prayer the vitamins of the soul man cannot live in health without them.

Now Robbie. We were talking about this. Max located a quote and we also posted on on the website this morning tells about that one Mexico locator said fear is not that God is, do what we want, but that God is going to do what is right, which is a great lead into the movie, but, highlight, show that here's this poor girl. The baby is called social soul surfer and she has this horrendous accident which would make no sense in her life that the sharks would take off her arm so is God doing what she wants in the situation or receipt, somehow or another to make all this right. It's an interesting project absolutely is the first clip is my favorite fish when I see you will and trauma that you lost over 60% of blood. It would be feeling, lousy for the next few days is fitting the things that you have to learn to do differently is extensive, but the good news decision. I can be able to do so soon. Thanks Sam.

Could that be Debbie stage I of the journey is realizing that you and I do have the backup bird before you got a name as you went through a trauma.

I think sometimes we go to trauma in our lives.

We think of faith. Mutual pain but that's not what God has statement beginning in the midst of our pain still believing that all things are possible through God that see basically what Sam said but didn't elaborate a little bit.

We'll talk about this earlier and Rob Decker's the one I heard this from originally. But he said that in the midst of your pain you trauma your turmoil and I'm paraphrasing but that's when God shows off your faith when things are going so that when it's is it because that's when it comes through the most. Robbie, whether it's a difficult situation. You can see, here's this young girl and she's been put in a very strange place that you be going if you were 16 and all sudden or 15 hours she was you'd be really questioning God, but that is interestingly not her first question her for first question is when can I serve, and you can see the intensity of where she where she sees her life going in and you know God's coming to the rescue there in a very unique way. It's a present that that that I really believe that faith is a gift. It's listed as one of the gifts of the Spirit in Galatians 5 and it is in fact a gift, but the young lady here is beginning her journey in opening that gift of faith and that that happens for long. She didn't hesitate.

He was ready to get back out there with her faith in God was showing that off okay then don't we go to the second clip we transition to this second grade clip that we have from the movie we go into another phase of the faith journey which is now questioning why did this happen to me and I think we've all probably been there before. Let's listen to this clip yeah that's me jump right in and fix it. Friend of ours with good friend examining no not Cameron, a good friend of ours is the pretrip city churches name totally raise Kristi's argument is in our interest. That's embarrassing but anyway he talks about Philippians 4 is one of the most about Philippians 413 is one of the most misquoted Scriptures in all of the Bible that people take that to mean I can do all things rather than looking in the rest of the verse to see what Paul was kind of thing was that he could be content in all things through Christ who gives him strength right he seen before is rich. I was poor. I can, and when you really look in the context of that verse can you be content trusting in the father's love, which is true faith. Can you rest in that place, in spite of where you find yourself because there are certain things.

Last I checked that you couldn't set the tide.

Could you Dennis for make it smell not allow time for me. Last time I shattered a snow cone. Maybe that's right. Yeah, one thing I like about that verse. That word strengthens. It is close from the Greek word beginning and that is the strength God gives an apostle or disciple to obviously to get through a difficult time and I think that speaks exactly to what Robbie saying is that we are made were not apostles. We are disciples, and how do we get through difficult times the strength that God gives you have to you have to recognize that gift in a Rob you said this earlier. What you do with that gift got out and opened the gift Sam Easter with us yet.

In this clip when she's asking the question, why did I lose everything.

I mean, you have situation with this young lady wanted to be a surfer and and this is happened to her and she sang while were I go now is pick up on that. On the other side of right to continue listening to the masculine journey you show we invite you to go to our website. Masculine journey check us out on Facebook born every week. You can see our podcast there. Listen to your podcast as well write back. Family adventure this fall, September 5 through the seventh of camp specifically for folks for the fathering to learn how to hunt, or perhaps just don't have a place to go.

I can't because will be intense and that might be independent family adventure because the hunting is just a small part of this weekend all masculine journey events tons of food great talks by both the men and women naturally with great movie clips and most of all covenant assignments times specific time set aside for your whole family to hear from even a movie Saturday night. I think the thing I'm most excited about with that of camp is really learning how to shoot a 12gauge. I got a Christmas and so kids, my wife and I all got guns for Christmas and it looks like a great opportunity for us to get around some people that know what to do and and really help us learn from.

Go register now it masculine journey individuals are hundred and $69 whole family for just $299 masculine journey radio oh are under the events. You were my favorite groups of one of my favorite song surfing USA were talking about the movie this afternoon in our show at the young lady Bethany Hamilton who wanted to be a surfer and then got attacked by a shark and and what that what that says about faith in such a great movie Sam. Every time I go back and listen to these clips or watch this movie. I get a little teary-eyed and you know real men do cry because it's that it's very emotional story in the second clip we were talking about right before winter break. Why did I lose everything. I mean how many times do we ask ourselves when we were having to struggle you know in our faith is when you were going, why is this happening to me now that maybe the voice of the we don't recognize it just saying hey you know what why did this happen you what you do wrong or why it got back on and become some of the question. I think there's always a level questioning the healthy times furthers this relationship with God and the dialogue back and forth to the really just talking back and forth.

I think the questioning of the healthy relationship, but also thank you for the enemy gets a foothold and try to turn your like my father, I love you. You ask Mr. right now sitting over there will talking about an pregame warm-up. Here we were talking about faith and what that means to you and you been going through some stuff right now. Recently in your life. Think your faith is really being if I say, your faith is been tested with that being there with all it's been tested on the situation right now, but all my life I've relied on faith and so far God has been good to me and is given me the faithful to all my things that happened to me in my life.

But right now my wife is blind. My life is death, and I am going blind.

And if I didn't have the faith through God. How can I take care of my don't worry anymore know everybody I come in here every Wednesday in Gaza gone then. How's your eyesight I I really don't give a don normal really, it's fine when it's completely shut off all deal with it. But up until then I got a job to go that's taking care of my wife and my family, so faith comes to me in that way you know believing in God and he will take care of Robbie what you are called faithful by your father if that's Old Faithful.

I think we pretty much establish at this point that were all in that old category and maybe middle-age old at going up but but man what a testimony you have in an I know that you asked yourself this question for wise is going on right now rest God this question to me. II see this and other folks like we yearning to hear in the next half-hour show called joy in the midst with Cameron Horner's in a wheelchair who was in a diving accident and that God is used, what the events of his life to putting in that to show what the name of the show is joy in the midst it's a spectacle to others and there are stories if you listen of people actually come in the faith in God in seeing joy in a man who's gone through all these things are big.

How can you withstand that kind of pain attacks almost kind of things and still so there is undoubtedly for Cameron for the young lady with a shark bite in oak God is to an extent, showing off their faith, but you I also know because I've had some experience in that and so is Vinnie. And probably everybody listening but in that God gives you that as a present and then in my case let people settle. Robbie, when did you open your present effect and it was the year before I was diagnosed with cancer and about a year and 1/2 before I was crushed behind the car that the know people talk about my Job experience will but I was terrified of the dark and I was trying to get rid of that fear. And I was a baby Christian. I just told Jesus look, I know I'm not supposed to have is how do I give this to you gospel to give this to you have muscle to do that and so in that still small voice. He asked me Robbie. What's the worst thing that can happen. I pictured this guy with a knife, a simple summary company and step in. And Jesus said something to me that literally was what opened my package of faith, the present that he gave me when he said Robbie what would be so bad about that.

And as I began to think through what heaven was going be like, what, when I began to picture my own mortality in my own death and spending eternity with Jesus.

Then you come to the conclusion of what you threatened me with heaven stucco that understanding and that deep faith of trusting the father's heart when you get to the diagnosis of cancer when you're find yourself about to lose a limb when you find all those things.

You've been given a gift and that gift is that to know that the father's heart script on the porch on the spot here for minute we had planned this, but I'm going to do it anyhow because God told me to. You told me recently a part of your story that I wasn't aware of 20 some odd years ago when you wanted a very good place.

A lot of things were going on in your life and it will probably displace where you are asking a lot of wise it's that time you know your actually right. There was a time when I could not find a job that I where I I like the leadership I felt like I could do it that I believed in and so the next time I get is deleted. That's the make or break and I said father if this is the job that you know if you want me to be homeless been with this child fall through.

Otherwise, show me, show me I'm supposed to have this job in Psalm on the verge of being homeless, and I can afford everything.

And I have that job for 20 years, not only to hold that job for 20 years, God gave me a sage in the midst of that when I'm I just had a child just had a house job. My beautiful wife.

We were just we are on our path together and this gentleman was trying to be fired. He was outside my apartment. My VP.

He said two things. One, it's gonna be a hard road to get you fired. Because I want to be standing in His Way, #2 you need understand something about faith and he gave me a story in his life and he said from now on if if there some time to lose. Then I'm just can assume that I need to get in line with what God wants and given up and I saw him time and time again do that but never as much as when his wife take a brain tumor and in the midst of that he was out he was in his office, I came to talk to him and pray with him and he said God given me this woman for this long. And if you if you need to buy side then I want to be in his will.

I want to be in line with what he's thinking. So for me, faith is changing my wants my desires and in Litton. All of it go insane. Okay you want me to have it taken away. But if you do want me to have it show me how to keep it whether it's faith whether it's rich. That's a perfect example of the Philippians for her to be content in the circumstances that that God is allowed in your life. So how do we use faith not to walk out of our darkness. But walk into our lights and we got a last clip here from the movie soul search server for a great clip that we got set out for Georgia server without an arm and why wait and are interviewing her trying to ask that she handled his questions and are required for me. I just wanted to ask you if you could go back to that day and not a gun surfing which you do that just Robbie rises in the end, you can't help but think of faith alone in Christ alone that when you open that up and it's on display how God used me and is it any. Is it any accident that this movie was made.

Is it any accident that this girl was given this platform of the Cameron Warner Johnny Erickson Todd, I have the platform that they been given that God is showing off what his disciples get when they open that particular gift and the neat thing is it from a daily standpoint, we are given opportunities to say exactly what Philippians 4 sentence am I going to really trust the heart of God with what the ticket I just God or he felt affected. Breakfast was ready on time. Whatever your situation, maybe it's in that situation when you open up and got shows off your faith that your crown of glory comes to you, God brings it to you and said look at my child similar that last clip say to you I talked about earlier. The God laid on my heart. You can herald joy and that the Lord shows a lot of reasons not to be joyful equal oh you can't have faith and I have hope.

"Equal joy, a it will become joy in your life and to me that's really been the most joy not been one and everything that I have lived in say, which gave me hope again produce that joy and I think that's probably what we've been led to talk about here today, more than anything else, is that in space there is hope in and through that hope comes the only true joy that we can really have in our lives, the joy of eternal life to look forward to the joy of using that gift that we get in faith even listening to the masculine journey radio show on Dennis. Along with the band of brothers were glad that you joined us today. We invite you to tune in every week at this time. Also check our podcast masculine journey dove Coming up. We got some information on that also. You can check us out on Facebook as well talk to you next week.

Until then, may God be with you. Masculine journey radio show because of your faithful prayer gifts their addresses. Masculine journey radio box 55027285 online network. Be sure to let them know that you listen to the program

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