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This Weeks Show: How Do You Hear From God/How Do You Know Its Him? Click to Listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 9, 2014 12:30 pm

This Weeks Show: How Do You Hear From God/How Do You Know Its Him? Click to Listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 9, 2014 12:30 pm

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Jesus sometimes one feels more like a losing something, I was a great joke agreement. Try to answer couple questions today.

Our children and talk about our experience, when the questions and then try to answer another women. The first question is how to hear from God.

The second one is, how do you know it's God.

And so were going to try to talk about that a bit today and studio with me today.

This is Sam where is Robbie which book is meant go in any Dennis now we got a studio full and were to be talking about that going through the assurance of our experiences and this is a topic that's pretty important to you Robbie I noticed all this, but it's been really been on your heart for little while yeah so many times when I give my testimony not people come up to me afterwards and that there always really you hear from God or often when I do kingdom pursuits.

I am in front of somebody and I saw the result of what happened when they hear from God and it seems like when God shows up and gets involved in their life.

Then some amazing things happen. So it's just a huge topic of while you can really hear from God. And if you do, how do you know from him from another thing so when we had the idea doing the dove camp which is coming up in a shameless plug September 5-7. I got excited about having to talk where when you take somebody defined is never been dove hunting.

They quite often shoot the wrong birds that they think that that's a doubt, but it was actually Potter. In one case, an owl. I'm like really sharp as those who on their lives live but nonetheless I thought how cool would it be that of a talk where I could kind of say okay this is when the dove looks like this is what I would like, and perhaps how can we hear from God and specifically, you know, how do we know that God is not an owl, as the case may be.

And so that's that's where it came from.

And it's exciting you just to know that that is in Scripture we do here that one guy does show a larger change to think of Abram who becomes Abraham and when God shows up the goes in and goes off in a different direction.

Literally start the whole nation. And so every time God shows up in a monument of things happen either in our lives, or in other people's lives in such an incredible topic and organ actually do some clips today were going to get that for Cookson today and that the first row is yours when you talk a bit about this clip set up yeah I got this because I think even from that point were were a child were introduced the idea that we hear from God in our cartoons. We have this shoulder Angel are you had to shoulder devil dependent on who you and so I think were even aware his children that there are these voices which are, still, small voice is speaking to us and how do we know which is the angel in which is the devil is quite often made comical in some but then as we get a little bit older than many where it would remember the movie Star Wars and and again you hear Obi-Wan Kenobi saying use the force, Luke, but it speaks to a very deep meeting.

I think in our soul to actually be able to hear what God thinks on the subject's tax rate is all right, what does that have to do is get a point is so you heard this before but you typed it for yourself to couple different movies lives it's actually the Cronk's new groove which is from the upper rock is quite a character. No doubt, but yeah, it's, it's what we see him in a lot of cartoons and a lot of things at this picture of the shoulder.

Angel and and we do hear these things that sometimes act like it could be God. Or maybe that's the devil or how do you know the difference. So how do you know different good? The answer is that your first well I will say that you know for me a lot of times you have to test the sometimes I'll write it down or I'll think about that.

You know, try to get the complete thought out and then compare that to first of all Scripture you know if it's consistent with something God would say and and try to flesh that out and in and and sometimes I go to my band of brothers and say this is what I think I'm hearing from God's that seem consistent.

Depending on the issue, but sometimes you have time and so you gotta go with experience and pastor courts amazing for me one time that was her pastor a church for years. We actually brought a little child upon the stage and he had them put on his coat and he said that many people here think that's pastor courts and we all like a nice that's just you hear me all the time and you talk to me. You recognize my voice and if you stay in the Scriptures, and you're constantly reading the Bible in your you're in that word constantly. You begin to know what God sounds like that was tremendous advice for me that when I'm hearing something I only have a short period of time to make a decision. Does that sound like it's consistent with Scripture consistent with how Jesus is consistent with so how does God tend to speak you Robbie as her primary way I know there are several ways it is for all of us. But as her primary way that he speaks to you. You asked for, you know, for me, there's the five slam pajama Pajama prayer which I've gone over a mere many times, but it's it's a situation where I try to get quiet very very quiet and I try to just listen. But there's a big huge aspect to it.

I believe I'm here. I have faith that he does in fact want to give me some issue on this and then I go through a series of what I would call relaxation processes in order to be ready to hear what it is that he wants to give me an IMAP now to make sure that I'm clear that I don't have an expectation going in that I'm ready and willing for whatever it is that he wants to put before me, which quite often. Honestly shocks me to my a lot of times when he share something we are like man and and by the way, that's one of the ways I notice from God because I never would've thought is coming from a completely different angle and it catches me right off guard like my name, like your name.

Now switch to you. You have a little bit different clip here so you tell us a little bit about this clip will play them come back and talk about will identify many ways within the Washington and Sally not having that special sword and completely getting you saw me and until you would know that we were opposites, but there's something about this clip when everybody's laughing file so I know I'm not out on it when I listen to this clip when I first saw there was something about the way he spoke to didn't really reached into my heart and help me to I can identify with it because the first time I heard God in Robbie when he said just knock it out of the park for me. It was and it was coming from an angle I didn't expect it was a voice inside my head that was my voice but it was taking me in an angle.

I wasn't prepared for going to the clip from the book of Eli in surveillance and then come back and talk that's more interesting to me to get business to find and destroy any finding that already. Some people say this is the reason for the first place anyway. Monday voice and explain what it was like from inside his cleaners and displays. Let me to a place with Barry some level voice told me Karen, West told me that have to be laid out for me that I like to place safe, told me that I is anyone anything as a voice in your head is. I know when I heard what I praising, and I know I would never made without health question to me one question too many members who couple more questions okay what is it could speak to cistron you talk about before we went wasn't really speak to lead the leaves off with the Bible where he's talking about do you read every day and I was eight years ago I started reading the Bible everyday without fail and I pray right after that and I pray and ask God to tell me what to pray for. I asked for insight but my mornings are so important.

And that's when I hear the most God will hear it in it's not the audible voice to voice inside like he was talking about. I know what I heard right, but it's so clear it and I know it's him because it's always something good or something, right there have been times when I've been confused but it's never led me astray when I stop and I wait to hear it. Never times when he doesn't talk with or know he's not can repeat himself many many times but that's how it starts for me but didn't let him on a journey that he that voice led him on the journey and it's the same thing that I went through there was it was that calling you when we come back from break back with a song to listen to come back and talk about myself and how God is. For more information on the matching journey radioed for Facebook journey radioed family adventure this fall. September 5 through the seventh of camp specifically for function for the fathering to learn how to hunt, or perhaps just don't have a place to go. I can't because will be intense and that might be a family adventure because the funding is just a small part of this weekend like all masculine joint events tons of food great talks by both the men and women naturally with great movie clips and most of all covenant assignments times specific time set aside for your whole family to hear from even a movie Saturday night. I think the thing I'm most excited about with that of camp is really learning how to shoot a 12gauge.

I got a Christmas and so kids, my wife and I all got guns for Christmas and it looks like a great opportunity for us to get around some people that know what to do and and really help us learn from. Go register now it masculine journey radioed.oh individuals $169 whole family for just $299 masculine journey radioed far under the events.

You guide me through and and and Dennis music right is so super slow you to talk a bit about music and you talk specifically about we just heard. While I think that God, for me, God can use something that you're passionate about and something that you can be very attentive to to reach you and for me that's music. It always has been since I was very little and I is the one thing with my attention.

I have a problem with attention span. When a song comes on and I'm hearing those words. I'm right there and it keeps me there. God uses at the to speak to so the song we heard was what was a song, follow me me by Paul McCartney they be very surprising.

A former Beatle who wrote that song about 10 years ago, I think, and it was a song that I just heard probably about a year and half ago my daughter got me concert DVD and the song was on it said. And so it was pretty impactful for you at that time what what was going on and what was about Ray to go on that that's on really just spoke to what we had going to Mexico City on a mission trip, my daughter actually with our church group for the second time this was last summer. In June while we were there are our pastor was was doing it, he did devotional speech night and needed one about digging ditches things in your life so that you can repair for the other things that may happen to move on in your life and we came back and I done some I had done some morning devotionals for team before we left on a Saturday morning after we come back.

I was sitting at the computer and I was thinking and praying about what I write about and also this all popped in my head and it was a song that you just heard the follow me salon YouTube us can pull it up and figure out how to attach it to the email and one of the people that had it on YouTube that there was a picture Jesus there with it and when I pulled up the lyrics were there and he wasn't holding a sign that said, follow me. That's imagery but I thought that's it. That's the message that you're trying to to to get across to them into me.

I'm not saying anything totally's specific other than just follow me and I was looking for this unit. Give the answer. What we do next. What do I do next.

It was follow me in. I had no idea what was about to happen for the next six months or so and I don't know if we really have time to get into that, but there were there were a great deal. Things would happen that the church that I was serving on staff. The pastor retired out announced his retirement. The next month the church split. There were some things in my personal life that took place. My goodness, I look back on that time and I thought all you said was follow me.

You said follow me and that's what I was trying to do through that. I am so grateful now that all that happened because it brought me to this point by following him.

I'm sitting here with you guys this afternoon because I would be on the show. If these things hadn't taken place and some other folks on the trip. We talked about it since then. It's also had an impact on them so just as simple words, follow me, which are in Scripture into come from a former Beatle. Imagine that in those areas are incredibly powerful. Yeah, they are we lacking in goat go on YouTube and put in follow me Paul McCartney and read the lyrics there incredible bearskin on its this is very moving and MLK was a song written as a Christian song. I don't know what other movies we use were written as a Christian music but still tells part of God's story) spoke to your heart and lead you in a way it was very vital over the next six months and as were talking about this today that we are its individual God speaks to all this in certain ways. He speaks to us through Scripture. He also speaks to us individually. You know and sorely see individualism like that in the Bible we could go back like in Jesus healed a blind many different times we did it in different ways each time they were unique to them and so God comes to us and speaks so slow times vary uniquely to us by an ending and was get a test of the Scripture and some other things in the type of toe that morning that God treats us uniquely on the way that he knows that we need to hear him and Leona ask you what's been your experience of hearing God.

Well for me when I was growing up I was growing up in the Catholic faith and going into church with older statues and crosses and stuff like that.

I feared God, they know everybody was telling me of the quiet and ices. What my doing. On God. I actually feared I never really found out what it was all about until my 60s, when you all if your regular listener. Studies show know that I lost my wife and God appeared and I found out what prayer was an holy macro and it's like he was in the room with me and I find the best time for prayer for me is early in the morning and then in the evening when I go to bed and I give them a kind of yet God, you know, I tell them you did a good job you listen to me this morning not clear about his age that he is really an amazing story for me to find out from fear actually fearing that I found out that this all God was a passionate God and he was the listener because now he listens to everything I is for an IPO son of a gun it gives it.

That's awesome Linda you are such an inspiration to us, that none of us are quite hit her 60, some of us are closer than others rally but would not hit that but there's that most want to look at the next 20 years and see all things God can still avail to this is incredible and thank you for always being willing to share the minute play click here that that are chosen from a different movie. It's called bagger Vance and I might not be a scene that you're familiar with. If you think the movies about golf.

You really haven't watch the movie and paid attention. There's golf in it, but it's not about golf.

If you really watch the movie to see Will Smith's character bagger Vance and really try to look at him as the Holy Spirit in June of the one that's broken and Scott's woundedness and he's walking with him and in the scene. He's in a tournament and listen to the conversation between will Smith's character Matt Damon's character and would come back and talk a little bit about it because it might not be what you expect each about one of the end of June it was 67 things living alone shot on the six by the 18th tee at the close of the morning around Jones and Hagan were neck and neck is maybe not what you expect for me really signifies a lot of my relationship with God. For whatever reason God uses humor with me alive. Now he speaks truth to me and love and kindness and all that but he, for whatever reason he uses humor, and he knows it gets my attention. Dennis like you talked about the music and get your attention and sometimes he speaks to me through music. But he is just so funny with me the story that I share often about this was appeared in life a few years ago is really going through a dark internal. It was kind of just really hard on myself and and really can beat myself up, listen, symbolize the enemy and so I'm kind in my car driving its times and I can talk got a little bit because there's not a lot to do and so I'm driving along and this can really down on myself and I hear God say grace. I see I grace I got an grace but I don't deserve grace when I know better than this. I know not to feel this way or do these things in and so you know that I've been on this road way too many times and that's it.

I don't deserve grace. There's a long pause, he said, and that the point that I just started laughing right because it was so obvious and all the other disappointed grace.

You don't deserve it, but he gives it to you anyway you not answer.

We talked about that that the scope and on the way over you now is that structured myself in a situation. I just pray know that I said you got this at this is the stupid and gets it. Oh no, it's been stupid and I just started laughing. It was condemning, but that's how he gets his point across to me that's another topic for today is God's talking to you that's talking to you through music. He's deftly talking to you through Scripture's talking through your pastor almost the time anyway. Now he's talking to your pastor's talking to the people that love you through through nature. I mean, there's lots of ways and on my wife sets out on the porch and Cardinals fly around she hears them just brings her close to God. And so there's so many ways God's reaching out units unique to each one of us how one thing going to ask you is when you hear that inner voice that is no. It's just not something that you want what you know I struggle with that because when I wanted so bad. God didn't speak to me.

It's almost as though I can convince myself that I have to stop and I have to just sit there and clear my mind and just listen in and asked for God's will. It's good that's part of what we want to see God when you have what you trying to tell me and often you'll find it when you hear him talking to you along his ears to hear. The Bible talks about the scales be lifted from people's eyes and things like that happens in all of our lives at different times, God comes to us and something that's blocking us once trying to do this, as we pray this we can see God what you trying to say to me, one of my missing and once was things it might've been stupid for a long time when you trying to tell me through music, mass community get information on upcoming connection in a month.

In the face of the league in which it will be a good link.

I told Dennis of enjoyment meeting so not miss anything about that right now. Shot

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