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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 30, 2014 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus was losing life feels more like a losing battle when something done, my quest now is fine. We were back to things right and was everything right in the world because it is officially Labor Day Eve Eve back to about 20 Eve of Labor Day and when I was making a minor like, but that's truth of the situation. I'm excited about the show today. We are six days away from a really really cool. That is what we can be doing in six days what we are going on the grill adult cam laws on the mistake insert a dove camp and were to be talking about that today are actually going to tease you a little bit working on the out there. Some of the guys and outshooting Dove's you know which is part of dove camp. That's what's called dove camp are missing valves. The files there, but resemble there, but the world doing some some talks and some talks really just got some things that the life tries to strip away potential your kinda cloudy at best and try to help provide some clarity and some according to God's continued providing our lives is really opened her eyes back up to the many cases are new, but in other cases, and so when we talk about some of those were start with you Robbie. We got to your doing the first talk you talk a little bit about that or how you will proceed with all absolutely well. Our our first trip, which shall set up for is probably a very recognizable voice for many in this area especially the voice of Barney Fife is one of the first talks where do is on hunter safety and how did how can you tell between a dove, an owl, so that we we want Al to be completely prepared for those kind of thing we gotta teach a little safety from ammunition and so who better to get this advice from then Barney will you not afraid not know you can't laugh a Barney right it's it's it's absolutely the case and that's a great set up for a couple things happen Friday night and have a fantastic meal to be talking about you know the hunter safety, but it leads into really a talk that from my standpoint is is more than powerful and that money clip sets it up for because it's only the owls yes save the house. The talk is going to be a how to we hear from God and and just this morning I was working on some of the slides for that and I wrote this out in the lot of you are familiar with this. Give a man a fish and and he can eat for a day.

But if you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime will truly for me I think about it.

Tell a man you heard from God, and you can encourage them for a moment, but teach a man how to hear from God, and you can awaken courage for eternity. As you let that roll around in your mind. That's what somebody did for me, literally, about 23 or four years ago now with what I call affectionately, the five slammer Jim Katz pajama per night.

I've created a very special set of pictures that show all but more importantly I am to go through some of the elements of that prayer that I was taught on how to hear from God and some of what I experienced. Understanding that no two people here from God in the same way and understanding that we all hear from God through the Bible and not discounting that, but it is my prayer. Certainly, through this opening talk because the whole idea of dove camp for my standpoint, is if we can get God to show up at this dove camp and people can hear from God. Then they literally it changes their life. My life is never been since the same even close to the same since I heard from God and I'm hoping that we can share some of that wisdom. Now I have a second clip because another part of what I think is clear to me is that God loves us way beyond any idea we we can begin to fathom it.

And because of that it gives us an understanding of why we hear from God and how I know I'm getting hear from God, which you know a lot of people are familiar with. It says in John 10 you know where she peers voice but this clip to set up its from the movie when Harry Met Sally and and it talks about love and it just gives you a little inkling of perhaps what we have learned in the Psalms on how much God loves us listening how much Harry love Sally you know that when you look at being with you my close I love the last person I wanted to go to sleep at night is not because I'm only using when you realize in the right well is a great room and the point is that when you realize you spend eternity with God.

You want that start as soon as possible and he does to and so I am so excited about this particular talk that's going to happen Friday night.

Of course we have the movie clips to go with all these these things were nobly shown those and it's going to be quite it is in yesterday.

Technically was the deadline to register. So if you haven't registered sorry registered.

We are going to extend that deadline. The 5 o'clock tomorrow Sunday evening, 5 o'clock Eastern time.

So if you really want to get to register for that go to mask and journey and register for that and so we want to know who's coming in and be prepared to treat you the way that we know God wants you to be treated. And so we need to know that information so the masking journey registered between now and five tomorrow night and everybody that participates on the show on a regular basis will be participating in talks including our friend Vinnie. And so we've got a little tribute to some of Vinnie's wisdom coming up in obit so you want to listen and wait for that is it is deathly worth waiting for. It is the gym of the show you have any no pressure to set it up so you can have time to come back down a little bit is top billing. Tell I gotta take when my blood pressure to be talking this this coming weekend about a topic that originally I thought was grace and I was struggling with the Robbie capacity rallies always want to keep asking me which is which is good and annoying. Saskia what have you come up to something under talking. I kept saying grace and then minister to get impaired with forgiveness is to me sometimes is good pretty hand in hand, then, is a really started to sit down and think about a clip and some great movie clips for for the topic and use it really came down to the to the heart of the situation being about forgiveness and some talk about forgiveness and use a movie clip right now actually used a snippet from a song so to listen to that and then come back. That's a done song not familiar with it in. You talk a lot about Don's faith is that's really doing him God, but you know we talk about truth becomes through many different ways and for me this song came at a time when is it really loves low place. My first wife and I were going through what was going into being a divorce and been some really hard situations that occurred and so you know this is a song feels the whole the whole song is a love song to some degree is about a relationship, but it's not. It's about how to get over that and information was really vital at that time in my life. It hit me at a really good time that yes there were things were wrong on both sides of the equation for an unlikely point to her and say we wrong the more she could point me in probably feel like I wrong her more.

Will got to bring the song back to me and saying at the end of the day. The heart of the matters about forgiveness wasn't just for that situation. It's role situations because we all are wounded but we don't get through this life without getting wounded at some point we can hold onto that woundedness or we can release it and then that starts to look with forgiveness. Sometimes it will always include forgiveness at some point to get full healing in an auto setting God's bringing this to me right now because we transparent. I struggle with forgiveness. You know it, especially if you're really close to me.

If you're peripheral yeah I can. I can forgive you because it wasn't that intimate, but I really struggle someone's real close to me and there's a significant issue in an I try to move past that God's trying to help me. I think he's taking me back to this and saying this, so we worked on before mission situations in the past years I really need to fully lay down forgiveness and some really looking forward to what God does or this next six days I'll be speaking on Saturday but seven days to annually refine that hopefully there should be something for the people, but I know without a doubt he's got something for me and I'm looking forward to, because I know my heart needs it. I want to say something saying that I don't think you would say it necessarily offered to speak before and and do the sessions of the things I love about Sam Folkes is willing to become vulnerable dislike is just now to bring a message said that something very special and something to look forward to and hear Sam speak thanks to you and I know that for me, the forgiveness involves letting go of control.

At the other day, I still seem to think like I have some sort of control, but I really don't not in this funny thing about this Alan I were talking today it was it was going to this clip is retarded not to show you shared a little bit something with me.

Same situation I was going through a divorce with my first wife. I've only had to. So in early to work.

My only divorce but that was a song that for me I had to get over the relationship wasn't let go. I did want her back and she didn't want me back what I could let go of the relationship that was a time when I need to forgive her. I need to forgive me and I need politico. Thanks for listening is a comebacker to talk about some more segments coming up you want to register go to masking journey we have some great passions including last week showing depression which is just an incredible show with Todd Parker was here, so good masking journey family adventure this fall. September 5 through the seventh of camp specifically for focusing on for the fathering to learn how to hunt, or perhaps just don't have a place to go.

I can't because will be intense and that might be intense family adventure because the hunting is just a small part of this weekend all masculine drug events tons of food great talks by both the men and women naturally with great movie clips and most of all covenant assignments times specific time set aside for your whole family to hear from even a movie Saturday night. I think the thing I'm most excited about with the dove camp is really learning how to shoot a 12gauge zygotic Christmas and so kids, my wife and I all got guns for Christmas and it looks like a great opportunity for us to get around some people that know what to do and and really help us learn from. Go register now it masculine journey individuals $169 whole family for just $299 masculine journey radio so far under the events. So we can push with Don Henley were deftly pushing it with the hood and then assist your baby for the list of the songs we talk about what's on your heart feel like were really going to the journey with music this afternoon on her show. The Who's Who are you which is really originally written about a day in the life of Pete Townsend, the guitar player and then they later said that when Rogers ultrasound sang it. It was almost like a prayer that he was going up to God saying who are you God were to take that kind of swing around a little bit as we look at your true identity. I want to ask folks are listening. Some this afternoon you how many times have you looked in the marrow when you're going through a tough time in your life, and said, who am I yet maybe you've asked God, who my God you asked someone else who am I how many how many times in the past. If you believe those lies from Satan. Are you have believed them from other folks that have said things about you that have identified you as being a certain person.

Bullies from the pastor someone that was just beating up on you about things that maybe you were in a relationship in a marriage and someone called you something in that kind of stuck with you over the years because every time you come back and in the evil one will use that a lot will bring you right back around to that in and do that to you what were going to be doing in this session is really seeking your true identity which is who God says you are because God says I have called you by name.

So what is that name you know were going to try to push aside these other things and get to what your true identity is, and will use a movie clips to do that and then will have a covenant of silence will you be able to go out and I can honestly tell you that the first camp that I ever went to when I went out in silence. After this talk is when God really spoke to me about my true identity and has really helped me walk through that and help me to see myself differently than I did for many years because of some things I was going through and supplies that I believe it's hard to really find abundant life. You don't know who you are. Yes I am. As part of that promise and I love the point you make.

It is who you really asking the question of re-asking people that's been telling you your whole life. Are you asking the person you see in the mirror.

Are you really looking up and asking right and there's a whole lot that I can really looking forward to doing that and Dennis mentioned a little something we do it. He does a little caught a bug that's right now we don't call thereby cause a blog that we call the blog as well. It's a blog.

It's called the journey through music and so you have a chance to read that it is on the lead times and secular music, but it can be Christian music, but to go to masking journey and to check that out. It's under Dennis's area it'll see that on the left-hand or right-hand and only back to Robbie for minute Robbie, I want you to tell me that quote one more time that you that you read earlier because my mind is still just spinning tell a man you heard from God, and you can encourage them for a moment, but teach a man out of here, God, and you awaken courage for eternity. Absolutely you awaken a whole lot of things including as I was asked the asking the Holy Spirit to give me what was in the rest of the phrase since encourage was in the early line.

That's the extent of encourage us to have absolute courage and you got that line inside you went when he comes to life and encourage it is a huge part of Aspen journey from those especially for those less popular dove hunting with out takes credit dove I really I will be a safe distance away in one of the things they wonder somebody in Scripture is referred to as a line at some point that I think that this would have a line inside you. Yeah yeah I heard that hurts lovely this time you now working up a total of about what you can talk about that in the clip you want to use.

I would be talking on spiritual warfare in and know you'll think of this movie is being something spiritual warfare, but there's a scene in it.

It just really grabs my heart and it's it's actually a couple of scenes that were put together, but what is the enemy do with the truth and in we have two examples. Here we have a wife who the enemy is playing with her mind and telling her that her husband is having an affair when in actuality he's trying to go off and do good and in help people or at least he thinks so. So in this in this montage here to find out that he loves his family and there can be anything further from the truth that he doesn't in the wife is here questioning his heart and let's see how they interact in the movie is what the Mr. The Incredibles, I still get time, there isn't much time are you here how can you possibly bring the lower more. Can you take away from me, you must be Mr. was helping me to escape. Know what I was doing you referring to me where the kids to get the alert if you suspect in danger what you bring is fine but I'm just happy you're alive times that happen.

You guys where there is a argument between you and your spouse will to fight all you want to do is be happy with your spouse and what happens your mouth gets in the way the enemy gets in and starts working at the enemy gets in your kitchen and start cooking. A mass and you start doubting the heart of the person you're your talking to.

They do the same thing and an argument ensues and escalates when Mr. incredible had it right. I'm just glad you're alive. I mean it isn't that really the heart of where argument should be. What's the problem it's not you, it's not me. We love each other, not you Sam but my wife and I but the enemy doesn't want that he wants to mess up the truth he wants to twist things around and make it worse. And that's why just love that scene because you he couldn't be happier now II look forward to that. Talk because with the enemy knows what he can break up the family unit shatters so many lives.

The ripple effects are huge and for generations to come.

So he comes out that with a special hatred some really looking forward to your opening up some light to that and as promised were to play a little bit of a clip for Vinnie Mangrum play this and it's an awesome clip and we get a listing of any alive to hear from his wisdom to share some that were to come back and talk about no talking to your mother. Well good to go as though it would have a video camera gazelles dancing make you move you can you write a week we get the privilege of walking with Vinnie and in hearing from him and just a lot of the wisdom in those little montage snippet that Robbie made while back. And since it's so funny, but it is really Vinnie as he shares a lot of his life right and if anyone can talk about the masculine journey from a different perspective than the rest of the defendant because his look more of this is a man who saw the Hindenburg blow is not lying. This is planning an intro for me.

I mean, I think all show up just to see myself you want to know your target, I led an interesting life and I don't want to speak about it right now on the radio but the I do hope that you guys will show up.

A lot of people show up because I really believe my road my journey to God is very interesting and I'll share it with you and hopefully maybe you can share your Road that you had to God and in a different way. Mine was kind of this body, but when I got there. While he took over.

So please come and you will meet my teenagers in my church call me the relic did not know that you so show up please and will have a great time. I will entertain you greatly did you learn why the Collingwood guard file that's right right there's a story there is really is is Nigeria GA you are the yeah one of my jobs was I was a prison guard. But I want to tell you that when you meet each other up there okay show up, guys will have some fun. We look for that Vinnie Avenue talk about that me know the times we get to hear you is just amazing the things that you've Artie been through that we can glean as we really think that Robbie finished the weekend with the talk is all right yeah and it it's amazing to me how we can have joy in the midst of all sorts of interesting things in Cameron Horner himself is gonna be the one finishing it, but working at work. I set it up with a few things, including this clip from the movie of movies which is the butterfly circus and this clip speaks for itself, but this poor man has no arms and legs and so he is thinking that he is totally disadvantaged but the circus master has some form curse from man can call that God self talk is stop it. What would you say that you only see beauty that can come from different from me, you do have an equation of the strap will guys know that we've all had struggles to go to mass concerning to register for nothing coming up this week we love to see you like to talk to. Newest is reach out email and will be back with you any questions you might have

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