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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 6, 2014 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man, Jesus, masculine one feels more like a losing battle for sided about that a lot.

This is a most exciting season for me know if you think you listen to the Christmas edition you're not Easter.

I got through dinner. That's probably pretty exciting to but it's a close one and two but I think Easter would wet out this is a most exciting season for me and what season is it Dennis Santos respond to the question, are you ready for some football absolutely have been ready for simple we are in the middle of the kickoff of football season, I we have high school that started college and started we've got NFL started I was dreaming this exciting time. I know that it must be an exciting time because you see it over commercials you can have people like Papa John's and scrum have commercials all over the place. Absolutely Papa John's is a big supporter of the Amazon have you on the best spokesman ever in Peyton Manning and them. Also, since I'm a little bit about Papa John's to thank Brent Moz and the gang over at S. Hawthorne Rd. in Winston-Salem gave us our blue-collar pregame meal today provider pizza they got to call special going on for two toppings large for $10.

All throughout the football season so give him a call and thanks Brent for the pizza was great today. It was were little tired so have to go from there.

But now we're excited today show is about football, but it's not about football. It's about the lessons you learn from football movies and Robbie fight ask you what some of the football movies that come to mind that's that's meant something to you or you remember either. They were just silly but if I say football movie what some of the ones that come to mind for now. I'll course Burt Reynolds for me the original longest yard you know use language with really big but nonetheless it was.

It was spam that was real football and real tough and macho kind of thing you know, for those of us who like smoking abandon. So naturally we would we would go along sure those kind of things but then you know I got a little more inspiring as movies came on Jean happen and different things like that and tightens most especially Dennis is if I ask you some of the movies come to mind will first want to come to mind is Brian Saul the first football movie I ever saw and that was before I that was long before I became the wake force territory and Brian Piccolo's, of a legend around these parts but that wasn't it. You know I think about some of the football movies and nothing about true stories and that was definitely a true story full of an inspiring stories within it. Absolutely.

And in this general area within a couple state area. You've got, you know, we are Marshall the true story that you've got to the radio news out of South Carolina which is great story of the Titans was in Alexandria, Virginia Virginia as well and so you have Brian's song have a movie called the fifth quarter, which wasn't really that well-known very powerful true story about local family. Her family were there simply locally here football but to learn to be talking about those movies in and on the line. We have a special guest with us today we have any Thomas and Annie are friend of the show. If we'd known you for a few few years now but ask you to join us on this conversation because you're in my fantasy football league and when I get to talk about how to be Dennis.

When I do that today, but I would like you to say what is your favorite football movie that you literally spoke to you. You will work for all your we are Marshall and all but remember the talking stopped on and thing teaching and whether it was about reconciliation, forgiveness about humility, but leadership probably get a couple different glimpses couple different angles you picked. If you want to set that up. It's click the reviews once before and it's a really powerful clip in the scene you have and if you don't know the story. Remember the Titans. It's a true story. In Alexandria, Virginia were two schools have to merge in one's white school ones a black school and I have to come together in these teams have to form an and is as expected. There's a lot of animosity there's a lot of disruption at the beginning and then at some point to become a team and become friends you know any really learning the whole rest the story, but at this point is one of the turning points between two linebackers. Yet when the captains of the team and gave her tear is talking with Julius and I both linebackers are both very good, but something's wrong between themů And how that plays out. Gary Julius particulars arrived.

Listen running anymore.

These three days.

Okay what I hear, because honesty to help when you people is right. Honesty one honesty.

All right, honestly I think you're nothing but a pure waste and God-given talent you listen and nobody man should push on the line every time you pull some something everybody in this league every time you do to make hanging out to dry in particular about you or anybody else out there talk about ways you Right right captains will be legal right right job doing my job. Tell you what red you know nobody please include team know know what I will do is look out for myself and I will get my scene is the worst attitude I haven't heard to reflect leadership. Well that could be said is stuck with you over the years. What was it about that clip really just spoke to your heart and in this journey of being a man that help motivate you. It really be part of the problem was operability in leading by example and calling out guys that were doing their job doing their job blocking for the other guy and the you call them on what people are going to be let you know. Point out the what I do. Your leadership, it helps you to remember to stand up and do the right thing even when you know it's not easy on the college. Brent just really bring that point that leadership does attitude is a reflection of leadership were leaders in lots of ways we show blowback communicating the kingdom know we are leaders are leaders in our families were leaders at times with friends were leaders in lots of roles one way or another and and were part of that issue. If it's good or bad were part of it, and taken that ownership is key and you think you want to go to your club potatoes with about your clip of the movie that you picked was from the movie the blind side, which is actually true story of Michael Moore who plays for the Baltimore Ravens now and he goes from being homeless to being adopted by a family to becoming a professional football player at this point in the story.

He is just starting to play football for this high school football team Christian school and he's not doing too well. They find their finding out that he has the physical abilities but he doesn't. He hasn't played organized football that that much and the coaches not reaching him. So something else happens because mom is there and she has the God-given knowledge of what his true identity really is and how to reach him so she coaches her son up practice we can thank me later. Remember when we first met, that horrible part of town in my district close is a little bit scared. He told me not to worry about because you and anyone try to get to me. He would've stopped them right when you and you say when carrack e.g., due to the airbag stop that you stopped at stop team is your family. Michael you have to protect them from those guys. Okay, I protect his blind side when you look at him and think of me have my back. You have his okay here is you think Jane never let anyone or anything hurt him or even protect family and get to know your prayers.

Bert tested 90% protected. You can thank me later. Later, Bert is going to break your a few minutes refuse about 30 seconds, but will you tell us a little about why the clip speaks to you so much and will come and talk about. She identified who he was and that he was her protector. She had seen that through the testing that he did and when she explained to him what his identity was. He understood where to go from there.

I think he took out half the defensive line on the next play, but knowing your true identity can go a long ways even even when you have problems in life, which I think if we were talking to my core right now he tell us it hasn't been all roses. Since then, that he's had some moments, but knowing who you truly are in God's eyes, and I believe that was very God-given in his true story. He was able to move on with that and do what God called in to pencil in the coach of and asking him to play fearless and come back and talk more about the lessons you learned from enjoying this football season is an official kickoff of Iressa teams tomorrow to come back and listen to this when I get a couple more clips from how robbing myself in the radio. For more information your phone your tablet, your iPad graduate just became a radio that's right you take the Truth Network with you everywhere. Now they start brand-new Truth Network app that's right.

Listen to Dr. Michael Brown line of fire. The Christian true thought life. All of our programming 24 seven) in your hand fracture out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport. You can plug into the Truth Network just go to download the new free app Truth you will you have a full-time responsibility when you are using it surely can't get into the hands of curious children troubled teenagers or anyone else who might family, friends and all will. For more information on file and storage safety visiting CPC.dismissing national crime counsel, Bureau of Justice assistance and thank you Howard for that laugh was quite good stuff to emails desk is what happened that no that song is often used since we picked it back in with you.

Football championships and all that and there is thing to the sport but there's a lot about football really means stuff to people there's lessons it's learners hardships that happen to boys play football and just the discipline and things they learn, and it and so football is really popular obviously and in the United States and from the from the ranks of peewee all the way through professional women talking about some of the best clips from our favorite movies then assume you left off your talk about identity is when you revisit that for a second what happened in that show. When Michael was being asked from the blindside was being asked to live in something other than his identity. What did work for at all when he was being asked to to do something different than than that to protect he wasn't being he wasn't successful he wasn't functioning well at all. But when he was asked to perform based on his true identity things suddenly changed and I and I like and that's the one we talked and we done this cancel falling when we talk about your true identity. And when God speaks to you about your identity that puts, whole new light on things because you understand your role you understand how God sees you, and it may just start with God.

God is a loving God and he loves you as his son.

I think Michael probably got some of that to we do it outside your identity.

There's an internal conflict. Your fighting is not really realize why you not living true to yourself and if we got major brother mankind a switch over to you. You pick a movie right that you like to in a like you tousled about the movie and why you think that moving or facing the Giants amazing in a movie. From my standpoint, a Christian movie with a Christian theme behind it, but the clip that I'm using. You would nest necessarily from the film think that it's an extremely Christian clip because it's just a drill that's going on in this particular drill. They have one of the linemen and they put another player on his back and he's on all fours and he's come start out in the one in zoning and begin to go. They want to go 20 yards of this other person on his back on all fours which would be quite a task, so the player on your back what the coach does here to me is a phenomenal illustration of how sometimes God makes a spectacle out of somebody by putting more on them than that.

You may think that they're capable of. The coach is calling out this young man to do what he knows he's capable of English despite the fact is very painful. The guys mom was damn sure he pulled she to stop it. You know this thing can happen because it's hard to watch some to go through a lot of pain you want, that pain but to pull it out would've you wouldn't get a chance to see his glory. And because this man coached him put the burden on his back and then coached and he made a spectacle for the whole team and forcefully you can't see it through the what you're getting here, but the more this man went on, all for the whole team comes up and he becomes a spectacle, a site of what it means to play with a whole heart and in history brought you go you know Mary is it's it's a powerful scene for my stamina.

I've seen many people that you would think God put a burden on their back that they couldn't care and those people that come alongside that man and tell him to keep going and encouraging and when it looks like rather than pulling the bird off his back, which is very tempting for many moms but by allowing them to keep going with that burden that God put on their and by encouraging them like the coaches and call it out.

Then at the end we got to see his glory and the thing you can't seamless your seam watching the clip is the whole team now is totally inspired and what it looks like to give every everything to play wholehearted, which is a turning point for that team in the mood. It is, you know, in you really I'd seen at seen before until you pointed out, this the parallel of life.

When I look at it is a football clip you know just that is very encouraging. I thank you for picking that one just the there are times he does feel like giving up is Felix and you know I can't do this anymore.

I can't take one more thing, you know that that's when God sent somebody in your life as you can. Maybe speaks to you and just so if you're that point right now is push through it God's there is watch and he told me he's cheering you on. But he's there and so I don't give up hope is keep pushing through it alum and ask you a bit about your movie clip now.

I honestly say I did not like this movie when I watched it and he said are you picking clip.

I loved it, which was a surprise and I was surprised switch roles for us. You take the clip you said you pick a clip from this moving. I'm thinking there's nothing redeeming in this movie it all, but then I listen to your clip and there wasn't also bit about the movie and set up the clip salvation. What you think about your victory early.

There many many victories you have in your life at their empty. Maybe they're just too few and far between. What about your loss.

Your losses more meaningful your victory now. If you have salvation. I will ask you question what is holding you back from serving the Lord with everything you have your spiritual gift is there. You worship your prey, your server what is holding you back going go to the clip last Sunday, I saw team on the field play as hard as they could be lost because of effort or desire, but because of lack of leadership, lack of trust when those issues been resolved.

Leadership means nothing if the team doesn't believe in place many years together before they develop trust in one another in my master doing the week, not reasonable request, but these are reasonable times and I know you all have concerns about the Sunday but a real manů Fears that's what master do here tonight was start fears start about your spheres code is what I'm talking about is what scares us on the field. We are afraid of anything other than insects could soon play and you think everything is going fine. Then one thing goes wrong and then another and another and you try to fight back but the harder you fight the deeper you sick to you can move can pre-because you're in over your head liquid. The truth is you guys been given something that every athlete dreams a second chance you're afraid of blowing we all are in our fears shared and we can overcome it together. Let's lose out here this Sunday and put in this so that was a challenge that your challenge was what you're afraid acrophobia required that quick stand clip my wife or my salvation. Once I have my salvation holding me back my my rowdy my walk here help me dearly messenger and we thank you and enjoyed some of the clips we use are so many more when we didn't get to the Titans with somebody we can pick from. If you like to participate in this conversation go to the Facebook page passenger. The radio on Facebook and answer the question what spoke of the most to you over the years through.

If you more information on upcoming events for podcast matching journey Thank you. Listening

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