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Anchors From Our Past; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 27, 2014 12:30 pm

Anchors From Our Past; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 27, 2014 12:30 pm

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Many good to have you back, Sam. We missed you last week thinking the films we didn't even hit on you know you did an unbelievable term because the frog is always a different letter looks bad terms that what we did learn something very vital before the show.

Don't feed out cannolis on because it's really sugar going in so much. I will but anyway, we thank you for bringing my pleasure. We are going to be talking about a topic today that I'm really excited about.

I think that it's something that we all face from time to time with Reese we know it or not. We talk a lot about anchors from our past.

So now you are in the service right that is correct right into what is an anchor.

Do what in the Navy well back to visit therefore is probably it does a couple of things. First off, it waits the ship down and doesn't let it go anywhere but also when you have an anchor in the storm, you need to stay close to a certain point it keeps you from drifting so it has two purposes and no one were talk about today is probably more of the one that doesn't let you go someplace bright and so were were in play clipped pretty early to come to set it up Mrs. from a movie called the lion King in this the scene you have Simba and Rafiki that Rafiki and I Rafiki is kind of his sage is come along with the human is just coming out of a point where he's been off on an adventure but really it's been more about running and hiding and he's coming back to face some things in his life and all you listen to this exchange between him and Rafiki and look back and talk about it. Well, yeah, looks like the winds of change is good. Yeah but it's not easy. I know what I have to do.

Going back to face my past running from it for so Jesus for deposit But it still hurts will yes I see you too can I do not run all the Robbie as you listen to that this this could just always amazes me the depth of it demands an incredible clip it absolutely is the one time I have the joy of interviewing Robert Keown about doing that particular scene and it was his of all his acting career. That was his favorite all-time and since other words, even were extremely impactful to, but to learn from our past rather than to run from it is if every doing a course we call picture the club that he used by that club put on me having to Booba you yeah have the couple things we can do with her past week. We can run from it, but in some ways it can also embrace it in unhealthy ways and so I think those are couple of things we have to do to try to move past it.

What are some of those anchors were talk about another term may not ring true to you and what that might be a bit house asking what could be an anchor and summarize pass that when I dig a little bit below the surface and are continuing to struggle with the same feelings of same issues. Why am I here again and they did little deeper. What are some of things you begin to find Weathers Bitterroot agreements that can definitely set in and we start using terms like always, every time only you start to realize that the enemies come in after.

There's also feeling the county comes with that.

There's an anxiety that a dread in you don't know how to get away from it so when those times come. It's important to realize okay this did happen, but it's not happening now. I'm not reliving this moment you know I'm here with and I've got only God got me through this. You say that there's definite feeling sometimes and I've been here before you. Maybe not this exact situation, but it feels very familiar right for those of you that you may have had this type of thing in your past new step into another arena, 20 years later you step into situation feels exactly this exactly the same kind of feels like really bad version of Groundhog Day doesn't Robbie have for me. Great example pitiful except you want to look at is I have this thing with my temper where it and it's almost like my father had a temper and so, somehow or another I inherited this temper and I made this agreement with Satan that I was can have this temporary and some of this so that it happened and I'll get flaming hot and then while I'm here again.

God, how did I let this happen to me and then you know I think I've got healing and I moving past it and then all of a sudden this flares and that flares and the next thing you know, here I am with this anchor of agreements and things that you know and and what's crazy about Sam really scary is my daughter the other day. Will you know dad wheat we have a bad temper and our family and I've got your temper. I feel it coming on them like old man, Satan is got another one in the barrios so Robbie, let me ask you question when when that happens in you feel yourself losing control right who's taking control again. You find yourself there and you think will I be able to just rise above the somehow but it's not quite so easy. Yeah, when those moments happen is not when we engage are bringing out. I wonder who's taking control in its it's one of those things that you would really like to not have happened but reasoning your way through it at that moment when it's flaring doesn't usually seem to work to see it doesn't agree with that. I guess where I'm going with this is that when we start to lose control.

This is a ploy by the enemy and my wife and I went through something this past weekend where something was rising up in her and I was that I knew I should miss anything that I was trying not to. And then I said, just a simple man. We probably should've planned a little better and it came up both of us kinda got that angry feeling that we recognize. Okay, wait a minute I didn't do this to you.

You can do this to me this is in us and we pulled back at it and it was one of those joyous moments where hey we still love each other and wished we diverted a fight just because we recognize that anxiety now in our past work was come back to haunt us because it is you talking Robbie and you. You said you had this temper you're carrying a burden but if this is a burden from your past that I bring it up. I bear the weight of that burden from your past as we talked through this.

I think some things some elements want to bring out right is talk a bit about anxiety is something that can happen. Anger is another reaction. Fear which is similar.

It's like a cousin anxiety and fears.

Another one. Shane and I think that's what sin is really facing here is feeling some shame over situation that he thinks that he caused by any right out the enemies in the midst of that in this movie. It's done by the voice of scar really there something behind scar and so again I'm not timely that the lion King. Some biblical movie but a real true Senate and and that's the key word to me. Sam is truth because it eventually it will be the truth that set Simba free and am comical that Jesus happens to be the truth that I work for the Truth Network.

It's all come together for me but it's a wonderful thing to know that in getting back in trying to get some healing through those anchors. There's some truth that you are not aware of that truth may be that you made an agreement that you got a bad temper. The truth may be there's a Bitterroot there's some truth in their that God has for you and and discovering it as part of that process. This is not always so easy it's not and I think that we throw around some terms aren't always easy to relate to you talk about these agreements, but it is simply to saying I agree with what I'm hearing to be true about me to be true about somebody else to be true about this. People in general and so that's usually the voice of the enemy. You can see that in Genesis when he does that to Adam and Eve Benson go back and read that you can see very clearly he's planning some seeds of doubt, but I think another thing that we talk about his valves to get in the way something happens to you make a vow this will never happen to me again and so you start to react out of the bow when you get to something that's feels very very close to what you felt before the net. Val kicks in.

And all of a sudden you get to the place where logic doesn't seem to really play into the factor is knowing things it's running through your head. It's a very illogical place to be in motion kicks in and and it's hard to see straight, because now you got, like in any battle you got shells going off all over the place. You can't hear well you can't see well their smoke. It's a dangerous place to be.

It isn't in the enemy loves you set out to play both sides of that right. If you can get you and your wife to both be angry at each other. It's something that he's trying to cause whitest wins all around because not only are you guys getting deeper entrenched in what you've Artie been fighting which also mad at each other, which is your ally and solicit what a great ploy, but that is just the art of war is now is exactly what is no having the ability to recognize as warning signs, especially if you're in a relationship in your your partner, your wife, your husband, they recognize when I say always and I say you never you only these are the warning signs and now my wife and I are teaming up against the enemy. You were fighting these battles and winning more often than not these kind of fun fun hello it is even my 10-year-old Eli is learned is as we talked in our household.

It is if I say something to him and I say always usually turned to me and said that I don't do anything always yeah and that's a great place to be because you know we don't but that's just a given that enemy wanting to use his father say something that he makes an agreement right and it's not true. You doesn't always do anything. I always loved him, but he doesn't always do anything. I wonder where he learned that from. I don't his mom was his mom. Another neat thing about this this clip and actually one that I know we've got coming and I can hear Rafiki saying it it it's actually one of the key lines of the movie. It is time. There's a specific time. That's a season where he is him a call Simba out and timing is is often what God is part of the process of it is working for Michael to talk about that process of God takes us through print.

Talk about that irrational behavior was really coming from and what's underneath those other things. What's underneath the anger what's underneath the fear come back and talk more about that appreciate you listening to them asking journey for information on upcoming phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became a radio that's right you take the Truth Network with you everywhere.

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Rethink brought to you by legacy and leave no trace hello and welcome back them asking journey.

We're glad to have you with us today. We are talking about anchors of the past and if you're just tuning in your suit, what is that it's not you know some old song that only Dennis would know when he's not here. I can pick an excellent but no tears away. Anchors way that would be out you were back out with a smile that will talk about one of those things that hold you down but hold you from getting to the place of life and we may not always see them for what they are, will see him as something different and God continues to peel back the layers and kind go deeper into what is underneath that that that anger rather what's underneath that anxiety or what's underneath that Val Sam what's the teachable moment here what what are you getting out of that situation that you're getting use later to help others exactly because God will use what we come through the help in other situations, the thing that you'll find it is under every one of those that someone of our not as a one it's something you didn't just want to say I have a bad temper. I'm sure somewhere along the way. There was a wound associated with that her wounds and wounds can be self-inflicted or they can be inflicted upon us, or we can inflict them on others right but those that wounding that that process of learning is what really causes all those other things and so it goes.

After that go to clip here pretty quickly from the movie bagger Vance live a couple clips from their but on this first clip you got to Juna who is a golfer very very good amateur golfer. He goes off to war with a bunch of guys from his this town and he's the commander everybody else gets killed.

He comes back as a sole survivor and kindest disappears and comes back to town. No one really knows his around and all the sudden they have a golf tournament comes up.

And so they're trying to talk about who should play in this golf tournament and this little boy was I think the Juna is to be the one to plan, so he comes after him and Juna gets interest is a little bit. He steps out.

He meets a character called bagger Vance who is the Holy Spirit in bagger start to take him on this journey and just as that journey is starting to get towards fruition then he steps back and reminding something from his past natural to pick up this clip differently thinking I should just lose your grip and no man, no you don't. What I'm Thomas again game, it can be one on the play understand I don't need understand the soul.

This entire got a burly care, you don't understand you and this long enough time to go home choice stop stop stop walking right back where you always been standing still real still remember too long ago just a moment ago, she can been here all along the route is you listen, there's there's a lot in there is another there's a lot in there about what's going on behind the scenes here, you're saying that Juna's have this traumatic experience, and for those who don't know that he was supposed to leave this opportunity came back. The only one alive.

So here's all the shame of what I was supposed to be and how my going to rise above that at this point in time and apparently according to the Holy Spirit character bagger Vance at this point it's time to start using his swing again. I think it's important to know what he tells them first stop and go back right. There's something there that you need to go back to and remember is taking back to the time that things are more true. There was something before that event in his life. That was true and only asking to go back and remember what that was what life was like before the woundedness came in and so God takes us back into that point over woundedness to get us through it where we can get past it going further from what Robbie said in the early 1900s. The military believe that if you went to war with your community. The people you grew up with friends and family. You would fight harder and you would be stronger. What they found is that when you had so many people you care about die around you. You lost or hoping it will soak Juna is coming in, and he seen every body every family that he knows growing up and he sees their loss, and he feels whom I will whom I compared their loss and how can I come back in and face them, knowing that you know I don't measure up. I can't fulfill or help their loss so that feeling of self worthlessness that that misery that comes with the shame or guilt from being there so many of us have dealt with that so what I love about this is the Holy Spirit doesn't let them go. He stays with him when he tries to fight back and say I can't just like God's pursuing every one of us.

He's pretty shown us this through June. It was pretty cool how he continues to say right here with you I been with you all along. I think sometimes lose sight of that and things that happen in our life. We can almost feel abandoned. At times from God. But God comes back and says no I was right there with you.

My heart was breaking with you in the midst of it, but I never left you while I watch that clip on the times I've heard it out of the how may times that you just gave me some wisdom that was in there that I had missed out on that clearly in my own life.

There was a time before I had a bad temper and he was taken Juna back to when he was a great so he was saying there was a time before the won't where he was worried did have that actual swing when he says it wasn't that because he says it was a long time ago. He said no one is just a moment ago and he wasn't talking about the battle was a moment ago he was talking. As part I've had this revelation he was talking about that he was a great golfer. A moment ago and and and I think some of you heard me tell the story of my innocence card that when I had that innocence card as a young boy. It wasn't that long ago when Jesus literally took me there to show me that I could have that innocence card back but it was really important to the Holy Spirit to tell me do you want this.

Is this something that you want. Do you eat do you want to be healed right in the it's it's an invitation to go back there right but if you don't go back there. You will never move past the anchor.

There was a time when I had a lot of wounds from my childhood. My parents divorced when I was about one my stepfather died when I was six I was moved, taken in by another family, because my home life was so difficult and so that was, like being adopted and there was a very empty feeling.

As I was on my own from 18 on then when God pursued me after my divorce and he was with me through the whole thing, but he was a no, I've got something else for you and now I'm married. I have three beautiful children, but have a Bible study with my middle son in this Bible study for children that are have gone through divorce while they were in the Bible study. There is children that are adopted from the Ukraine. There is a little girl who'd is never met her father left as soon as he found out she was coming in. So I I have a unique perspective with every one of these children. I wouldn't trade that for anything. It's the pain that I went through that allows me to love them and help them spiritually turn to God to help them through which you can't teach what you have lived exactly right. So God has to take you through that process. First and foremost for your heart.

And then he allow you to release that to help others. It was Juna. He's the San I want to take you back to life.

I want you to find life again only to find joy again and we talked earlier about wanting to build get her second clip so you have to email us and I'll tell you what it is we can find that email information.

A messenger has rarely and you can either email our Robbie or myself or Dennis puts instances.

I hear he may not know the that the parts we talked about was why are we rational because were reacting as we did when we were at that age when I made that valve.

This will never happen to me again. I made it a very young age. And when I really let the enemy get in my head and say the situation is like that situation may not be the same exact details but it feels the same and I react like an immature person. If you really want the truth. Rationale distance play into the factor when God goes back and he feels that by then.

Now I can move more fully into manhood talking earlier Robbie about Paul writes when I was a child, I thought like a child became a man I gave up childish things and I think that's part of that process. When we got when God takes us from those wounds of our childhood young adulthood. Whatever it is we can move into a more mature place are more complete understanding of the truth that that that you would not have any way of understanding as a child, you know, getting back to Simba story. He had no way of knowing that scar had set them up to take part in his father's death, but once the truth came out and he could reason through that situation. He saw he was a legitimate king, which is what they name the movie right and that's that's God's goal for each of us right to become good Kings 11 liver the people around us well as you travel into this does come after your heart and you comes after your heart, not for what you can do for him becomes after your heart to be more deeply with as a result of that you do impact the lives of others talking earlier it would be arrogant of me to think that God needs me to do without me chooses to do with you. Robbie chooses to have myself and he does that through the healing we need to go through passes, anchors appreciate you listening really talk about the subject again to long down the road with this. Thank you for being a part of the show like more podcasts in the past the masking journey

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