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God Does Not Waste Pain; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 11, 2014 12:30 pm

God Does Not Waste Pain; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus many losing one feels more like a losing battle when something Sam but the beginning of the lease falling but said I like winners right around the corner. That depresses me but for you with football Sam. It is all in the this is about whether and so it it it did lined himself up perfectly how we got Alexander Bain in the studio with us today with today. Subject and then letting me host this because I feel like I'm the poster child for this. The subject today is God does not waste pain and for those you may be a little bit familiar with my story crust behind two cars and in a wheelchair. Amending our brain abscess and some stuff like that II have several kidney stones later falling out of a tree 35 feet onto my head. I have some experience with painting but you know Robbie I think you might guess her doctor.

I think he said brain absence, not abscess. Maybe that was the only other tree I will bet you that I'm not the only poster child for the subject.

When I bring up that idea of God does not waste pain with what floats up there in your mind what he what he what immediately comes to your thought process that that's a great point.

I think back to when I was a child I went through a lot of dysfunction in the family and I had my parents divorced when I was one step father died when I was six I was moved out of my home and it was family friends for a while so I felt a lot like an adoption and so now I have made the children's ministry have a Bible study and there are children that have gone through exactly what I went through. They only went through one of it.

I've gone through all these, and so the ability to relate to them and understand is unless I never even had put that together.

That's really cool Hutcherson if and to be honest which arts is always a good thing and that is ago untruths radio entrance rating. You gotta shake. Honestly, there the first thing comes to mind for his frustration. Why do people have to go through this and why is her pain in the worldwide why is that the learning tool that it would seems that it is sometimes known and I guess we only when you take the greater perspective you can focus on it that way. But realizing how we got here ski lesson crate set up Sam because when you think of frustration. Can you imagine being in prison for 50 years almost your entire life and there was a movie made out of that is called the Bergman Alcatraz and we happen to have undershot we have a calypso listing with the Burt Lancaster and Karl Malden.

This is black and white. Sam, this is my Alcatraz motion picture story of one of the strangest is a network. Robert Strauss is and he is the most northward. Do you reach Webster's international dictionary says it comes from the Latin root definition is to invest again with dignity you consider that part of your job hobby to give a man back the dignity he once said, your only interest is and how would you told me that once a long time ago when I'll never forget you will conform to our ideas of how you should be, and you haven't retreated from that stand 1 inch and 35 years you want for Christmas to dense out the gates like puppets on a string with a rubber stamp factors impressed by you with your sense of confinement.

Your sense of behavior. Even your sense of why you're a fan you went the whole science because you Rob prison is the most thing in their lives, their individuality outside their lost competence just going through the motions of his deep hatred for what you did first chance to get to attack society.

They do, the result more than half compact with all your might. And I suggest you read it you read all right you so can you please Sam. When I went looking for clips for the show live. I'm specifically went looking for prison clips because I was thinking about how Paul had been in prison and wrote the epistles from their God was not wasting her pain at all and it was thinking about John Bunyan's Pilgrim's progress, which is also written from prison and so I started looking at prison clips but when I saw this when I listen to that clip and saw the wisdom of what was being said just about the point of identity. Here's this man that it spent 50 years and this is a true story in this book that he talked about and what he just wrote out were things that were written. The actual bird manner. Alcatraz, the frustration and the pain had led to this phenomenal understanding of Philip of habilitation and and God is not wasted that pain because our penal system today is adjusted by but just understanding the whole idea of dignity being reinstated and the people. This is his cool stuff is absolutely cool. I think the question of the clip. The question that I have, though, going back, why are we dealing with pain, and why is pain in this world now or talk about forking on the air and you are you talking about and that I think back out of many, it was not God's will for them to fall. It was not God's will the earth to be in this condition. This happened outside his will, but he gave us free will so this is the result of a broken world fallen Adam and Eve. So he takes these bad things that happen to us because of our free will and he makes good from the thing I like about that clip is this man stands out because he did not waste time feeling bad or getting caught up in the now two things on a spiritual level, any rose above it and that to me is where God wants us spiritually when bad things happen we have to step back and out.

We have to learn from it. When you're in middle storm is the worst time in the world to feel like hey I need to stand back your you're caught up in the middle of the storm. But if you don't stop for a minute and turn to God and you're knocking to make it through the storm and there is protection of HyperCard was teaching me this morning as I was reading Pilgrim's progress, which is kind of why I picked the prism clip. Christian is on his way through the naked wicked dated in the narrow gate mall and he gets into this interpreters house interpreter how he takes them to these different rooms. To show him stuff that he's going to need for this journey because pilgrims on his way to the river of Canales can end up in heaven but he's getting some stuff because a journey is very hard and he takes his room and nurses fire going up the side of the wall and there's a guy standing there porn water on the fire and don't pilgrims like you can say like this is the Robbie Brady. What's up with that and that the interpreter says to Christian hey that Satan and his pouring water on the fire and that fire is God's grace is burning in the heart of a believer.

Grace, meaning the favor.

But I had Jesus is on your side kind of thing, but what you can't see is behind that wall. Jesus is throwing oil that far, and with oil fire like that. You see the fire gets hotter is is Satan pours the water on the fire gets bigger and brighter and more illuminated. So when you look at that from John Bunyan's life.

Here's this guy he's in prison for 12 years. In the first go around as he's writing this book is so undoubtedly he felt the of how Satan wanted to douse the grace the fire that was in his heart, but by his mere illustration of this.

You see he was taking the fuel the water that the Satan was pouring on the fire and illuminating this picture for all of us now to see more than God's making lemonade out of lemons gods taken the actual fuel that Satan's porn on the fire in these illuminating a path for thousands and millions of pilgrims that would follow by one of the greatest Christian pieces of literature ever written.

Besides the analog, usually that's number one in Paul wrote up pretty good at this letter to from from jail as well, and genre one from isolation. The book Revelation rights which it was a jail of some sort but when I think about that picture Sam in your life.

Satan tried to pour some water on your parade, and a young point he did, he did you know now is the really young I was assaulted by a family member that really is a very young age. I can understand obviously. And so in the enemy came at me with that and really try to disqualify me from Yahoo God intended me to be in his path was in being a boy and be in dealing with sexual molestation. You know that the enemy is coming at me is really not a real man and that's and that's not your never going to be this disqualifies you from so much and I believe that not seeing the spiritual battle, but I didn't recognize what was a thought that was for me and and God came after that to get that out to bring that to the surface in what he really wanted was to bring it to the light is what I've done.

Like a lot of people that face that is to shove that down to not want to deal with it. I'm never ever going to tell anybody about it is it's embarrassing. In all these kinds of things and it keeps you captive in on God, came after that and set me free from all allow those burdens. But what's been really cool above and beyond that is, he continually brings people in my life. It allows me to help share the way God led me down a path and it's been a very cool thing to see that there is some great things coming out of something allowing II think about the path it that Sam is is lit for people that I know that have dealt with those kind of things and I bet God has used that fire in your life. You can find out about Masten journey by going to masculine journey journey radio and Facebook. There are more your phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became a radio that's right you take the Truth Network with you everywhere. Now they start brand-new Truth Network app that's right. Listen to Dr. Michael Brown light a fire to Christian Robbie don't talk like all of our programming 24 seven right there in your hand fracture out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport.

You can plug into the Truth Network just go to download do for you Truth no matter how small your digging project may be, no matter how urban or rural always called 811 before any digging project 11 is our national noncall number alerting your local utility companies to come out and marketing lines they have near your dig site still before you do this, make sure you do project big or small. Make the call on common ground Alliance. Welcome back to the masculine journey this very special October fall is God doesn't waste pain.

Oh man, that's over talking about today and you may think wow I'm the poster child for that.

It's amazing how God does is take that pain through so many people's lives, but what what I see today better than ever. Sam and I told this is where walk in the studio. I've always known Romans 820 I am, but I knew that Romans 828 is all things work together for the good of God love those who are called according to his purpose, etc. I was thought well you know that things are good.

It's good but now it's good.

I mean, it's what God did with that situation in your life and the people that you've illuminated and brought out of that kind of bandit it's a lot more than it's good.

It's seriously good.

What God has done through illumination that's come through those wounds in your the cool thing that he also does is he. He continues to find ways to heal me, and in the process every time I think that that that situation is long gone and done, not realizing the enemy is still trying to work there is always trying to work in our insulin. God brings somebody to me through one way or another to boot camp or things like that. After even talking and and and God will I think I'm helping them, which guides invariably hoping me get a different level as well and it's really cool and and now you had some insight on this idea because I think it's it's really neat that how did Satan come after you.

He said you were real man but yet I think both Robbie and I can attest that we were going through spiritual battles. You are our wise counsel. You're the spiritual warrior that we turn to help us fight these battles to give us insight into prayer warrior in your right there on the front line, so he's telling you the opposite of the truth.

Thank you. You know, I think that when were in that pain. We don't often have the eyes to see the spiritual warfare that is going on in a weekly fight that battle, whatever that pain is on one front and we don't fight it on both fronts. We need to fight it on right and it's interesting.

Often we find ourselves fighting with each other and this next clip you know because a lot of the emotional pain that we experience in life has to do with battling another person, and that's tends to be more emotional pain, but in my will that share all sorts level so this clip just happens to be from the war that ends all wars. No, it's not about Robbie's matter.

It it is in fact a clip from these folks that were in this Japanese prison camp and while they were there in this prison camp. Certainly they thought their mission was to just survive what they didn't realize was that God was actually use this to illustrate Ephesians 6 with our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces in the high places and they would have this opportunity to minister actually to help the enemy or who I thought was the enemy turned out to be something that you care as a means usually forgive my brother will can amend is sinking will be in the Lord is the answers change my life was now it was announced as but I will ask a question you Robbie because honestly you have been through more physical trauma than anyone I've ever known you been through more storms, more traumatic events in each time you come out. I've never known anybody with his positive attitude is strong a testimony of endurance and love and compassion for others.

So when you're going through those storms, what date would get you through those storms and what you find on the other side. I love John Bunyan's picture again because I I can go back to each situation has its own moment where God was clearly showing me I was his favorite out that you know when I was crushed and laying there waiting on the helicopter ambulance or something to get me out between the car. There was this hug that was just absolutely unforgettable. I talked about it on the air many times that hug was in on that was important that oil on the fire that burned an illuminated path when my Sunday school class came out built wheelchair ramp for my on my house. It was again the oil getting poured on that show me how much they love me, but that was illuminating the path when I had the brain abscess and the young nurse held my hand as I was in phenomenal pain. My brain was essentially getting bigger than my skull could take so they had to crack my skull started because it was swelling and there and I know you never got a lot to have the big planes and of all the pain actually that that you know that was the one that really but I'll never forget forget that God put a girl that was in my Sunday school class was used and she didn't say a word because again it was excruciating pain. Sam, you got understand.

I could have any right, all she did was hold my hand, but because I knew the set up there, I realized this was Jesus tell me he loved me and he was not be there with me through that and being able to to share those stores again. I'm illuminating the path for others it may go through whatever physical pain or whatever it is it God will have something really cool for you in the midst of that which will allow you to walk in his grace over the voice of the enemy is pretty loud during the midst of the unit is a lot going on there and you have to be alert and expect that God will show it and so often it comes off like it's your own thought. I mean it. You'll feel these negative I was talking to a friend who felt these negative connotations that I didn't like him I was angry with them and then you know I called him up on the phone today and he was playing a song for somebody that he played for me and he said every time I play it reminds me of you. I called him right in the middle of playing that for someone else and we talked about how the enemy does that. He said I was. I felt like you were angry with me. You are irritated with me and asked me I could be further from the truth. That was the enemy whispering in your ear to make it seem like it was your thoughts. The enemies can tell you they can read your mind where they can read my mind, but they can't answer me you know when I was think about what's the worst possible for an attack that I can get from Satan, and in my mind that would be losing a child and I walked with Bob Young this year through that and so talk about God not wasting pain.

I thought we get get a picture of what that may have been like in World War II when so many people are losing children on every block. There would be that white star in the window that would indicate that somebody had lost a soldier. Mr. Brian down by now you see information about the untimely death of your son. However, there are some personal details very strongly will was it like it was a flying soldier regarding the circumstances of his lost command is service to his great soldier, educated phrase God the age of your life. Please accept my most sincere is in our memories of my deepest love each show is Leslie getting I just learned this afternoon is getting all three telegraph folders for the summer.

Boys live send somebody find you easy. Sorry my coffee, it's that you know when you think about it. Same three children and getting all the letters and send. It's unbelievable, it's unthinkable of all the things that I could possibly imagine. How would God for grace through that particular situation and I I've watched Bob almost. You know, this happened on 9 January and is also Bob is one of nine new poet was son went to be the Lord on 9 January source like 109 and the Super Bowl is happening within two or three weeks from that time until the Super Bowl. Somehow or another of them and have the grace to put together the Super Bowl ad to remember his son so that people would give to the Wasilla rescue mission that had to do with his son, to know the Lord and his sons testimony and while what a result this is. This flame burned to show people the way to help other children come to know Christ. First time I saw somebody live this was when I was back in Indiana and Liz had young children and one of the couples there was older than the nurse lost the teenage son and I just couldn't fathom that I still can't and to some degree, but about a year and 1/2 later they did a pretty cool thing. Their son really loved movies really loved and what Christian movies so they created this kids library movies you know and I used to watch the kids come check out those movies week after week after week, and thinking how how many lives are impacted because they were thinking about their son and wanting to do something in his memory. I and so there are their lives in their generations that are to be changed forever because they let God work in that pain and I think of the Scripture says blessed are those who mourn, and when you think about our country during World War II and the hundreds of thousands of people that were mourning the loss of their children and as a result, you know, no doubt God was doing some miraculous things in the spiritual growth of our country at this point in time that we now stand on the shoulders of where that's been so you may have some really cool thoughts on the subject. We would love to get an email from you.

So if you go to masculine journey work hard, you can go to work would be better to masculine journey or if I said right three times. Maybe entering sent us an email on your thoughts. Maybe your story of how God did not waste your pain and course you can list this podcast for many of the other shows that we do find out how you can be insane, not me.

I think I answered outtakes early

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