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Are You A Planner? Click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 25, 2014 12:30 pm

Are You A Planner? Click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus is masculine, using hand why feels more like a losing battle when something journey.

I don't know you live and where you're hearing this podcast but starting to turn here.

I never thought I would say that moving to North Carolina from the north but it started to turn cold here in another like it so much appropriately planning for the cold on the inside. Even Robbie had to close the vents so we would get cold in your the truth booth is been left great frost this time a year and vehicle in place in a short sleeve shirt so he did this clearly is not prepared I could figure out where they're hanging me in this room but I understand you didn't have the right plan and that's really the question that I may have for today.

Are you a planner like to plan is a good thing.

There's not a bad thing and Robbie fescue are you a planner.

While I didn't realize the extent I was a planner until I went on vacation last week and I realized well planned. I had a plan.

I had never planned my wife pointed that out to me not too friendly way that we were on our anniversary.

26th anniversary and I woke up in the morning thinking right honey, what's the plan. She says if I hear you say that one more time. There is no plan. We don't have to be up we don't have to do something. We don't have to. I was like well there's no time that this has to happen and that has to happen.

And as we started on Valette I said Sam must this might be a show topic, absolutely.

And it is very broad and deep topic because there's many many directions and as we learn that we can go with that weird talk before the show and are just so many aspects of the topic, Dennis.

I'm asking the same question. Are you a planner not only a planner but a controlling planner and not and I say that because I think I'd I plan to try to get control of my life tickly when it seems to get out of control, from time to time, like it did recently. The first thing I do is react with a plan.

This is my plan of action for coming out of this and get going again but but how do you not have a plan and just kinda blow through life right at me. There some level of that, it's probably good, but your point that may be controlling alpha asking the same question. Are you a planner like the breeze sand just wherever the wind takes me to remain. You are like the breeze that blowing hard. Our project is a project manager everything I do is based on my project plan. If I have a deviation if I have an issue if there is a risk that comes up. I have to document have to have a plan that risk issue were anything that comes up so my life is built around plans.

Okay, so aside from work. Are you planner yet. Please yeah it does is it if you ask me my wife.

You say you have Sam's a planner.

I it is really obvious that I can be on my way somewhere driving thinking to take me X amount of time to get there. I have an appointment of any kind and I'm frustrated because a person from you won't move right below the light changes in their setting on the phone and I'm just frustrated beyond belief because I'm off plan when he gets into it's really what's frustrating and go to a clip because it deals with being off plan those you like older movies.

It's not really old.

It's always old but it is older, it is Alex not as old as Rob is intolerant and they do talk is admitted it's from the movie vacation and in that original movie there's a bunch of vacation movies. This is the original one there on their way to Wally world when a series of events happen and were going to pick it up after they had it. Edna had died when they went to visit her. So let's let's pick it up from there. I understand he sees no sleep start clock. I'm sure you won't mind look, it's all over and done with. Find a place to stay for the night and will start fresh in the morning.

I just went home and anything you want to bail out is no longer a vacation and you can have fun while you where remembered going from the theater. Robbie, thank you Robbie for your creative editing just about any station, but it sounded just as delirious to me so obviously Chevy Chase's character Clark Griswold is a planner is not a healthy thing and that could probably you don't pick up that a healthy thing now and that clip illustrated something for me as I was processing it on my vacation and and a big part of the masking journey is finding freedom and realizing that our schedule our plans are quite often part of the matrix, so to speak. Their artificial it's not really fair. It's a self-imposed oh.

During this time, you're going to do such and such and that's all self-imposed.

But when your wife says look we cannot have a plan you cannot tell me again today we're going to have a plan. We are going to go where were going to do it and when I found the freedom that was the word and I went if I take away the self-imposed imposed matrix that I put on myself that I'm going to be doing this at such and such a time and that and that all of a sudden I'm free to ask God what he might have is as you listen that quick question, and then I like to hear you say, but it was not about planning resent more about the control you talk thing was a little bit about you know I think he wanted to be in control the situation. Clark list Griswold if you think about the setting of these movies yet. He was a businessman and he had a plan. He had routine every day and plan for what he was doing everyday so that's the way he ran his family was we got have a plan even when we go on vacation.

We got have a plan had a dad that was like that plan you and we will vacation there was a plan for things and I grew up that way. So when things get out of control in my life. Often time at times I think will wait to get back in control is to get have a plan so you see, put together, planning, and you think you got control of your life that which is very deceptive. It is in planning. I'm not translator and Sandvik were trying to say that planning is a bad thing. What's underneath that desire to plan is really the question what's driving that was it coming from words that need control for control coming from. Not every plan you make is about control yet to be able to look in the mirror and say okay really what I'm when I'm being honest with myself, and Holy Spirit help me see this here. One of my really trying to do here when I'm planning and why do I get so frustrated when I don't have a plan for the plan doesn't go as I anticipated.

I had a situation last week were everything seemed all of a sudden out of control in my life and you would think after a while we and I was listening to the beginning of the show and I and I had caught that before we was talking about and seen seems like all these things are going wrong in life and is difficult and what you fight for, and brother Al had a similar situation today and in it what I saw on that was the different ways of dealing with it my way of dealing with it was to immediately try to take control of the situation in sometimes my control because of past learned behaviors over the years my way control is not the most healthy way of getting through situation and that's what happened with me last week. What would've been the difference if I turned it over to God immediately, or if I gone right to my brothers and said everything is out of control right now I need you to pray for me at this moment.

That's what I was doing this morning and you can talk about that when he felt anxious about some things and things fell out of control. Yet a different approach that said to me the difference between him and I was that he was turning over control to God saying this is what I know to do. I was trying to gain it back when I felt out of control I was trying to gain back my own way and I think that's were get in trouble a lot of times it is now when you were in that situation today don't mind talking about it you know where to how did you find yourself out of control.

Usually I feel very confident I have direction have a purpose and I know what my next steps are and and I knew that today, but there was just anxiety over and so rather than try to face alone.

I texted my brothers and I asked for them to prayer, wife and I spoke to her when I got to the office and I prayed through it and then I jumped in and moved ahead. I feel like I didn't feel like I could stop I felt like I had to push through it and it you like. I think looking at Clark Griswold in this is a much more interesting topic than I but I would say that if you look at the situation.

He took ownership of the vacation and defined in and so we wanted to take control because this was no longer about vacation. This was about Clark Clark Griswold making sure that everybody had a good time and that it was a direct flexion on him somewhat that he had. It was a measurement yeah of how good of a father. He was could he have the perfect vacation very similar to Christmas vacation will have the perfect Christmas and that's why it's so funny.

Is there something in that the people are, they can relate to either sent or wouldn't of been as popular as it was the note in its played every year you have time and time again I laugh at this. A cutting that he asked if it is because of that it is lots of things he says we get talk about either the art that's a gift that keeps on giving. When we got to talking a little bit about this topic of control switch from planning and maybe making healthy plans and you go do that make some good healthy plans but if you're like some of us we can find it on the unhealthy side we are to start soaking up what's going on underneath it topically like to sing like to have around here. As you know what's going on under the hood will that's another one of those things to go back and ask God what's going under the hood. With this planning desire that I have to know things have to go a certain way and why is that there is and where did it get there in my life and inward and even originate from we come back right of the breaker get into that a little bit more this week. Again I going to break out when I got to ask you about planning you get paid to plan everyday right yes I do and that is hard to turn off his yes it is. That's right, that's a challenge. I was planning a necklace you are when you come back and talk with that where we are very grateful you're listening today and will invite you to go to matching 30 to get past podcast about healing. We have going on to contact any of his innocence and follow up on talk with him sending an email, contact any of us your phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became a radio that's right you take the Truth Network with you everywhere. Now they start a brand-new Truth Network app that's right. Listen to Dr. Michael Brown light a fire to Christian Cargile and Robbie George to talk live. All of our programming 24 seven right there in your hand fracture out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport. You can plug into the Truth Network just go to download do for you Truth every hiring manager knows the company is only as good as the people it's made from.

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Go to grads of to learn how to find cultivate entering this great pool of untapped counseling grads of journey. We're very glad to have you back with this love that song we could listen to it again were talking about the topic of planning and when we left were talking about, there's some level that that is very healthy, you can't get through life without some level of planning. You can't just be a slug and kinda get pushed wherever they push slugs to get on. I don't overslept go but that's what came to mind, but you know something in the window to scannable those around us to know and and and and you know I'm uptight about the Kansas song Dennis the you gotta have some level planning that's healthy.

But then, then want in a worse room for God and that right. But where did this need for control come from in our lives and now we're talking about this earlier this week and there's a few different places that can come from what, what's one of the things it can create a desire for control or this I got a have control if there is insecurity on the person's part with themselves or how other people might perceive a they try to control the events around them so that they don't look as vulnerable where they're not as old and new.

You touch on about two or three things there that are very, very good, and that's one of them specifically, you do have this this aspect of someone's been hurt in the past which you've all been hurt someone's been hurt in the past are some level that control that is a wall or barrier that says I'm in a put some type a defense out here where I can get hurt again right before you continue this topic only go to another clip about it just people's real desire to be in control and the caller planning when you listen scope they're really fighting for control and so that when we think this clip out the term galaxy. It was Marvel comic movie over the summer. Great movie. Very funny does have a few scenes and pride not the greatest her kids but it's a quite funny movie, but when we pick it up this group of so-called superheroes are talking about the plan.

I have a plan.

You gotta play yes first of all, your copies when I said I am not a thing to say. Secondly, you have a plan. I have part of what percentage of a plan to you. You don't get to ask questions after the nonsense you pulled. I know you just saved a little already established that you destroy the shipping amount is not saving me some she's right you don't get an opinion. What percentage, 12%, 12% totally real authentic hysterical that my entire life because that is not a plan you're taking their side grew 11% with anything. Thank you group. Thank you.

See who's the only one who has a clue.

You pick this clip into what in this clip did this topic in Mountain View about bids. Everybody wants a leader. Everybody wants direction and when it's not there.

Fighting breaks out in while there are really only two leaders there.

People want somebody to step up and take control and lead them. So for me and I love the humor in it and it's that reminds me of many discussions I've had in my previous employment as a engineer yes when you listen that there are two people there, specifically fighting for control. At the core. That's what that is. They both want control and they take it to the place was pretty funny. Have 12% of the plan yet you and really that's by more than most people have to take the time to analyze the you have 12% now.

I've climb up to 12% of employment, exactly, not this desire for control. You talked about and come from different places a come in, come from a place of being wounded but Dennis by asking the question, what's another place of control can come from other than I'm trying to put a barrier up to protect myself from being hurt again that I stop yeah you did do a little bit. Thank you. Where else does it come from exactly Robbie, if I ask you a question.

Warehouse is a come from Hope I have an outcome that I am desiring and so I kind of back into it and here's the outcome. How can I arrive at that destination and as long as we got God in there so it's probably you know a good part of the hope in the and I think that they are in lies the real opportunity is before we even lay our plans in concrete somewhere which they go into Robbie's mind somewhere in concrete if we could get God involved in not only the pet, the planning, but how do we know that we keeping them involved in the whole yes I checked what I was just thinking about is it all, oftentimes it's it it gives you. It's is not hope. But it's that I'm actually doing something now and I know that I can relate to that to myself.

Oftentimes when things are going law tend to shut down so a plan for me means I'm coming out of that than actually doing something executing the plan is a whole other matter, but the fact that I have one means of done something, exactly, is very deceptive.

As you talk about that there's some level that's it's very healthy right it's taking a good place rubbing you talk about hope there's a lot of good things be ministry their stories over the place where someone had a vision something they thought God laid on the heart and then they took control of it typically doesn't turn out real the slopes get really I've been there. Speaking from experience recently elected. One thing I want him to allow for some point he wants to make it. There's a couple other places that control can come from what you guys and said that wounded place of trying protected control can be from not thinking, I have what it takes or I don't have the ability to do something so I'm a take control so no one notices her. I can control whether they get to see that part of me or not. Even the opposite side of that is I'm going to get controls. I can prove to people right and you see that kind of play out. And honestly when I'm honest with myself looking America played all those at one point or another control look the same but is coming from a different source it out earlier my career. I took great pride in that in 20 years. I was never overbudget, never missed a deadline, but the truth that in and I live that life of I've got to have complete control so nothing goes wrong because that's what defines me.

But now I've taken a different philosophy that is not the problems that define me.

It's how we respond to the problems and so I now like it when something comes out of the blue. When you don't expect it like have a project now and we have what's called a showstopper where it's so bad that he can actually's stop the progression of the project, but now I get to say let's stop and see what God's going to do here. I can't say that it work, but that's what I'm thinking and I going to prayer and I and then miracle start happening and I mean literally. There are things that there's nothing we can do and then all the sudden, who even knew that could be done to see what God can do next when we talked earlier, we thank you were talking earlier. The question were to come up in our story when we just visited that a little bit out each of her stories are different. Evolving wounded.

We've all had times. I don't feel like we have the ability to do something we all have times when the show people we have the ability to do something gets part of everybody's story to some degree, some lesser some more for others but where did this desire for control enter into man story when you guys have the answer that Eve why Adam and Eve. What what how do we see that that's the first time it enters in man story where Satan goes after E and he tells them basically along the lines as you can't trust the heart of God. You have to take control. You can eat.

You need to go eat from that tree and I'm paraphrasing like the altar paraphrase version. If you eat from the tree than you be like God and so is basically getting them to believe you need to wrestle control is you can't trust God's heart. You make a good point because with Satan. He didn't trust God's heart when man was created in his image know if you read Ezekiel, he is adorned with everything he's in charge of God's glories in charge of the earth. When did he turn it was when and in this is my estimation, but when something was created in his image know Paul says in, don't you know we will judge the angels. I think that just tricked the trigger of Satan. And if that point he didn't trust God's heart and so he tried to take control so I think control is done to a trust issue with God.

We take control because we don't trust them. At the core control sponsor. Second will come back to that there's a huge difference between control in leadership, God will call people to a place of leadership at different points in their life are throughout their life and leadership is not necessarily control in a leader goes out and does things to to help the people that he leads her. She leads control person is all about how I'm gonna look through it right. There may be some benefits for the other people but really I got a control for me and so not talk about your leader and that's that's a desire and passion and the thing God laid on your heart go be a great leader but don't talk about that times when you feel like oh my gosh I have to have control here and ask yourself why am I not trusting the heart of God. And I'm telling you will rock your world. If you ask yourself the question that came to me last the end of last week when I was going through typically difficult time and it in its it's tough that it's tough to get that from God. Sometimes when you when you getting any sand that you and I just want to trust me but but I heard it and love eventually you know once I got past all the Dennis stuff and all the control cells. It was I love you so much. I just want you trust me as well as ultimately hearing from God in this whole issue of control. This whole issue of anxiety in this whole issue of wanting to to to close up has to do with you wanting to take back control and I just want you trust me little gray point. But let's look at some Scripture and redescription but was it doesn't some stories if you have Moses and Pharaoh.

Pharaoh's all about the control how that worked out right in her current good point right Moses good is called into place with the Israelites of not even knowing where they're going there mean the following in a star or burning bush or not a burning bush with a phone Robbie Reddit hello Fokker I cried during the day. Think I knew it, it is swinging about, I would process this was in there that it was I was Moses a story earlier saves confused yeah there the following those things in northern in a land try to pick any of the stories in Scripture of the people you call, and the well-known stories, none of them really had control.

Early in Joseph's life did he have control how man and that the interesting thing. I was thing about Jesus this morning and how you know when he was in the temple.

He made it clear I'm not worried about which all are thinking. I'm worried about with the father and so when you we get our mindset on what how God is viewing the situation that it's easier to give him back control is your deal after all.

I just learned something of Jesus was himself Rousseau said you listen, the vast majority.

There's so much more on this topic like to know more about it. Shoot us an email to the messenger and the you can find her contact information there some great blogs there is other past episodes you listen to on other topics, topic you want to talk about. Go to Facebook and let us know

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