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Everybody Has A Springer Family; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 1, 2014 12:30 pm

Everybody Has A Springer Family; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus was like we could use an extra hour sleep it is it's it's daylight savings. He he oh yeah, that's what it is what I retired. That's what happens every year to an hour that you needed is on its way tonight. It's nothing like that. Don't forget to change your clocks right if you ever heard that a thousand times is as 1001 as we can. Is this weekend and it's not tonight. It's actually like two in the morning if you want to know to be technical hours we had that conversation reliance daylight savings leave because if today was Sunday. It would actually be put back into me daylight and Eve as she seems like an oxymoron. Only my calculators is dysfunctional and he will be on the shot as late heavyweight dysfunctional mother does bring up the topic of the show today little bit better and we've kinda laughingly called this the everybody has a Springer family show not familiar with that term. Jerry Springer the show that it may still be on. I don't. I never really watched it, but it always dealt with the dysfunctions in life and I had a great time in my mind playing out Jerry Springer interviewing characters in the Bible you picture Isaac and Jacob on this. You know that you can see saw. Try to get over the top of Springer and you get all that and then you know Joseph and his brothers considering Hager is one thing after the I guess the question would become his or anyone in the Bible that we know of that we can verify that escaped having a dysfunctional family.

That's a challenge that the Jesus escape the rubbing now is no doubt he himself even makes mention submit mention of it. You know he quotes Micah 7 is is is part of what he does. But then you got the whole thing with his brothers and walking a week and I bet him. Springer little bit of sibling rivalry or dysfunction that happens you know II think for most of us. I can't speak for about their listening but I think for most of us there's a period of time when we didn't really realize that our family was dysfunctional. You kinda grown-up and normal to you is normal that you are normal you grow up with and so you don't know anything different until you experience more life that actually brings us to a clip from you wonderful using clips from movies that are challenge. How do you get certain movies and get a clip from that tenant leads to the point guards want to talk about and from a movie you don't expect. This is definitely a movie.

Don't expect to get a clip from it's from the original movie Austin Powers and before he shut off the radio is a great clip it is clean. It took a lot of editing, but it is clean and in the scene you've got Dr. evil who has a son named Scott and they go in for counseling Dr. he will literally frozen for number of years and he's woke up. He has a son just a little dysfunctional little dysfunction enter to listen to the interaction with them in the group and the counselor's newcomers stated David S. Say hello to Scott and his father Mr. actually Scott lightly start with you things you here with us today… Really met my dad for the first time five days ago was partially frozen his whole life. Beautiful he comes back and now he wants me to take over the family business. Our teams take over the world. When I die, feels like sometimes tested to Scott. I know I was thinking I like animals. Maybe no headings and even swim talking about using you the details of my life are quite inconsequential. Please, please let your child very well where do I begin. My father would woman is doing and make outrageous claims like? Sometimes she would just being lazy summers and lessons in the spring we need to have when I was incident I was placed in the back three standard choking back laughter that you know that's just such a over-the-top clip of somebody save my life was normal as you so that will rethink about.

We could use it for helmet that had to be a meat helmet and I have no idea what that is. I'm not about term. Trust me I looked it up and there is no definition.

There's just a lot of questions and what that was the norm for him was completely different from the sun and bank treatment.

Well, that's not so yeah I never stood put out a little disclaimer there. This is not a family movie without supporting the whole concept of the movie were just saying that clip leads us to some truth, some truth that God wants us to know that we can't escape that in our lives. And why can we escape that in our lives, rubbing why can't we escape the fact that every family at some level has dysfunction may not be your media fireman which most times it is its definite next ringer to as it moves out.

There's dysfunction.

There I came to the second boot camp and I'd heard Darren talk about that. A lot of folks would say why a normal childhood father was an ax murderer in these kind of things to wear it when I got the idea from Darren ahead of time that normal way not necessarily be normal and so when we start talking about the women I was looking for freedom asking Jesus to come in the my life and we started going down that path.

I remembered a time where I attempted suicide and I went wow I bet that's not normal, and because all of a sudden I recognize that you know that's not really normal. Is there probably a wound there in their Jesus and we have something to walk to work with and it led to a great deal of freedom from canals.

We talk about the effects of brokenness in the family. It's a bigger issue than that is absolutely because none really reflect the world around. Well, what I think of a dysfunctional family. I think about how the enemy comes in and they tried to make things worse, they try to turn us against each other in for a minute the child was born there. Learning to use their five senses and operate in the world around them. And so the enemy wants to keep it that way and keep you away from focusing on your spirituality and so when the when he attacks you in by the things going on in your life. He keeps you focused on the things going on in your life and less about God absolutely in morning talk a lot about that second segment about how the enemy tries to use that it is a big tool that he uses to kinda go after us morning can impact that's more thanks Vinnie is a question for you. As we look at the world around us today. It's normal right and there's no brokenness or dysfunction in the world is or you get the big kid and holy mackerel quickly look in this whole world that is not dysfunctional.

Really people killing each other a drop in their heads and this is normal. I don't know if that's old mobile and not our own nation.

Look what's going on in Washington Monday for crying out these Titusville dysfunctional and how do we resolve it. I really don't know how to resolve it. I remember me grown-up saying to myself a million times.

This is not normal.

The way we live. You know and you know I hate my father always. My mother was shut up so she didn't get it in all and totally dysfunctional.

No how to get out of it. I have been on the site now for my 80 years in I think most of the family that there is, as that type of dysfunctional times in their lives doesn't go away I don't think it does. I really don't know how I'm going to go home tonight and I'm going well. I'm here now, but I'm worried sick about my life was blind, but let's make a mint dysfunctional okay I'm here. Concentrate on what you doing but I'm not. I don't know if I'm making sense. But to answer your question, just all world is dysfunctional. Actually, it's a broken world for broken people, and that doesn't escape our family and so you may have people out there and you maybe want to Mrs. Arden, my family's not dysfunctional nebulous.

I really want to look a little deeper. I'm sure there's some level of and ask yourself really what is normal know all of the stories in the Bible it really touches my heart because I can relate to the different personalities. There's a family where one of the sisters is just so focused on what she has to do, and that's where she gets her self-esteem. Yet another sister who was so full of sin and then she comes to a point where she needs to get rid of that sin. She is basically a party girl.

She goes to Jesus's feet.

She cries the wet his feet. She's been perfume on his feet and we seen it. Jesus loved his family and uptight about Mary Martha and Lazarus and so Jesus makes it clear he loves them all they dysfunctional they are so different yet you know this is a family that he attaches himself to and shows great great affection for you, makes you wonder years are set often on the show.

The Bibles a book of examples of exceptions so you maybe some of the stories in the Bible or to let us know you not even happen way back then just talking about in David's family. We have the whole thing with him and Bathsheba and her husband LB a movie of the week and out some plan nothing. Think about Hosea and God ask him to create dysfunction to marry a prostitute and all that that led to is a picture of grace. That's phenomenal, but it was actually God Sam here's what I want to have happen. Realizing that this function and the sin that is involved. Absolutely you have in David's family as well. You have either the brother and sister were there sexual abuse their real life things that happen in the Bible of the goddesses and never let us know it's real fearless messenger and when we come back with him. Talk about how the enemy uses that how we can fight against it and start to enter into okay. What we do now get more information on anything we might have coming up to get a previous podcast with a mask and the that's masking any phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became radio that's right you take the Truth Network with you everywhere. Now they start brand-new Truth Network That's right. Listen to Dr. Michael Brown light a fire to Christian Cargile and Robbie don't talk like all of our programming 24 seven right there fracture out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport can plug into the Truth Network just go to downloaded new for you, 2003, James Miner, a veteran of 26 years, suffered a paralyzing injury changed his life and his wife is dedicated herself tirelessly to caring for her husband. In my role as caregiver 24 hours seven days a week there's no brakes paralyzed veterans of America fighting for over 60 years to make sure our veterans benefits they were promised and all of the support. I greatly deserve. You can help his welcome back to messenger and we are having a great topic.

I think today, but I think that every yes well it's true, it's great to see God working on ladies topics on her heart, exactly, you know, because often we don't have weeks and weeks ahead, prepared, and maybe that shows maybe it doesn't know we don't because we walk with God and this guy believes these things in her heart to talk about. We know that it's it's for us partially. It's also for people out there and so were just praying that you know if this is for you that there's something in the show. That would really speak to your heart to open your eyes to what's really been going on in your life. Robbie picked to clip them again. Go to here in a second regarding this topic. He tousled about about this clip and set it up as another one of my older movies that was actually in color and a talky one Academy award for best picture is called ordinary people and it was such a picture of dysfunction as I was listening to the trailer this week and actually I I sat there and cried as I thought about all the dysfunction of the payment was in their and how it was. Not coming out to a healthy place in this comfortable home. Three. Ordinary people are about to live an extraordinary story psychiatrist on dreams. I knew something was wrong. In an extraordinary story will listen to it a few times now and pick up something different every time. It's there's a lot of pain in there. The story is actually of a brother that went sailing and the one brother died and the other brother was not the favorite. According to the mom and since sheet he saw her he disappointed his mother. He attempts suicide, which is clear through the clips I got to the suicide attempt. The mom is trying to deal with the other son's death, and now the sun try to kill himself. She is got a very, dysfunction, or she doesn't want this going outside the house.

We can't let the light come in and try to heal us here she wants to keep it all in the home and and I think for me personally, the placemat clip that offers the most hope is that if we could just this is where the healing begins.

If we can bring it out in the open and let you know God come in and heal and so many times the problem is we want to keep it hidden, absolutely coming and not putting anyone on the spot no speak only for myself but in others. Dysfunction in my family right at me and made to the text to show you're probably not surprisingly related yeah and directly, but there is dysfunction. My family that there's this whole thing is saying, you know… Deal with it here, pray about it here and I got to work on it and I don't really want others to know what were dealing with his enemy tries to make you high that doesn't reality tries to tell you that you're the only one absolutely, and that's in that what the enemy does they call the hard way to year alone way you're by yourself and then he can just wreak havoc in your mind numbing. I tell my kids that the one thing you don't ever want to do is let that Satan getting your kitchen cook a mess and that means when he gets in your head and starts telling you bad things about yourself that in in in our family real purposeful because similar background and I want to make sure that they have that the ability to tell what's on their mind to say what's on their heart for people to listen in and I think that's actually important because when you feel like you can't talk to family well right away. That's when the enemy starts telling your nonimportant no matter you don't count and he gets a foothold big foothold and not only just one person's life, but often the whole family's life because it's this you know nothing comes outside the family were not deal with it, but my experience has been when you step out a little bit in some faith and let the Holy Spirit lead you and you have a conversation. You're incredibly uncomfortable with someone you're not sure you should be good but you just feel like you should guide usually has a point for that. I'll be sitting in God always has a point for that right and most often, I found that that personally leads me to talk to is doing something similar, maybe not directly, but not on the fringes of their family and on. And so it is out there in just a look at statistics of no one in every I think it's for girls deal with molestation as her growing up. It's 25% of the people have that in their life directly or indirectly) you don't hear that any starting her sweat, domestic violence, it's just been coming out a lot this year with some of the NFL players.

How long is admin around right and so Robbie as we talk about this a little bit what are those things you think that people keep people from bringing it to light. Is it fear what is it you think that the causes them to say I don't know that I can let people know about this shame as it is a gigantic thing and the thing that I was reflecting on his unit as we do boot camps and you get up and talk about your you know your situational would being molested and and other people talked about their situations would be molested. I had something similar in my own life as we talked about those things was amazing, and often with family members. The people that came up that then were able to get that out of the dark of their life and begin to shed some light on it and bring some healing as a realize, wow. I'm not the only person that had this to you and it's fasting me how God heals us so that we can be a comfort to others attempt first Corinthians how God comforts us so we can promote someone else and how many times Sam is God brought you people based on finding out that your testimony is along those lines, absolutely not. In you have that aspect of it, but then you also have in our little small group here. You know there's there's there's five of us to meet regularly and we do the show together but we don't just come to do the show we love doing the show known to be wrong. We stay after the show and we spend a few hours just doing some life stuff together.

Talk about what's going on and we can often find that it may be something I'm approaching now with my family. You face real because you are just a little older than me semi-joking.

You just a few years older than me or you know your kids are little older than my kids.

You know how you your kids are little bit behind ours and so we have some opportunity to say yeah kind of been down that road. Not exactly that way. This is what it looked like for me and this is how I got through it right and I give some hope that not having the band of brothers is a big thing and in also. One of the things it's help me through this is recognizing that I can break the cycle want to recognize what it is and I can identify it I can step away from it and I was raised in a very angry environment and I brought that into my first marriage I brought it into my second marriage and then I started to recognize the spiritual warfare involved. I recognize that when I'm under that spiritual attack. There's an anxiety and did that perpetuates the anger or maybe some excitement and I just can't stop it, and whenever I start to feel that now, then the whole family is aware that we any of us can step into this moist anybody can say hey let's stop and pray as if they see me get upset or we see one of the others may be my wife. She can withdraw that, her nature.

For me it's the angry first withdraw by see her withdrawing. I say let's pray about. If she sees me frustrated or angry or overly excited. She said hail stop and pray and that's our defense mechanism. That's how we cope. We don't know we'll do anything about a problem until we bring God in the middle of a get the spirituality back in because we know the enemy he wants to take the spirituality out. He wanted to be about all the things that are happening that you see that you feel that hurt your heart that hurt your eyes.

That hurt your mind. God wants it to be about hey, stop and think we have, we can do love each other looking to help each other with deck and he goes back think you need any right on track does not kinda come back to the topic we talked about just a previous episode that really some of what prevents us from doing that.

I would love to say that every time there's a problem in my life. My wife and I get on her knees and we pray we do we take it to God first. So, I didn't mean to imply that it was that healthy okay well is it's pretty healthy but you know, a lot of times I just want her to fix it in there something in me that says okay I want to try to fix the situation, and I know God's there. I love him. I trust him. I know he loves me but there's something in me that wants to fix it in a some level of control or maybe a distrust of God. I don't know that's a previous show. If you want more uncontrolled list of the show last injury that is a plug but it was a good show about what really is underneath control and so as we talk about this topic labeled just a minute or so left is a talk about it. What something that you could do right now between now and next week that says okay I recognize I have the situation my life. Okay, now what it wants. What's the now. What would you do now raises awareness, okay Sam I buy and I get it I see it I saw we needed the Austin Powers cup.

You had me at hello. That kind of thing right okay so what now, how, what, what do they do now. Your thought. It's going to be different for a lot of people. Sometimes it's good to be finding someone to talk to about it, whether it's a brother or whether it's counseling another thing you need to do is you know find a way to grow your spirituality through faith in prayer through Bible study, and I know that seems like a cliché but having been somebody who lived on on the edge of anger all the time. That is the one thing that got me through was running towards the light. Robbie, what about you, what would you say that there's a place with a start. You are not alone.

And so, who can you find that you can trust and that might be somebody or work.

It may be that you will find a counselor but it's admitting that II can't do this alone and certainly asking God who can I get to know that I really am learning is a attempt to get wiser along the way that others sometimes get to go to God's. I just don't know what to do here. I don't how to fix this. I don't know where to go, I need you to father me through shellac and fathering to go back and listen to Next week will talk more about this topic and stepped more into process what God desires to do.

Thanks for listening

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