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The Gift of Healing and Restoration; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 13, 2014 12:30 pm

The Gift of Healing and Restoration; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus many losing hand. Life is like a losing battle when something is welcome into this edition of the masculine journey radio show. Glad that you're with us this afternoon, 13 December guys 12 days to Christmas of you got all your shopping done. Define all your shop now know you haven't done that yet started and a lot of stuff online here now because I get a lot of energy from setting up the computer not doing anything exercise but not a lot.

Online shopping that's been really pretty convenient measure yeah I guess that does work well or glad you're here on Dennis Braden get a voice you are with Sam main another voice you heard was Robby Delmore, Al Henley is here along with this as well today were missing Vinnie, but were in a place of music in his honor. As we do the break also want to say a special welcome if you had to be a first time listener and you just tuned in, welcome to the journey will try to describe to you as we go along.

What what that really means soon as we figured out, but it is a journey and if your guy that's listening. You'll do hear a lot of things will sound familiar.

If you're female that's listening. I know that we have some female listeners and they say that eight hey they really get a lot of the show whether you found find out just how much men are messed up, and this helps you in realizing this, or perhaps something will relate to you as well so we welcome you in today.

We have started we started last week and were going to do for the next few weeks Sam were to be talking about gifts, gifts that are given to us.

We may not have accepted him the at. We don't know for sure but this is something that got, laid on your heart for this time of year and share a little bit about that if you will (you know little bit. I do daily devotional. Most days you know I write a daily devotional and gotten.

I had a talk about a little bit and so is laying in bed a few weeks ago and is as I got what you will and do over this next Christmas season is everything that you want to really allow my heart to start bringing in mind all the gifts that he continually offers us not just at Christmas time but all the time and on.

I think just to remind people that those gifts are there for us and we just need to go claim only need to accept them and we need to deliver sister truth.

Her life in on so there's just so many of them that the original I thought well to be a couple days with Manley to skew, and there's more and more that the God continually offers us as a loving father. We just need to say thank you and accepted. We started out last week with the gift of identity.

If you haven't heard that show yet. We invite you to go to masculine journey you can listen to the podcast you actually can listen to podcasts of any of our past shows what a go back and listen to that this week were to talk a little bit about the gift of healing and restoration and Robby you had a great clip to start things out with today that, very seasonal forests. Yeah when I thought about healing and restoration. What a picture. Charles Dickens gave us in his classic, a Christmas Carol.

You have Scrooge and the healing and restoration that goes into his life is now legendary. Obviously, in this clip kinda kicks that off and I'm sure it will sound familiar to a lot as he gets to see what kind of chain he's been forward. We live in particular ghost who live, I was on sit down. I do it I don't want to have fire you that you y'all send a fixed slight disorder of the stomach and beef mustard fragment of underdone potato gravy grave should I okay I will. I made by you. You know the weight and length of the strong calling you that you lost a clause in this second Christmas Eve machine nine so you can see Jacob have to drastically screw Scrooge's attention in order to accomplish this feeling and in Scrooge. Interestingly, at first he doubt his own senses and and I think about her own healing at Christmas time we we sense the that were wounded. We sense that were going down to a place that we don't want that the fruit would be good and were looking for that healing. We got our own senses that it's available to us and we feel the chain that that's there and that's so cool to me. The healing that comes through the ghost of Christmas past than the ghost of Christmas present in the ghost of Christmas future and Sam ghost of Christmas past, for both me and you is provided tremendous relief from James and how is it you know it's taken us back or state you not talking taking us back into your painful times growing up painful memories that are necessary fun to go through but it's necessary to go through to get to the healing. On the other side and Christmas time is probably one of the best times.

Remember, this is often year-round people were part of it as others ones unfortunately come from family or close relatives are still family, technically, but not in your immediate family that they come from those in your minded oven you have to kinda deal with it. Sorry, there want to let God enter into it so we can keep moving past it. Ghost gives Scrooge a classic father. One example of being left alone all these Christmases it's it's it's obvious to us. I think that Scrooge is made an agreement that I've got to go it alone. I got the forge this thing on my only becomes a driven man like so many of us actually said we got it we got a go alone so we get this beautiful picture into me in the ghost of Christmas past of the classic father, one that we talk about quite often in on the show that Scrooge gets to experience when he goes back to his. I want to ask you something now because we talked about this earlier when we were preparing for the show in relationship to the to the wounds and so forth. We talked about forgiveness, our ability to forgive others our ability to forgive ourselves on. That's not necessarily what were talking about today, but it does play into this whole thing doesn't think it does because so often until we forgive folks for the pains of the causes that we hold onto it it it it festers rose and it comes a Bitterroot agreement and the really that the the proper model for this is Jesus as he was on the cross who apologized nobody.

He just gave forgiveness that was so imperative for him to show that before anybody is sorry or regretful know we have to do that for our own good and it takes great faith to forgive people and then we we move on.

Once his eyes are opened and he gets to see the agreements he's made about Christmas. It's so cool that Sam how the ghost of Christmas present literally like the Holy Spirit does open our eyes to things that he was totally unaware of his. Eventually the veils lifted and he can really see what's going on around them, and he has eyes to see in a context without understanding the past and its impact is me as its effect on you. It's really hard interpret the future of the feet of the present is a dust cloud that it does make it muddy water best and so we get an accurate portrayal of the past and God helps us write that then we can really see the present, the way we need to and then we have this picture of the Grim Reaper in the Christmas future which clearly it's interesting that he would get. Charles Dickens would use the reaper because we reap what we sow. And there's the hope right. Sam it is. You know that's the hope that I'm in the present today I can choose what to so in whatever song will be harvested and so you have the opportunity as Scrooge did you get to look ahead and sing while I don't really want to end up with a harvest down the road so I better so some different seeds today in the present and that's what opportunity will have a Christmas and any day is the so the right seeds so we can have the harvest down the road how you know that brings up a memory for me that my mother had these outdoor lights when I was a kid. The striper Christmas tree. They were made for that and every year she went through this writable anger trying to get these light perfect and she wanted the perfect and I find myself now trying to put the lights on the tree to get a perfect and the when he starts getting tense is he a everybody around intense and I remember what it was like to be the one sitting there watching and so now I just shuffle the inside of the tree and and I did do it as quick as possible. And it's never ceases to amaze me that when I just went through it and throw it in together and make it a stress-free minimal effort. Project always looked beautiful appearance of picture of the healing and the restoration to your own family you know there's this picture at Christmas that Jesus came so that we can have this right because we don't get free from our chain.

Jacob Marley is such a beautiful metaphor and and we've all felt the weight of our chains that we carry around and to take off that first link in the see the rest of it fall away for me personally this year. Dennis, I've had two or three rows chains released by Jesus and really really opened my eyes to what Christmas have for your review that we use that song before same amazing grace my chains are gone and when I was hearing those chains. During this movie clip.

I was thinking about how to help when some of those chains come away and that sound is gone is the it were carrying the oak that were not supposed to carry Jesus talks about carrying his yoke which is light known or carrying the yoke of our past, the yoke of the present.

That's not being healed. It's a heavy heavy weight talking about the gift of healing and restoration today on masculine journey radio show were glad you joined us. Check out our past podcast on the masculine journey Also check us out on Facebook and twitter as well will be right back. You can always come up with an excuse for not facing long-term care not go after all, who wants to admit that one day they will be old because I but since 70% of older Americans need some kind of long-term care why not do some preplanning.

Now she can stay in charge. Visit long-term and find your own if you only going to have a full-time responsibility when you are using it surely can't get into the hands of curious children troubled teenagers or anyone else who might family, friends and old. For more information on file and storage safety visiting CPC.dismissive National crime prevention Council, the Bureau of Justice assistance in let there be peace on earth. Welcome back to the masculine journey radio show guys.

One of my favorite things about the season is the music I can listen to it and I like the Santa Claus music to.

I like the Santa Claus is coming to town. We talk about things like peace on earth the old classic silent night, a little town of Bethlehem all that all this.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing Ida's love Christmas music and the joy that that brings revenue member that was new music that there wasn't much back in the malachite day that we missed out on Christmas on this yet. Silent Night you know of any. He's not here because he wasn't feeling well but that song it touched it need told me that Robby when I heard this I began to weep because he understands also clearly that is.

We undergo the healing and restoration that we talked about in the show. We literally are lighting the way for others to follow that peace on earth that comes as a result of the healing and restoration. I know Vinny wanted to share that thought is, is that tickler song really touched. Absolutely we have another great clip this afternoon and it's a music clip, Sam. It's called heal me and not this is something you brought for the show today so set that up for us.

I was looking for in on some bumping music actually that we display the peace on earth, which was awesome. I came across a song. Honestly, I didn't know. It's from Aaron Jeffrey units called heal me. The little simple working here it is. People said a person sitting in a church you can sit there, you can say when I go to church every Sunday. I'm I'm saved. Do I really need this healing On this and come back and talk about this a lot so as I and he and I is you listen, this is a person's been a Christian, preretirement, and for me as I heard that I thought about what I became saved right that accepted Christ as my Savior. There was such a release.

There is such a relief it was life became and then life strips away and really what it was was yes there is a refreshed moment there. There's a time becoming new again, but there's still a lot of old to go deal with. And that's really what he saying there's a guy coming heal me heal me from those things the past to me from the things I battle in the present. I don't want to be this way in the future you want to share something. Actually I saw them in concert in Greensboro with Phyllis Craig and Dean years back I wrote the song and the father was talking about. There was a time where he was trying to become professional singer. Many had songs that he'd written and he had a voice. You can hear its father-son combination. Aaron Jeffrey of the father-son and so he had a voice. He had a song he had no audience he could make it in the struggle was it was time for him to make it until his son could join him and said to me there's just a beauty that note. Sometimes it's not because were failing, it's just not the right time. You know what I hear and that gas is the vulnerability member will my daughter just a little girl and I would listen to her, pray to God and everything would just be laid out on the table and there be no second thoughts about what she was asking for how she would ask for how she would talk to God and I hear him singing that song and sing heal me and I heal. I hear all that he hear all that coming out in his voice saying you know I'm I'm I'm a child of yours, but this is still tough one for a question we didn't talk about okay so this shows about authenticity. How is God healed you this year or how you praying that he'll do that exactly for you coming up where you printed out heal you of her from right now in your life, minds in record as I had two of those actual chains that that I feel I can relieve me from this year. One of them was my innocence card that you know I dealt with some sexual sin issues that that that what I needed to deal with and he took me back like the ghost of Christmas past. I went with Jesus. He showed me where my innocence had been robbed. He walked me through that pole in that chain off and it was amazing. I cannot believe the healing that I enjoyed this year since that particular time and then recently financially.

I had some issues that did not realize that stem from my own thievery that he took me back tonight and I got to see a chance to have a chance to have another train removed and the cool thing is is that these things I'm struggling but I sense well there something wrong here. I don't need Jacob Marley to scream God saying we can deal with this. Just let's I think for me you know I had worked regularly in and really been a part of of something whether it was in a company or with other folks.

For while I was on staff for church part-time for while was doing at this time last year but was very frustrated about some things were going on in life for the last several months and there was a part to do that.

They came couple months ago where the enemy tried to steal that back away but I'm delivering pizzas as you guys know and I work five or six nights a week and I was there last night Ashley was actually it was a few nights ago when we were out in the rain and I was driving down the road and I had some Christmas music on and I thought this is just the greatest job I get to see all these Christmas lights and I get to go talk to these people and then felt that way about working in a long time.

So God is really help me with that. This year, and I'm grateful for the blessing you know that there really two things for me. I worked for 20 years and the job I was absolutely miserable and it was a pain every day and I just can't die know people out there can relate to that. And there'd been opportunities for me to go elsewhere and I just didn't think you know I can do anything else go anywhere else. And finally an opportunity lately came in this one individual came and say I think to be a great fit and it's been a dream job making that transition in its you know it's almost like I have to pinch myself to believe that I've really been given this gift that even after all those years of struggling I could find a job that I absolutely love and I'm good at, and another one for me is my son, my middle son he's going through the teenage years, 15 going on 16 and you know there's just elements of your life where you just start dropping balls and you know is a father I went back to the strongest time of my life where I was in boot camp and you just did make mistakes in boot camp or you got it and I started becoming my drill instructor and I could see him breaking and in feeling bad about himself and I said wait a minute now I've got to be better than what I had. I have to take the next step in my wife.

You know she vocalized that to me and in within a month of just nurturing him and walking him through being 15 and help them understand the different pieces of it. I relationship is just gotten back to where it was and in even better than it was before and that's that that's a difficult thing for father to son, when they have a rift to to find that place to come back together and be close again we have another movie clip we were going to do and I think were running a little bit short on time so we got him a much shorter clip that were going to play from Seabiscuit. Sam and will will talk about that just for moment yeah part of the cool thing about this clip from Seabiscuit is God uses others in the healing process is ultimately the one doing it, but he chooses to use others.

Sometimes it's not always people to listen to this clip will come back and talk about how everybody thinks he found this broken down horse. Everyone of us. I guess in a way we can fix each other to listen. That's God's goal is for healing for everyone in it he uses us to help in that process and see it. It's perfect because the one person we didn't hear from on this year was we let that slide a little bit rowdy tenants that I got some really good healing this year. This from some past of things I didn't even know was there. That bothered me.

Issues with my dad. I didn't even know were there until he came out and something I was experiencing. And for now for me the healing that I'm praying for is the healing of forgiveness that I could forgive some things are really painful for me that's holding me and that chains of bondage and and I know and I believe it it still doesn't make it easy and on some parameters can be some breakthrough on that soon.

I can relate to you. There are some folks out listening this afternoon. I can relate as well.

It was a listener that clip. I think he knows a horse that brought them together and I think of Alem's donkey and how he, fix things that Aaron know we all have someone in our life like that for this group. CM is really our donkey and I loved about the laugh was good for you. That was actually very good. What I liked about the clip as well as it kinda sets us up for next week's topic.

As we talked about the gift of friendship and how that is truly a gift and will be doing that next week at this time on the masculine journey radios that show we just we just cracked the surface. I think on healing, restoration guys, but what a great gift and it seems like we've accepted some gift this year. We hope you will as well if you like to listen to some of our past podcast log onto the masculine journey Ross on Facebook and twitter until next week. May God be with

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