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The Gift of Jesus; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 27, 2014 12:30 pm

The Gift of Jesus; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine losing hand. Why feels more like a losing battle than something, my quest is nothing like grandkids you know when you're enjoying Christmas. It's a little taste of heaven to have all the family you know your sons and daughters and the people that come back and it's like a reunion like I get a picture love the taste of heaven that that that comes in and the grandkids and the toys and it's a wonderful feeling it is. It is, we also have the studio with us today. Howard, our producer in the other room wave Howard and Howard away and then there's Vinnie Menino are Sage are pilot is. He helps us navigate our way through the masculine journey now speaking to Lila talk about grandkids.

Did you hear anything like this order play clip did you hear anything like this from the kids birthday is on his Christmas. I just love that Jesus is the real gift. How often you get to your little child say something like that. Not about you guys but it my house we had blinking lights delicious smell of prime rib, cooking. We had smell of pumpkin pies. We had all cut bread every was just amazing. The smiles and the excitement throughout the year.

That was my house. What would you feel your house Robbie call me about pandemics. It's kind of a neat thing to have your kids back when they've been gone for you sometime. So when they get back. It brings back old memories of many Christmas mornings and for me that's the taste of heaven is just to have that fellowship of kids that you haven't seen a long time. Again, the grandkids make it extra wonderful but I Vinnie he's got the whole Italian thing going on and that there is really a opportunity to learn something. I was just getting ready to ask many tell us a little bit about when you were a kid have an Italian Christmas. Well when I walked in I smelled so lost because we had to have a design urinal that kind of stuff but it was a gathering of the whole family, but we celebrated Christmas more New Year's eve and Christmas day was like for the kids to open a presence in all of that, that the family got together both days, but celebrating the birth of Christ was the midnight mass payment Catholic that I am.

I'm really, I don't know.

It was just so different. In no case didn't really want to do anything but Christmas Eve because they knew they were going to get everything the next day.

Christmas day let that come, but no grandma said hello we ate.

We drank and well drank that you told us about a very special Christmas Eve dinner is the Christmas Eve dinner and all home and most processing home was that all fish but they had to be seven different types of fish cooked in all different ways you ate nothing but fish dinners and this was because as I learned you know when God through that in and got the seven fishes and he fed 4 to 5000 people now when I was a kid I was saying well that I don't think that I happen you know, but it's there. Now I realize that that's Jesus and that's what we will did.

We had a great time and eating you know that was mostly adults might them when we went to midnight mass will came home hoping for good night to go by fast.

So we can open up all presence, and we can watch grandma, my father and my uncle to make peace and they wouldn't talk for a year and this was like almost every year that they will make him pace, but that was what basically Christmas Eve and Christmas day was like an Italian. All I know when when I picked up today and I had., Going your eyes lit up like a little kid right away you see the memories coming back. That's right, Barry, came along later. We used to listen to a guy by the name of Carlo boot. You know, if you are Italian and you didn't have any of his records, you were in the tagging but what cool thing that the food itself .2 Christ that and I really learned something there so that when is the kids were sitting there eating this fish so they only used you had 2121 people at the table and they were eaten seven fish seven different types of dishes, but only seven fish made them in the but we had pasta we had made with the nation that a lot of things and that's one of the things that I love about Italian meals. There's not just one entre right here is a smorgasbord of entres and side dishes, clams, muscles on the that's what makes me wonder if you know when Christ fed the 5000 that time with blows and the fishes that you gotta wonder how good was it then and you had a taste of that actually medley 100. That's right. On my first trip to Italy.

My cousin, which was a miracle in itself that I found relations within a half-hour in this little town and he set up a restaurant that was its famous in Sicily to celebrate Christmas Eve with the seven fish and he cooked for us. We had a wonderful time and my wife is born here in Elgin Winnipeg when it is strange yet. That was one of the things this year really all that I learned how God really taught me about some of the sense of the Christmas spirit was that we get this invitation and not just read and reread and Pilgrim's progress. We get this invitation to the Lord's table when we get to heaven like David have my favorite chef right that he brought to sit at the king's table and working to get to sit at the king's table and so the meals that we eat. And you know me, Vinnie. I love the salary everything that I so I'm thinking that there's something sitting at the king's table you're working to have these very special wedding clothes that we have a deposit Holy Spirit and and and that's all part of what that experience is going to be as you enjoyed your prime rib out as I enjoyed my venison, which is what we traditionally have a Christmas we were eating a food into an extent at the Lord's table, but you guys always have the on Christmas day you told the Lord's supper right and that's part of being at the Lord's table 2 that's exactly right. But we didn't have the primary of the oldest was strictly Italian lasagna, sausage and stuff of that nature, but it was Christmas Day again. I repeated it was actually for the kids all parents know this for the kids and them watching us open up the toys and they weren't doing $300 telephone and most of them when they got it would. And that's one of the true blessings and in our house, we don't do elaborate thousand dollars a child is some we do three gifts Jesus got three gifts I tell my kids that's good enough for you, but there's something about you that moment when they see the not only did we get something form, but it was plain that we thought about it was something personalized for each child. Did Ned have you. If you experience at the past, rubbing yourself well I guess we just go hogwild.

My wife loves of that whole thing of disbelief which talked about it all. All month long and it certain people there left languages giftgiving or gift receiving and for whatever reason I although I myself am not that way.

There is no doubt in my mind that all of my children and my wife are very much. That is their love language and so they exchange lots and lots and lots of gifts and it's a big guilt for them to to to fill that out under the tree and then the granddaughter all my soul. You have not I read about how there could be what somebody toys unwrapped under one places. It's beyond compare. II remember I'm sorry. I remember you know, opening up a flat then presents I wanted that one toy because the other nine will clothing, no socks. I hope kid about that.

I want the grandma. What's up with an underwriter in my community. We're getting enough that's true not only got was one toy clown well we come back we're going to listen to some great music pumping and I want to pay attention because that's the topic you're listening to mask turning radio your phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became a radio that's right you take the Truth Network with you everywhere. Now they start brand-new Truth Network That's right.

Listen to Dr. Michael Brown light a fire to? I would probably do more to thought life.

All of our programming 24 seven) fracture out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport.

You can plug into the Truth Network just go to download do for you Truth Loretta guys really went to town on that leg of lamb. Thanks, Amy. I'm glad everyone enjoyed it.

Something's wrong.

I know you too well since companies cutting salary doesn't think will be able to afford the mortgage or if you think you may be in danger of foreclosure over national foundation for credit counseling at 866-687-6322 or visit mortgage that's mortgage is a public service from the FCC and Jesus came to me on the and we talk about this time of year we talk about our Savior. We talk about this, isn't it in. There's a song by go fish and let's say that this is the beginning, but the end of the story is really where it all comes together.

That's where the grace comes in. But as we talk about that beginning of the story like you listen to Johanna Chapman Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter.

She reads Luke to their I just love to hear that verse two but but more so when is read by child just touches me because this is a moment when our God, our Lord and Savior came down to earth and he took on flesh and in what we talk about that what you think about what that means.

He's a spiritual entity, full of love and compassion and grace. Now listen he puts in the flesh that we have an still spiritual but he's encased in skin and bones and with that comes all these different nerve endings. Sending all these different impulses to your brain to distract you from your spirit but yet he stayed focused, he stayed focused on the mission erotic. You talk more about the mission of coming to earth, because this was a gift to us from God. Here I'll never forget. One of the first boot camps I came to pay talked about the great contrast between the way that we normally picture Christ. Verse being that Luke chapter 2 that we just heard from and then they would show a clip from the movie saving Pvt. Ryan, which was the D-Day landing this horrible battle scene with all sorts of bullets flying in whatever and working a play that in the second but the idea being that when Jesus came he was coming deep in enemy territory and he was establishing a beachhead in this was a gigantic war that he would take part in further 33 years that that he was here and so with that saving Pvt. Ryan clip. It's a little bit hard to listen to.

It was certainly hard to watch the first time but perhaps it is a picture of what happened on that first Christmas in in a way we hadn't thought about before all that is interesting challenge when you actually watching it. It's it's it's it's very difficult to imagine that that's actually we think of you.

The birth of Christ. We think of the gift from God. Mary having a baby in a manger and beautiful sight really was the beginning of a great spiritual war to restore us to the father that he would send his son down to earth to face all the temptations that we had in them to do this so that he could ultimately pay the price that we should've paid in the first time that I really grasp that the boot camp. It made me's physically very sick as I realized that it what a battle it is that we really do experience here in the beachhead that Christ brought us at Christmas and the battle that that still rages to some extent and when you have to read much of the book of Isaiah or the book of Jeremiah or even second came to think of how wounded God's people have been how many times that there they literally have been taken out of the picture can help people through famine and sword and pestilence, and all these things it justice. It's it's it's a horrible, painful thing and we like to think of the baby in the manger and all that but this just it's a it's a really big contrast to what I originally met in the thing that strikes me most in this is that there's a commitment from God that when he created Adam and created Eve.

He didn't give up. He didn't give up on them. He didn't give up on the offspring. He continually worked to find restoration with the the his creation made in his image and we talk about that image Robbie were talking about the soul, which is the personality and but it's a righteous personality and we so often get away from that and we drift. But that was the purpose of Christ to bring us back and that was part of why the gift was so expensive and I've long known Vinnie's favorite movie for years and years and years has to do with why Jesus came and in this passion. I know of any that you you'd love to speak to what that really meant to vote no reading something the Bible and then seeing it happening. I know I was just mesmerized how he suffered and was all suffering for us, but they could not beat them down and they still can beat him down as far as I'm concerned, Christ lives on forever and ever. And if you need them only got to do is look up at them look up in the sky and all I can say Lord I need you help me and I'm almost guarantee you that if you mean what you say it will be there for you and I just want to go back to the Christmas thing of the for just a second. My grandmother just before we went to church, midnight mass, she was sent. Don't forget to look up in the sky you will see Jesus flying around and he will land be gone always.

So what we called a shooting star. And how that impressed me is only my grandma know this, but I believe that was Jesus lit the to save us and tell you we need these reminders. We need to have our sages, the people who care about us who have experienced everything that life has to offer that this the enemy can throw at you to keep us grounded and keep us focused on what's important and you know going back to the passion of the Christ. We got a clip and it is it's in Italian, so it doesn't translate as well and you can hear sounds, but those sounds are whips and nominate Chasity Robbie what you set up a little better part of what we received from Christmas was his phenomenally expensive gift and the sounds of this meeting give us some idea of the value of it and some of this was, he was beaten with sticks and some of it. He was beaten with whips, but some of it was a cat of nine tails which had pieces of glass and steel in it and you can feel and hear the ghost grimaces of pain and and here it comes. It's 29 times and get all 39 but just it's it's hard to listen to, but perhaps an idea of the price and new as I listened to you whips I think about the price that was paid not for me to get to be to lose what I deserve the mercy it was for Gracie was to get something I didn't deserve it was to get something so that I can be restored with God is my father is his son. Thank you for joining us today. You been listening to messenger any, please check out our podcasts and we look forward to seeing you again very soon and special shout out to where our friend Sam and Dennis you can be here and also to our families. We love you very much you help make Christmas a special

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