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Facing Our Fears

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 17, 2015 12:30 pm

Facing Our Fears

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 17, 2015 12:30 pm

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Jesus masculine life feels more like a losing battle for request alone this week's edition of always want to hear that music I don't know why it's not Braveheart that comes to mind first on this one is ice on my space the final frontier you know it and kick off that way but that's a great way to start the show every week and what were really talking about. There is this journey towards restoration with our heavenly father and the things that go on along the way. For guys, for men as well as women. So last week we had a few guys here Robbie and Sam and Vinnie and everyone but Sam is with us today and we had Al Hanley to our group today against Breeden and you guys talked about resolutions last week. So what better segue from resolutions and defacing our fears because a lot of us come up with resolutions and there go my gosh I now have to face that I scary facing your fears with the situation but I thought I think it sort of came out of this whole conversation about looking at resolutions. I know it samurais church. One of the things are Pastor Mike G is talking about is chasing the lines this year and he's doing out a lot lot of talk about the faith walk in chasing after the lines in our lives, and he brought up this past week.

He talked about facing your fears and one of the things Robbie that I think about that. I hear people often say when we get into this whole discussion about fear as believers is fear in faith, and I kinda see it on this little we call those things that Wayne measure scales that they used to have in your countermeasure well if my faith is out of whack in the figures going to go up if my faith. This is a peer than the fears going to go down in their midst that we had some discussions even the preshow meeting about the validity of that and Howard review faith as believers now yes it's something that a lot of folks in my mind in a jump to a conclusion there that I think it's worth some deep study as to what what exactly does help us face our fears and how do we work through some of those things and we have some wonderful clips tonight. To illustrate that very thing you were going to do that this afternoon working to get to a clip right off the bat here but before you do that I want to ask you out because I'm looking at you sit over here and I know that you might have just a little bit different take on this whole universe issue were not always in total agreement was that here will know and I think that we we all like you said we interpret things differently know what comes to faith. Faith gives me strength. Strength gives me the ability to find a batter battle better, not better.

Betty home but strength gives me the faith. Give me the strength to fight the battle better and stronger. Now does that mean fear doesn't come in. I think fears going to come after no matter what John Lena thinks is best encourages when you're scared to death, but to settle up anyway so is if you facing your fears, courage, then I think that you just have to overcome it one way or the other video like when I had and I didn't know John Wayne said that I thought I said John Wayne the same in my book when he did that movie about you in the old West. That's probably when it that you recognize me okay I I think it was Marty McFly, it might've been Marty make us talk about some he was encouraged in this is another thing that we talked about my G talked about in one of his sermons as this past week and the week before and facing fears was a he gave the example of having a condition fear to heights, high places, and he gave a story that went back to when he was a teenager working on a construction site and he said to this day I'm afraid of heights and so we can have what we call conditioned responses. I know that's a psychological term. A lot of people use but we can have conditioned responses and Marty McFly of back to the future fame which is kind of in our era, Robbie had a such response. You set that up force at one of the things you didn't want to be with Marty McFly's you didn't want to call them chicken chicken or yellow in this clip we hear a perfect example Hamza Matt when you do that you church you just leave my friends alone. You nobody calls me Ella finishes right now you for Marshall's gun again this tomorrow tomorrow where Rob in the pan city stage we do anything Monday Monday be fine. You get them on Monday I'll be back this way on Monday soliciting right there on the street for the palace went high noon new too much and before breakfast 7 o'clock, 8 o'clock and do my killing after break now that happened several times in the back to the future movie series and whenever he heard that music coming up when the question was asked when somebody said yellow belly or chicken. You knew what Marty McFly's condition response was going to be. That's one of one flight for him. That's when the fight kicked in.

That's when I'm going to the fight. You just invited me and I'm in any settlement. But the interesting thing if you watch the whole series is that suppose a main heat he is posing that he has this courage and actually his redemption at the very end of the series of movies is when he finally turns down at that offer to not be a trick and if you remember it would've caused an accident, but was upset at best speak, but no, for a lot of us. We have that condition. Response which sets up a post and I think that's what Margie was talking about poor Peter when he heard a rooster crow. It took him you know it was Satan's way of accusing Satan knew that was how I could flip a switch. I know how to get to Peter and us to sound like you with when when that croak with Woodcock and so one of the cool things it that you said that he brought out in that sermon was when Jesus restored, in which he restored them in community in front of everybody he did that, but what time of the email before breakfast we did as Jesus did his killer after breakfast right rough as any I want to get back to you for moment because you're a resident veteran on that's other things veteran of of wars and we were talking in our preshow meeting about this whole concept of fear in how you look at it differently back then when you went to war as I set out a been the yellow belly.

At that point when they call me at the write up and headed for Canada probably released under the bed and you how you look at that when you are youngster versus peers that you have today.

Actually, from what I remember of the quite good but sometimes there was no fear with two stupid we were young kids, you know what I mean you know it was a question of you kill me, will I kill you. We were going to have a discussion about it though, so I could honestly say that my time. I never looked for help from Jesus as I do now. Now I have the fear because I'm going blind and this is really getting me but I just believe that this fear that I have if I put myself in God's hands. It will disappear.

I may not be able to see, but I'll be able to see him through dog eyes and that's really big difference of when you're young go to war your kid like that pony down, 17, 18, 19 years old that will need to in order talking before about Joshua, which Allie made a great point on this Joshua when he was a kid me when in the promised land is always that we can take it no problem, though, no problem. But later on in the book of Joshua. You know God was telling Joshua time again. Be strong, be of good courage. It was a different deal.)

Oh, absolutely wind when Josh was young.

Can we take this as a nation. Yes we can. Then all of a sudden there was you're the leader of the nation.

I'm afraid can I do this on my own and my good enough. Do I have what it takes and went with that question comes up, the enemy wants to get your kitchen, start cooking, MS must disrupt your thoughts, your hope, your faith, your strength wants to just bind you up there a lot of fears and certainly there are some folks in the psychological world that in that it defined a lot of fears. You can have fear failure, fear of a lot of things and might we get. They go from one more kids and were afraid of the dark Robbie to fear failure, but there are some guys walking around out there now. Not one of those people as well and will probably address this in the clip coming back after the break. As I think we get a little short on time, but there's also this thought of fear of succeeding in what that came with the Micah sex I want to say that again. Fear of succeeding. Fear of success and in a man's life in particular since were talking about the masculine journey in relationship to God what that may mean for you. It may in fact mean that God's got something else down the road and were going to if I succeed in getting through this than what can be down the road in front of the book, but I know the author what he said quote was that if you feel like you know what God called you to do and you feel like you're competent to make that happen. You probably don't know what God called you to do yet because when God calls you to do something he will pull you out of that comfort zone and fear will be a part of that that I don't know that I can do that but that's part of the joy of rid of him joining you in the adventure of taking you further than you thought you could get it in, and I think there's also a difference there because a lot of times is humility, deep humility that who in my who am I to do this viscerally.

Fear, but that humility can play a big part in the enemy can get in and build on that humility and make it. I think God wants to go but going back to the Joshua story never something that pointed out earlier we talked about Scripture when it comes about. If you if you go back to Joshua wanting you read it and it struck me within the last couple years and study the Scriptures, Wausau for the first time there for three or four different on three or four different times that God said be strong and courageous and kept coming back was trying to put in.

Josh was mind that you you have courage you can have courage and you have courage to come back to that. We got a couple more clips that we want to share with you will become backward talking with facing your fears today. That's what were talking about on the messenger and the radio show. You can check out our past podcast masculine journey does go back well into last year, we invite you to go back and listen to those also check us out on Facebook. Locksmithing University 19 with a cancer patient at 21 monetary funds and support the research by joining Terry's cause on college and university students together in an effort to their cancer affects us all stronger fighting it together then we are fighting and register thoughts on campus every hiring manager knows the company is only as good as the people it's made from. So where do you find the best people may surprise you. Meet the grads of life young adults of unique determination and experience. An ideal fit for your company in an entry-level position, internship, or even mentorship. They might not have every qualification you typically look for their exactly who your company's talent with knowing about go to grads of to learn how to find, cultivate, and train this great pool of untapped counseling grads of I'm Dennis Breanna Robbie do more with me today out Emily and Vinnie Menino as well.

Now we do some different music bumpers at times that actually was from require that I was involved in several years ago in Winston-Salem or more Baptist Church in the news you heard in the background. Now that was me in 20 my closest tender friends doing all the issues there. But what I want you to hear in that guise and what I want you to hear listeners today on this is taken from that the text and that was taken from. I think the 43rd chapter of Isaiah were God was saying, be not afraid I've redeemed for Aberdeen you be not afraid of, called you by name and he gave three weapons passing through the waters, the floods, when you walk through the fire, you will not be consumed couple thing struck me there in terms of facing your fears. What was it he said be not afraid, over and over again. He said be not afraid.

So what does that mean to me in terms of facing my fears.

Does that mean if I'm afraid of something that I'm not obedient being obedient to God.

The other thing that he made very clear it is, it's not. If things happen to you in this life.

It's when they do it's not a matter of if they're going to happen.

And because I'm a believer. All the sudden bad things are going to stop happening to me. It's when this happens and Ronnie I think you had an interesting take on this when we were talking about earlier and I wanted to kind of bring that up on air again. As far as what God maybe is really try to get at us with those words. Well to me in on my own story. Mark, my favorite Bible verses forever. Is that perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment, and love is not made perfect through fear and so when I think about my kids cowering in the dark that that they were scared whenever, how was it that there fear went away was when their dad came and put his arms around them and they felt like wow my my fears, it gone well. I had that same thing happened in my that I used to be terribly afraid of the dark until the story often because it did to me as a defining moment of Robbie Gilmore's life was at one point shortly after I came to Christ. Everybody said what you got fears you got a you gotta lay those at the foot of the cross right in the what in the world. That meant but I knew that I was scared to death of the dark and it was raining and it was dark and I was home alone so I went to God must not, I don't know what it means, but this is for the cross but I don't want to be afraid of the dark anymore. When I do what I do what I do in Jesus shows up for me and says what's the worst thing I said something to come in my blood, and that this could be horrible and he said what would be so bad about that in the walls of my reason. You threatened me with Jesus this thing so bad I cannot.

Maybe there's a way through because the worst thing that could happen is I go to heaven. Really, how cool is that Emmett is a reason through that that fear didn't go away immediately, but over a few months. It subsided and it subsided almost exactly a year from that date was when I was diagnosed with a form of cancer that was supposed to take my life and for five weeks, according to what my sister told me that the people and immediately I had this thought of wow what source can affect really the sunbeams are being threatened with Jesus here and so it was a defining thing that that for me at that point my life that God gave me that fear of the dark interest or allow that in my life so that he can work through the ceiling that he knew I would need in order for the rest of my journey and I and I go back to that scripture that I think that was the father put his arms around me and saying working to get through the dark together here. I gotcha and and here's what that looks like. I think Al has a phenomenal verse that he puts with it that he did think that I think for him speaks of different will. If you get a second Timothy chapter 2 uses God to give us the spirit of fear but of power love and of a sound mind in what, when, and I've heard that story twice and each time I just get no great joy because when you face the fear you're not supposed to have that fear, that's not what God intended for you. It's not the spiritual life that he wanted so he gives you power which is the power of God, which is what God spoken God's presence did for Robbie and then love which he spoke love right in Robbie's heart you know it's little know I'm with you were to get through this together. This is how and in the sound mind. Wait a minute. What's the worst thing that can happen here that's that's the way and that's the way I've rationalized fears for myself. I know when I was in the Navy.

We were in the Persian Gulf, and we had. We were the general quarters all the time we were there was a dangerous threat we were in a combat and one point I just got sick of it.

I got so sick of being afraid of the enemy. And I know the general quarters thing was going off.

I was in the heel hanger. We had a gym there and I just went to the side of the ship and us if you can kill me, just kill me and get it over with. I'm sick of being afraid and I went down took my position general quarters, but at that point.

Fear didn't affect me the same way there.

Still, I got had a fear of heights for a long time after that, but is not, I would still go through it, but I would be terrified the whole way. You know you know I remember one time we went up to the top of the Sears Tower. Now and I got to where I could look out. I thought wow that's really cool is voices want to step out on the little skywalk like a good I'm fine. Right here. I didn't think it was gonna fall but somewhere wanted to be so we all face it differently, so we've got a couple more clips that we want to deal with them one organ to go through rather quickly.

I think from the movie Coach Carter.

This is about a guy that was hard to coach at a basketball team.

I think Richmond Virginia is where this actually took place. So he goes into the school were a lot of these a lot of these boys probably don't even have fathers that are living with them in homes and see what you hear hear about them talking about the other side of fear may be a fit. Fear of success and with that may lead them to decide to finish what you started so I deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. I deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you will all meant to shine, as children is not just in some of us and everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. So I just want to say thank you saved my life and you guys who sell same to our heavenly father, thank you saved my life. Absolutely and save my life so that it would be abundant while I was still here, but I get the good forever to and I hear that clip, and I'm thinking he's not really even talk about playing basketball anymore is is it, it's gone, it's gone way beyond that. It's amazing that the young kid could pick that all about his age. You know what you said he was grown-up in the league grew up, and to clarify something that I said before, you know about it will be killed. I honestly believe Dennis that you know in the 40s and 30s. We didn't have the knowledge we had radios, no TV, no computers, no nothing.

We were ignorant to what was going around us, meaning the United States. I mean in the world today.

If you turn on TV. If you don't come out of it with fear same holding Michael look what is going on in this world. The whole it's a whole different story. Today it's all about knowledge. So we got a last clip Robbie that comes from gotcha saw this movie about 50 times over the holidays. I think home alone.

It airs over and over and over on different channels and there's a part of that that out when we talk about that I'd never really made that connection to what we talk about today facing your fears. I love it and that we thought the little boy stepped up and faced his fears and all that stuff but at the end.

He has a Savior and and it was one that he was afraid of. To begin with so many of us are afraid to go to her father's.

He was to the guy with the show's snow shovel that actually turns out to saving and that is the that's the ultimate perfect love drives out very exactly what he did to us with a blow torch. These little things one so in the end, after all these elaborate plans facing his fears which you can see at the beginning when the guys were first coming to the door that opens a little frightened about this year's got this plan, but he's a little frightened about what he may be facing who saves them in the end it's it's the man with the snow shovel that he came to know through that relationship and I think that's the picture as a search church is where he got to to get into that relationship. And so, so much that fatherly picture of the guy with shovels accurately.

Every month I was there fixed the cutoff on my toes.

But God showed up with yeah it's in like I said it's it's kind of a different way of looking at it and it's interesting out the beginning.

All the kids were everyone was afraid of this guy in, and I think we have that we are talking about the fear of God earlier around the different ways we look at that, but on facing our fears has a lot to do.

I think with looking at our heavenly father's been the one that's going to walk us through all this and keep us safe in fear can be a comfort zone that we can get away from because this familiar we don't know what it's like not to be afraid and overcoming those fears is something you have to do with faith. With prayer and want to see faith such as catalytic just to put it is when this beautiful little girl of yours. She's not so little anymore sitting in the studio little Dan comes and wraps her arms around his arms around her peers away that happened not too long ago and pulled her bed with me and she said no you don't understand want to cuddle. Thank you so much for joining us today will see again next week on the masculine journey radio show. Check us out nationally journey

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