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The Effects of Miscommunication; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 31, 2015 12:30 pm

The Effects of Miscommunication; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Jesus many losing hand. One feels more like a losing battle when something done here, request an appointment right begin to show this is what the coldest number if I pause for second. I'm not deep thought is trying not to cough. You and Robbie don't have a comment about I couldn't help but think of Jan Fleming.

Like you, like many of us out there. There's a is cough going around battling scoffers used to have an old friend of all ministry friend that said, it's not the cough little gadgets cough and they take you often allow MAs which editor walk in the basket where a room full.

We have everybody normally is on the show from time to time is in the room today, so you know we have now blew out she's not get a microphone. She dissected opportunities here I stand by Dennis is here that he's here Robbie's here and I'm here and so were were really glad to have you with us were to be talking about a topic today that I think every single person has dealt with at some point one time or another if they haven't, I don't believe you're being truthful, very right. I believe that that maybe maybe Jesus didn't deal with it on his end of the equation, but I'm sure he still had to deal with the effects of it. What were really talking about today is effects of miscommunication and not more than that. The enemies plan with miscommunication talk a lot about spiritual warfare. One of his key tools is to get us to misinterpret what each other say I could if he can do that.

It starts like some fertile ground for something to happen in order to go to a classic clip right out of the gate if you're what the rally under under 40 might not hurt now down anywhere between Robbie's agent then is your good yeah yeah this is called Abbott and Costello clip and skeletons talk pretty fast to get pay some attention… Listen to what happens throughout this clip will once on site and I don't know you. I don't know will what was on you because we needed a studio that this evening. It was like he was in vaudeville right there I'm pretty sure that's what he was the dumbest watching Abbott Stella still is fun is that being a young kid and listening to that and just rolling. It was so funny. Try to keep up with them and just to get to see some miscommunication going on there. Don't you yell when you and I remember seeing it on TV and when you headed in their body movements in the language that was going on there. It was even more behaved because of course Lou Costello was his little chubby guy on the other ones, tall guy, but they just it's almost like you could fill your blood pressure rising with them is as one became more and more frustrated over what he thought the other was trying to say that that was interesting thing that in that clip was really cool that the miscommunication led right to exactly what you said frustration and that's what the enemy loves.

He loves the frustration. That's the Sparky can start a fire with no Robbie, I'm asking a question can put you on the spot. Have you ever had to deal with miscommunication in your life today how we have got I think they're called the three old ladies miscommunication. This spoken misunderstanding in a list of three babies that could get me to get me constantly as I think the ideas like you speaking actually about as we were talking regularly on the show. Satan is trying to bait us to say that's what here he goes again. How many times have I got as he can always be like this. In the soon as I take the bait and I make that agreement, then he hasn't and you know, especially in situations with my wife. It's like, haven't we been here before.

Is this the 50th millionth time and he knows exactly the little tweak the little no one's that's going to get you to say here we go again. It sounds like you know six months ago and I'm on a roll again and I don't get past whatever the situation is because I'm already just totally frustrated with where I'm at and that's when the enemies really got you gets in his arms or there is only as interesting lately. He teaches you with your wife and your children almost 1st taught my children have unique way that they can get on the my skin and immediately got me up, line and sinker and Dennis question for you.

Have you had to deal with miscommunication in your life.

I'm sure you have one talk about the occasionally. You know I can't going through that right now in my family because of some miscommunication or lack of communication as well, but I think miscommunication are not sharing certain things my daughter and I are feeling some some ones and in drawing some conclusions with some members of my family about how were always counted second-tier when it comes to some of the things are going on and I didn't really look at it and that light into you were talking about this topic the other day that you would make some great strides over the last several years, particularly with my parents and I because it was a time where I wasn't speaking to him for a while and unit Satan love for us to disc that just go away again for us to be back where we were in the fact of the matter is sometimes miscommunication leads to no communication then you don't get anywhere and he's I think he's thrilled with that, especially when not talking at all these thrilled with that because he's got us right where he wants us I wish to meet you often went to no communication. It probably goes more often to inappropriate communication because then becomes a attack on somebody's intent. Vinnie now you been around just a couple more years and Robbie in a few more than Dennis and a lot more than me, but I had to do if you deal miscommunication over the years. The list say on the family's thought I had my youngest is 57. I don't think I've ever greeted us and she was born, but the whole idea of it is that you just don't stop hoping that they will understand what you're trying to get doesn't make me right, but also doesn't make all right and you got. I have the communication, the trying. You way through this. You know what the an 84-year-old and 57.

That's all that is sought because the world this past May, but but I still know what's I think I know what's right what's wrong trying communicate that way and I am you talking to think about. I this is a good thing in a bad thing to some degree sometimes make my 17-year-old son now actually is more mature than me in some ways because he'll my youngest and I hesitantly love each other dearly. I love my son but we don't understand each other.

Unit. He said this, I heard something different. I said this and were both wired to move towards volatility as it goes up the scale and importantly for us to Caleb once in a while.

Usually round or so ago.

Wait a minute. This is what I think he's saying this what I think you're hearing used as a situation. Was he on everybody love Raymond like a little bit later but it's it's it's amazing when you do stop and say wait a minute, let's try to try to talk through this. It's one of the strategies we can use with the enemy is saying forget to this place of frustration. This is what I think I hear you saying is that what you intend technology is added levels. Oh yeah, because you know we had email you and certainly misunderstanding in emails like that. Just twice as easy as it seems to be in person.

The phone is one thing and then you add texting got abbreviated more and you know and Vinnie said the world passed me by both of my sons. I don't know what I ever get to talk to them anymore. All in all, I just text you better be prepared to to say a few words and it becomes you have to learn how to keep up with that because the some degree. If a minute talk with my youngest daughter.

It's primarily going to be through text is going to be mousing with phone call but it's going to be through text. I find myself with my daughter some time now she's 23 going back in getting on the phone and saying I just read this in this tax there and I saw this all this on Facebook and in probe a little bit about what's really going on is on the surface it looks like it's not good, but I can't tell because you can't you not really communicating your display got some things there that don't really tell the story that that's the thing that I have my children, dad, why don't you learn how to text. I said no. Q learn medical up. I think it's a a lot more personal when somebody calls up and you hear their voice and you couldn't really understand what is saying. But when it's written down. It's like reading a book that you just got out a library it's words that are put down on paper. Make anywhere I how to get that in. Call me. It's a lot better to meet. If people just strived to communicate it would go a lot better back room and talk a little bit about more worthy retakes that misunderstanding into character assassination on one another and where you get some great clips of laughing thinkers who live with yourself. Thanks for listening to the side of the journey will come back and you will love this next segment stay with John Lythgoe keys are unique among the most amazing calls on earth, but they're in danger. We pose the greatest threat to their survival entities are killed or injured by boats or other recreational activities. I'm a writer of children's books including one about managing and I believe education is the key part of the solution.

Please contact save the Manatee club right now. Call one 800 432.

Enjoy get out to the forest and discover the wonders of nature with your family. Just like blue jewel in the real flock share clean water and was surprised to discover the forest.US and the Council and in well and that is another good thing to pray. Lord, please do let me be missed understood that that's just a couple years older than Dennis. I was six years old. For the record, when that's 3065 six or the British invasion Eric burden and the animals. What was interesting about that to was a yes. He said, Lord, you will hear popstar today referred to the Lord and 65 the British guys really know what went on in a positive way, exactly, exactly, nauseous, going to expound upon that those lyrics a little bit maybe why we chose. That said, we did, which is why I think what he was saying in a course you have in in most of these pop songs you got mail female relationships going on but he's eight. He's basically saying I understand that these things happen sometimes, but that's not really me. Underneath all that is a good heart but it doesn't come out that white sometimes and I want you to know that when I'm acting like a jerk. Not really. Not really a jerk and she's looking at you go about your heart the moment it's in the it's a big misunderstanding.

Sam it is it is and I think there's a whole and in that I think there's times it is you at US before the show.

How many times is that you know the old devil made me do it in my using that as an excuse and there's ownership we have to take in our actions weekly on those right to think that they're not influenced by the enemy would be naïve at best is he's back there whispering at you something, trying to get you to buy in and actually go to the clip that really plays that takes right off the song you had intentions are good. Please don't make me not be understood right. It's from the TV show Frazier what's happening in the scene, you have the father and then he's living with the son Frazier's other son Niles is there and Frazier's gone and in he's been complaining about the squeak and the father's chair into the fathers, oil it and something kinda happens and will pick it up from there capsized all share. Frazier carpet is a whole shade lighter under their little black doctor just made sure you don't get upset I was on my chair. Try to get rid of the squeak.

I had a little spill spell short.

It was an accident. It was an accident. I step on no hostility toward building suggest you dig into the twisted K by that episode.

It is a good wood what the point is bringing the grease on Frazier supports malicious did you put out a little bit Robbie what his intentions good. He was trying to keep Frazier framer frustrated with the oil but he was misunderstood and truly animal.

And what happened then in that happen sometimes in life you can have the best intention but it's misinterpreted maintenance unit that enemy that's that's taking it and trying to twist and turn it make it seem as though it's something different you talk about how you know text this complicate things and is little emotion. Things are supposed to help it but sometimes I have to try to figure out those even our you know how many men out there just really sucks is thought mama to help out my wife and do the dishes and then you broke her favorite plate. You know in this in them in the midst of doing that in the next thing you know you your you are just as always, and you started World War III you know because you broke the favorite fish dish or whatever the situation were first married and I had a big share of mistakes that I made you know me. There is a long-lasting self height. If you're listening to stone you know I remember a couple times that I want to help her out. She was really busy with work and and I wanted to to help with the laundry in on site and help with the lottery she come home in all the sudden I would hear and she's not usually complainer, but all I would hear the T-shirts are folded correctly.

This is not how you folded towels. After all, it's like why my father right. At least you can bleach everything is fixing all sorts of stuff about now and down that road.

I have watched some things and it's mostly washed. I guess I it's I don't get the whole wash of dry that doesn't make sense to make there is a clip that's going to help us in my can talk on the backside we need help the other. We need help Wells to get help from Raymer, Ray Romano and everybody loves Raymond and this seems what what's happened is Allie. His daughter is having some issues between him and his wife and her and so they go to this session on how to better parent through understanding and when he gets back from that. He goes over to his mom and dad's and gets an opportunity to put it into use this house ice cream, tofu and tofu that I do like a person on the table against somebody accuses me of a class like this is your fault because I don't think I'm organized strength is you being unfair something with this project being inconsiderate. You met your father. What is going on. Appreciate, I appreciate you that is nearing. Thank you all. He wants to say.

Actions speak louder than words you hear the words I checked, I stuck to the chubby unit was before you ask us laugh and laugh track with it's funny but wasn't so funny. I said let's do it in the family think that it's just so common, we can see ourselves and completely relate I saw something the other night about the everybody loves Raymond show and the writers were talking about the fact that they actually came in and a lot of the story ideas were actual things were happening in their houses.

These things happen with their wives and their kids. They said that's a show in and they would actually happen. So if it was the luggage thing and that's you hear that indigo I can see that happen in my family today or not today maybe tomorrow is misunderstandings continue to happen in notice that Frank said in a clip. As I listen to it. It's always my fault that usually is.

We talk before a good indicator when the enemy is involved in.

When your hearing it's always this way. Rarely is there anything life. It's always a certain way. Someone may begin consider, but rarely are they always inconsiderate right that were never likely never going to change.

I know one thing to be true. I think we've all changed over the years and so we may still have some similar tendencies were not the same people we were 10 years ago.

20 years ago, rubbing your case like 75 but to do would you guys say that that's a true statement you seen people kinda change over the years the at that tendency still stays the same, something that that way because I was 44 years before it left me know and I want to do everything for the first 20 years and it finally dawned on me 20 years, but she said no I got it know what that meant it out of my way.

I let people out so good. Give me a hand.

It is like Robbie's and do dishes do everything. But if the 20th.

No I got it don't you understood exactly what those mean my wife never said no I got it clip really is. You know, if you watch the two really do love each other and Raymond is pointing them to the bigger truth.

It's underneath it that well you know here's a relationship. It really has worked for years and years and years and and really has some good fruit and can you guys not see it any point some back to that mom's heart is really good. Dad's heart is really good man. That's what we really want out of our parents, and that's really the challenge we all tend to face it. It's not the check getting stuck to the letter. You know it's something else, and sometimes we have to be brought back to the truth of what is the deeper truth of the situation and when Jesus left Kenna give us one command I think was the love one another. Love the Lord your God with all your heart. Love one another was or something. One command is only so it's two parts to part one command to love God and love one another and only way we can love one another that thing called understanding may become a little slack and say wait a minute is really what you meant to say.

Be prepared because it might say Yep that's what I meant more like a this I know that's not what I meant at all. I meant this and derail the enemies plan to start a fire from a small spark. Listen, the masculine journey with us want to thank you for listening back next week we can talk more about spiritual warfare in the enemies plan we enjoy having you and I hope you enjoy this. Have a great day

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