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Woundedness; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 21, 2015 12:30 pm

Woundedness; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine using hand life feels more like a losing battle when something is glad to have you with us today. We are past Valentine's Day is a week past Valentines Eve. We can get is a really valid last week. At last it was. It was listed on the optimal word was weak, and I'm excited today I'm excited every week show and and just love having up to talk my friends and and talk with you guys and this really what God's doing. But this week's especially exciting for me because because Howard are producers going to join his Howard welcome.

It's a pleasure to be here gentlemen very political. That was excitement for Howard it was so. Today's topic will continue to talk about spiritual warfare in the room as Robbie many now me and Howard and and so were not talk a little bit more peeling back the layers of spiritual warfare, so to speak back to. Really the core thing that the enemy comes after the enemy kinda builds his whole case.

This whole battle plan upon this topic to talk about today.

We talked about in the past, but it's something we feel compelled to visit once while doing Robbie at woundedness. That's a painful kind of thing. In fact, when we do the brick camps. It would be like time to prepare for headache and whatever because if there's anything Satan would like you not to be aware of it is that you have loads and if he has his way, he likes to frame Moses father worked because the idea is he's coming after the father's heart and if you begin to think that the father's heart's not good toward you, then you perceive all sorts of things. So those wounds especially if you perceive there from a father or father figure or the heavenly father then he can get you to do all sorts of things with how he spends that absolutely, and how is it possible for somebody to get through this life without having one only Jesus but look at ability.needed as well and so life happens to people we have a lot of broken people out there.

I don't think that's a big surprise, watch the news watch the daytime talk shows, you know, is broken people out there and cylinders broken people and by the way, this broken people in our churches as well as this paper broken and working to get wounded when around working people and working the wound others because were in the process of being repaired herself to me when I talk about this woundedness chocolate about the father wound was nice to sit there saying like I don't have any wounds.

It's just a flesh wound. It doesn't matter all this things a guy say what advice would you have two them before they try to check out right now.

Yeah, I remember Todd sitting here for me. Four years ago and he said every man has a father right atop khakis and a member of our team for years now you're really frustrated at them because I was like I don't have a father. When I had a great father. Now I can't be me and when I started to peel that onion back and saw the freedom that Christ had for me understanding my woundedness there's a lot of freedom to be had.

Once you you go there, although it's painful because a lot of us don't want to face that and it may not be that you had a really difficult father, but there's still a way that that got framed as a follow, absolutely. Maybe you had an overaggressive mother and a passive father elect to still be on the surface okay. It was my really. She's my mom yesterday.

There some of that but then there's also the data didn't enter in to protect. And so you're very vision of God will often be are you gonna be there when when I need to.

And so there's things that the enemy does with these wounds. It will take and try to get you to buy in the different things on him. He tries to get you to buy into its God's fault.

The tries to get you to buy into its it's all that he saw that it's also not his father. It's got it's also not which is not the truth either. It's all your fault. Anything we really want to do is is make you believe that he's not there and going to listen to a clip. It's one we used before, but this this clip really kinda sums up where you have to get to with your wounds yesterday have to find out what they are and you have to have them brought to the surface and at some point you have to be able to deal with them to listen to this clip from Goodwill hunting and in this Matt Damon is about the end of the movie and he's been being counseled by Robin Williams and at this point Robin Williams is kinda taken that wound question write to him and bringing it to the surface and help them deal with it. So it's listening say if you as a counseling experience with Hammett Whalen somebody so I'm provoking so when he left my mother's rings is a wrenches to say choose first of so what is will has an attachment disorder and stuff. Abandonment is not your fault is not your fault. Now it is always hard to listen to Robbie distended brings out some thoughts and actually watch the whole movie last weekend, which is a very hard movie to watch and are certainly a lot of language about promote but there's some real healing and and it brought me to a place that was so familiar to me because when Christ is brought me into wounds similar to this, especially father warns it's really a hard pill to swallow, that it wasn't my fault and it's a really a place you gotta come to that you were duped into an a and I know a lot of folks have been victims of abuse you been victims of all sorts of other things and for some reason we feel like we let ourselves and for that, that we had this common and it's really an interesting place to be asked Jesus to come in and realized that he really did pay the price for that really did what it took to set you free. But essentially, at some level you were duped into this and it wasn't your fault as I was working with Kim is a friend of the show is counselor into the sea once in a while and in any good friend and and we talking was going back into some of this things that I was dealing with. I wasn't liking how I was feeling really nothing was really going bad. It just wasn't liking how is feeling about myself. Nothing but my finger on when to seek him and we started peel back into some of my woundedness as a kid, which involved some sexual molestation and really what the agreement he had to move past was exactly that I couldn't move past thinking it was my fault that I can have compassion for everybody else. It's been involved in that you know and I can see where that wasn't their fault but I should've known better. And that's what he had to help me get past was that that big point that it's not your fault. I was just waving at you okay now you're making some good points there. And as as we grow up and mature we want to accept responsibility for things that we do and one of the top things is that sometimes things that you do aren't necessarily your fault and yell that creates a situation where you're constantly questioning yourself exactly in this is kinda hard to fathom a little bit in today's society when no one wants to take blame me. It seems pretty ironic that publicly it's hard to get anyone to admit that they made a mistake privately. The enemy is trying to get you to buy into that these things your fault and actually Robbie said something that the breakthrough came for me with was when he said are you got was was Jesus's ordeal that he went through not enough to cover you.

Are you going to cheapen that by believing that it wasn't enough for your heart that's in the breakthrough came and in a matter of guilt is where that wound is affecting you and is you watch the movie good Will hunting. You can see that like a lot of man the way he expresses his problem is through anger and he's going off on everybody and get in all sorts of trouble because this is trying to work through this guilt and I certainly can relate to that because I find it in my life. Cost one thing I've noticed is whenever you talk somebody who is going through depression.

Suffering is some way they always say this is different. This is different but it's never different when it comes to the blood of Christ when he takes away your sin, and he takes away your pain. All you have to do is actually letting go. And that's the toughest thing for me. I see reading black and white. My wife sees everything in great and we get to that point where when I became when I got involved in this Matt mission message and I started believing that it wasn't my fault. For me it was a catharsis.

I was able he goes almost everything at once and then a little bit afterwards but my wife is different. She still holds on the things she knows are in your fault it's, you know, even though she knows it. There's something about, I think, is to some personalities they they can't navigate that clearly through black-and-white, it is difficult is because you you've lived with it for so long and for me, I'm 50 almost 52 in this thing happen to me when I was 10 years old and so 40 years of glaring layering on top of that the agreements that are made come back and talk a little bit more about that, but then we can enter into kindness altogether as a spiritual warfare really play out as the interviews all the different pieces back and join us in the next segment will love to dig into that you can always come up with an excuse for not basing long term care.go after all, who wants to admit that one day they will be old but since 70% of older Americans need some kind of long-term care why not do some preplanning. Now she can stay in charge long-term and find your own family and everything along the way. USO is an experienced soldier in the US and timely joints of the time offering programs in support. Learn more today.

Welcome back the masculine journey we're talking today about spiritual warfare were still on that topic is her so much to it even revisiting the topic of woundedness and how that kinda plays out the last segment we played the clip from good Will hunting in which Matt Damon is speaking with Robin Williams which is only it's very hard right now to listen. Robin Williams clips without me very sad because it's from his brokenness. Quite honestly, but Robin Williams is a counselor didn't deal with what he was seeing on the surface mandamus character counts as a team before that did that fear of abandonment issues that they haven't absolutely no anger issues does he have an but it wasn't the lowest thing down that was causing the issue in is that great counselor in that movie scene even at the woundedness and that's where the breakthrough came.

That's where the breaking of the agreements came and we talked about a few weeks ago.

Robbie, as you talked about having some woundedness there's been some agreements it's been cited as having yeah they are great and in the case of good Will hunting was that I can't trust anybody and you when you feel betrayed by people especially like I did with my girlfriend and my best friend at one point, my life that you can isolate and then Satan really can never feel that way. That's one of the many places that we commonly agree beside some other sinful behavior that all well now I know that I'm up whatever sin it is that you deal with Satan's label yet alcoholic or whatever and you begin to take on that agreement or even a loser like I always make mistake here. I always blow this. This is where my bloating is and where he tries to take you is to the place of isolation all those eventually will lead to isolation you talk about trust and you can have trust issues. On the flipside, when people say good things to you and complement you and give you credit for having done a good job. You can also question yourself and say, you know, are they just being nice or do they really sincerely mean what they're saying. And should I give my Pat Silva pat on the back rent and that's something that you just have to look in the mirror and soaking in my do I like what I'm seeing. As far as the behavior that I demonstrate those things that really drive me nuts about myself. Where others originate. We were born with it happen since we've been here on this earth. And somehow they got to be part of who we are. At least that's what we think and so that woundedness to get back at it yet be willing to go there and it's a difficult journey. It's not one that the is easy and it is so worth it because what you can breakthrough that just like Matt Damon's character.

You get to the other side which is healing in life that Jesus promises some of the great things about this message. It is the term that I used for that that I learned from Todd and several other people time to check on the value think a Christian card I would know about.

But when all of a sudden you overreact some your kids say are to you that something that your wife says and you're just furious and it's time to check under the hood because this reaction is way too much for what's really going on and it's nice to know how I need to check under the hood. What's really going on here. What is this a wound that's being pushed on. Is this an agreement I've made. Is this a zero. Val involved in this. Those things are right there on how you made a point earlier off air that sometimes our woundedness when the enemy can get a student to step into it. It creates woundedness brothers doesn't absolutely in fact with my wife and I we struggle with that where you know in my woundedness I can I can lash out and then in her woundedness woundedness.

She can also do the same thing and then while when we're in that conflict. It wounds the kids just by being in the same house because they know the tension and speaking to what Robbie was seen just a moment ago. I don't just over the weekend I had the problem with my daughter was a real problem, but she kept every time she saw something she like she wanted wanted.

She asked for everything she just assumes in her mind she wanted somebody was getting something she wanted it to it I got I got frustrated with that. You know what until you know last night when I realized that was something nice to get yelled at for my mom would always say you're so selfish all you do is want for you and want for you, but then that was kind of the environment I was raised and we always put high value on the stuff and then this morning I talked to her because school was out I said you know mommy and daddy do all these things for you because we want to teach you how to love and take care of other people, not because we want to shower you with stuff not because we want to do things to make you happy but as a point behind it.

You have to think of other people. That was for her. That was a gotcha moment she really got a hold and I think it's fair to say your daughters how 8 AM so an eight-year-old should think a lot about them so right rightness of the world revolves around them if that was a 18-year-old, it would be to live a different story if they still had that that view, it is for me that was a guilt trip that was placed on me in my 20s and 30s so the reaction for me was was my woundedness coming out her. I know that when we get introduced to this message. Years back. Unfortunate. My daughters were already well along the way, going from childhood into being young women and I realize that when the winds are talked about in the past was I would get so mad when I thought they were ignoring me and I finally get tired of just getting mad at easily and got a Misstep there with you.

What's causing that any brought back the memories of my older sister, saying shut up motormouth you got nothing to say. You have nothing important to say and in just that. Oh no, I'm going to be you hear me right you know and I can control this and the anger and so once I could start dealing with that. I can't say that I still push against what's a while.

I catch and so now I'm looking to take that bait is enemy uses everything in his arsenal.

At one point or another. That's can take us to the clip, and it's actually a combination of two clubs were put together from we were soldiers in the beginning of this clip is prepared as man is are getting ready to head into battle against the enemy and then as that the end of the clip you're going to hear. Towards the end of the battle and just listen to how both sides of that plays out back and talk about shadow C will situation we are going into battle against right now they are planning their final attack finishes off everything I got no think of this clip makes me think of family because they're talking about.

You take care them into the right you left you looked left of you in a family that your wife that your kids that's their spouses when they get married. You have to watch out for each other but it's it's interesting how you know the attack will change.

I know for me I used to lash out and attack you know that just the yelling or the meaning talk in for a woman.

The question is do you see me define value in me well when you're demeaning them or you're attacking them.

The answer is no, I don't find value in you and I realize over time that I especially over the last several years, I've really tried to pull away from any speech that puts my wife in a position but we notice that on Sundays, especially when something happens is frustrating.

I just can't shut my mouth and stay away and to her. That's withdrawing that saying you don't see me before it was you don't find value in me.

If I don't speak when I have a struggle are frustrated.

It's the other one. And that's where the enemy wants to play both sides bright and he's good in that first part of that clip. He says we have a tough enemy Thurmond yeah determine enemy and we often underestimate the enemy we face. Often we don't even recognize he's there and so getting somebody just see it's there as part of the battle and Robbie to open her eyes to hey there's something more going on here that's actually huge to realize that there's more than just you and got a mistake. Each because you knows I've reasoned before that if you just me and God.

It must be me messing up those things are sure going bad. I don't realize it is the enemy that's been attacking and the other thing that you become glaringly obvious in the Scripture in the Christian life is that once you become a Christian.

Once you start to live in some freedom. You are painting a bigger and bigger bull's-eye on your back because the state looks out across the horizon and he sees you reflecting God more and more, and you become more and more a target to the point were often these battles for them. I can't tell what my own voices anymore because I hear all this stuff that I can't. That was at me thinking resist Satan thinkers.

This God. Where is it coming from it and it and it's like shellshocked is white noise everywhere you just come in at you as were listening to that. The second part of that clip. If you watch that movie and it's tough movie to watch. It's based on a true story of the first things that the enemy did in this real battle was. He broke off communication and so that's a week the first week we started we talk about miscommunication and in our everyday life that often leads to mistrust. Now, you talked about Miss misunderstanding intent right right and so that's just a miscommunication form absolutely, and in no understand.

We've been around some of us more than others. Robbie a lot more in your circumstance, but the enemy is been around since the beginning of time meets is literally since the beginning of time, and he's watched in and paid attention and it's also you know they said that Satan was cast from heaven 1/3 of the stars in the sky were sent to earth while the enemy has got all this experience that watching this beginning of time. They weren't thinking just by watching the way we act so they can't read our minds, but it's an experience enemy so we have to all that more devote ourselves to God and focus on what he wants is well. We can't be fearful of the enemy no reason to be afraid of him encourage you to look up in Romans in Getzen. Maybe chapter 8 were were Paul writes that nothing can separate us from God. Right. We love a Jesus nothing is one, the more we know we have is just a matter of both enemies, not neutered. I mean, he's not. He still has some teeth to a man he's going to come because the more that he can try to take you out. The more that he can play upon those wounds that you get, often as a small kid or or as a teenager could be any time in your life but most often he likes to work on those because they been with you long time he's been able to build on those if he can get you to step into some of those agreements usually kinda got your rabid enemies got a good hold on you when you're living in that agreement, and another thing he commonly does is he will attack you when you're tired of you and and if if you're involved in ministry and some white and when you come home Sunday afternoon after you taught that Sunday school lesson in your bushed he's coming after that. So that's one step in the morning when you get right yeah yeah he's he's crafty. He knows it is man's story user before man.

He knows our story. He knows what's happened to listen and not giving too much credit.

He might not caused everything that's happened to us. These are been on the backside to take advantage of and play both sides and so he works as agreements he tries to get you to make a vow not to trust others not to be open to woundedness again. I'm not to be vulnerable. He tried to get you to lose your identity in Christ and forget who you are and don't let them win this war. Christ is Artie wanted this walk with him through it as I got, I invite you in this broken place to meet me here you next week

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