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Transference; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 28, 2015 12:30 pm

Transference; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 28, 2015 12:30 pm

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Every man, Jesus, masculine money, sometimes losing one feels more like a losing battle for blood today as always say I'm excited about this topic and am excited about is know that I have ever heard about on the radio before my first mention the topic was something you heard a lot about before. No, not at all why I can't have heard ideas about it, danced around it never anything really zeroed in on the more red works really fast.

A single time really talk about never really heard it on a Sunday morning, you know it's not one of the streams of most churches preach and churches of preach and grace are preach and in different streams.

This is not one of the normally wade into and so instead of today we have Alan Vivian Dennis Bakhtin submissions great to have you back and appreciated. I just want to say that I appreciate you saying that but my hope and prayer is that you will have to say that again for a long time and then Robbie is not with us today. Rob is out doing something so Robbie hope you're having fun in whatever you're doing, but the topic we're talking about. I've kept you in suspense long enough to be talking about transference so there okay I know that doesn't help you lot transformers Transformers were talking about transference and really what the concept is scriptural is a transfer of a presence from one person to another bright that's what the Holy Spirit does is transferred from God's private number to talk about this or merely today from a demonic standpoint.

So go right into a clip on a movie that really just scared me when I first watched it I scare it scared me before. I think David knew about this topic is something just seem to be so real about it and so in this clip is from a movie called fallen from 1998 has Denzel Washington and he plays a police officer early in the clip from the trailer he's talking with a convict that he's arrested for having murdered is getting ready go to the gas chamber and the convicts surprisingly happy to see an old Rolling Stones to and that goes throughout the clip visits transferred with the spirit from person to person and lets us listen to that clip for you.

I really don't start there as well. The consequences of truth is easily my dictionary says that evils will help you all down just as okay that still creeps me out. You catch that the reference to a Christian song that Debbie Boone in the 70 things on you light up my life. It was a tribute to God. And so when he's on death row. He's about to get killed.

He goes glad light up my life.

They think he's mocking that song did not recognize her before this movie, you know, say one it's got a lot of language in it as you would expect to. It's not towable, totally biblical, but there is biblical things in it.

That's what we really unpack today that that there is truth.

What's said in that clip that there are fallen Angels among us, and that's found in Revelation is absolutely there is what happened with that story. I can tell little bit about how that occurred where we find out when well you will the war in heaven. Yeah revelations there's a war in heaven and the angel of the Lord said he saw 1/3 of the angels are third of the stars cast down from the sky speak of the angels so if you know that the stars in the sky are too many to count. That's what's come down to the earth and Satan becomes the prince of this world. Yeah, he'd tried to overthrow God and 1/3 of the angels went with him and so when they lost that war. They were cast down to earth and that's all.

In Revelation, I believe it's chapter 12, you can go read that that's not something that the movie made up we made up but it's there so that occurred so the those beings are here. Whether we want to recognize it or not it's real important to recognize that you know oftentimes that something that and we talked about it at the outset that people don't want talk about this. Maybe it's because they don't really believe that if that's the case, and then Hollywood trusted trusted spline and becomes more and more unreal. Sometimes away. Now this seemed pretty real and I think Sam hit on me. Even the movie scared Sam Sam Thomas scaredy-cat writing shaped imagination may be little anyway but that is a subject people don't like to go into.

I mean, it is one of those difficult subjects to talk about what I was watching it just there was something in me that just was creeped out. I don't how students that I couldn't hardly even finish the movie this the concept of this being able to happen to some degree not to that degree but to some degree seemed almost unbelievable that if it was believable man just how horrific that could be instant if you if you're saying well you know I don't know that I really buy into that and ask a question of you been in a situation where you walk in some place in a perfectly good mood and you come across somebody that's very angry and next thing you know your fighting anger most rest the day guys. We had a similar situation like that come up at some point all throughout my childhood.

I know that when my mother would get mad at my sister or if my sister got mad at my mother the whole house would explode. Everybody was angry were walk around and you know what I am fact that now there was. It was small stuff was nothing that was worth fighting over. It was more small things we can easily just talk through yeah but that spirit in our house was that there was going to be yelling, screaming, and there will be blood emotional blood. I can remember that happening in work situations to contrast you having a sales manager. For instance, that would come into this rant and rave in the morning and by the time he walked out. Everyone else was either getting on each other or they were all down in a bad mood because he bought them all down with him, which is really what his problem was in the first place, or someone that came in and it was a positive mood and it you know, talk positively about what you could do and that mood continued it.

You can see it permeates throughout the room and continue when I am this movie came out in 1998 I went to my first camp which we often talk about 2002 and I went to in advance camp somewhere around 2005 and John Eldridge talked about this concept of praying off other people's warfare that you know when you deal with somebody you're talking with them that their warfare can that there fighting and try to attach itself to you in an example that he used to use was you might be counseling a couple that's dealing with infidelity. You know, and then he walks away and all of a sudden out a few hours later he's battling some real desires for loss that hadn't been there in on his learned that he had to pray that off because that spirit is wanting to attach itself to more than just that couple you think it's something that would because you're hearing it in a negative fashion. You think it would be something that you walk away from going all man.

I'm glad that I went in that battle right now, but I think that's what the enemy uses a lot of times will really and then all of a sudden he takes that little there's this that little glimmer.

It's like drinking for instance, or something like that.

It takes that little glimmer of what might be good out of it before you know it your headlong into all these things again because you just heard someone talking about there is a clip from remember the Titans were the two defensive ends are arguing it in their summer camp and one of them asked of you been doing your job like yeah and he is really because this person is not blocking for the quarterback and it set the tone for the team any as they go further. This the other defensive in one.

He's not really the leader of the team, but he's a leader within his friends and he said attitude reflects leadership and it just takes one person in a position of emotional power really set the tone for a group. It does, it can be an environment you walk into Heidi and I had the opportunity to visit some some friends over the years and we notice it when we would go visit them and we would stay with him for a day or two that there was a real spirit of blame, guilt that kinda resided there not household and and before you really recognize that we would go there. That's not normally how we interact with each other that somewhere along our stay we would start going at each other and that way you know this is your fault that your father's a shame thing here and we start realizing limit that's not necessary are warfare that we typically fight against as a couple and we started praying more against that before revisit these friends and we pray and why were there. We didn't battle that because were in allowing that presence to attach itself to us and there is a lot of biblical precedent for will talk it will come back after break in a few minutes about some of the stories of possession and when there are demons who are residing in people who know Christ has to deal with that were to have a great couple but later more from the movie fallen but also from a movie that we wouldn't expect to hear one permanent how to eat fried worms yes learn a great national and journey clip there yeah how do you take alcohol and another one scary movie and then you take this kids movie that's mostly lighthearted and say there's the same truth it's running through both of those and soon a comebacker to be able to do that. Just more scriptural reference to distant stories about people that had to battle this this spirit oppression off and Dennis as we go through this and we start talking about earlier today. This was her life well for it so I didn't really recognize that before yeah I think so. Thanks. That's what darkness there. That's what we all see today as we go through this, people listen to us. We were glad to hear if you like more information on things we have going on a mask and journey you can download some past podcasts were also on iTunes.

If you want to look us up there mask and journey radio and you can download any of the past shows we protect the area. Stop drugs terrorist weapons from entering our streets when planes provide vital services for the American we protect American food supply. We protect investors from insider trading. False information not one bank depositor federal employee go to work for you can always come up with an excuse for not visiting long-term care.go after all, who wants to admit that one day they will be old but since 70% of older Americans need some kind of long-term care why not do some preplanning. Now she can stay in charge long-term and find your own as you pick the bump in music only what was going on there so you dancing around the studio. We did enjoy that part a little. It started out as I was trying to find some bumper music the other night and I can come up with the thing that I thought we were talking about spiritual warfare right and left and I can remember, and it 1980 woman. This all came out was one of the rocky follow-ups and and you know every guy was running around you to put his fist in the air and stuff and I thought this is warfare work battle man.

This is not wimpy stuff I thought about that the Jesus clip that we you sometimes at the if the boot camps was. I can't now now you said a little something and this is not wimpy stuff man. This is warfare and we have to be in battle, togetherness, what we talk about when we get into the stuff you know we have to go to battle against it. Just for clarity was just a rocky sequel. It was rocky to with Mr. T that they are incorrect. I was Rocky three yet with Rocky to Apollo and Phibro not forget is I the Tiger by Survivor on 20 some years ago, so should the scene about it now back into the movie fallen and pick up a little bit more.

The story is this is a fight work were fighting against. That's not just lighthearted stuff. It's not just the oh that will sit on my shoulder. The devil made me do it kind of thing. There's some truth in Napa were battling. As Paul writes about darkness spiritual darkness and recklessness clip, and what's happening is Denzel Washington's characters come across as woman whose father had been afflicted by this demonic presence and so she spent her life studying about it, trying to figure out how to fight against it and she's trying to shy away from people, one for her own safety, but also for there's consumer to pick up. He's trying to get her to give him more.

The story I appreciate your situation. Father lies a role in your life is very sorry about what I got to know what's going on okay this thing is what it seems.

This thing is what the book says that it is this real system will, I believe what I see and I'm still trying to get my mind around what I just saw okay something is asking the questions in this Milano you answer the questions that I ask okay because I don't know what's going on post not supposed okay that's good. They don't even exist where they found there are certain phenomena which can only be explained. God there are angels there are angels were cast down in a few of the fallen were punished by being the prime just okay. My work is based upon evidence and interpretation. Listen to your ears perked up a little bit of forcible most brought me back to thinking what the topic is over here when I was a kid young kid waiting me in my three sisters and my dad will then and went right into the bedroom and come out.

We knew not to say a word for that night they transformed right away if he went in there and came out it wasn't so bad, it never was great as always and then moved, but I guess that was because of what was involved in. I remember getting up in the morning, honestly and re-I would go downstairs and I lived in that kind of the neighborhood. All right, I don't know how else to say it, you know.

By the evening time when it was time for me to go upstairs and eat. I became a bully because I wanted to show the other people that my father was bigger than their father. And you know I just lived off of his reputation and the people would think about doing thing about so I the point is that I guess that I'm trying to make is that I guess that is Amalfi. Yes, the moods were set by your parents and I lived through it and I don't even know how I got to this point my life. Well, lucky to be here in some degree, but we decided to set by her parents, and set by the things around us, the things that affect them. The warfare that jumped on them throughout the day. I know you look up several Scripture today tells about one of the stories about some of this transference was number 11 where the Israelites are griping about the food in there like you brought us out of Egypt.

We had food we had hot meals you were in the desert and get Mrs. Manna in their griping that Moses Moses take that same at and he gets irritated and he goes before God nieces.

He said I had your favor and you put me with all these people and only news griping in goes to God and starts griping God gets irritated and drowns them in quail, not literally, gives them lots. I'm sorry was that metaphor told they drowned in the desert frequent okay so if you're saying I get it a little bit you know Moses undertook on their attitude like a better term right and will work is something more.

Jesus deals with this right away.

My mind goes to Legion and Legion and Mark where Jesus is out with the disciples and I'm paraphrasing this first part and on the water and the man comes out of the tombs and is walking up to the get to the shore and Jesus says what is your name and the man says my name is Legion for we are many, and he begged Jesus again and again not to send them out into the area out of the area and really what was going on there. There was a a host of demonic forces living inside this man known as the story goes on.

Christ sends them into the pigs right in the New Mexico okay well you didn't send us away then and the pigs did what they ran off the cliff and died in that you know so there Jesus had his own little way of dealing with that. But it does occur, it is something that occurs in Scripture that this isn't the only time that Christ deals with the possessed spirit is a demonic force being with you is good.

Go ahead out. I was just going to say that I thought then forced on that I listen to that clip that eat that someone was referring to the book in there somewhere. They said something about the book and it discounted it is kind of struck me that, yet is in the book, yeah. It's in the book. One of the well and want to some of the movie. I don't want to watch the whole movie.

As we prepared for it. I just went in and skimmed through it and what she seems one of the books that he does pull out and that he reads through his part of the Bible and it shows in reading Revelation this whole part of another third of the host was cast out some of the other stories that we talked little bit about is were some positive things in Scripture where it's been, the Holy Spirit, or something else is been transferred and I believe is for first Kings, but when Elijah had someone working form servant's name was Alicia. Now everybody Americans probably call Elisha, but in Hebrew with pronounced Alicia and Alisha realizes that Elijah's get ready caught up in the whirlwind and he's he's a prophet to any asked for double portion of Elijah's spirit and it bestowed on him and he's able to take over and serve the community as Elijah did. And I know there's a passage read to us before we came in here tonight about the fruits of the spirit in upper right ahead of that was a lot of the other fruits of the flesh. Fruits of flesh that will lead you down a path. It's not just that comes on you. It's like it just keeps taking you down the path away from God, away from the Holy Spirit to where you have to in my mind it's taking you down where you get full pride and then that's where the shame comes in. That's how it's turned around in.

That's how you get spiritual is when you get that pride you go down that path, then your shame in God rebuild your spirit in a positive way as a are you talking I was thinking about a lot of things, like what is now for lunch later I think about a lot of things. That is, think about the word we used when we talk about the change that God makes in our life. A lot of times we'll talk about that God transformed us and so I don't take as a Christian out there anyone really doubts God transforms us as we walk with the Holy Spirit that we are transformed in been to live more of those fruits, but there's not more than just us and got on the stage which we talk about a lot absolute on the show and so if there's transforming that can be done at the same root word is transference transit can happen to us if we allow these demonic things to enter into this and what are some of things we we would see what some of those fruits, it would mother's anger. We talk a bit about yeah and they took it into rage. It was carousing. It was and I'm paraphrasing it was alcohol and drug abuse.

It was immorality, immorality, and so there's lots of things. This can step into the can step into diminishment when I can get in the clip from that eat fried worms of alchemy really just talking quickly about what we would have gotten that clip and how to eat fried worms. While there is a kid's new school and he's having lunch and the bully and his friends put worms in his service, and so he gets. You kinda grossed out.

He throws one of the worms asked on the ball hits the ball in the face so obviously the conflict comes up, and there is he in the bully. He said the bully gets on them about eat worms nieces off down the million times. Now there's a contest he's got a 10 worms a certain amount of time. Well, so you get a picture of this kid is really, humbly just want friend was friends and then he make some friends, but the bully pulls his friends away from them. So he's alone, and he kind of intimidates everybody around and then we learn more. The bully story, yes, are you sure that clip know when I have time. But what what happens in that the boy's house in the next scene. The boy's homies make himself piece of toast with jelly brother comes in and says you know your joke. You're nothing but a joke, you better not mess this up, you better not embarrass me because people are people watching me take the test. He watched Gillian's brother's face and so what you really have their recall a lot of different things with the spirit of this diminishment yet he's belittled and rated so he believes the only way can get that back trying. That's where these things are transit heard from one person to another is not something you said there and say hey I want to emulate that when I take that anger on something if you're not careful you don't bring the cross of Christ. The blood of Christ death, the resurrection and ascension of Christ against it can land on you and we don't want to lean on you and we don't want to land on us like to join us come back next week we're talking a bit more about topics that affect us as we walked on this journey of life together journey radio

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