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Pride and Humility; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 7, 2015 12:30 pm

Pride and Humility; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine losing one feels more like a losing battle when something will land every week. Early omission where one crazy week this week. Your North Carolina know everywhere that I've lived and lived in California lived in Indiana and North Carolina. Please have a concept that know the ever… Say enough good weathers and change in about 15 minutes of just wait long enough, but you never really understood when I lived in San Diego because of the noise. Sunny and 70, but it is been a crazy weather week. We had snow we've had 70° weather we've had rain Austell and Robbie Gilmartin earlier this week I lived in North Carolina, 33, 34 years now and it's always like this always have this weird, weather stuff that goes on. This time a year. So yeah, it happens all the time required a lot of good stuff. I wouldn't try to count were to be talking about pride and humility, and so I'd really like to actually kick it over to you Dennis to help us understand what is the difference between those two things, how to explain well the reason why really kicked in there while go sandals because this I thought the show was post be all about me anyhow and that's kind of the definition of arrogance.

I want to offensive display of superiority or self-importance, overbearing pride, pride, and I wanted to kind of contrast, is there a difference there. A higher inordinate inordinate opinion of one's own dignity importance marital superiority weather is cherished in the mind like Aldus worse displayed in bearing conduct etc. like some busted so and humility. The contrast modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance right etc. and that's that's different from false humility right false humility really is is kind of a pride and arrogance anything just downplayed something so I want to ask you about something that I'd really want to know in your opinion, how do those things can interact heavily intertwined with each other near the Bible talks about this in Proverbs quite clearly in it. It's neat how they tie them together in Proverbs 11 to its is when pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility is wisdom so there's tied almost like there's a passion. Proverbs 1812 before the downfall of the hardest party or arrogant, but the humility but humility comes before honor. So again you have a path to the downfall but you have a path to rise up in Proverbs 29, 23 pride brings a person who but the lowly in spirit again on that unit. Let's talk about, I think, in Philippians as well about the low in spirit.

Blessed are the poor in spirit because they know they can do it on their spirit can get to heaven on its own. We need Jesus Christ, but I don't think you're saying that Christians can battle with pride issues are arrogance issues right at me just because you're Christian were not immune to it. You could be you know generally humble in spirit and get an attacker pride your spouse at work over something silly and I think it's important to understand as we talk about often on the show that were all on a stage of repair.

When Christ comes in our life.

We are healed of many many things that were redeemed is what we are.

The father, but the net think vacation process takes time and so unite. I've known people were Christians and people piloted me from time to time.

Is it really your Christian and you can look at somebody that that battle some of that pride and go well. How can you do that be a Christian, what with her just in the middle of that transformation into bringing some of that with you from the past and it's not all work out.

Yes, what you're talking about is not all worked out yet.

There's still work to be done in a there's a there's a movie clip they were to get to and it's from the encounter and it's this movie is one my favorite movies of all time and it's Jesus is working the counter in the restaurant is called the last chance diner and so a group of people come in the last chance diner in this their last chance to get to know Hindley work in their lives.

In this particular scene we get a different view of hell in pride of going to get just one thing for sure is no beauty all just comes from not so nobody goes and when we are not revealing myself to not even that would be enough Satan, he stood before me in the very throne room of God. They thought that the beauty and the power to stoically somehow gave himself over to pry scratch any standing just below the surface, you'll find pride steel because they think they deserve what other people report hard for me I hop from dad because he feels entitled just by themselves no matter who it hurts the matter with pain, costs I'm not seeing that movie actually I really like to see the movie. It sounds like very good with my favorite things it said in there that really when I heard it the first time I've even seen the movie, but when I heard it again. This time was that under any sin is pride right never really thought about that before that you know is that really what's underneath there driving some of that and in maybe you know I don't know. But when the questions I have for you guys, this is what this pride look like that can take many faces. Yeah, I think back to one of Robbie's analogies and I wish I could remember who got from, but there's many colors in the palette pride you could have arrogance where somebody's just putting on airs.

They think they're better, you have arrogance where people are bullying belittling others to gain their own self-esteem can be rage. It could be like.

He said in that clip. Adultery be on the multitude of different colors – after that you announce our trust. Answer sorry this is how would you explain what we talk about being authentic on his show and I feel like I have some experience in this and in God. God, spoke to me about saying something about it when I saw something that Al had talked about in incoming into the show, and that is the how this can be how this can be the comfort zone of the insecure. I think Alice how you put it, arrogance is the comfort zone of the insecure absolute and when I heard this clip I recall times where I was not respectful to women. Let's say I recall times where I've had peers with anger with with control issues and I don't know that I resolve that is being pride back then that that that there was a gun is matter fact when I would hear people talk about ego and pride. I thought I grew up as the shy kid how could I have this big ego and have this pride underneath of it was all this insecurity underneath all these light and I'm still battle on that uncomfortable wall on that which we talked about one of things speak briefly to talk about we connect eclipses for me it looks more self-centeredness.

That's what really meant manifest for me it's often the filter I run things through his house. This can impact me right which at the end of the day is pride to some degree, and we do have a clip that deals with some of this is one of her favorite clips that we use on the shouts from the movie Groundhog Day. And if you haven't seen it. It is so funny and it has so many many biblical applications when you really look into it is clear, but were going to hear is Bill Murray's character talking to his producer is really wanting to get to know her better, so to speak. Let's listen how that interaction goes somewhat challenging.

You see little personal.

What I really want some of the line. When you look who is your perfect first. That's intelligent intelligence is run courageous me also find that he doesn't have to look I have a great body and sometimes I go months without trying to do some more you to use the word poopy placing instrument. I am really close on this really really close really really close. So glad we can laugh at ourselves as you listen to this clip. Obviously, it's easy to see the self-centeredness. If you really take a good look in the mirror, which I'm talking to myself. Now that that may not be as prevalent as you see as openly minutes there. It seems as if, like a said before, the clip that I have to battle this thing of how does it impact me that's not how I want to live, but it seems like that that's where the enemy attacks me with this part of pride and arrogance is how is it gonna revolve around you has a can affect your life is to be more negative for using be harder for you to take you out of place of comfort so to speak. So how is how is pride and arrogance play in deposing well I think there's a wound and we recognize who we who we think we are. And so we want to be part we project something else because we're afraid for people see who we really are and we don't really like what we see and so were going to put out something that either. We hope that they'll accept or that put them off enough that they don't want to get close enough to see those both played out two 2221.

Whatever take whatever takes is watching a movie this weekend called the judge and Internet movie a lot of language that he doesn't talk about were not saying everything is great about the movies but it deals with this man, played by Robert Downey Junior that has us extreme extreme arrogance, incredible arrogance, what you find out through the movie for you but I will tell you about it when you come back. Listen, ask injury were so glad to have you with us if you like to know more about what we have coming up or what's to be on the upcoming show for the week of the messenger new we have some blogs there that you might want to check out. We have some music blogs. We have some devotionals, some things we do and we love to have you check on that and get to know so bit better just now video games you can play parental control you'll be amazed use Garth Brooks thing about life dealt very blessed and held hands with other folks are selecting anything life deals you a neuromuscular disease as well.

Fold your hand and give most people who have one program because the VA helps with an aggressive research program in search of cures and treatments. MDA line and weigh the your ringtone.

Yes I know what's funny about that. Matt Davis was a country music star that went mainstream in the late 70s early 80s I believe was in North Dallas 40 movie guys if you remember that he wrote a song a few years before that called baby baby don't get hooked on me as odd as you shall set you free, and then a couple years later he's writing about the Lord it's hard to be humble so you think you might ahead and arrogance and pride as you guys know where you got that line I get better looking every day that I was 72. Joe Namath wrote a book called I can't wait till to market to get better looking every day that a more music trivia that I do.

I think there's a lot of that going on here, but work will have a little laugh with this and and and that's good. Were talking about some serious things that guys and ladies listening. Don't be too hard on yourself.

It's okay were in the process or its restoration in their something underneath that is, as we left us to know that about a movie I watch of the weekend and I won't ruin the whole pot for you but this is very very arrogant man is an attorney and and Robert Downey Junior, Ashley plays a pretty well surprisingly, tongue-in-cheek obit, but that he plays his parts quite often. But what you really find out through the show this summer woundedness underneath that that that causes it to manifest out and now you talk a little bit about that woundedness that is underneath there earlier but that's often what's driving some of that will absolutely and I was teaching a class not too long ago on humility in this verse came up and I didn't really understand the relevant first, but it's Proverbs 22 one and it says a good name is to be more desired and great wealth and loving favor is better than silver and gold, and a good friend of mine Kevin Peel's always pushing to look up the words and understand the concept, especially in Hebrew. When you use the word good name.

The Hebrew word for that has concept, meaning it has both shame and honor and I was struggling with that for a while and I realized in prayer that is really a path from shame to honor and that's through humility. So that path is more desired and great wealth of the humble behavior it will lead you to honor.

We talked about that the other verse loving favor is better than silver and gold, and that Hebrew word means graciousness and that reminds me of this verse. It just takes me back to a painful time. Probably the lowest point in my life and that was when I was in the early 90s I was going through divorce and within this is a 22 month span, but around three month span, but in the first week my wife and I separated the next week. My mother tells me she has terminal lupus, which she did and she lived another 20 years, but that got laid on me that same week. I heard about my area director and my comanager having an affair and I made a joke about it on the next week. My wife gets a boyfriend and the next week.

I got fired for the joke and so I got a job with different my roommate who was a chef and in that restaurant there were two guys one was a managing partner in one was very wealthy man and the managing partner with con artist, so we were about to lose our paychecks. We didn't have the next paycheck coming in. I was there they can be a month before I get paid a child pouring out his bills to pay. I can't take this on top of it. Well donor comes and this is I'm paying all the bills I kicked the other guy out take full control think you want to stand up guy and inherent several buildings in Charlotte. He had insurance company very well in the next week or eight weeks after my wife and her boyfriend got together. They moved in together with my son and in the ninth week.

This guy said I want you come in every can't see your wife and can't see your son and so I got to that point where I was just miserable.

I was in a rage and I just want to go after.

So he and I had it out in my roommate was there. He pulled me out. We got away from it. Will this guy left messages on our phone and he said to he was communicated to threat to me and my roommate and he did this every day several times a day.

So my roommate finally said we gotta do something and so we went to the magistrate reef swore out a warrant for harassment and communicating a threat. So I think okay this will solve the problem on it work the next week and the owner walks nieces out there, some police officers outside. They have a warrant for your arrest for breaking and entering what my roommate is the chef saying what he talking about and we realized it had to be related to this, so he set out. This is a horrible thing to go through if you don't want to do it right now right here in front of all your friends and coworkers understand.

I'll tell him to go away. If you want to go out the back door, that's fine too. How do you want to handle nested nonmarket room for this good talk. I said, but rather than doing your dining room or Friday or restaurant. I'll just go to the site have a meet me there. I go to the side and not there so I am going around the front and they're still in the restaurant. I on the restaurant. Will there happens right there forever. I get frisked. I get cuffed I get put in the squad car and then they had told him that I was very violent which I wasn't and that I was probably and that's why they had these three big officers driving down the police station and explained to me that you know they accuse me of the certain date and time, breaking and entering and that they he had a witness and the witness was my wife and I just couldn't believe that I'd sunk so low that was so miserable and we were allotted that as well get a lawyer now had no idea how to deal with it and then they explained that they had to go put me and put me in a processing tank and then I would get bail bonds man in that's how was your work and so after they fingerprint me and booked me. They take me back to magistrate South on one of the holding tank and they said no it's all been arranged on getting out on release by signature.

I said to signature and they said it was Harriet was the owner of the restaurant and I was now was terrified about that because I didn't want to be involved with him.

He was so well-to-do and so well respected and I said I don't know what to say in his ways right out that door and the Jaguar.

All you have to do is ease.

He said that he's one wait for you so I got out and I get in his car and he opens the door from inside. He starts talking to me about my future.

We want to be when you want to do any source told me about his dreams and I'm just so humiliated it. It's hard for me to process it.

So I think were going back to the restaurant were not apparently his son hidden start of the construction company by hand, were restored to Houston Dilworth and Charlotte.

He takes me to this housewarming party with his wife, his children and his grandchildren and they treat me like an honored guest and I was just utterly humiliating where restaurant close and all I want to do is get out but didn't realize it till later because you know when you're in that you had that anxiety and fear that misery in your heart you just want to get out and later on he hit we hired a consultant to help the restaurant, but they had approached me about helping with the special chain of rotisserie chicken restaurants and wanted me to run it but I was gonna be the only employee to start. I was too humiliated to take the job, but I asked the consultant I sent my seam is so nice to me is out like somebody likes what makes them so nice and just pause and look at me is both of his parents from the Holocaust that internment camp in the body was adopted because he didn't have the tattooed numbers on his arm and they taught him about human dignity about respect about persecution about somebody's low how you bring them up. So when we look at this verse I was in that shame and he treated me with it was complete graciousness but as I became became restored and that not long after this I came to Christ and my struggle. I became arrogant because I was afraid of her body was good to see the lonely man who was arrested in in this terrible place and so I became arrogant and expected my family to be perfect that address right. The house had to be right. Everything had to be perfect so my arrogance came out of that woundedness and that fear that people recognize the shame that I felt before. For me, when I look back over the time and love to say that the you have only been knocked off and out into the that the depth one time but it seems like it's in different issues that I find myself there, and maybe it's financial maybe it's relational now, but each time when I look back, that's when the greatest growth as occurred on the backside of that you know and being having not had that what I can imagine word be today. I really don't want to relive that, but I'm grateful the guide is let me go through that survived through that and get the growth in the healing and restoration on the backside. I believe that climbing out of the pit is what gives you the strength to stay out of the pit forever give you definition of humility that was on it was on Dr. Bob's desk. He was one of the founding fathers of Alcoholics Anonymous and it said this. Humility is perpetual quietness of heart is to have no trouble.

It is never to be fretted or vexed, irritable or sore to wonder nothing that is done to me to feel nothing done against me is to be at rest when nobody praises me and when I am blamed or despised is to have a blessed home and myself. I can go in and shut the door nil to my father in secret and be at peace is in the deep sea of calmness when all around and about his seeming trouble, but it's a nice place to get to a net can peace in the midst of chaos. I just can't imagine we were doing a show is Connick okay got to go with this man. I know we want to do, show no talk about it but as of know that's a lot of what he's been doing a lease for me this.

And hey, let's go look in the mirror again. Let's go look and see is her more work to do on this topic maybe doesn't look the same that it did five years ago or 10 years ago or 20 years ago, but at some level we all probably still battle this for periods in our life as you said it kind of cycles it still I still have these get emotional just talk about because that feeling comes back of who I was, but when you talk about that place. You know it's easy for me. Having been so low to completely surrender to God because you know I had no idea.

I still had to go to court to get a lawyer and actually while I came to Christ, found the receipt covered the time while he they accused me of breaking and entering and God delivered me through that. After that, I'm not trust God for everything. That's what we need to do. We need to look to guidance I got.

I do trust you do trip trust where you're going to take me, but it's a risky place. It's risky to stand in front of that mirror and say who's that person. I really see male-female it doesn't matter.

We all battled us in the good thing is crisis are to pay the price. We just got a letting come in and heal and help us move through it and find the truth on the other side. That's really what the show is about as helpless all find that truth on the other side. Thank you for listening again visit the mass continue if you'd like to get more information on us are things we have going on. Thanks

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