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Fighting for the Female Heart; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 28, 2015 12:30 pm

Fighting for the Female Heart; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine.

Many have one feels more like a losing battle when something done, request no blood with the back guys left really believe that the party line that we were all yeah and I threw it out there that was big softball. Let me just say that Robbie host at last we really miss okay what it's great to be back amongst you guys and on the lead-in to our show talks about being on a quest and so the gas guys what you want to quested men all know about what at times it revolves around a female Brandon received all the movies you see it.

And all the songs and self talk little bit about it but in a way that you might not expect. We talk on the show in the past about understanding the woman's heart probably would talk about that a couple times anytime and it is a question I have for you is understanding equal really know to do with no word know I can have a knowledge of how a car works when I get it. I can read a book on it. I cannot put a car together. Take it I could take apart is can put it back together and so there's this whole understanding of something and then there's a practical application.

What I do with it. How do I highlight enter into that. So in this quest of fighting for the female heart talk about how we really do that how we fight for the different females that come in and out of our life we saw was a talk with you what what are some of females that are in your life on a routine basis. Well, for sure, my wife, my daughter, eight-year-old and my wife is 40-1. The fetcher said that I should know that that's that's off-topic but what I can say that it's the same for me when I go after their hearts that there's a quick John Elder says there's a question that every man, every woman asked the woman. It's do you see me define valuing me my captivating and that's what I do I try to answer those questions and not pursue it that way to find valuing them to let them know I'm watching you. I see great job and that wow just captivating sometime Lydia question for you. Now your little different demographic than we are age wise. The enemy never respectfully your location weathers in several females around and see probably find yourself at times you have your wife there. But there's also other females. We live all clusters bunch of the difference between me and you guys is that I'm 84 years old then you know me in my life. You know what is a joyful day for us as a good map without being interrupted without the kids: open colonists some kind of baloney and I want to tell them you guys don't have no idea what life is all about and get to be origin then you'll see that a good map is very important you know I'm not by me know what the track Tesla a bit for the record, you do look a lot better than now is what your Junior not hurt in your he said one of the big difference was that he was 84-year-old. That's a big difference for me and Sam and Dennis, but that's not that big a difference for Robbie. It's not part of the challenge become semi-cut Robbie off there because I don't want to say something part of the challenge becomes any fruit said we don't necessarily speak the same language language. Now we can be both speaking English or French or whatever actual linguistic part may be in Spanish. Doesn't mean that were communicating the same lines were to listen to a clip that you guys here don't mention how it was found that it really helps us understand that. Let's listen then find out what part of the problem is, yeah, but you said it was fine fine. Are you confused by female behavior which you have a translator to understand what she means well. You are in luck introducing the man's later a revolutionary device that translates woman language is a simple man where finally the power to know what she may reset my life hey babe I see time open up later in life. I go on second thought I think of the stay with you and watch the notebook. Thanks to the man's leaders patented logic processing chip any man could decode statements like all the man's later can even be customized with voices of real celebrities being impersonated like you will Mr. T so get your man's later today. Clarity is just a phone call away to get that a passenger in the radio that I learned that we we don't happen to carry that we have lots of things there, but not that particular thing that would really hope it wouldn't. Robbie yes and actually when I listen that clip.

I think of my good friend Bob Young is quote famous quote is what I thought made me disqualified makes me uniquely qualified when it comes understanding a lot of those things because I've walked into many of the traps that you hear and in so solidly been hit upside the head that it's interesting how God is walking you through this situation so that you can face the unknown a little more knowledge and just like anything you do in life. Some days are better than others just because you're in the midst of the battle doesn't mean like yours feeling like you're winning it at the time. The important thing is that you're entering into the battle.

He said something at the beginning, I show that I thought, funny you said I may not be you have have a manual to be qualified to take it apart to fix it, to put back together with you. I can take apart pretty darn easily. The heart of a woman like you disassemble that sucker quick. It's put them back together and keeping around and purring. That's the real deal absolutely touch back on in the next next half of the show which it's really can bring that around because he knows that he knows that you can be a weapon for him so sometimes he utilizes that the best of his ability. So the female parts that you fight for in your life are different for all of us and some days it's different from day to day or moment to moment maybe on the phone with your wife. If you're married one time and your sister calls you. 20 minutes later his different issue and she needs you to enter in and fight in a different way sometimes that revolves around your daughter doesn't Dennis and the times it only you can fight in certain ways for your daughter that no one else could.

Yeah, yeah, that's for sure in it and it said and it's important to understand that that were not just talking about a relationship with your wife that it can be with with someone like a daughter and and and learning what ways to go after him. There are a lot of similarities because again were talking about a female heart. Females absolutely and you said something outside her room actually mentioned because I think it was really incredible the way he said it there times in her life that were to fail at this, but it's through those other relationships that God has you with that. You actually can learn more about that female heart you know you told so that you've learned so much for your daughter about the heart of a woman one is no doubt the guy put her in your life or both of you grow that way.


And sometimes you don't realize that when it's gone and you think you know I've struggled greatly with the fact that I had a failed marriage years ago and it just came in the other day when I was talking to my dad about some different things and realize that that has it hasn't been the case why haven't been learning about that as it's gone. It just hasn't been with another woman in that female in that regard it's been with my own daughter and I don't want anyone to take that the wrong way.

It's just that a female heart and learning how to to love her and to go after her heart. I've had 23 years now of experience in that and it's a tremendous blessing we we have the absolutely wonderful clip coming up after the break here in a few minutes about the father's heart towards her daughter and so that'll help bring that point home, but it is vital that his father, we enter in their users only things we can do.

It's funny there've been times when my wife would tell me you need to do this for your daughter and I would think what, what's the big deal, just a note you need. Do this for your daughter and after a while I realized my wife wasn't just telling me I had to do this for my daughter.

It was important to my wife for a reason, because it wasn't done for her and so I agree with Dennis completely went. When I learned about my daughter's heart.

Sometimes it's easier to understand her heart. But when you understand that you have a greater insight into your wife's heart on a woman's heart breakpoint, play a really short clip here before going to break in and in the story just to set it up. It's about a lady both letters to Juliet and it's about a lady that is written an article that's going to become a book she doesn't know it yet but skin become a book and she's dating a guy the she said he will you read this I really want your opinion and then later on you here clip from the same movie from a guy that's not a romantic interest for her. Don't you see and compare contrast LAE either fought for Hartford didn't so keep in mind this is the boyfriend.

She's talking to about this article that means so much to her heart.

After she's Artie been told she's not good enough and she really wants to know is she good enough to listen to how he handles her heart in a very short clip. It kind of speaks to the point, you know how Dennis when he goes that I fight for her heart at all.

There was a discussion of protecting his own know he was telling her, which you know what he saw all happening for her and who she was that he was absolutely going after her heart. You might think that in that clip from that little bit, but if you go back and listen to it about two or three more times you really get a loan. He was blown off because he didn't want to know he didn't read it. He tried to say all those right things to get her to believe exactly what you said when you listen to it and you see his expression which others you can on radio you get to see that he was like oh no I don't be great_bite when it comes out.

That's how good I know it is as yet told you we had work to do, your daughter after the show. For women it's actions speak louder than words with a woman with a woman's art lease my wife I can say you look wonderful. I love you.

It's great when I do something for she explodes and smile and a smile. I think a lot of that is is checking the motives in the mirror, what's the motivation behind what I'm doing all this is that's pretty clear when it's a father to daughter, and brother to sister you typically those motivations are clearly more cloudy and sometimes romantic situation, such looking at me or say no I really don't of her heart, look out for what's best for me to talk a lot more about this event. Talk about having enter into that more fully… More clips on how to do that and also talk a bit more from our life how God's that this is a journey guys. None of us have all the answers. We know the one who does talk more about that extensive medical bills, company layoffs, student loan payments. I couldn't for whatever your situation and an SEC agency can help you find real solutions to get your finances back on track. Take the first step to sharpen your financial focus and call your local and SEC agency 5537553742773 or visit us online at sharpen today that ideology again. Listen to messages back to American speech language hearing. Okay, I know that that's really great to get you little bit when you listen that you really will back those words. It's from the movie Robin Hood you help me understand that early that was a love song from Kevin causing a believer and so it's it's a love song, but when you go back and you really read those words in that part of that verse really pretty clear he's telling us this person right now. This is romantic interest in this case, but it's the same for all females that look in your heart and don't be afraid who you are.

Don't be afraid of this person that I see in trust. My intent for you is good that this is really about you and not about me, and it is worth fighting for.

You are worth it. Now that can account goes back to some what you talked about and so is think about the song the other day when I syndicate what we can do for bumper music is Dennis is usually the master that I was thinking well let me see if I can think of one which I would've done better, but in this particular and it just kept coming to mind and then assert think about why was a song so popular but was it Brian Adams. Maybe, maybe not. What made it so popular was the guy that singing that that that narrative the person that's the guy that women want and that's the guy that men want to be.

That's why was such a good powerful song was, it spoke to their hearts in a different way that the guy wants to be that guy that has a motive for the heart. His heart is pure. It's about them and that's with a woman's heart wants is also really love that that music something I don't know Melissa song again, but I did really like that from that standpoint and help me understand we want the same thing we really, really do doesn't want to be the knight in shining armor at some level little boys play the hero all the time and wired that way guidewire to step away and so women look at that that's what they want. The man, and so it's it's really me was pretty interesting to listen to real quickly new equipment coming back from the movie letters to Juliet.

We talked in the last segment about a guy that was her boyfriend that pretended as if he cared enough to actually read what she'd written and so there's this other guy in the movie but they don't get along at all the really dodgy how love stories go, they end up on a mile down thanks I run the movie for you, but at this point they're not romantic in nature. 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