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Questions We Have For God; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 18, 2015 12:30 pm

Questions We Have For God; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine. Many had one feels more like a losing battle when something done here, request no Australian might it's a little bit of a different week has been where you are but it's been nice at times and spring is here and it's looking pretty good and it's been rainy and skinny. Been a little stormy time and it brings me flowers yeah I've heard that I've heard that and it kind of reminds me a little bit of our topic tonight or today night whatever whatever whatever you listen to this. It's tonight for your might be today which they will be talking about the storm to come up in her life. You know, just as we don't we don't always know storm's gonna come up when were outside and have weatherman in the not always right. We don't have a weatherman for our life that tells us.

Hey, there's a start next Tuesday. It is kinda come up upon us right and so the question in Christian struggle with is if I'm walking in God's will. Why am I suffering or if I walk good enough in God's will, good enough Christian that I can avoid pain. I can avoid suffering and that some of the things a Christian kinda battle with him or talk about some before the show with some of the things when we talk about suffering or challenges or trials in our life that that are Christian-isms yeah that are necessary scriptural one of the biggest misconceptions is just what you said and another. I think that is confused and in, take out a Scripture, sometimes without a contact as God will never give us more than we can handle than we can handle well Gotto never give you more than you can handle that. Maybe you well explain what you mean by that what you mean. It's kind of taken out of context while think because what was really talking about in Scripture was endurance through temptation and and certainly, there can be some pain-and-suffering in temptation, but it's not really the same thing were not talking about the same thing we talk about pain-and-suffering that you may have a relative that may have cancer and maybe die have that or you may have someone in your family or friend is going through an addiction problem.

I mean that's that's not really the same thing and we joked a bit before the show but people would say Gotto give you no more than you can handle nice to believe that but then when I couldn't handle it like what's wrong with me on the lamp. I can hear you got Mr. a short and so what I listen to what you're saying Sam but the thing I couldn't help but think about well if I if I'm close enough to God and I walked like a super saint in God's good, just blessed my life in the market have to endure much pain or suffering and play also good for all.

How could you walk closer. You know, how could you be more of a superstate. The ball and how could that mean he suffered a lot or Stephen or Christ himself so you can see the you got these you got these examples that perhaps the closer you you walk that that there's more that involved because you have an enemy and I'm trying to think of someone in Scripture that didn't suffer that actually brings us to clip talk a little bit about these questions, we have and sometimes we have questions were talked about and sometimes we question God and God were you.

Where were you in the midst of this God why did you allow this to happen my life, what, what were you thinking, God, you know this is going to hurt. And so this is a clip from a movie called patch Adams and in this this part, you're going to hear Robin Williams who plays patch Adams has lost his girlfriend. She'd been murdered and started a medical clinic outside the confines of the hospital and they were really helping the people around them and he really felt good about himself and then she gets murdered by one of the patients. So what you hear is him standing at the edge of a cliff contemplating whether to jump off and starts having this conversation with God and only to kinda listen how that goes. So what now what you want from me both no stop. Create suffers enormous amounts of pain and I should have just a few more brainstorming sessions.

Creation rested on the seventh day. Maybe you should've spent that compassion no as you listen to that pain in his voice and obviously charities calling out to God. But then there's that anger that comes down to what Christians do with that is that a normal reaction is that is it something possibly you felt at some point in your life.

One of the marvels of Christian literature to me as CS Lewis is a grief observed were no there is a situation where some of the patch Adams that man that had written the Chronicles of Narnia and all these wonderful Christian books and in been on the air broadcasting Christian message and he married this lady who had cancer and then she went into remission and he seemed to think that that was God's answer. You know that this was going to be a miracle. And then she was gone and he was left in this crisis of faith in you know when you read the book a grief observed, which is just wonderful book. You can see he was kinda right there and he referred to God as this vivid sector which is similar to somebody is a dissector only emotionally like a puppeteer trying to see you know where you're going to end up and and there's a lot of wonderful insights in his crisis of faith, but he comes to the point in the book, which has a breakthrough where he says along the lines of, you know, I thought that God perhaps was testing my faith was testing my love for my wife was testing me, but it occurred to me that the test was for me to see how deep my faith where I was really at know that that is for us to find out where were at. You know so much of life is house how higher the stakes, and in order for us to make real progress towards getting rid of the lies that are in our life that he knows her stronghold. God knows her stronghold. He's got up the stakes. Pretty good for us to sit feel the pain enough to want to do something about obviously and CS Lewis's life. It was written. This amount of pain that he and CS Lewis's quote that you said there is a God already knew that about you. He knew how much faith you had. He knew how much love you had.

Her compassion is, as Robin Williams as it is needed you to know right right and that's that's a pretty cool thought because of it.

But where is God in the midst of all that pain in the midst of all that learning I remember I I've been there. I was there about 15 years ago where I actually after five or six years after failed marriage and things just not really going well. My wife, I thought about doing the same thing that he was thinking about doing on the road one night and I heard a pastor say a church where I was attending, you know, if you're angry at Goddard. Your anger is coming out that it he's big enough to take that and I cried out to him driving down that road. That night because I saw the train coming that came up the side of the road and I thought it would be very easy to stay and it all right now and I can't say that everything has been rosy since that time, but I think it was a significant time in my life for God showed himself to me and revealed himself to me and revealed his love for me and and kept me from doing that said, there is more to there's more to the story, God was there in the car with you in the midst of what you're going through. I would you describe that I don't know that I would've I didn't have a Robbie experience were actually could look over and think that, but later on I thought you he was absolutely in the midst of all this interceded the cool things about the clip. If you would watch the clip of the Robin Williams thing from patch Adams. We just listen to is at the very end of that as soon as he gets done with his tirade business in venom. God is heard in this anger. He turns around and this butterfly comes floating in and you see his demeanor completely changes it is a part of that story and that movie or his girlfriend loved butterflies and there was a big significance to being a Christian, obviously look that say, even when he can't hear God restarting nothing that doesn't stop God from coming at him and saying hey I'm right here. Remember you and I'm here with you. Which makes me think of the Scripture with when Jesus and the disciples were going to crossed the sea see a galleon and storms can come up there just without notice, and so they're going to cross the sea and and lease sleeping.

Jesus is sleeping in the storm comes up and it's the one where the disciples wake him up and say and he tells me that you need to have faith you of little faith and and the point was the storm came up. They didn't expect it. The Christ was right there with them the whole time whether they could feel it or recognize it.

He was there in the midst of that storm and that's where God tries to him I'm here to rub you the storm or to have and time again whether it's a storm emotionally strong physically, and I certainly have the physical ones. He he often sends it's Jesus with skin on all those people that come to you and your families aids and and that's the beauty of being part of the body of Christ is that you are given lots of other brothers and sisters besides your natural family and all these brothers and sisters as promised come through and you feel their love and in seeing their loved. You realize while this is God coming after me and like the Sunday school class built the wheelchair up on the back of my house.

It was clear to me that God was meeting the needs but he was doing it through all these, and that sets us up really well from the comebacker to talk about what you do when you limits that storm and you can't feel God, or you refuse in some ways to feel God is he still love you through that.

How does he bring you back to back and listen to that. I like the only thing better than playing a hero in the movies is being a hero and realize 50,000 veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with devastating injuries. They are true heroes in their why am proud to support paralyzed veterans of America to make sure veterans with spinal cord injuries, care and support at no cost to learn more, visit PVA.PVA.public service message from paralyzed veterans of America, their familiar subjects in childhood songs and nursery rhymes, but they can also pose serious threats to our health and property dealing with these threats may not be as easy as ABC can be as easy IP on integrated pest management in place common sense solutions to treat and control past to learn more public service message from the national pest management assessing nation and so the management it is a set I look at the rain outside, it would be easy to say no man it's always good to be like this, especially if you go through three or four days of that, you know, sunshine is going to be just around the corner.

I guess unless she was with us in Oregon and maybe not so much that it is just around the corner and incidences when he comes out tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday Sunday morning Oneonta site where we talk about the storms of life are talking with those things that come up just cause pain and suffering in our lives and in the questions we struggle sometimes is why can I handle it. You should build handle this I should I should be able to push through this or you got. Where are you.

Why did you let this happen, are obviously not in your will. God or this wouldn't happen, and in none of those hold true. Can't talk about Rob really loved. We talk a little bit about the love of others, and you talk about building a handicap ramp. Your Sunday school class. That's not the only time he felt the love of others around you know now my well all sorts of different times where I one point time was in desperate need of emergency brain surgery which is not a place anybody wants to be explained. But I had you know they literally needed to open my skull that relieve the pressure and because my brain was falling and I was sit there and they couldn't get into the emergency room for some emergency surgery for some hold and they sent in this nurse and I was all they give me Demerol every drug known to mankind to try to ease the pain and it was just unbelievably excruciating and she just held my hand and I looked up and it was Ramona Seachrist who was in my Sunday school class which is clear. It is my favorite moments of my entire life to know the right God had sent this person that clearly was, and she never said a word.

She just held my hand and it got me through that. But it got me through that, because I knew that he was there with me and that's all I needed. Sometimes those things become clear when you look back rent when you're in the midst of it. You don't have eyes to see it or you don't know what's going on and fortunately sometimes I do get to see you directly but often is revealed to us later that God was there, and once in a great while we get somebody that helps lead us through the little bit signaling we took (and talk about from movie when the game stands tall and so it's a football movie but it's one of those movies. It has other meanings to so in this football movie.

It's about a team that didn't lose for over a decade and then they lose they try to rebound from Manhattan and how they going to handle that in the midst of that big story is a apparent small story that's really the big story your file be here in a second, but it's about this boy that's on the team is an inner-city kid. He's done everything he can to live a good life and he's been following the advice of the coaches were Christian men and he lives with his younger brother and his mother and his mother's gotten sick and swimming.

We pick it up in a listen to how that conversation kinda plays out and there's just no time to sit in on weekends as a statement should be families and just conditionally live the rest of Monday's lessons you taught me you should be given to you. Whatever measure you use to try and was right. God designed with this time.

Most schools will no money left.

60 brothers family, my favorite favorite favorite scriptures I got last year is in Mark chapter 10 verse 29 Jesus answered and said assuredly, I say to you, there's no one was left house or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for my sake and the Gospels.

You shall not receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions by the way, and in the age to come eternal life. Jesus promised 100 times as many brothers and that's what he was coming through for and in this particular clip is just awesome yeah you he was reminding him, and then resend your loan the godforsaken you know which is a common thing that he tries to do and unfortunately has us this man that he looks up to. To help guide them through. And you know that's that's one of things we just pray about say God bring those guys in my life removes his people in my life bring the person in my life. It's in a hold my hand and help me get through the situation because I'm at a point where I can feel you are. I'm so angry I can't hear you and it's so clear.

Looking back on things Sam that God kept raising the ante in my life because he had this alive that he needed on earth that Rob you're not worth loving you know you're not you know it what it was really hard for me to buy that God really really you know the love being in such a way and in and there's no doubt in my mind, through all those physical things that ice was struggling.

He was trying to get my attention to show me clearly because this wasn't the case but then you get back that really hard question.

Did God allow those or was that part of the plan and in the place I come back to Permian. This is an individual thing for me is God allowed it because he knew that in the end imperfection was coming, but he simply allowed it.

He didn't cause life life. Life gives us more than we can handle a lot of times and it's not necessarily God but it's like this.

Given that the God shows up in the midst of all that and as you all are talking about God can show up in himself to you, giving you an opportunity to trust in him on a situation right now were on. We have such community amongst a number brothers and we we are leaning on each other during this time because were all very difficult time in our lives and I see God every day in the midst of all that every day he shows up. Sometimes he shows up in what brother says that I didn't know a couple weeks ago and I see God in the chaplains what he what he has to share and I think that's really the point of all this that bad things are going to happen. Life. Life throws curves address but look at what God can do with that and how he can use it for redemption that's exactly and just knowing that you guide you. You are there. Robbie, I am kind of the same place you are and I know we live in a fallen world. You talked earlier before he came on the air that God had a perfect plan with Adam didn't last long, but he had one free will entered in and then the fall of mankind. And with that brought in disease brought in all sorts of things over the generations and so were living. The fruit of seeds were planted long before us, plus a further seeds we plant in on so those things are coming to fruition, and it would be in one.

Okay why am I here. There's just a lot going on and there's an enemy in the midst of it, and what we got to know is those storms are gonna keep, Jesus tells us in this life you will have trouble. Were gonna have it, but were not alone in the midst of it. We do have God in Rob you know you felt God in the midst of some of those things in your between those jeeps and got crushed. Did you feel God's presence that that was the one where he actually showed up in bodily form and he gave me was absolutely unforgettable. As I laid on the ground really with my life threatened and my leg almost severed everybody panic and that I was going to shock and the unforgettable, like Jesus, I need you right now and that he showed up and gave me a touch that is unforgettable and all it will never be the same as as a result of that, but I would like to affect this verse that everybody, which is not a Bible verse by the way that God won't give you more than you can handle and I would like to adjust that God will give you more than handle and you can handle with his grace right and the example being that obviously gave Pharaoh more than he can. But he didn't have his grace we are sitting on the edge. I'll be in denial, but maybe there should be a fit of those. For that outboard that was my line of the best things stolen David, the man after God's own heart.

In his life that obviously had to be more than he can handle. To have Saul chasing after him to have the dysfunctions within his family. You think you have a dysfunctional family.

Wow, least I don't have that. That's why the watch Dr. Phil, this is a larger screen or whatever it is that we can talk about the storms in life there, that's okay. We have somebody to help guide us through that with the father who loves us is going to take us through that if he letting it when we keep hearing even in the midst of our anger will send those butterflies as people love us that are his people help guide us through. We just got a look for in know that it's coming and allowed to happen but love you this week in units of the storm noted a pass

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