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Live at Heritage Woods; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 4, 2015 9:32 am

Live at Heritage Woods; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Jesus is masculine. Many Winston-Salem you would go down by the Home Depot of invincible Boulevard turn right right before you go to Home Depot and head down waistcoat Center Drive make a left on Forrester Drive. You can be here with us when some great things to give away meets Ms. great residents were talking to today were just excited to be here. It's really our first live event that we've been out actually somewhere what I hear you're mostly life at most. Most the time yeah but I have to say I was listening to some of the single ladies that were talking about the cute new resident.

Speaking of Robbie and he was they were all way too young for him. Thank you. After that the jobs that is good I'm good with over here today working to have a great show to talk with some people truly listen pretty cool lives and really want the questions and when I asked him about his will, as we talk to the Sage in their life and you.

Looking back, sometimes over over the years. You can have the opportunity to say wow at this point somebody entered in and made a huge impact in my life and you don't really get that when you're in the midst of enough for me. I look back I see sometimes it that God had somebody in place to make an impact maybe was just a statement Mavis to walk along with me for.

Time really made a difference in my life. And so today we have a couple different people with anything which will be on with us here in a second where Fred Fred welcome to have you here like you play the video and so how long have you been here at Heritage Woods just over are you okay what brought you to Harry's was what had you actually this second time abandoned the search fluids have moved you almost immediately after my wife died about three years ago I was really very very depressed at that time I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do.

My son needed a place to move back to that I realized I needed to do a lot of things to my house getting ready to sell some on the stage of three months. First time very pleased with the facility book just felt that I needed to move back home and take care of some things so is in the later after everything is right in the house. We put it on the market sometimes about a place to live.

I move back here and I guess fight planned it that way but I was able to get the same apartment that I have the first, which have been further pleased with very good to have you unite. It was really hard for me as you have a great radio voice and listen here my second man I pale in comparison to that noisy but welcome it can ask the question, looking back over your life. Is there somebody that's kind of stepped in at some point and said hands can take a long under my wing a little better made an impact your life.

You know I can't really say that there is one particular person grew up in a Christian family. All my family and friends were Christians and they've all been very helpful to me and I recently suffered a model lost just two weeks ago my son died very untimely and I have a lot of support from my church family. But if I had been home by myself having to deal with that they would've been horrible but the residents and staff here just like a big family and I have been so supportive to me so I would have to say that that everyone here has been like major part of my life, in particular with what I have needed in recent days, So I am sorry about your last night. I've been here a few times now visiting Denny and I just hanging out with people and it is such an awesome supportive place all ideas you know you get here, you just get that feeling of family.

You walk around and everybody is smiling and seemed to enjoy living here, except with anything he does annoy semi-grumpy sometimes. I know you told the story before like to go back and visit real quick if you don't mind that I sorry about your uncle and how he made a huge impact in your life.

Yeah, my since I was a boy my father was in the house. My uncle took me by the hand and just raised me. The reason I found out many years after was he had lost a son when I was born.

His name was Vincent. Lo and behold light came on the scene. Vincent so I think he just you know he thought it was my father to her. I was sent, but you know just listen to what Fred said sages and people that are really wonderful place like this that you find a lot sages. Everybody has a story and on some content that I just am very pleasant but everybody shares everything fascia, every part of their life because what I see.

You can do and I mean we gave up all that wonderful stuff up cooking, cleaning and vacuuming citizens to place the Billy yeah I love it here and can answer your question yes my uncle but now I'm finding sages right here where I live.

I would imagine it at this point in your life is not a lot of time for that pretense to put up false because no reason to decapitate us to see people is itself you to understand where they come from and how that can make an impact on your life completely. A second is from a movie called secondhand Lions.

What I really love about this. It's about an uncle and a nephew in just a huge impact. This person makes what he doesn't realize it. Walter and uncle have talking… And how that interchanges between them that are fictional or not.

See mansion believing those things to think an evening got The case, please show thanks speech almost a man you promise one minute please give me the rest stick around until I'm old enough to hear the whole thing actually to try to pull here I want you to give me each you will be living here. I need you to be my means you dogs and we need you to just be awful awful lot just as my as you listen to that clip you really get the understanding of how much a young heart needs an older person that can help them walk through it, whether they realize it or not, that's the beauty that clip as you have this young boy that hasn't had a father around hasn't had anyone in his life to really raise in a positive way and has these old uncles that are least likely you think we first start watching the movie and make a huge impact in MS as I sit here and I look around the tables. We sit here today, I look at some of love to have enough to learn all the story because I'm sure they can make a huge impact for me and Fred were the questions on ask about this. Some of things that you really found that you are passionate about, was the dancing, hopping, suggesting things he really enjoyed doing the things you are passionate about ham radio is my hobby, and Harvey really enjoyed that. Figured I would have to give that up when I moved into a retirement home because one thing you need is good, mounted very high but the staff feels gracious enough to not only let me put an antenna on the roof quickly actually installed at fault.

Wow that was amazing still get to enjoy that some sense of ham radio is something that's been around for a number of years. Obviously, you can reach around the world with you If you have a good Anton. The conditions are right, it doesn't happen all the time but it sits, like fishing evolves into sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't. So you can make some more international contacts based on my fishing. I probably should take a pay rate nestling to learn about that with Debbie something you love to share.

Also you and I'm sure that there are people out there that are passionate about that member looking at that watching students movies on think maybe really cool to learn is never really took a step toward that so if you're someone out there really is this a legitimate here that would love to teach and that's really what we talk about was sages as they come along.

Maybe it's spiritually maybe it's emotionally if you have a last name is to show you something you're passionate about the help you walk in and that's what's so cool about it is we have people in this facility. Vincent facilities around the nation that have the opportunity to share some beautiful thing if we just take it manage of it and it would be sent such a nice thing for semi-coming to talk to Fred about ham radio is if you want to do that we are at Heritage Woods and you come down in Winston, like a down Hanes Mall Boulevard on your way to Home Depot and turn right. Right before Home Depot on waistcoat Center Drive father downforce waistcoat Drive. Turn left any commence a three-story building here. Beautiful facility is just for some great people even here little while to me about how you been here I've been home is the I really have enjoyed the greatest thing about it, really. And truthfully may sound like to joke I gave up cooking. I gave up cleaning.

I gave up so much stuff I just take care of my wife and just enjoy the company of my fellow residents is a great place your restaurant as I will assist someone to start a restaurant if a great person you probably that I was a tough restaurant on. I can imagine that that's not a big surprise, surprise, water in a half-hour show that we haven't left it to dig a lot more and learn more about Fred's life and go to just do more that we have some great of the residence. Also I cannot to talk with.

So with this we have Paul, Paul, thank you for being on the show today I great. Even here, he had 1/2 half okay so what's on the things you love about the inherent well. I have no responsibility yeah that and I asked Billy about that earlier said what were your favorite things he said no cooking. You know all these things where you just can relax and enjoy life that in the all the pressure of things you have to do.

Yes, you aren't there to just enjoy the day. Well have to get up yeah that's a good one.

Yeah, that's important. When I think yes so have. If I ask you a question of sunlight made an impact on you and your life it at a time. Is her slick comes to mind.

I have little brother 10 years of dollars that he was, he acted as a my father and he had a great impact of a high heat. He saw that I got a school and then all the things that the he was supporting so that that's what I wanted to do was all right with him. That's good to couple the brothers they taught me how to take a punch and they were very supportive actually, but that's why think the timing of an older brothers huge units might you can look up to a long way and had time into yes makes a big impact. Yes, and he will only money he was a physician and handle all make money when Avandia vacated since school here if requested. So I have a bath with taking my time span.

He shows us that Dell said yes that's good that's good, has muddling back on when you're going through that time. What was some of the passions that you had before you came here was the things you enjoy doing well. They were all to be 25 five aircraft that was flying over in May when Alyssa to Linda soul Nana days in the county and they weren't trade, travel, and a skater man at that. But from that time on my wanted to fly.

So I get in the Air Force and I flew to see the 19s for about three years and in my lifetime will be into getting out and go into dental school, so I had a choice of doing some things I want to do and flying is not major love that. What was harder to learn the flag aspect are going to dental school's line was hardly say okay to do a thought of things you did to Hornaday with a insisted yeah. So if I could find a dentist that flew I could be really confident that he can. I could fly out the door they got after me. Yeah that's right that's right, someone would learn about flight could they come talk to you in sales or about dentistry. If it if there's a young person out there that I really love to know what it's like to be a dentist. Well, something I found this area was Winston-Salem and so will at the time they decided to go to dental school. There were only 16 acted sadness said well, and so they had six student nonhostile appointments and my wife's sister's sister-in-law and bury my wife said to be there as fast as I can't stand to go to so they they tell band to try and I dated everything just not worth it for me again. This skill will go on to the school have no place in clemency, and practice, and so all those things work together that felt like that God was with the yeah absolutely was my copilot yeah absolutely no.

I can imagine waiting 6 to 9 months with two thing that would dispute that.

Be horrible set way to having more Dennis Cameron had to be just a great thing this area yet not hungry dentistry in the area 15 years while I five practice states economists 50 is okay to think you can switch a little bit and talk to Brent Brent, welcome you have your actually met you once before.

I think we did that with you over the show. One time, but we didn't get chance to talk to you and so big not to have it can start backwards with you as you little bit about your passions, with some things that you been passionate about over the helping people learn something there wanting to move south and I don't quite know how to get there. Okay, now what something is that you help people with I was 36 years in real estate.

Okay and I really really Dilaudid helping people with a home that they need to sell and help them get out of my depression I was probably couple different great passions. When you buy your first home in many cellular absolute lot in between both ends. That night to three weeks to build homes for people. It's what I get to do and so to see somebody get into the home and never thought they could be in it is a great thing. So someone wanted advice on some things that we need to do to get ready to buy home. That was something I could ask about yeah probably better mean for what I can help him get ready to get rid of.

Okay, that's very hard sometimes to and all the little things you need to do is the way you love a home might not be the same way that someone else loves you. So what hesitant somebody you can think of in your life. It's made a huge impact on you absolutely sure that with a gentleman named Roy Searcy. Okay he played on the Carolina basketball team that went up against Wilt Chamberlain here you everything I have or ever will have three he really made an impact on my life. How did he walk along with you in my he was.

I work fine for a while anytime I made any mean in the coming day or night and he would stop what he was doing to help me and so now that I've got to the point I can stop to help someone else and I love doing absolutely love to love helping someone. It's a great feeling when you know that you help somebody it's been stocking especially as you felt it. On the other side will give that back and were really talking about it being a sage is someone that this was to give back to others to invest in them is not really something you do for your own benefit others great things you get from the light of what incredible opportunity just a portion of your life lessons in the somebody else and love doing that. I really do nothing every time you do something for somebody else. He learns most from self.

Absolutely yet there's something it's hard out give God.

And so the more that you try to give the tenants returned to you in one way or another. Not maybe what you would expect that in one way or another. It's it's no way except under God's green earth that Royster did not happen to come together to quickly came together unbelievable terms, absolutely. What will thank you. We had a few minutes left to switch over to Harold walking show. Thank you for being with us today.

Thank you. Even here at Heritage Woods. I have here okay what your favorite part about being here against the okay man Misty atmosphere. I can relate to that. I'm all about the food. Sometimes I like starting around with foods good yet so if I ask you the question has been somebody looking back over your life that's made a huge impact on you, maybe a couple people would someone come to mind. I guess that might person more downtrodden of mine okay and need the printing. So he probably had some stern words to say to fuse a point to Sgt. that he probably also give you some great advice about what some of things that you've been passionate about over the years that you'd like to do as hobbies or as a profession with some things that really made you come alive outgoing mail mission changed birthday, a damp point shakes you a card went back to work on the 19th floor God – you could say I like the Army, I guess so what you do as a civilian form well, but you can tell me you have to kill me later go tell me please.

Now I was a paratrooper.

Okay, in operation and I enjoy. I don't know. So did you enjoy jumping out of planes. Yeah, that this is over. They came in along it can help you out. Sometimes I yeah I my 50th birthday my wife finally told me I could go skydiving and so I went and did at one time and that I enjoyed it but I don't know that go do it again yeah I can. I can say that I've done it. It's one of the things I can check often see the world from a different perspective that the is not go through your mind when you're kind of floating down, but that never got to have you here today is someone to talk to you about what look like to be in the Army are the benefits of eating Army something they could do chili armies made a big impact on you with it the time he served in the time that you spent outside of that and will thank you for your service. We appreciate that you print out you are in service when 1/82 airborne I was in the hundred and first it will please her animosity really not really just you would take it each other a lot. That's a lot of fun guys to do that. Give each other hard time if you listen are so please give Robbie a hard time with them trying to avoid doing that because he said he really doesn't have a microphone you think would be the best time to do it, but it's actually time them that I hold often show some restraint. Believe it or not, guys, I would ask you one other question, if you wanted to tell somebody out there. What's the biggest thing that they can do. Let's say they're in her 20s or 30s and looking back what's the biggest thing they can do between now and when they come to facility like this you'd recommend The Passion and Stick with It, Find Passion. Passion Always Left Absolutely Love What I Do for Life's Too Short Not Have a Passion and Spend Data Tell Guys All the Time You Can Spend the 30 Life at Work. Why Do It Was Something You Don't like That Probably Teleports Me I Should Get You If You Live in. Thank You.

Enjoy the Journey with Your Wife.

Thank You for Listening. So Glad to Hear so Much More Would like to Talk Next Week. I'm Asking Her to Go to Mass Converting for Pass Podcast Future Things

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