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Should Christians Doubt? click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 9, 2015 12:30 pm

Should Christians Doubt? click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine wife feels more like a losing battle for request no out of the studio and wonder what a wonderful reception we had at Heritage Woods in summarizing people use like and I mean is very respectfully, was I going to place with the grandparents is really critical.

It was not they were pension stamp sheets like a weapon because they could fan club that Robbie got from all the single ladies if you didn't get chance to listen. The last which I'd encourage you to go on and listen to mask injury and really listen to the stories that can came through that day not only mask injury radio but a Christian car guy kingdom pursuits. We spent the day out there really got to hear this little snaps and snippets of some really cool stories. It would love to have the opportunity to dig into more down the road about what's happened in people's lives and how God used her passions in different things like that so not to spoil for. I have my doubts about this show. That's what we this show is is a good show as compared to all the really good shows believe it is good to doubt the guidance of the show was that the show is on doubt the question at hand. Should Christians doubt is it okay for Christians to have doubt that in some circles, it would say no. You just need to have more faith if you had faith greater than a muster seat, mustard seed, you can move a mountain right and so it's should Christians have doubts. I would what he thinks of them.

If you can clarify what kind doubts are we talking Olga to answer my question first sued the Christians have that I think it's perfectly normal for people to have doubts.

I think that everybody's gone through different periods of their time where they're not strong in faith is the in their faith as they need to be but that that's how it grows. I think you hit the nail and head so Robbie is a descendent out while I think it can lead to that but one of the key elements in our walk is recognizing the scary part for me is when I'm walking in doubt and I don't recognize it. It's at the point that I recognize that that I can turn in and try to check under the hood is as Todd would say, and see if there's a way that I can lead back into faith. At that point, this one of the exciting things about the show for me is what a journey it is to go from this point of doubt, to where you like doubting Thomas himself saying oh my Lord my God when you really, really all okay now I get in the light comes on. Yeah, unfortunately we don't have a doubt gauge – you have to see what's going on.

Is it really help us to see that you talk a little bit about you and are the different types of doubt up until recently when I heard a good friend of mine in front of the show, Mike talk about this action is less under the third different types of doubt. I never really categorized separately, but he talked about their circumstantial doubt in their spiritual doubt there's a huge difference between the two. And so what circumstantial doubt is respin this work first part talking about is circumstances that happen in our lives that cause us to have doubt things like is God there for me God, why did you let this happen to me God.

Where were you those types of things that the kind of heavy question not relationship a little bit.

It's question God's intent or is this really what you want the stories in the Bible that can act without you talk by Gideon throughout the fleece. One day, so I don't know if I still believe that let's start out again to make sure I have some doubts and when you really look at the core. Several of the stories in the Bible doubt filters at some point so that you want to start with you. Is there been a time for you. You've had circumstantial doubt that the circumstances in your life alleged just to a questioning place with God. Right now where I think everybody out there knows that the old guy on blind virtually blind anyway. Totally blind and I pray every night every morning. I always end up with prayer like me personally talking to God. Right now my eyes get glorious and wise for the last three months and get this yell where you hanging out Best Buy. I need you I need you bet I don't want to be shut out. I got take care of Nancy who is blind, so there is doubt.

But I never lose faith. I know that he's going be there again in what capacity I don't really know. I think what he decides me will be a good thing and I think you hit the now on the head when you're saying that it doesn't diminish my faith. Doubts don't diminish my faith can actually increase faith can be seen for. I think sometimes our doubts come from when things aren't working out the way we think they should know guide you not doing this way.

I think you should do this and so far Mama doubt instead of Seneca got what your will, in the midst of an that's really hard to do it. It's incredibly hard to do because I want what I want, but you guys.

Robbie, I'm sure you good about not want what you want yeah and and as it turns out.

Pain is an amazing, it's a real school that that a lot of us go through in order to navigate our faith and and it will fork to become real for something that we can hold onto where we knew we showed up in our pain and where we can then sit down up front and altering our like to say what this is. This is where I know that it happened for me and it's real and it becomes a testimony.

I'm actually play the clip along those lines in the back story on this movie affect normal with no doubt his name, but it's about very high level.

It's about a lady who is the principal of a school and a new pastor comes in its Catholic school or nines and she's very, very rigid. She's very very rules driven very, very legalistic and she doesn't like the way this pastor is this priestess coming in is acting with one of the students he's getting too close to this person and it makes her uncomfortable and so she kinda sets off on this mission became to bring him down somehow using the legal will ease the legalese of Scripture that you sometimes taken twist and turn and what you to see where her approach leads are that she is the older none in here. You can tell our voices older talking to the younger non-about her faith in this kind of interesting to me when as I listened that Sam you remember the in Les Miserables that the chief of police, who was so legalistic and when he saw what Grace did through Jean Sean totally destroyed his world because it shouldn't operate that way.

The law should be.

You know the way that things work and so, like it says in Romans that in Romans seven that that that the mind is a slave to the law, but the flesh is a slave to sin.

So praise God there's 1/3 alternative to walk in the spirit. But this poor lady as was the case of the officer Les Miserables.

They had become a slave to the law and they think that that law somehow is going to provide or protect freedom, and it doesn't.

And if that doesn't work then where you go and that's where she's she finds herself completely empty because the law does have a spirited and taking thing. And when you see that echoed in the Pharisees.

Pharisees, you know, lived by the law limits the Jesus was in the minutes in on that they missed the whole deal there and so we can get so set on things that that are rigid, they were rigid about that.

We don't have flexibility with God and also we find that we really missed what is trying to do, which is bringing salvation brings freedom.

How can you think of a time that you've kinda battled some circumstantial doubt in your life. There was a time before I was in this message. When I didn't. I knew that God was powerful and I never doubted his ability or is our but I doubted myself worth in.

I think that really came from ignorance, and the more I grew to understand who he was more I grew understood what it was like to be fathered by God, then things change for me so when I think about those times, look back.

I just think I was so foolish but until we take the time to get to know them in a relationship.

We don't really understand. We just think he some no powerful entity in the sky you missed all that the love and the kindness and in the joy that you have when you actually interact with them and in Bible study and prayer just in your daily walk is the setting up there making decisions.

Yeah, and that's for me, I'd like to say that it was a black-and-white moment. It's really not for me. I should've named Thomas and think that hey I think I should've a Dave Thomas is I find myself in places of doubt and now I really enjoy the fact that you're not wired that way you know because it we can offset each other and give you a hard time but it's really kinda cool. But for me it's it's just a lot more gray you know I feel like I find myself in the gray all the time in the 50 shades is not it's Alexandra Ferguson the same time again that that's not good. See but just being in that greatest produces doubt. We have lack of clarity and so what we do, how do we know that when we let that go from a point that it's okay to the point that it's went too far, appointed potentially could be of no return. Like the Roger joy when it starts the Roger joy it diminishes your relationship. That's when I think the red flag.

It starts there but you let it continue. The enemy wants to take circumstantial doubt get you to a place of spiritual doubt macro to talk about the difference between those two cruisers you find yourself in circumstantial doubt, all the time. You just don't find yourself spiritual doubt macro to talk about that more and more about spiritual doubt and also talk about his doubt contagious doing this and come back. This is the sound of E. coli splashing around in Hamburg on your cutting and it looks like mom tomatoes and 3000 Americans die cutting your family.

You can always come up with an excuse for not visiting long-term care.go after all, who wants to admit that one day they will be old but since 70% of older Americans need some kind of long-term care why not do some preplanning.

Now she can stay in charge. Visit long-term and find your own welcome back masking journey we're talking about doubts today honestly change something for me. I don't know that I'll use that term gray anytime soon because I will have that image to say it's unclear it's okay if the it's not a very, very blurry at all those things. I stay away from gray reference. Thank you were were talking about doubt today and it's easy to find out in this world watch the news, don't take long to really question lots of things down in our political system, which I think will have at some level, regardless of which side of the pointer on, you have some doubt in the system. Having doubt in our judicial system. At times, or in our church leadership or interwork leadership and there's things that happen and there's doubt that this is when I talk about doubt of others will talk about today is doubt between you and the father is there doubt there it is all doubt bad as it is doubt a stand and last segment we talked about some circumstantial doubt and he has both shared many an hour about some circumstantial doubt, the Robbie I would ask you have you had some opportunities for circumstantial doubt in your life course now. I mean, moment by moment now is a lot of really good crush between two cars fallen off every tree sheet, also two things in family and finances and all sorts of different opportunities. The cool thing for me though is that for me. They drove me deeper when I found myself there is like wow where are you in this and when he showed up. I saw some stuff but that I hold onto to know that you know that's my God, and that's my story and ensuring that other people get help when they are in similar circumstance.

If you think about Job.

The think about Robbie you can you can make a case that God is been trying to prove that you are the Eveready Bunny of faith because you take a licking and you keep on taking that's Timex but you tried M's category, but when you think about it if when I look at your faith. There is no doubt in my mind that you are strong in your relationship with the Lord. But each time that that happens, you cling to them tighter. Did you ever wonder in each one of those is what you doing what you doing to me and that's the joy of the journey for me is that I chronicle all these in my Bible and my journals and I used red pens at certain times when I had great doubts and so when I go back and I look through certain Bibles that I have a number of them and I see that red ink. I know where I was, you know, in the middle of my brain infection I had a lot of doubts and I found myself were in the Psalms were David talked about his wounds were losing and whatever and I and I can see that written in red ink right. It's it's a treasure for me it's part of the way that I can recall with the relationship and how he came in that school of pain that that that that you know was alter my faith. To some extent you had a brain infection as well. Yeah, that was actually about the brain abscess that 55 shades that you see that big hole in my head right there that's where that while 55 shades of gray matter. It's hard to target and pass a hole in Robbie said it can explains a couple things but for me I think that I find that you know I have doubts time probably a lot more than I should. They should ever have the on the other side of that doubt is is opportunities for great growth opportunities for closeness to God that I never had before.

But if we don't go that direction with the. The enemy wants to take us in the other direction and take us to a place of spiritual doubt and I want to have Al told her the story that really will help us understand the difference tween circumstantial and spiritual doubt in our future.

The story we talked about earlier today Sir Billy Graham when he was young was picked by Charles Templeton and another gentleman and they had a started youth for Christ ministry, and they traveled all around the world and that point Templeton was a very renowned public speaker and it definitely overshadowed Billy Graham. He was still in the beginning, states this in. I believe it was England.

They were in a theater there together and they were showing film footage of the Holocaust and it was at that point the Templeton said if there is a God. How could he allow this to happen in after much distraught prayers. He just made the declaration. He was an agnostic and walk away from in when you see a man of that great faith steps away, you know, I think that Rattle but but he spoke about Billy Graham and said that he did not believe in mass evangelism anymore, but he said if ever there was a man who believed in what he did believe that his faith with his much innocence as necessary would be Billy Graham believes that term innocence. I thought about that. There is a tremendous amount of faith in innocence.

It's not till you start eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil that you start getting the doubt when you're live in the enough, the tree of life. You know there's not a whole lot of roof and Robbie's taught me that there's things that I think happened in all of our lives living in a fallen world will live living with broken people living with their own brokenness capitals lost God's. Here Jesus is saved us, but were in the midst of sometimes a very difficult time behind enemy lines in his opportunities all along the way. For these moments of truth where you know something happens you lose a loved one or something happens to your children you know any of those kinds of things in you look at that.

You could say okay God. Where were you can even be there or can you turn and say God I don't get this. I'm mad right now.

I'm angry.

I don't know why you didn't help here. But then take those questions truly to him instead of away from him. That's a great point because in my faith. I didn't realize that he was a loving father who wanted to walk with me every step of the way you you you and I were talking about that when we doubt his love for us, or whether were worthy know we don't recognize it either. He is who he says he is, and has the ability to make everybody a first priority or he's not.

If he is that we have to embrace that it that he does love us. We are first priority. Every single one of us. When I realize that my life changed dramatically. I mean the joy in my life changed.

I never understood that relationship of a father-son, but to the extent I did when I got was father by in those doubts letter times are part of our Christian maturity. You know you go back and look at Peter who denied Christ three times in the story the rooster crowing at some level of that there is doubt, there is doubt in Jesus is doubt in my relationship there's doubt in the father's doubt somewhere when you look at later in Peter's life when he's really matured and there's nothing he won't do because he knows got there, and God's always been there. I've always thought about that when he was crucified. He the moment he was crucified. There being led to the cross.

He said you got to do it upside down as I'm not worthy.

How look at the when he denied Christ look at how much faith that took that I'm knocking to be crucified. Like Christ on not worthy. He recognized that deeding how to him how important it's been a whole bunch more time. Talk about scriptural references the doubt. But there are a few more get John the Baptist a kind of doubt to Jesus is are you really who you say you are when he's in prison you got Abraham that sometimes what doubts God or he wouldn't have told all those people that his wife was his sister because there's there's some level of the not believe there were nutrients transfer over to another part of the topic from a click quick clip and come back and talk about it is our doubt pages. This is from Joan of arc in Robbie if you could set it up real quick. Sure this is the scene where Joan of arc is traveled to come tell the king and his spiritual advisor slip the people in the church that she's been sent by God in the course uses girl shows up and says she's gonna relieve the siege orally.

You know they're not buying.

So it's it's rampant doubt that's going on and what exactly was this vision, where he child sort of military experience practicing skills. You know what additional cleverness is not how can you expect Teresa sees volleyball if you're ignorant about mother not to.

We would like to feel that if God wanted us to believe you side with you so you can do something something sign to prove to us by God's people think you got to see his hand having guided me to find leaks of any country bringing his proof and he still need more science. Take is using the Robbie's return wrap up the show a little bit.

There's there's rampant doubt is that we are hearing about room now. It's fascinating but that's rampant faith. Now her standalone you know it was contagious. The doubt, but then this one person's faith in her clear vision of what she felt God had put her on and that is the most documented person of her time. A girl who had nothing going for should never parents there she was 18 on that society, she was nothing but if you want to study the history of the.

There is no person that rip more on the Joan of arc, and it was her faith that led France out of the journey that there there are times were going to have to probably have more doubt sometime you felt like tonight. How many were all going to have that's okay as long as you keep it between us father taking it back to him that we don't take it in turn other people's minds with God. We don't let our hearts be stolen and taken towards the we don't let that circumstantial doubt take us in the spiritual doubt and lose all the things God has for us in our life with joy. These things that come in the midst of this place we call her in this battlefield we live on this and see you next

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