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What Is Hopelessness? click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 16, 2015 12:30 pm

What Is Hopelessness? click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man, Jesus was one feels more like a losing battle for noise is upon now you know that with Robbie glad you know me so well. The one hopefully better anyway.

We're talking about the topic of hope before rubber. We talked about hope before we remount. I remember very well the Shawshank rejection redemption clips and what hope does inside of a person's ensuing touched on the topic and if you want there to hear that one back in and listen to it on podcasting and mouse in your new get it there and listen and will talk a lot about hope they're not talking about on the other side of the equation. Hopeless and there's lots of different things we can talk about sewer we go today because we talked about all these before the show but is there a difference, hopelessness and helplessness are the same with interchangeable are they completely different. Can you be hopeless and not even realize it, but is hopelessness past. That's a great question. What are your thoughts on on which one both. There were three of anyway, I think you're very touching way you lost me on the second Ida Hajek hello we hopelessness isn't the same as is hopelessness article because I put the question to you and you through the Robbie for me and I was so excited when you called me and told me about this topic but you have been praying and urine. A good place for him in the place that you normally pray and God came after that and you personally and send. Where are you there Sam and I've got some I want to open your eyes to that you lost hope in and what a cool thing for God to come after his very similar to the clip that will jump out here with that in this case the boy's son. I'm in the man's son was coming after similar, something that he recognized that his father lost hope in in your case to have God come after.

That's pretty helpful. You can listen.

Hopefully will take action.

So in this clue probably were to listen to talk a little bit about my story. After the break, but thank you for referencing that the tell us what's going on in this clip as we get ready to listen extremely classic chick flick movie sleepless in Seattle but just tremendously sterling and on a different lot of different levels and what we have is a man who lost his wife and at some point he's actually lost his home, and he's become sleepless obviously in the he's living a life that he himself doesn't realize that he slipped so far down until his son essentially calls them out, which comes out when her son calls into a talk show with the doctor and will play at men all speak about another lady in this grime. A girl that will late.

Later in the movie obviously is the romantic part of the deal when he says Wendell and the doctor asked him a question that you know if you thought about having summary lot sheet like everybody else.

Listen on the radio was ready to jump ago. Yes, let's take a listen Marsha Marsha – I don't mean: Sam listening. We had a pretty long just fine soon as I break his radio.

I have no doubt that your wonderful father and you can tell a lot from a person's voice. You certainly can't, but something must be missing children still feels that you are under a cloud, just a few questions. You sleeping look it's Christmas maybe she really does she love she made everything beautiful.

It's just this you need someone just as much is let's get these messages. Jonah don't go away just talking will be right back is break all this is really the thing I was thinking for all of us around. We listen to that clip and what would it be in our family, what would it be that God came up and said that right there. You've lost hope right there and in just isolating it. Then you can begin to work on the issue, but so many of us, including me, there's areas in our life that we don't realize we have lost. If you listen to that word word is Tom Hanks's character show that is lost hope as you listen, I agree with you the words really come out and that if things are tough. This is the way it should be in.

This is the way it's going to be. This is normal or normal air things fine right or I can't do that because my wife wasted writing I'm unable to move into this thing with my son because it is I don't know how to do this role and it's never really been my role sums going to give up on some degree and so there's a lot of hopelessness in that there is no doubt that Tom Hanks character loves her son to see it throughout the movie doesn't keep you from being in a place of hopelessness.

So the question that I can have not for you guys in here at the moment but for the listeners out there. What is it right now that you feel hopeless and it come to the top.

Your tongue is your setting errors or something that comes to mind. Maybe, maybe not.

If it does we can take that we can do with it and if it's not with us because were to continue to talk about this topic a little bit and hopefully God will prompt you now.

I said that I was awake till after the break Robbie but now you get my money. You got me going. The story was I was walking the other day trying to lose weight, get in shape and some out walking and I'm just praying which I would love to say, do, every time I walk but honestly sometimes and think about football and let's other things. Okay, got today is yours… What you want talk about my don't really have anything on agenda we got and I just heard them say the word hope. I said okay what about it is that I don't see you living with much of this a while, and many proceed asked the question, what is it you hope for in life, and so as I sit there and I walked in I thought about it I told him some things in and you know one of them being, you know. I hope to have a stronger relationship with my kids in his immediate response was, will enter into their world more fully and so in that conversation became a lot of hope in realizing that their times in my life. I feel hopeless and don't recognize it. If you have older children older than like not living in the house anymore, their times. They make decisions. I hear this from parents all the time that leave you in a place of feeling very hopeless, or is it helpless as I think there's a huge difference. There, now you're the big defender. The difference between the two of those what's the difference if you can and save in a way I can understand if you can say it in a way that it really means something to you.

What's the difference between what you can be helpless and still have hope, help, helpless, meaning you don't have any help at all. You're just stuck helpless. Maybe there's nothing you can directly do correct it. Hope that somebody into something correct.

I remember speaking of that, the teenagers, I remember that so vividly when my son said, you know you're nothing but a Brady bunch and I don't want to be a Brady I would be anything like you left and I could chase them. I could a lot of things I dislike the got message you gotta take care. There's nothing I can do here and had let them go. Five years later the calls me up Mrs. I can't live like this anymore. Can I come home mean as well as things were in prayer.

I break down and when I was praying for my break down crying because I had no idea what what there was or what was going on his life. I knew it wasn't good and there was nothing I can do but I was praying that was my hope. So in feeling helpless. The enemy wants you to believe that it's the same as hopeless teeth and I'm a big CS Lewis fan and I cling to something as though it were my only flotation in the big ocean in the storm. Either God is exactly who he says he is and can do everything that he says he can do or everything is just a big hoax. I cling to that he is who he says he is and what I can't see it. I can't do it. I've no idea what's going on. I don't give up hope. I cling to that because I know the right things can happen.

It may not be what I want, but it's good to be the right thing overall and I have complete faith in. I know you do. I think sometimes it's harder for the people.

Well, there was a time when I lived on Florida Street and I've been going through a job to two jobs every year and I got to the point where I was just giving artistry. Yes, I in section agree know it's very dangerous area and I just flat out said I somebody said hey there's a job over here it this hospital that you might like and you might be good for they were just trying to help me find a job and I said this is it.

Father, if this one doesn't work out I would be home with somebody give up. I was at that job 20 years and now you're homeless now that not only did I started out just deliver boxes, but I work my way up to the point where I was recruited by another 20 years later in but all of that was fate that mean you know I turned to him I said if that's if this is it. I give up.

I was helpless and I was hopeless and he was like. Now let's turn this all around and coming from that environment where you didn't have money for food yet have close, you have a car and him taking me that whole past 20 years later, never give up his back and talk little bit more about this topic of hopelessness, being hopeless more into hope. How do we know that God's there you are. Since back and talk about today, nearly half guard and reserve. They are called to active duty.

They leave behind a family, community, and a job employer support of the guard and reserve defense agency monitors and protects the bond between servicemembers and their civilian employers.

Whether serving our country for supporting those who do all to learn more about the SGR call 1-800-336-4590. Visit 5 million American food allergies, and my feelings… Just you can find one online and see fair is Lord what information resources to help you enjoy a C permission experience including sample questions and a lot more. Or that's SAF E because when it comes to managing food allergies on the same team public service message from research and education. It does, it does not save you the pain of listening is if you listen to it long enough. I don't know the words. I didn't really was. It was helpless so I got that one ill young yet well I hope Neil Young will remember this other man don't need him around where you said it was great for the topic that is when I really feel bad place after have you ever been in that place where your helpless and just keep saying the same thing over and over when you talk to people just like you repeat yourself over and over. You still had to get out of it you stuck in a rut and try to climb and you fall back back where you were to ask you a little bit about the topic of hopeless being hopeless.

Other things that are going on in your life are going in your life where you felt hopeless before. Well many times. Specifically, in 1951 I found myself in positions not of my doing and I just felt helpless. What do I do like did what they told me to do. And from that becomes hope.

50. It's all over. I got hope knowing that I was doing the right thing and I was in helpless anymore, but now I have a different everybody knows that I'm pretty old fella and I'm going blind. Then I go to bed every night every single night with hope and I'm saying to myself and my prayer. God let me open up my eyes tomorrow and make me full of your glory and give me my site.

I really believe that if you don't have hope you will become hopeless, never give up hope.

I don't know if I'm making any sense here, but you guys have to accept it because I will not make perfect sense.

I think you said it better than what I've heard it said that when you live without hope you become helpless and I never, never really thought of it in that context, you're absolutely right. That's when you truly become helpless. That's exactly right. Nowhere to turn.

If you don't have hope thing like you say where you go where you go is a lot of people I was telling you fellas before we came on come from New York Bowery. Hundreds.

Hundreds of people and their no middle age 30 some 20s just stayed drunk all the time because they have no hope, no they only would get off the rent lives to bring them out of. I know he's brought absolutely not. There times it God does that say firsthand. He's always in the midst of the God will also use others at times in your life when you can't feel him when you can't see him active in your life doesn't mean he's not right to go to the club on this is from the movie freedom writers. If you haven't seen the movie there's there's a lot of rough language in it because of the context it's an inner-city school.

There's a teacher that goes in there that's from. Not that backgrounded all is not raised in that type of background and initially she's challenged the right lot by the kids of you don't understand what it's like to be growing to grow up in this environment will fast-forward towards in a movie you hear one of the guys. It's been quiet.

No one really remembered he was in the class gets up and he reads from his diary and I want you to read read what you listen when he reads and see what transpires is to carry something from my direct this summer was the worst summer. My short 14 years of life.

It all started with a phone call. Mother was crying and begging, asking for more time this issue were gasping for her last breath of air. She help me as tight as she couldn't tears hit my shirt like bullets told me we were being evicted. She kept apologizing to me that I have. I should have asked for something less expensive at Christmas. On the morning of the addiction. A hard knock on the door woke me up. The sheriff was there to do his job but is waiting for something to happen. My mother has no family to no money coming why bother coming to school, getting grace. If I'm homeless the bus stop. Something I feel like throwing up our ankles from last year some more shoes.

I kept thinking I can laugh instead on Green Bay couple of friends in my English class this hits me Mrs. go my crazy English teacher found that is the only person that made me think of hope, talking with parents about last year's English trips I began to feel better. I received my stash on the first teacher is Mrs. go on to a three. I walked into the room feel as though all the problems in life are not so important any more is listen to Robbie email back for. That's a pretty emotional clip just to listen to really hear that. Obviously this might it's based on a true story for this movie is a teacher than Internet and made a difference. But this the thought of what that boy would've had it gone through is moving, it is not. I when you came across this topic and ask us to be authentic. This was Mother's Day weekend last weekend in my daughter made this amazing present for her mother. She cut she brought out 200. My youngest daughter. She came up with 200 reasons that she loved her mother and she was going to cut them all up and put them in up in a box you know and give it to her as a present is really cool idea and sheep were supposed to be going so she ran out of time to come on so she brought down her paper on all these things that she'd written and asked me daddy. Can you help me copies out to mom's box in time to go to. So I start cutting these things and some I have a chance to read and it says I love you because you value my opinion on like that now. The back story to that is that the beginning you know every year I John Thomas a Campos at that if we could work on one defect in our sin in our life. What can we work on for that year. Some mine this year was to work on my pride and when I read that I did not feel condemnation like you might imagine, I felt God nudging me on. Remember this that we're going to work on and then it wasn't long after that I get this call from Sam because you see I kind of lost hope about this whole pride thing. 11. Read this book by CS Lewis on friendship and he talked about that a friendship was really what it was supposed to be everybody in the inlet group would feel like they were less than everybody else that they didn't really necessarily belong to so much everybody else was so much better than when I read that I was like no no no I feel like I'm better than God down in my heart this this is how I really how can I get there that's I was like there's no way there's no way that I can get there. I can't see that you got to help me God. And I felt hopeless, to an extent, but I also thought well while this is a God thing right here because this is way bigger than some on my way and I don't I don't begin to think about.

I had this thought this morning on my way to Christian business men's committee were a meeting with another bunch.

You guys are obviously so bright I can't help but I'm just being authentic and I thought wait a minute.

Just the mere fact that you think that is in itself an indictment of why they're better than you because all think that you not see that it if you turn it back on itself how it looks and how it feels and the arrogance of of where that is an end. At least it's a point where I'm I'm not telling you that I'm in any way feel like you I do feel like, okay, God, you have come after this by my daughter saying Robbie the value my opinion more than your own, because obviously you always think you're right. And while analytical things that at least I got to work and what a blessing. Once you get past the initial reading and what a blessing to know that you still have a few years when she's in the house to work on that is or becomes a lot harder as you know, once the kids are out of the house to really work on that relationship. In the same way you could wonder. There is a guy give a couple different gifts and that in that time and and you know for me. The enemy tries to take me to hopeless out. I applied you that you can do that she can be really, really polarized. In one camp or your and the other I tend to be one that kinda tries to pull away and I think I stay up above the water's edge before he pulls me under few times in the process. And so for me the enemy is always trying to pull me to hopelessness.

You told have been trying to lose weight and for in the past has been a hard thing for me to stuff you should need, and exercise all that it's been a challenge.

Maybe it's because I got older. Whatever you had worked really hard in the sense of silly when worked really hard, but two weeks ago all week exercising dieting got on the scales away the exact same thing to beginning the week like I just went. What's the point and then I ate really poorly the next three day like I was going to fix anything.

When I look at that. It's just the enemy trying to say, look, it's just hopeless.

Just give up. Just give in and says he tries to rob joy as he tries to take you to a place of helplessness when he can get to the point where you think you have no hope out there that God's not there that friends aren't there. That's what I loved about that other clip was teacher brought hope to this boy. Maybe not a place where you can feel God, but there somebody out there God's trying to get you to feel that hello if you just have the eyes to see, or have your heart open so as you start to think today one of my hopeless about the question is, what hope neither one of those many if you have to say okay God working this with me working this hopelessness that I feel are helping move towards a place of deeper hope in you today. What else can we do, we can't control the actions of others. We can't control things happen in society feels very helpless that were not hopeless what you hope remain in him and he and you. Thanks for listening to them asking journey more

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