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The Purpose of What We Do; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 27, 2015 12:30 pm

The Purpose of What We Do; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine using hand life feels more like a losing battle when something done, my messenger, you are really glad to have you with us today and I love to listen to our intro to get something out of it every time a unit herded many many times in the last three years, but I get something out of it this week. Life is an adventure and were supposed to be guides in this week were kind of need and the compass Sue on the map map and maybe a tour guide reason I'm saying that is. Let me give you the story of how topics usually come up on our show that you might think that we suddenly have the next eight weeks planned out.

The guy doesn't tend to do that with us. God tends to say okay when I get through this week and then went to another topic on one of our hearts and then we flush it out flush it out during the week talking about it on the phone back and forth talking about clips and usually by the time we get together to have the show where the pretty relatively clear place that's not really been the story this week has arrived. Not even close. Great conversation. Now you not talking the phone Robbie. We talked on the phone and I we had some good conversation around the topic great conversations, but it's still a moving target. It is, it is because I think were all in a different place. Looking at it right when we were all chasing wild goose with all following Holy Spirit were all looking to find God in different and deeper ways to walk more intimately with the but this is the first time, we kinda come out topic from really three different distinct vantage points down sounds like you're my client.

It did it did for me and a lot of things you really afford to say it but anyway what you were just coming from three different so what we do. First is the want to go to clip, and it's equipped we've used in the past we got off and does is he takes a clip any kinda turns around and shows us something new each time.

It's kind like reading some passages in the Bible and I am not comparing a secular movie to the Bible is not what I'm doing. I'm saying that if you let God.

Open your eyes you see things fresh and sorta listen to the clipboard to come back and kinda talk about where God has us at the moment with that clip and kinda go from there. I began writing what they call a mission statement commissions suggestion for the future of our company like this doesn't come along very often. I see start out as one page. Suddenly I was my father, something I was remembering the pleasures of this job and we did appear at a loss way stadiums sounds when one of my cleaners performs well when we are meant to protect the health and some clients got I'm not even a writer.

I was remembering even the words of the original sports agent might make the late great Vicki Fox said she personal relationships answer clients last more attention. Karen caring for ourselves games to 266. I'll be first. What I was writing this I have lost the ability to be back to coffee the middle of the 910 copies even cover like catcher I entitled the things we think and do not say the future of our business. Robbie, you listen to that and you did a great job cutting that clip in many many ways as you listen that what words God take your heart on that particular clip at the topic that we have discussed was and why do I do what I do absolutely and so as I listen that clip.

I remember all too well that I was the general manager of Crown Dodge. My first time I got to be a general manager. After working 30 years in the car business. I finally got my shot at the top and my shot was to be the general manager Crown Dodge and after eight months, the place was totally failing. We weren't selling a cars customer satisfaction was in the ditch and it looked like my career in the automobile business was over and I had a Jerry McGuire moment. I actually went out to feel that I began to pray. Even though I had no relationship with God. I wasn't even a Christian, but I didn't know I needed some answers and somebody told me once in a sermon I heard that I could hear from God. And so I went out there with an expectation to hear from God in them middle of the next morning. It's still in prayer, I heard from God and God said Robbie was all said and done, is not a matter of McCarthy selling what your customer satisfaction index is what's gonna matter is how many people you really and I all of a sudden like Jerry McGuire I understood my business. It was it been simplified for me. I had a mission statement and I went back to the did the sales meeting in class and listen guys I talked to God what they thought that was the funniest thing ever heard. I like to think that Robbie Gilmore of all people would talk to God, this guy is a cuss word every other Second Life trauma car salesman and was as elderly as it isn't the plan God or not you try to sell cars anymore we are going to try to help people. I don't want to hear about all I can close them. I want to hear all the usual hubbub once it is gone away on your customer. Today I want to figure out how to help. Now that means you don't sell my car. I'm good with that. That means you take them over to crown Nissan I'm good with that. Whatever it is that you got to do to help that customer. That's what he wants to go out and do today and that's what were going to do and it totally turned around Crown Dodge within six weeks they promoted me to crown on the Volvo because we are outselling the Honda store and we can have this for the Dodge door so they because we were sounds like ours that wasn't why we were doing it. We change what we are doing and what we were doing then was, instead of going out there and try to sell cars. We went out there and try to help. So now I'm sure God has you in a completely different place and that yet he doesn't we talk about that clip that does strike a chord with me because when he says, I was finally my father said again just touches me, and I remember the first time I ever taught Sunday school lesson.

It was so horrible I stuttered I read I read most of it I didn't teach anything but I remember the first time I I taught know with the Holy Spirit work through me.

After observing, I was just emotional. I was just in tears because you know it just felt the Holy Spirit and I never felt that before in. That's where I like to be when I teach I want I want the Holy Spirit to work through me. If I have to go off topic and go in different directions.

I don't care as long as she's working through me when I do a lesson he goes according to plan.

I rarely feel that we have heard you go off topic.

Just kidding.

Thank you enough for me.

I'm in a totally different place right now than I've been one of her discussed in the past.

I think some of it has to do with a week ago today I came back from Guatemala and me and my family had the opportunity to get Anna some great people in the medical missions trip and in it was a great trip. Saw some wonderful things and saw God work in so many ways and and you stretch my faith. You stretch me on my comfort. I saw lots of things and really struggled since I came back with is Robbie kinda said almost to Solomon thing. What's the point. But the point of the mission trip was a great trip. We help 400 people God did with just open up donations of farming. I'm cynical for people in all these things and so the work that for me it was why am I doing what I'm doing at the end of the day am I doing it because it makes me feel good. My doing it because I want to look better somehow my doing it to move closer to God and for not doing it to move closer to God and why am I really even doing it and I should went on a mission trip and I'm glad I went, thinking for this clip. God is trying to say you know I want to remind you of something Jerry McGuire's clip. There obviously he had an adventure that he went on never plan to be a sports agent kinda went on this adventure and he got there and then he kind of lost sight little bit nuts and he was doing bad or wrong slots left side of that passion you lost sight of that thing that brought him to be his father son again. I think that's where God kinda has me he's got me a Jerry McGuire moment almost as another smarter Solomon and I think you might be smarter than conquerors. I really don't know.

Let's just I just thinking of spy have your moments. I have my moments, but that in he may be brilliant. I'm not sure but I think I forgot kinda has me that clip is Sam I want you to remember some things and honestly is a been sent here talking with you guys tonight and over the phone this week when he became clear to me that was different about the trip to Guatemala.

We had a very specific purpose where there is to do medical missions were there to play with some students severely disabled kids in which did stretch me lots of ways, but you knew every day there was a point maybe part of its getting back and said okay.

What's the point today and maybe this is permits get back in Wisconsin okay got where we going today. Sorry for the long dialogue, but that's really where my hearts in it's not a bad place. It's just a totally different place for me and admittedly have never been on a missions trip before and so maybe there's something on the backside of that I'm experiencing that I didn't expect that blows me away having to hear he's about it that way, you know in for those of you don't know Sam truly our fearless leader and so it's okay for a leader, whether it be in the workplace, the home or in a ministry to be searching to be seeking father and Robbie you you experienced this yourself, you know, we go through these. It's an ebb and flow were we get close and then we realize we need to get closer which means were not close enough. And so we seek to go further still. So how do you go further well today, you guys kinda shared before we came in God's taking you on some adventures in and God's had me on some really really great things and he's doing that my life is nothing that I don't enjoy doing in ministry that has me doing right now I'm looking in the mirror and say where my letting that take me closer to God where my truly seeking him with all my heart I learn something every show we prepare and God moves me closer to him but but I really want to feel that feeling being my father, son, very, very clear way and that name. This is how Shamin the Orthodox Jewish way is how we doing it for the name that how Chambliss given us. We doing it to make our own as they did in Tower Babylon and so there lies a big question that were content to try to unravel as we come back with a lot of other things as well. We got a lot more coming to stay with. I thought it was 208-2 story okay Sarah I'm dropping you and Emily's and Josh are going to soccer right yeah and by the way, when I think you up will be wearing my short shorts, short shorts doing the daddy dance your friends well I might change my mind if you buckle your seatbelts whatever it takes to keep them safe until he buckle a message from the National Highway traffic safety ministration in the buckle up. For more information questionnaire and we had a couple versions of the song we could've played in IT that up what you hear.

The other version maybe don't like that type of music.

And honestly I didn't really like the now dance during that part of the I did that get that taste in your mouth okay let's listen to this and I love that that upbeat… Into this a little bit for just a few seconds of the song singsong on all the different way that you will do a user may not be let go. All this is you can imagine continues to go on it's it's not as a big guy. Sit on his bed singing of the YouTube, you know. But here's the deal. The guy is really trying to get meaning to his life. You try and understand why am I here and in similar to what it what you would set up a while ago. Sam Solomon found himself there in the book of Ecclesiastes is Mandy vanity. Why am I you know why is it all vanity. What is the purpose of so many things and those are really wonderful deep questions as I was saying was going through the book of Genesis, and that Orthodox Jewish Bible I came across that little thing there where it said that the people of Babylon wanted to make a sham for themselves. Now God's name is Tosha meaning the name, but when I saw that sham for themselves if if you listen to our show off and you know where we really excited about the new name that God gives revelations 217 so soon as I saw that while they were going to make a name for themselves and so if they were making a name for themselves, they wouldn't be becoming the name that God has for them on the white stone that were going to get Revelation 217 and so it's kind of put me right there and I was, like to get on the bed and YouTube going okay God, am I doing this right now, radio shows, etc. my doing this to make a name for myself or my doing this to become what you call me what it is that you designed me to be what what your name is in and it's a really cool thing. It's a it's a great place to be because it takes you into his it is that it's just a unique place for me. Normally in my relationship with God.

I can asking some things we can pray about it for a few days and normally he will give me some type of a reply or a breakthrough. It's really obvious this time is choosing not to. I'm learning lots of things, you know, maybe that's the point in it. It's taking me back to him every step of the way in. You think I find it frustrating.

I really don't like do I want I want to get to the conclusion and I'm always about the finish that no way I am also really enjoying the trip through it and were not the only ones at times that struggle with having an answer of why do I do what I do. Why, what do I want to do 52 years old. I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up is my my my wife and truly not very grown-up at times to listen to you listen to the clip and are likely to tell us a little about a little bit about this clip and come back and talk more about it. This is from the movie say anything in junkie six character has been pursuing this girl he he's fall in love with her. It's their senior year they they're about to graduate and he finally gets a chance to go on a date with her, and he goes to have dinner with her and her father and some of his friends and said they're trying to get to know this prospective suitor for his daughter for selling anything process solar process process is so sold, so enjoy so this is a new sport is fire you know great sites, so you and I want you to be the first one to talk about why you were this people whose very organized.

I have a plan as a project manager, everything is really set up for me weeks in advance when it comes to ministry when it comes to father you, it's his will completely surrender my wife will tell you I absolutely don't like change you want to know exactly what were doing when were doing it but I love the fact that when he we think about ministry. This is something I relate to. He does when he thinks old bar process. You know you want to authentic you want something real, something that matters.

And that's the way I feel about ministry and you know it, robbing our talk.

It does kinda sound like a copout like you know what makes become life. I do love family ministry. I do love men's ministry because those are issues that have I've encountered and I struggled with, but Francis I was asked that to teach in the children's ministry one Sunday. I'm excited about, you know to me that just you know it's an opportunity so that's why like that because that's the only place a really flexible Robbie. I know this clip you heard that you heard something and thank you and it makes perfect sense. For the most part, perfect for nothing. Thank you for sharing all your so Robbie let's focus something different to you and you know, for somebody spent most of his life buying and selling stuff that was brought six light will you know is is it demeaning to do something like that and I understand that there's a young man there who obviously was confronted with. Why is it that I do kickboxing as it is supposed to some of these other things and and so he was gonna put on the spot and this is this is his way of saying this is where my struggle is and I see the on for you not listen to it now enough that I can get over the fact that this guy was date my daughter below. This is not good kick in the head and and I'm not a lot of people that the other place. It speaks to me. Sam is a lot of people say you know I don't selling his is the meaning aspect to it. And if the idea is manipulation. Yes it's demeaning at and if if what you're doing is pitching in a like we talked about a couple weeks ago then that by all means, is not but if what you're doing is actually helping people through a decision process that something that they really need in life. In order to get to where God has for them, whether that's finding Christ away everything that's a really critical role that God may have for you, and may have a special place for you so there's a lot of you know any car salesman is ever lived is probably like a lawyer you're sick of a car salesman jokes and you know of people demeaning what it is that you do. I can see that never experience a used Garside never have and when I picked the clip. I really had no thought of what does this speaking in relation to ministry so that that that that was how I like about the present card like you say after I've listened and I've heard and I said okay here's where this is. And that's authentic for him because he can relate and understand as I listen today I hear something even different than that I listen to that clip and I think okay I understand he wants authenticity. Naturally, my heart's calling for but he's putting a limiter on what he will and he won't do and I don't think that that's what God calls us to do this we can all sit and share their stories of where God took us to a place that we didn't think we were going to enjoy it. We didn't really even want to be there but through the midst of it in moving past all that you found life.

You didn't know existed. On the other side, and I think that when you look at that John Cusack Aragonese 19 at the time you can get that are 18. But we can't have that personality. We can't have that mindset for whole life organ to miss out on a lot of the cool things God has for us is although I understand the desire for authenticity. We can't be close minded to our God has in store for us in walking out that vein is awesome Sam, I agree not. It in that I don't know how many times I've put that limiter on God's out you know there's certain things that you know I don't do Windows but often you find yourself it doing Windows was the finest thing of the of the holding recently. You're going to Guatemala medical missions. I'm not a medical person. My wife is value your wife when she did an awesome job. She was incredible. What she did not watch those ladies and men that were in from the medical mission field is written feel really just get into that for me it was it was can a tagalong build houses. It's I don't know a lot about medical I can put a Band-Aid on God chose to put me in pharmacy, which is really kind of funny but I enjoyed it or not about medicine but what I didn't expect is when I went I was playing with some of the kids and not the little kids.

Everybody went to the little kids we we play we went to a couple different places, but one the places we went was to hermano Pedro, which is a national hospital for severely disabled kids and also kind of an orphanage right they go there to live, and so all these people went down to play with the little kids for whatever reason God wanted me to stay in this group of people that I really wasn't comfortable with. They were older kids. Early teens sum up to like midteens, but they all I think the majority of them had several cerebral palsy and so initially walk up to somebody and you start to talk to him and there'd be no response thinking okay what am I doing in the more you talk to me more, you'd see him start to come alive. And there's this one girl that I was talking with and she was sitting there staring at me and as I started talk tomorrow. She reached out, grabbed my hand and then I could see her start to smile little bit and she put her fingers in her mouth and smack me over the face and so for me I had all the saliva over me which made me really uncomfortable but really what I found was I saw her come alive with the touch of love and man became infectious. That was something I didn't want to go do because know I want you to go do that because you're gone again something through that and that's what I really want you guys to do, no matter where you are today industry.

Maybe it's really clear what God has for you in or into that with all the gusto. Not sure that's okay to just be willing to go where he takes you is he's gonna take you exactly where you need to be. It's okay if you don't have the answers. Even if your leadership are not walk with him and he'll not lead you astray.

Thanks for this

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