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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 17, 2015 11:29 am


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 17, 2015 11:29 am

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Every man is Jesus masculine money sometimes. One feels more like a losing battle for no masculine journey. Today we talk about the subject of regrets, but it is our object here to get us out of the woods and we will certainly be banding out about. We have a number of wonderful clips, but there's a reason for this topic and one of the reasons is a reason why you're not hearing Sam's voice right this minute is Sam was dealing with the illness of his father-in-law, which ended up with his father all going to be with the Lord, which is reason he can't join us tonight, but during that time. Look for those less experienced at time of morning like that where you been in the house morning it's it's easy to understand why the words is better to be a house of mourning the house of feasting his family come together things are ironed out, but during that time there'd comes up these regrets of wow I didn't spend enough time with that person the right, you know.

Wish I did figure out another way to resolve this, but in all those things. Sam said we gotta have. This is a topic the sugarcoated waters should go to woods and so now here we find ourselves so just to start off the show because we have so many clips with particular woods and your that's good.

But anyway, yes the movie is the Legend of bagger Vance and those of you seen the movie, probably very familiar with clipboard abuse because Judah had been in.

I guess it was World War I.

It was and had lost a great deal of his, you know troops that were under his command, and he certainly had a number of regrets and came out of an alcoholic not being able to play golf anymore. Now he was trying to be restored is as a golfer and this person to claim the Holy Spirit.

Bagger Vance came along the shore like we talked about this movie is not necessarily about golf, but it is the lesser way in the S we find you know who's the start of this movie. He is clearly in the woods and is clearly dealing with the regrets of what's happened in his past, and fortunately God may have led him into the woods on the masculine journey, but he has every intention of taking them out of the woods different club. I can't do this. I should just lose your grip. You don't what I'm Thomas again came the kinky one on the plea understand.

I don't need understand sold this entire gotta burn the care you don't understand you missing long enough time to go down to choice, stop, stop, stop walking right back where you always been standing still real still remember too long ago just a moment ago, shadows yes you can join alone which been here all along. When you listen clip there's a key there, and there it comes near the end you want to share your thoughts on that, and I was shadows and I love that line when we listen to it. It makes me think of when I lived before Christ. I had somebody regrets anxiety. So many things but there was something about coming coming to Christ where the light hit me, the light, the light of the Lord, the love of the Lord hit me and then when I became fathered by God even more so I embrace that light there's why live in the dark, and I know I'm different from most people on the cheerful happy guy. But most of most of the time we dark. I don't like the song where the light meets the dark by temporizing nor and there's so much right there right when you hear that concept of wow, June is gotta come into the light because he is hanging out in the shadows what you think about you he's he's what you hear the flashback from the very beginning.

He still back in the past, the darkness of work where he was in the war and he's not gotten out of there and that's what he's being called to do at this moment you're not living your life you standing in the same place that you've been and it's time to come out in this particular clip he he's got survivor's guilt. You know, back in the days of World War I communities. They felt when the Army sign them up.

They put a mini platoon together and so your community would go to war. Together they thought you'd fight for your you know with the people of your community.

You know harder and with more courage and with more love but as you see them die. There's so much more pain much more hurt to take a little further in the woods, but we gotta do that in order to get the woods and what you describe exactly right about the first world war, but by Vietnam. You may well be serving with somebody you didn't know right and were to pick up John that mean she's in the movie born on 4 July right and he's talking about a similar incident where he's in the shadows and in he's got some regrets that are really hard to do as a squad leader I didn't know going real well in new client only accomplished you guys. He was 1919, only son is I think he said he was married and you were pregnant. I remember the day he was killed is a strange day we are out on patrol near a beach area and I was very confusing, screaming and firing is getting late and narrowing these children. He's babies that we killed by mistake and then it got really crazy and we had to pull back because the NDA were coming upon us and we got scattered in the dunes, people yelling anything firing at anything and that was when it happened. I was confused, scared three times and shots dunes's first difficult for me to say we don't have Mr. listen I think I was sent. I was somewhat tricky lampstand evening benefit that line there really spoke to you some of the giants that your face and what you're doing with think that the first thing that I heard them say is it and how many times someone listening today you looked in your life and save it got really crazy. Something in my life got really crazy or got really out of hand and something happened or I said and I did say may not be to the level of I killed your son, but something that I did or said and now you're living in that regret.

And what I heard was him saying that and then and then other people in your lives, sometimes say I can't really forgive you for that all human beings who may see I can't really forgive you for that. But she also said that the Lord will award cam which he absolutely can. He can forgive us for the things that we regret in our lives. And then the other thing that touched me was right at the other end with the mother was saying, almost in a godly kind of way that I can, I felt your pain because of of losing losing the sun and I thought and I thought God talking about his own son, you know, I know your pain on things that have in your past that you not lost my own son, my own son died down your know I was straining my mile and we want to demonstrate Mike.

There's nothing like it. It was, off-center no one of this looking Dennis in it in hear what you're saying that regret that we carry and I have so many in the past when I've heard people and I was tempted to tell a story, but I think I would hold back. Not until there was a girl that I dated in high school and I broke her heart. I was in a bad place. She was in a bad place dysfunctional families. Years later, you know, she thought we were going to be married.she just thought that was it and it wasn't in years later I I dated a series of girls but she was the best girlfriend ever had. She was conscious, compassionate, she was just so friendly and so she was talking to her daughter about her first boyfriend her daughters first boyfriend and I met her on Facebook and I will. I emailed her and I had to tell her I was sorry that that I broke up with her and treat her like that harsh and she told me that I was the story she told her daughter about broken hearts which crushed me. But, but, in that she said I can't but I told her that she was the best girlfriend I never had up to my wife that I were still married for 18 years.

But when I told her that that I every girl. The I dated a kind and measured against her.

She thought I was just uncaring. She didn't know the burdens that I was going through the that the things I was carrying with me that I couldn't sustain a happy relationship so but you know it was. It's odd how a broken heart. My broken heart. You know you healed each other but hopefully it helped her. Years later she said it did. The challenge that we see is that you are regrets as we are on the field of battle, which is where we are in a master journey are Satan uses against the using those to keep us pinned down and so freaked out and so so unaware of our surroundings that were still shooting off of anybody that comes our way.

Like what what we saw with their hopefully word gets out woods by the end of this next segment. Visit us you can be issue by being prepared for emergency first make a play called family meeting to plan for things like how to connect with love after an emergency or your escape have enough supplies to last three days. Don't forget the battery is prepared by FEMA and the ad Council introducing a new day.

Now everything you are going to do something on the calendar you really want my Social Security account, Social Security… You can estimate your future and manage current benefits online. People have in my social security account is here Social yes we are talking regrets today on the masculine journey were in the studio with our Himalayan and Dennis and part of our situation is with worry, we've got regrets that were missing a couple of our favorite folks were missing Sam who is unfortunately making arrangements to his father-in-law with his family and then Vinnie recently had eye surgery pop of any and you know he's struggling down so both of these families. Certainly, the Menino family and the main family could use our prayers and know that's part of what we get to do if we don't get pinned down by Satan is what is were looking at our own failings in our own faults that lead to these regrets. In the course you know we got you in the woods and I'm this next clip is probably untaken saw little bit further down into the woods, but in order to get all the words first got to get into it so this clip is from the movie Schindler's list, and this is Mr. Schindler. That is actually talking mostly through the clip and his regret is he admissions list was about Nazi Germany and the so if you don't know who Eric Schindler was is a very rich capitalist team benefited from the war.

He used the Jews for free slave labor and you know he was pretty much a playboy spent money like it was nothing creased everybody's palms may things happen, but then as the war went on, he start to get to know the Jews that were in the camp that he owned any started to care about them and so he started asking for them when and then he starts asking for their family members and their relatives and people they knew when he tried to get them all in their and he was having the body was having to pay money to get these people to get them into this one camp so they can be safe in this is where he looks back on his life as a playboy and you know wasting money. The way he did, and he's thinking wow you know I wasted you like to come fiscal is that in order to get comfort to get healing. We got going on and we got admit some of the stuff really hurts and we got a really face some of the demons we had it bit better in there if we are going to in fact find ourselves on the other side of it and it's interesting thing I learned this week that just blows me away. I went to a Jewish wedding this summer and I never seen one, and there's a tradition in the Jewish wedding that the bride encircles the groom seven times. What's around them seven times, and if you look is really a treasurer in Jeremiah 3122 where it says the Lord is going to do a new thing, the woman encircles a man in the point being that we being the bride of Christ are going to encircle his heart and in order to encircle him, marry him. We've got to surround him.

In love and we got to be this perfected you know bride, but before we get there the beginning that versus how long will you waiver. How long are you to be of two opinions essentially virgin daughter and so how can we engage our beloved in order to get the healing that we need in order to be you know all that he wants us to be and so is were in this process of encircling Jesus and were praying God. How can I be the bride that the unspotted bride that we get to join with an revelation of how can I encircle you seven times. I've got to make some progress and I've got to to to get past some things in order for that to happen. You can't. You can't stay in the in the music bumper that we used was kind of an example what not to do in a way because I think our tendency is as human beings is to go well. If I could turn back time and I could do something differently than I'd do this.

God doesn't want us to live back there were those things took place. He wants us to move forward. Otherwise, we never come out of the woods were stuck in the woods and stay there in the darkness, if I could do this if I could've done this over again.

I would've done it differently and we can use our past experiences for for good to help others. But we can't as I was talking about earlier before he started to show if we live in them then were not getting anywhere really one of the treasures of the masculine journey into boot camps that we've all experienced is a covenant of silence where you go out and you get alone with God. And I've often wondered if we couldn't just have some kind of agreement here in the Madison journey that after our show today at 1230.

You would go out and you would get with God, and take a question or two to him and discussed that and so if there was a regret that came up in your mind during the show today. Why not agree with Robby that you're gonna take that regret and write it down and some time in your quiet time spend half an hour an hour talking to God about that because otherwise that's down to the woods. It's down in the shadows. And you gotta bring it out into the light, as we saw with Gina to give you a chance to go woods now and listen to what happened in the rest of that clip with Gina and bagger Vance there in the woods, especially if I can personally come into this world time so you know, the Christian imagery here is that bagger Vance is the Holy Spirit.

We all have that special sauce is Todd Clark says we all have that something special in the Holy Spirit will bring out of this. We just need to leave him guidance because that's what father wants. He wants us to to come out of the shadows and into the light and illuminate us. You know shine his love upon us, not just so that we can feel the love and the warmth so others can see it's you and make sure I see the see the imagery of him walking out of there. Walking back onto the fairway and now he's walking in God's purpose for his life. Yeah you he's come out of the darkness is walking God's purpose. Again, as you said earlier this movie was really not about golf it all. Although the imagery was great and it speaks to what happened there was Juno was finally you know at the point where he had to trust what the Holy Spirit was telling and he was alone with them and I cannot emphasize enough that any real progress in my life did not come from. Listen to the radio.

It did not come from it came from when I actually connected to God.

You know when I was in prayer room.

I had a Bible in my hand, but it was him connecting to me through the word that made the impact of my life and so to get out of the woods to find yourself in the fairway.

I can get there unless I get connected to the to my group if I encircle them of my love and and and and ask in that time alone in the covenant of silence where it's me and God. That's where it happened right above my bookshelf behind my desk.

There's a sign that says don't ask God to me. Don't ask God to guide your path. If not, will move your feet. We've got to do that we we have to spend that time of the word we have to spend that time in prayer.

Some guys I teach Sunday school with where the commitment that were to get up read our Bibles praying the written exercise in when we do that now that I've been doing it for a while without the exercise they been exercising you now are all doing it together in his need to to see the difference in all of us how we come together, Sunday school teachers, we come together as friends that comforted and the breakthrough is there but it's there when you spend time with him that's that's where the sources and abiding in him is where you're going to get the sap right yeah absolutely, otherwise you're going to be doing. Like, and I've heard a little bit about your golf game otherwise shots out of your and your golf balls can be bouncing all over trees and your back it well that's my was my golf game is just a man, Lederman. You're going to stay back there never get anywhere and and and. But if you've got the cat eat with you and watch you in a way to get back out into the light.

It we can't do it alone and that craziness that you described that the ball coming off the trees and all the stuff and it just seems like there's no way out.

There is no way in less following the good Shepherd and that's kinda and it says we gotta get accustomed to his voice.

That's that's the joy of my life here that still small voice come through take that quiet time this week alone with him. Take out one of his regrets became your mind right.

Write it down and bring it out into the light again. You can list our past shows podcast vast majority 20s on Facebook and hey until next week. You get Sam back and Vinnie made her try to get him and loves you deeply love

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