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When Life Happens and Storms Brew; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 25, 2015 12:30 pm

When Life Happens and Storms Brew; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 25, 2015 12:30 pm

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Jesus many life feels more like a losing battle than something, my quest is no masculine journey is the point today I got my brothers watch my back today. Sam and Robbie are you guys know it been together. It seemed like a long time since we been together vacations in crisis is also going on in many, many trout not the matching dream itself. There will think life is going to get in the way for the last couple weeks and sometimes life happens. I know at out and you know that's our topic today when life happens in storms brew and we've all been there. What's the hardest part about being in a storm, not knowing what to do, not knowing what direction to go. Just all sorts of things sometimes get lost in the midst actually Robbie how much you gather so many bombs and things going off around you, you lose focus on what's you know what's going on in and I feel abandoned.

At times, and when it really gets Gary. I feel abandoned by God in them. You know that's the part where the waves are crashing over your head. Note for me. I've noticed sometimes you know it's gotten dark. It's gotten windy that the thunder rolling lightning flashing like your storm brewing sometime in just a little slow but when you get in the storm. That's what really starts kicking and that's when you really know you have to adjust yourself. You have to change from the smooth waters. If there ever really smooth to to the rough seas. The high winds and heavy seas were play clip. This is from when the game stands tall. If you haven't seen the movie. This is that the coach of Dale LaSalle high school and he is speaking at one of his players funeral and he talks about how he feels when he's in the middle of the storm. I remember the first first time I saw TKD was that awkward freshman all arms and legs have infectious smile coach couldn't help but notice the smooth grace of his athletic ability will always ask me what it's like to never lose today. I am lost to see if life is taken more than it gives and I don't know if I can handle what I'm struggling I want understand why my parents. I know that I know if we are to call ourselves Christians. We cannot ask these questions as to do so's to question the divine wisdom.

Today I am lost. Wow, that's powerful in I've been there myself, where I'm in the middle of the storm just a little what to do. I get stuck you Robbie, you said something that really surprised me just because I haven't really thought about you feel abandoned in the storm. In the more I think about that II understand that that feeling completely, but what brings you to that feeling. I know focus on the wrong things.

Focus on how things are affecting me. Focus on you know the lightning or the fear or the darkness in the coaches case you know actually never heard that clip until just now, and I would ask take issue with those are things I can't ask God because I think that's what David asked you many times is why you know what's up with this and and and I think it's okay to question his divine bit benevolence at times to go. What what is with that and struggle with God that you know once you bring them into the equation, but that's the challenge is to bring them into the equation when you're feeling that you're out right yourself seat and I think that goes to have enemy attacks us all differently because I completely get what you're saying but that's not how I'm attacked when I'm in the middle of a storm.

I'm thinking we must posted. Do you know I've got to do something I've got to take control. I gotta I got it fixed the problems around me and I can always do that and out.

I do feel alone, but I don't feel abandoned. There's always a point where I have to surrender say what about you, I think for me the attack is the same attack.

It's always been an enemy throws at me.

The things it's worked and Robbie are fishing this last week you through the lures you know that workers are the things he knows, sums, and abide at and that's what he does for me, and he gets to this point see guys not to be there for you that he loves you. But he's busy with other things is not really there for you because you're really not that important at the other day and then the anger comes the resentment, the feeling of abandonment to some degree, but it's really just more diminishment known so that's that's where the attack comes for me and having to fight through that fog and try to find Jesus in the midst of the being men on her masculine journey into our family looks to us.

They look to us for answers. They look to us to fix the problems they look to us why did you prevent this, and so often we we want to take control and when we're left alone. I can see I can feel that abandonment Robbie, I will ask you this in the storm. How you turn around when it's been the one thing in the middle of the storm that you can use that to get strength, focus. I love the picture of the disciples. You know that there how many ocean they been put on yours and things are going bad and the storm is building and building, but at some point in time to go. Hey, you know were in the boat with Jesus eager to go wake him up and and I find myself there and thinking well I need to go to Jesus and wake him up. Although I know he's awake but the point that is, wait a minute, he he's in my boat he lives in me. He's experiencing these things and so there must be something I'm missing here and I need to figure out where that is. And so I go to Jesus like the disciples and then the results are not that he's gonna calm the storm always. I found it is it isn't more of a feeling of Jesus has my back regardless of the outcome is not always what we want to have happen. It may not be the coming of the storm changing the direction of the boat that made it be needed or something along those lines, and so it's an okay I gotta have faith the Christ you got my back in the midst of this note for me have come to I guess an understanding about storms that whether it's right or not. I don't know. But for me it it helps me to cope with it in its this concept that God brings the storms in our lives. Jesus brings the storms our lives to bring us closer to him because what we do in the middle of a storm you when it's not until it's really raging and were into it. There was a okay. I can't deal with this I can control this enough. I just accepted that he's trying to bring me closer to him through this experience, so it that point I begin to let go of my wheel which is the control I think of my ship is being my fate, so let go of my faith in giving it to him because that's where all my trust no longer try to control the things around me there.

Just within the last week and half. I've had all these different things go bad with high cost items and first time I thought wow, that's interesting. Like wow this next one is going to sting a little harder because the first one and then it was like a cascade and I was talking about life and you I just can't worry about it. I can't think about. I just have to pay the bills and make that happen, but easy control. Eventually he's going to make it work for his own good question, I guess, and not to get too deep into the best listeners out there that is your listening this don't hinge upon a word right. Listen to the concept of it is as you're talking right there, you know you say will Jesus does these things.

He brings these things in our life. For me it is. He allows it to happen. I look back at Job right he allows things to happen in our life because of choices of others or not, is yeah our own choices. Not that that's necessarily what he wanted to have happen what he wants to on the back end of that is exactly that bring you closer to him and I would completely agree with that, that it's not God or Jesus to bring on the storms but they're the ones that get us through the storms and he allows it to happen to bring us closer to him and maybe some storms are God brings on. I don't know me.

That's what he's divine.

When I listen a clip from the from the coach. Part of what I was thinking was that I was right there with you Robbie and I would say that's along the lines my thinking but I think that sand don't listen to it again with with clear thought for me and saying don't lose fact that God is bigger than all this right no matter what this is. He's bigger than all this. I do agree we can question because this full Scripture questioning that's our relationships are.

If we never questioned each other right if we never had some iron sharpening iron moments like we had right before come on the show would we ever get closer and I agree with you it but I'm not in that school questioning in. I think that goes back to in the military that training that you never question your leadership you know yours is not the question why yours. But to do and I that's that's military thing, but I love where you go with it all. Even though I don't necessarily agree it's not ML. I do question on my questioning person I yeah I know you but I love what you say that there is an and you know the spirit led Jesus out in the desert to be tempted grab resident so obviously he brings this in the storms.

I think so that we can see things sometimes to see what he's capable of, but sometimes is to show us what were capable of that we have what it takes to get through that and he can say this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased at end. So for me he knows well that Rob is going to be gone. Why why why personality knows the soul knows how it works but I think there's some element of this that God is none of us understand God fully right into the truth that we see in our life is from where were coming from.

As we move towards him while you're coming from a different rotation overhearing Robbie over here to the right or left or whatever it is but the point is were all moving towards God and so this is becoming more clear as we get closer to him and often times are our past. It conditions us certain responses that I know for me my childhood like I desperately wanted to find someone I can trust.

That was something I definitely wanted something I consciously sought.

So with with my relationship with my spiritual father with father you I just give that because it's so meets. I needed that is a part of my life to give me peace.

Now I'm not saying everybody else, but for me that was so lacking early in my life that I grasp on their suits and I think there's also the differences in personalities, you know, we talked about the different personalities that we have in for me on one of those people that you know once I believe it's black and white this by faith. If God is who he says he is he is, but young contestation whom I thank you guys for join us in the first half. Would you be coming back, but if you want to go back for podcast go to messenger and radio.and listen.

I passed it on there to see you all this is talk about to close things are some of this gets into agreements. All these other pieces.

It can make a full picture backward to try to unfold. That picture a little bit more time. David and I will not be used today.

I will not merchandise my success with a variety of easy to pronounce protection services like oils, yet it was Royal video for even yet it was no I will not be trending today because there is a much bigger story that needs to be Ebola still needs our attention. Follow the response recovery and rebuilding a trend on brought to you by USAID International medical Corps and the Council during every step along the way, USO and experience that soldier US and timely joints of the time offering programs in support free phone.

Learn more. The enemy you are you scheming to take my ship away from your you scheming to take my faith and I had heard grand Funk Railroad years, but Dennis brought it up one of our shows walk like a man, and so I would bought a new CD.

I must about that thing six times now, but it has shout out to Dennis you could be with us and thanks for cut net force but am. I love that metaphor of our faith being her Shipley thinks but I think it looks when you look at something for me that that ship is control limit when the root underneath is a distrust of God, and I try to take control of the then I need to let go of that control at some point and step back into trusting place with him doesn't mean he will call me to action in the middle of it, but I do have to say I'm going to trust in him along the way and for you Al.

You don't necessarily wrestle with that distress that I do so it's probably easier for you to let go of that quicker reckon I have to get convinced and when they're not always pleasant ways right right what about you Robbie, how do you feel about the whole metaphor of your faith, being a ship. Well, that's interesting. I guess I've never really thought much about it. Certainly hopefully floats your faith and you know I never known a ship that grew, but this could be the biggest you know it's on its way starts out as it is a teeny rowboat in a tent, headed the Queen Elizabeth in her business leadership. We know you made a good point Sam before the break that you know in our in the storms sometimes God we need God to do things. Sometimes we need to think in often times when father leads us to something. It's not always what we expect, especially if in the middle of the store. We want a row like the disciples or we will take control of the steering wheel or play clip from Field of dreams and and I want us to think about this perspective that not always what makes sense in the world is what what God wants us to do. I remember the first first time I saw that he was not like the first right right you have no money.

You have a stack of bills.

Ashoka taken come thought you got no crop to sell but I do have a deal offer you this can allow you to stand the land less buyout leave the house you can live on a red baseball 2200 and you think realize you can't keep a useful time in the middle of rich farmland were staying right here I'm on your way to keep your home because I love my sister.

Now my part to foreclose. Right now faith is seriously listening to this I wait a minute, what is she talking about. I like this fascinating fact remains is you don't have the money to bring the mortgage up today if you still can have great people will come true with dual children close now.

Have to say I love the fact that the world is crashing around them in his daughter speaking to his heart and then gets confirmation speaking now. When I first thought of this clip and the show this clip particular reminded me of something that really is stuck in my mind it when he talks to you and it doesn't make sense sometimes you still have to do it in.

There was a gentleman. I know that at a car dealership in in a dream he was told to start a radio show any he was like I was crazy doesn't make sense. It is make sense and then he goes and talks to the station owner you know what I should be telling the story but there's a guy here that actually live that Robbie and in this clip was really for you. Deep down, but tell us a little bit about how it didn't make sense but now it makes perfect time I've been on again. I spoke about the you you have things are obviously not of God. When I felt called to do the show. My thing was I was terrified of public speaking. I don't like to do commercials you cavity could make it on the radio.

I'm terrified of that.

Probably still terrified to some extent, but so I needed confirmation and that I told you earlier always asked why so I reasoned if God calls you to do some minor pastor one time tell me that he always swings the door wide open so my fleas waiting you know what Gideon's fleece was to go to Stewart asking no about the idea from a Christian progression and actually hoping he would say I was crazy and then the doors closed and I was certain I got had called me to do it.

That was your yeah that was my out instead. If you know Stu psych is a Saturday and course God did open that door and little did I know a lot of stuff that would happen in my life. All of a sudden that decision made more sense in my life and maybe any decision I ever made, which was completely just trusting him in and what I did not know was a storm that was coming in in so he's guiding your ship before that storm ever came about and there's times when we have to completely trust God in the midst of the storm, but I will play clip from Bruce Almighty and talks about how we still have some responsibility within this interaction God's well hello there Bruce Almighty not as easy as it looks as if God they're all out of control me. My right on time.

All wonderful thing no matter how filthy something gets always cleaned it right there so many they wanted. Since when does anyone have a clue about what they want wanting this is not America. Single mom working three jobs and still finds time to soccer practice teenager says no education that people want me to do everything for them. Do any relationship, it's two parts to its it's a two-part system.

That's how the relationship grows in. That's where we have to be in the middle of the storm, their parts that we have to take care of in their parts that he has to take care of them.

Robbie, you made a great point before the show about making that decision in the storm would you elaborate more that now of the disciples were here and I will obviously work and trying to figure out how to call. Most order out of mostly units going up and down the whatever and the whole time Jesus in the boat finally did make it the best decision they could possibly make and that is let's go wake up the guy and Mary was in the boat with them and sometimes you know I'm out there floundering.

I realize wait a minute, Jesus is in my boat to go wake him up at me know whenever I need you made a good point before the show as well about rowing it.

I've heard that none knew it, but it didn't click with me about the disciples were rowing in the middle of the storm. With the high winds and heavy seas crashing over the side and their role is that they can really make a difference and I think of that little mouse that gets picked up by the and I worked in a hospital and they had a big beautiful front yard and there was this chipmunk writing in this talk swoop down and picked up this chipmunk.

It is the Hawks just flying by a friend of mine and I that little chipmunk is running like if I keep running. I cannot run this talk. He's got his claws in my back. Note we don't get anywhere, sometimes in the middle of the storm will try to do things as it makes sense to us. When you look what were called to do you recall to trust God in that even when it doesn't make sense were called to take those actions. The Bible is full of things that don't make sense were to be in the world but not of the world. And so what about Ludwig God has a Stu won't make sense from the outside. Gideon paring down his army did not make sense.

Moses taking the people to the edge of the Red Sea, with no place to go, did not make sense but it was the obedience even though there were some questioning along the way I put that he put that faith in God and continue to move in that direction until it did make sense.

And there's a we have a realm of responsibility as well.

We have to make. We have to say no to drugs. And yes, when education we have to we have to jobs make sure kids get to that that soccer the challenges everything about what you're saying Sam one that I this is so hard for me is Abraham. He wasn't in the storm, but all of a sudden I want to take your only son Absalom. Thank you for joining us.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, so I will do next time you have a storm. Robbie was fixing you're going to do you, I think it's time I quit growing and start wake up, turn to the one that's going to lead you out of it sometime he can make the ram appear in the it's great to be with you guys again think for joining us on the national journey. We hope to see you next week to

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