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Woundedness; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 1, 2015 12:30 pm

Woundedness; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 1, 2015 12:30 pm

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Jesus masculine. Many times you hear, request symbol is the big Janssen Beecher beating against the sponsors and it's good to see you guys and I were the other will that last week but that's been out of sequence of events. It's good to be back together. It's today Dennis is with us and then he is not able to make it with us today but with Alan and Robbie, myself and the shouts are brothers can't be here in many somebody's got to listen to Frank Sinatra and victim will that will be me.

Got a come back with these yeah you are you are the topic today is one that we we talked about at times she can ask okay why would you go back to the topic that you might've talked about before is not fixed.

That's good, that's one part of it that everyone knows that some of the Bible and repeats itself from time to time because we as humans don't always get it the first time that I got has to come to tell us remind us sometimes over and over some things you can see that through Scripture as well. And so today were to be talking about the topic of woundedness Behrendt talk about in a little bit different way. Now if you would get ready that part from that song that you read earlier in the Sunday is driving back with my family in Baltimore last week and they were sleep actually watching a movie and I was driving so that's good. No one else is that I was driving in an illegal song came on and it was a song already gone and I've heard it many many times over the years but there's this one part. It really just spoke to my heart.

Norms made it stop for a moment on my heart made the song stop for moment now. Go ahead and read that part so often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key we live our lives in chains and we never really know we have the key. Robbie ever found yourself feeling like you're under big pile change at any point.

Chains with a big pile of life it Motorola or whatever should a Christian cardiac could be Greece but in in. I love Todd you know is often on here are good friends Todd Clark says you have this really inappropriate emotional response to something and something happens you know do happen to me last night I I was with the pastor of a different church and based on how you reacted to me all the next thing I knew I was really mad at him.

Although I do know the man and I immediately went to God and said whoa time to check on your wound here and sure enough there was at and which gave me an opportunity to see okay I got a chain on me.

Consultants make me really angry at her and that I don't really understand completely and do I want to go into absolute in the lead times you have to wait till the very end of the show forced to give the answer given the answer but you want to stay tuned and listen how you can really live within that and have it fully more fully involved in your life and that that key is Jesus. And that key is Jesus a break those chains and and so were the play click here it's not the most uplifting club it's very emotional but it's very poignant and Robbie to go and tousled about that movie is good Will hunting and you know it's a phenomenal movie about understanding wounds and the hero this show the tickler movie was a brilliant genius of a guy, but he was extremely broken because of some abuse when he was a child and you can't figure out why is not getting his life straight until you come to the scene and you see this totally appropriate response from an emotional standpoint, and eat, and what happens is he he is revealing his wound. Tell me about my world.

Tell me about my world aflame with like the guy from the other side to go out to Stanford to sit around the other trust fund babies and talk about how you went slumming Sue wants the same money. My father died when I was 13 and I inherited this money every day I wake up. I wish I could give it back. Second payment and I can't my life and I deal with it main when you're the one that's afraid. What what what am I afraid of you. You leaving cigarettes put out to me when I was a little kid surgery is to stab me back if you see we well that when Ms. Goodling hard to listen to, but that happens it happens very frequently, we see somebody react as you are saying and we know that the reaction is necessary for the situation and so what we learned is to look under the hood right Mr. Carter and Larry again… Time to check on the sea what's going on and I came across this. It Spurgeon said this week that the spoke volumes to me and it got in my heart I can't get it out. He said that David would not of been a man after God's own heart. Had he not been a man of prayer and what that meant for me was it when when David came across this type of situation where he was.

The new is freaking out over what was going on what he do he took it to the Lord and if there's one thing that we could get out of the show with our listeners is maybe sometime this week maybe sometime right after the show, you knew that you had an appropriate response and you took that the person does have the key, and you took a deeper Sam.

That's part of it is not just think I don't understand why I'm acting this way, but there's things inside that wound that are agreements and strongholds and we talked about them before. Here's a Q that says okay Robbie, here's a place Jesus wants to come after what about if I'm spy doesn't get angry and that's not me but one of you hypothetically be simply known or inappropriate. It could be it could be tears.

It could be a lot of different things that you just go now that this is affecting me way more than it should. Logically, there must be something else that's going on here. There's one had both of the situations. Anger is one that I dealt with a lot earlier on inspection until God help me get some healing on some significant woundedness involving some abuse in my life when I was a kid in incidents help me move past that important mostly, and he's really helping me get through that and move past that. I guess I should say.

But I've also just found myself at times just weeping uncontrollably now and you said okay. Maybe it is a bad situation. Or maybe it is something that's not great but why that response. You know why is a response so intense is because it's probably more than about that situation alone get out of there been times you can see that in your life in the past where in response to necessary fit the situation be like. Have I overreacted in great distress for anger to someone I loved the way he more than situation occurred like it nothing of the mind and call your wife came to mind. You there was a time early in my marriage where I grew up in a situation where there was a lot of anger and we verbally assaulted one another in conflict in the smallest conflict warranted by prosecutor looking to the death. And that's the way I came.

After my wife when there was a problem and what I did that she assumed that's not can happen in this family and she said okay I never seen anybody deal with a problem like that she was just more interesting. Get away from it, but I knew at that point, when I saw somebody handle it differently. I thought some's not right inside, something's wrong in my heart why my why am I doing the things that were done to me, why am I treating people the way I never wanted to be treated in so for me that was a wake up call.

I had to change.

I had to become the person I wanted to be had become the person I wanted people to treat me like now, what if your seven afternoon Sue, Sam, Robbie, Al, you guys been on this topic before I went on I talked with God. I have dealt with some of these wounds, but do we go through life only getting wounded one time is only one significant wound that hurts our hearts. And I don't think that that's really true. I mean it's multiple times we Jesus is betrayed Jesus was put on trial for something he didn't do very well and that he was denied and then is denied. And so there was several times that he was hurt. As a man I would think because as a friends as her people that he loved and so how would we be any different to not have multiple times of woundedness and the beauty of that is know in order to walk in the person that God wants you to be. And if you look at the 17th Psalm is just a glorious place for me in the eighth verse it says keep me as the apple of your eye – and shield me under your wing and what God saying to me what David is asking God to do is continue to make your favorite at Mimi's. He's crying out is been betrayed and he's in this point that that were talking about where he's trying to look under the hood. Why struggle and always people and he's asking God. Can you protect me here.

Can you keep me as your favorite one is that look like and how can I go about getting in there and in that connection David Happ with God was what made him know able to be king David able to fight these huge battles and and you know the Lord did in making immune from being heard about hurting this story you know you get heard over and over again and with others to talk about that. We can talk about what happens if you pass woundedness and you find yourself back there again with a similar issue to find a new wound to go back and deal with that and I got into it for Michael to talk about that and more mental and substance use disorders from the world and sometimes from ourselves. I'm fine and the boys were doing some environmental cleanup thing today.

We are well ask my liking. Going fishing.

We are, and that's the example you're setting for our children. Conservation is easy every time you purchase a fishing license to register your book helping to preserve our nations coastlines, lakes, rivers and streams protecting memories for generations to come to learn about all the ways your participation in boating and fishing help the environment is taking and of life that come along in just to keep you in bondage those early on before your Christian really felt that way. Maybe it's a different times throughout your life and think God's walk with.

This is all unique and so we've got to feel things a bit differently as we walk through the left were talking about. What if your person that you want the little bit of the story with us along the way he went out okay.

Got them I give you these reactions that had a minute ask you to help me dig into some woundedness and he will come in and he does command became M4 in find yourself back in a reactionary place again that has ever happened to you Robbie. Have you ever morning.

You know it's amazing how easily you know, I can simply go to my email and check my you know it says alert from your bank that you just have a court or whatever in your life, and immediately your world starts Christian in and and and you think, wow, you know, 15 minutes goes I was the Lord. Everything was good. What the world is going on and how can I get back there and I'm already gone and got a look at that's okay where is that coming from primary words that what's of pushing against and play clip, and it's from an older show that you find on a Nick at night and it's fresh Prince of Bel Air and in this particular clip wills dad who's not really ever been in the scene comes in and is spending some time with Will and rekindling that relationship only hear the scope at the beginning you have the father talking to uncle Bill, uncle Phil, and you'll hear that and when that will in his father done talking you get to hear what happens. A few moments later, after the dad leaves and wills life will not call will. Some business came up with that handle so we have to put a out truth and hope you understand. Yes, this is just a couple weeks and maybe along whatever.

I'll call you next week and will find out the details.

It was great seeing you sent you to blue. I'm sorry will work out better for me and will is all right to be angry for sale easy single. By this time I just wish I had more money by present I'm sorry if there was something that I do not like. I'm still five years old. You know will be sitting up every night my mom Wednesday coming home. You know who needs wasn't large enough to did not write learn how to drive.

I need a minute on the now wills get a great job without him getting here.

Just heard, begins his anger but then it becomes just a pain the payments coming back while I've been here before you could look at that's okay. In the story fictional show on TV but that's that's a lot of other people stories out there that maybe your story today that's been some of the cycle. You've lived with, or something similar. Maybe one your dad. Maybe it's another situation keeps reoccurring it's an opportunity for God help me get at this once and for all of them really go deeper or maybe I will get it completely fixed only find out why that motion is still so hard.

I know that for me there. There's recently losing my father-in-law, which is very hard thing for my wife and her family and and I found myself in a really, Really Hard Pl. in Lubbock. It was because I loved him I loved him a lot but there was a lot of Endo things with my dad nine and 84 that I really hadn't dealt with yeah and they gave me the opportunity when Dallas passed my father-in-law to go back to God's okay but I know that this is hurting and I'm weeping and I know it's hard but there's more here. I can feel it using the process right now to help me go back many many years ago probably bake make an agreement that was there an agreement that you always can be on your own. There's never going to be a father. Therefore, you type thing and and so God's in the midst of working on that with me real time, and it's really pretty cool. Painful times but is really pretty cool.

As I can come in and say let's let's take that out, son. Let's help and some of you may. This may be the first time you've ever heard the showing you have no idea what we mean by an agreement and in those are agreements that Satan is trying to get out and if we go back to will story. He's clearly telling Willy's whispering in his ear. Your worthless be the reason why he don't love you because you're a bad kid and so if will agrees with Satan on that I'm a bad kid. Now we have an agreement that Satan has a grip on will because it's a lot I am.

That's what Satan loves to have it you know if there's a lot out there that he controls now will, to some extent that they can actually create a stronghold in part of the way that that can happen is if will somehow mother blames himself for how his father is treating and so he blames himself that the I'm a bad kid and he makes this agreement statement becomes a stronghold. Now we really need the blood of Christ, and this is where we have from my point of view the deep cleansing of the blood of Christ, because when I got back to some of my woundedness when Jesus is taken me on these. The point was Robbie, are you going to forgive yourself for what what that is and what I and the problem was I couldn't without Jesus is what he paid for in order for me to get there. So to break the strongholds to break those agreements that I've made with Satan and get that lie out of my life. I need Christ. I need that key and that key is his blood that he shed so that I could be forgiven even if I was completely at fault, which in some of those cases where I couldn't forgive myself and those things that was the issue I can forgive myself because I was completely wrong, but the good news is, Jesus paid for that with his blood. He did it in the key is, is that more that key is when you hold your hand and walks you through the process and help to find the truth on the other side of it you talking about the attack and attack can be on you as a person and it typically will come down at some level to your value or your identity. That's what Satan's income after may sound different to all of us.

That's really what is trying to do because is trying to break that bond with the father is, obviously, is God.

God's good night God's perfect and if I'm I see myself in the mirror. It's cloudy with the enemy's lies, feel like I can't be vulnerable or open up to the father eventually is after guilt when Jesus after he fasted for 40 days or nights and he goes to face temptation was Satan's identity is attacked first pieces. If you are the son of God. Note will now he's weak. These alone instead to face the enemy and he doesn't buy into it he could.

He even knows who we he doesn't have doubts about the trust in his father completely and I think that's you know the scene place it did. David was David made mistakes but on the other side of it.

He knew his father loved him. He trusted him. He didn't doubt them and I think that's the point we have to get to that real deep cleansing comes from the Robbie's talking about. You really have to trust that he does love you, that you are forgiven. Why is it of God loves us so much he allows us to get hurt here by God. No Kill Devil Hill. Why does he do it for his beloved children and that's truly identity you I often hear from people and why does he allow this to happen. Why, why does he allow me to get hurt if this is the enemy Satan has a hold on you. You have to break that grip, there's going to be pain involved in breaking the grip of Satan that you note, we, through our own actions. We all make mistakes but some of them are becoming deep sends in the enemy gets a hold loves to break that hold that bond that he's got over us.

We have to face that wound ripped that will back open his hand out of it pain. There's a sense of humor is been forgiven much loves much and and and as I get in there and I get to see what Jesus how much he really does love me in spite of how awful I am at times. Then there's this sense of what unbelievable God I serve. And there's a worse level of worship for me. Having been through the total forgiveness of certain issues like that that really brought me to a place of of seeing Christ in a way that's more than the back think it is very pointing the length of a lesson, I will go back to the question. If God really loves us why does he last get hurt when you were all parents to love our kids will absolutely do another going to hurt your life. Is that what you want them now. Now, but they make choices and sometimes with those highways and will has hard times are hard. Sometimes it's other people's choices. As we talked about before the end of the day. This world is still full of broken people. Now some are further along in others in that restoration process. We all have some brokenness and broken edges down about you, but a sliver of glass still hurts pretty much anything I know, yeah this really can't hurt, and so you looking then send you any brokenness. There is some jagged edges. This jagged edges and rip something at some point whether that's within you with somebody else and hurt people often hurt people. So you got this week Robbie wants one thing you'd like people to go due from the show is to take action love for them to ask God come into that place and spend some time with what we call covetous silence and ask him where did I make an agreement is stronghold take me back to where this you can unlock the key how it's wanting to trust is complete, unadulterated trust, be the right thing for me and for me… Believe you are in him leave his word. Know your identity. Thanks for joining us will see next

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