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The Trinity; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 28, 2015 6:48 pm

The Trinity; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus was more like a losing battle for request no read today on the master journey may go gone before trying to work within the Trinity. You know what is that feel like how do you describe it yourself. You know the question that is been in my mind for years in your Sam as I go out and pray in my praying to God the father, and my praying to God the son, but this is a a lot to do with the Holy Spirit as well.

So wow where my where exactly does this fit in, and what does that have to do with the larger story which is where we picked up last week is man I feel like I walked into this the middle of the movie, but Act I is a big deal in the largest what is it's what it's what happened before we come on the scene and what would it look like before men. Obviously, if you believe God is been here forever. Which he created forever. I guess you could say but that's what was going on. Then was the loan know there is a fellowship there and sort of learn more about that fellowship in an important role in each of those planner life and for me it was very a process of really understanding it and being exposed to it a little bit different ways in really getting more clarity around is how interwoven they are but yet how independent they are right and in a lot of folks when I think of the larger story then you think of what Genesis 1 in the beginning what it was like I and God said, let there be light in the beginning God is right.

God is right, but John 11 Texas may be a bit further behind that and says in the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God and and so there's this picture of. There was something before there was light before he started to create. There was Fama Trinity right in this fellowship and just picture with me for a minute. What was that like this fellowship between God the father. Jesus and the Holy Spirit and their hanging out at some point they went wow I need to Sam to hang out with. Because it's a little out of that work well in hope with this is heard in the right context, I would view it more like the fun of the Three Stooges versus like going to a board meeting. You know me, I think that I would view it is just camaraderie you like when guys get together and you kinda laugh at silly things and things that you should really grow up possibly never do. Yet not to belittle God.

I don't mean that but just the love that flows through that camaraderie is kinda what I envision and for me when I did this at Boot Camp. The larger story I like to use the picture of the river runs through it where the father was with the two sons and now top fish so I pictured the fellowship stuff like that. But now, how do you picture the village, I heard a great analogy when I was a kid of steam, water and ice in if ice is Jesus, the physical form.

God is very fluid needs. He's everywhere and in the Holy Spirit is like steam permeates you can't really see them but he's all over, all around and that's I like that analogy for kids. I think that's a great way to understand the different forms of God. So John, when you know he was a Puritan back long time ago, wrote a book called communing with the triune God and he went into about 1200 pages. Honestly Sam and old King James English which is a bit tough to struggle through to give us different ways that he felt like we could commune separately like this is how you can commune with the father and this is how you could commune with the sun and this is how you can commune with the Holy Spirit, individually and collectively unit talk about that throughout the show today but just to kinda dive into each of those individually. The first one that he mentioned was God the father and God the father being a picture of love use. That is the primary thing that when you think about a father it's the father's love and the place to go so now you picked a clip on that subject and tell us what why what what what what you got for what you know we have so many good clips we've used in the past that it's difficult to find new clips on on the same subject and you Superman is a great movie.

We brought it in many clips from it, but this is one that we haven't really delved into Annette's father that Superman Clark kit never really knew never really saw before and so doesn't actually seem it's kind like a picture of him from the past and he's in this interaction he understands why I his. He was brought into this world and what his purpose isn't and how it relates to earth child a spot great with the embodiment of the lease, krypton's first national book centers my wrists and must say, when you come with what I want a lot of product of the site is about will so as much a child of the best of both the dream you dedicate our lives to live a different thing necessarily make the same mistakes symbol means single thousand audit within the fundamental belief. You see Sam when you're thinking, the father's love and and how do you see that conveyed through that picture just that he was willing to send most precious thing we had down to help others.

I never was a big Superman fan growing up. It was on the cartoon. The when the call comic books that I read as much. But the more you think about that just there. Superman had a heavenly father had an earthly father was really cool about that clip is. He talked about he was from the house of LI believe L is one of the names of God. Actually, Superman was based on inspiration of Jesus Christ.

That's why it was written as a superhero. If you notice in the movie they try to embody that there is one point where he descends on the armies of the earth, and he's his arms wrapped across the discounted descends and there was a big rigmarole in Hollywood about all this is too much like you know Jesus. We don't want this in their but I'm glad they kept that in the movie. Glad they remained in Vinnie. You when you picture, you you told me earlier before the show.

Quite often, you're thinking of the father. You know you will obviously could relate to the Godfather like you know that's put in the dog from the father's right, but how do you see the father's love illustrated through your life. Well, actually I think he shows his love to us all down here through Jesus, his son, you know, I prayed to God that I know that eventually this Jesus is going to listen to my prison give me the grace of God.

What a great segue because that actually John Owens second character, the Trinity, being Jesus. His primary trait that he chose for him was grace. And so for me that was a big misunderstanding I did. I really didn't understand the word grace and was on this journey. A couple years ago to try to understand the word and surprisingly I got the answer through a Barbie movie noted that come free with the doll that got it. It was if the Pearl Princess is the Barbie movie and in this clip you can see that this young lady has some grace and that grace, meaning that when she's around people.

It changes the and she meets is very strange character stone for shoes and a very bad mood and I will say that when she changes them. She can put pearls on the ends of all his spikes that's going to change things. But as I looked at it, I thought, wow, is the word grace means favor as she treated the stone fish like he was her favorite, it completely change the stone fish in a course me being Robbie.

I could relate to the stone fish because I got a few places on me that Mike took some leaning here, the earthquakes you see in movies are one thing about real life is a completely different animal. Just because you can't predict an earthquake doesn't mean that you can't care for one.

In the event of a real earthquake drop, cover and hold office visit practice what to do to keep you and your family safe in the event of a real earthquake seen as a hero by the family and the Council locks with the University at 19 cancer patients and 21 monetary songs and support the research by joining Terry cause on college and university students together can't answer all your songs are fighting it together then we are fighting and register is a three-man team. Now we know.

Dennis picked up. That's if he's using our music is the music Meister, but he picked it out for very specific reasons that he felt like the in there talking about when the Holy Spirit leaves a father-son Holy Spirit leave. That's when the church bells were broken and you know I love the song. I love the clip and I look nothing. I love the thought of the church bells being broken Trinity, leaving but I look forward to the time when were all leaving and we go to heaven when that rapture comes which got sent you look like you had gotten a missile to gas well I know you're you're still reeling from the Barbie clip in your Robbie what my world what you think my thinking. I many times have you heard anybody say, by the grace of Jesus. I very I can't think of one time that it was by the grace of Jesus. Note when I baptized my first child I heard the priest Jan Catholic, I heard the priest with oil saved by the grace of God. But we all know that God and Jesus are one of the same that he sent down to us, but I was just thinking through the clip and what you guys are talking about. I don't say I I don't remember anybody sand by the grace of Jesus is the good news really seriously in the Gospel of John. Yes, one of the things right after he said you know in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God the Word was God. It's going to say and he was full of grace and truth.

You're right that is good news is it's the best possible news that that grace is a huge part of Jesus of what is right. When people say you breathing the grace of God.

The referring to Jesus that the units can the same. It was his grace did he sit Jesus down. I understand that little little clearer now but I just meant in all and they way of life. You know, by the grace of God, you will know that God and Jesus is one of the same, and the word grace meeting favor beta right right it was because Robbie's favorite that he sent Jesus, but another part of that clip that I don't want anybody to missile out for me it's insignificant is it. We've often heard people refer to royalty as his grace is granted, and in that there was to be certain attributes of gracefulness and when you understand what that looks like is Barbie really does illustrate grace for the stone fish at this point, and changes his personality. As a result of the grace that he was given people when they are acting in grace. If you royalty you get that kind out in that grace and around the jagged edges and takes away the sting of them and so there is a lot in that clip. That really is pretty cool about how grace does change people and that's a great point.

My wife talks about grace and so often people think of grace as being poise, but real poise is forgiveness because if you can't forgive if you can't allow your heart to do that and he becomes embittered and he becomes jagged and it becomes that of a stone fish and in real love your idea, poise. I think real poise is a lot to do with the masculine journey in that if you're looking through eyes of grace. You see the glory of God in another person, rather than seeing the spikes you sought. She saw the glory of Spike and what he could be in the King. This one thing, it's just a random thought, but I want to make sure Robbie didn't go out and rent just to watch anything. This is where God comes in such weird ways your sit there watching it with your granddaughter in this picture. Grace is just right there and so even though this would be a clip. Do you think it here in the masculine journey if it shows her the point that God's continually coming after us in all different ways through all different venues and throughout all sorts of different media, which gets us to what is probably for all of us. Well, maybe not for all of us.

But for me the most mysterious of the three, which is the Holy Spirit, and so you know I sent it out that it was weird coming up with a topic you know what would be a good clip. To illustrate, the Holy Spirit and and there's attributes that John Allen goes into but the one that he says is primary is is the comforter or is the Paraclete. He's the one who's there beside you and for me, when the Holy Spirit is working on me there some sort of a burning that goes on and there's and this is very deep love relationship and so there's no doubt that to me that the Holy Spirit is fire and light, and in those kind of things.

This is described in the in the in the Scripture and so II picked this clip with Romeo and Juliet. What can I say I know Sam said they're going to get soft lighting on the window. Frank's son arise Kill the Envious Moon Is Already Sick and Pale with Grief.

And Now I Made up, and She Will Cheat Shane.

I Section Having Sex like She Speaks Will Speak Again. Mia Well I like to Still Write out the It Was Tough Because My Fellow Jurors Work Poking Their Head during Liquid Because You the Same As Its You Know That's What's Really Cool about How God Asked Masterson As Much Is to Give You a Hard Time It's Funded to See How He Comes after It's Teaching Our Unique Way.

It Echoes Things in Scripture. This Is Jesus Heal the Blind in Many Different Ways Guy Comes after Us in Unique Ways and Speak to Us May Not Make Sense Always to Other People. That's Okay Because It's a Unique Relationship with so I Think It's Great That As We Talk about the Holy Spirit and We Play a Romeo and Juliet Clip That the Holy Spirit Actually Breaks Robbie's Mike Drafted Well for Me This Picture Point in My Favorite Book in the Bible.

If There Is That Some of His Love to Spend Time in Is the Song of Solomon When You Listen to the Way That That Love Is Described in That Book and You Listen to the Way That Shakespeare You Know He Gives Words to Romeo That Show the Passion That's Really There and It I Feel That When the Holy Spirit Begins to Dry out That Love for Christ in Me Which I Now Ends up Being Towards Obedience and the Father Which Which Brings You Back into the Whole Thing so for Me the Holy Spirit Is Illustrating through Fire You Know My Love for the Trinity and That's Part of How That Works for Me Because at the End of the Day It's All Three in One Right. I like the Fact That You Robbie Are Complete Opposites.

As Far As Different Things That We like. We We Both Love Fishing but Would We Go about Things Are Different Doesn't Make It Wrong It's It's I'm Learning to Appreciate a Different Aspect of Life That I Only See through Your Eyes. So When I Pick on You Is Out Of Love, through Yonder Window Breaks. That's Out Of the Holy Spirit for Me Comes Me More Is the Comforter. He Leads Me to Truth That Helps Me Find Comfort and Guidance. I Think Even in That God Knows What Happened to Us in the past. He Was There with Us. He Knows Things It's Happened to Those Currently and He Knows That the Holy Spirit Needs to Come to Us Uniquely to Reach Us in Ways That Only Can Be Reached through His Love. That Way, Definitely Go Ahead Not to Say about You and Robbie and I Want You Guys out There to Know That Robbie Stole Thin Big Day.

Here Is Not Showing Anything. It's Just Opposite the Just Opposite You, You Want to Talk about the Opposite of These Four Guys over Here, It's Me.

All Right Really Help Me When John Explained, Was It Now How to the Three Kinda Come Together and If You Look at in One of the Things If We Love Our Father, Our Earthly Fathers or Heavenly Father Gonna Want to Do That through Obedience and so the Way That We Can Commune with God the Father Is through Obedience.

If We Obey the Father Then Were Communing with Were Having a Relationship with Them That, in Effect, Can't Really Get Done. I Can Obey the Father Actually Is. Moses Found out through the Law without the Help of Jesus's Blood Giving Me the Ability to Be Free to Obey the Father. So Now I Need Jesus in Order to Be Obedient Are Brought to Win, but in Order to Illustrate That Truth in Order to Bring Jesus to Life inside of Robbie That Takes the Holy Spirit Receipt and so Once Jesus Is Brought to Life to Me through the Holy Spirit. I'm in the Ability Now to Obey the Father and in Doing so Now I Am Communing Regularly with with All Three at the Same Time Uncle Anything for When You Look at It That Way. It Says Oh Okay It's It Didn't Start the Upstart Transition in My Life of Praying Differently. I Pray Sometimes Things to the Holy Spirit. I Pray Things to Jesus I Pray Things of the Father, but the Throw Not One, but the Uniquely Do Different Things in My Life and so You Know to Ask the Holy Spirit to Guide Me into Truth or to Comfort Me Here to from Again for Me to Talk to Jesus As Is My Friend and I Go to My Father with Questions about My Life, Whether Those Are Necessarily Happy Conversations Are Not so Much. You Know That That the Father's There Is Big Enough to Let Me through It. Help Me Guidance to I Think It Becomes Kind and Cool As You Understand It More to Really Say Wow This Is so Interwoven but yet so Separate and I Can Treat It That Way in My Life Right in Getting Back to the Original Idea Was That before We Ever Came on the Scene before Creation Was There Was This Fellowship of the Father and the Son, and They Called Us up into This Adventure in the Good News Is Working to Spend Eternity with Something That We Really in You End up in All and in and so As You're Praying This Week I Would Challenge to Think about Okay How Can I Commune Now with the Holy Spirit.

How Can I Commune with Jesus. How Can I Commune with the Father and Deepening Your Heart Going after God.

How Do They Get Connected to Us through Mass and Turning out Pages Was a John Owens Book about 1200 Minutes about a Fortnight Masculine Journey Radio Show Comes to You Weekly on the Truth Because of Your Faithful Prayer and Gifts Their Addresses. Masculine Journey Radio, PO Box 550, Kernersville, NC 27285 or Be sure to let them know that you listen to the program on the Truth Network

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