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Feeling Like A Failure; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 12, 2015 12:30 pm

Feeling Like A Failure; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine hand one feels more like a losing battle when something west welcome messenger knew you were glad to have you with us today. I know I say that every week, but we are glad to have and today I just want to talk about the room with me.

My name Sam and I'm a failure. Being a husband and with me today is Robby rubbing is probably easier for me to figure out where I'm not a failure. But I'm certainly a failure of business. You need some ideas how to say I help you there, but my name is Robby and I am a failure of business. My name is Alan I'm a failure at being healthy. Gluttony is my game eaten too much. My name is Vinnie.

I guess I'm a failure in most my life by not listening to my wife while and I got nothing else to say thanks Vinnie it where we talk about that.

I mean I don't sound like the beginning of a something anonymous meeting and it is going. Failure anonymous writings over and up until a bit of our story and the reason I want to talk about this topic to talk to the team about it. They want to talk about.

It was in the there's times that when you listen to the radio show, you begin to feel like the host have it all together.

Now if you listen or show long enough, you really realize we don't have it all together but we are learning as we go where where Christians and growth and we may just be a little bit ahead of you it sometimes, but the Reagan times are ahead of us and so we just want to continue to be authentic, which is a big part of who we are in the show how to help men and women that are listening to get through those times in life that are hard.

Now I know there's probably been times in your life you felt like a failure.

All men I would say the first three quarters of my life.

Absolutely I fact there was a time up until I got the job. My previous job I had a job with at least one job a year, maybe more so and then that last job I made. I asked God I said, look at this next none work. I'm just in a quit in the next job lasted for 20 years. But before that 52. Before that, in my 30s that I can keep a job yet. I think there's times that we all have to face those pieces of truth, that we may be failing at something, but failing at something doesn't SOI make us a failure before getting that all the deeper want to play a clip. This is a clip from the movie back to the future and this just listen to Doc and how is talking with Marty and how he seems to feel like he's a failure. My drivers license expires 1987.

She can't believe the only future boy who was president of the United States in 1985 Ronald Reagan's story is 12 o'clock out the sink when he came up with the idea which is makes time travel possible.

See me wearing this. This is a radiation suit course will televisions president has to be in what is by Robby that was a total of about yeah honey was a fascinating thing that records most seen the movie, which is Doc Brown has bought the lie that he such a failure that he can't. First of all believe that his experiment works and then it's hard for them to believe that he can solve a problem, although obviously the guys a phenomenal genius and was gifted in all these different ways. But he's been so attacked in his life. Like many of us are that Satan hasn't convinced he's got nothing.

And in spite of the extremely humorous and 1.21 GW is a lot of power but nonetheless nonetheless. You know how many of us have bought that that we are specific gift, whatever it is is actually been pushed down ever since we were kids, you know you have that whole component you have times in your life. We make bad decisions and they do lead to some level of consequence which can make you feel like failure. I know there's been times that I felt like a failure as a father, especially as you have kids get older and they make their own choices sometimes is a great choices sometimes are not so great choices, and in those enemy comes at you and says you know what if you would've done something better. You did on something different.

If you would've been such a failure. Maybe you know your family wouldn't be here.

Or maybe your kids wouldn't be here and so maybe there's some little element of truth in that we should learn how to do things differently, but that's kind of what growth is.

I would try something doesn't work. One some point we put our finger into the candle flame and realized that I want to do that a second time. Those types of things that help us learn to where we don't do it again so that I know you had a great point that something, some reason to keep in mind while failure is important and how it has to do a success. All that that's exactly right. How do you know your when you're successful you know. Oneness goes with the other.

I couldn't grow a green lawn in my my whole life and my house and I still can grow in their make me a failure.

No, this is what the good Lord has chosen for me and I'll go along with what he wants and that has been my philosophy. Many, many years now I think I was a failure for many years and my age.

I've been a successful year so it's a great point unless you really failed don't really know how to understand what success looks like because I do feed off one another. You don't know if you've arrived there in the success portion of it. I know for me that I battle lots of times an enemy does come after me, failure, failure may be work-related, it may be home related. It kinda bounces back and forth, at times like ping-pong ball but that it is a constant way that the enemy tries at least attacked me. I can't speak for you guys, but is that something that kinda happens with you as well LOL yeah okay I minute by minute. There are so many attacks and it's a matter to try to determine what voice you listened, and the voice that sometimes is your family coming at you better than almost anybody with all that what you know in your case, Sam II can't help but think of how your sister push that button on you that you have nothing valuable to say I think that story is speaks volumes to that issue. Thanks is like a sharp knife, like I'm nothing. Yeah, grown-up with with an older sister. I don't know what her issues were.

I don't know what her issues were with me, but when you're young you don't have some reasoning ability that you need to have annoyed her from her for years was shut up motormouth you got nothing to say. You have nothing important to say no one wants to hear anything you have to say yeah and so basically grew up with this for many many years of wanting to be heard within like even if I did say something I really didn't have anything to say and so that was a big attack on what I felt like I'd really called me to do it times in my life which is billed to be a part of things like this would be a part of the boot camp we get an opportunity to get in and share what he's done enough that I necessarily have anything important to say about me.

But the work that he's done through me and that's what the enemy was trying to squash was try take us out on take me out on that and I think that's when I was a kid there was just long list of things that happened. I remember when I was three my friend and I got into a fight and his dad was there. Tell them what to do and it didn't hurt but I ran home because I thought something is wrong. I don't have my dad you know I'm behind everybody else. I'm no good it is. I got in the school. They said I was a slow learner.

They said that I was learning to sit disability with reading and they would ask me. Read the story. What is the story you would you get from it and I tell him there like it has nothing to do with what you read. But what I would do is I would read see Dick run. See Dick run in the in the pasture.

See Dick sees the horse and I would think I would catch that horse to catch that horse Emma right around the town to protect the city to become the sheriff and I would tell them that story because I got a couple lines in my creativity took over.

What was the label learning-disabled has a reading disorder that went on throughout my life. It everybody Try to tell me the things I wasn't strong at my weaknesses instead of instead of helping me find my strengths and that's what I think the enemy does is he wants to pray on those weaknesses instead of you know the people around you, circling around and say hey you're really good at this. This is something you want to consider note. Doing more is the whole of life, a report card. We think it's cool but some type report card on how you doing compared to somebody else, how you doing on where you think you should be as all these things that are report cards on you and when you start to believe the report card and think that that is the value of who you are.

How many times does that report card start and end inside your head without verbal words, when other people talk it's just reaffirmed it all starts in your head when you believe the lies on his art isn't most people are those great English you can say I didn't really do well in English class will have to come back with that here. The second most people. I believe they remember the negative things a lot longer than remember the pot and I think that's something that we really have to battle against the enemy wants to remind us of those negative things to come back really talk about how you move through the stages of failure you look at them for what they truly are. You hold on your identity in the midst of it. More information about his good muscular journey leaving your keys in the ignition is opening the patient will car thief rushing away. Sometimes I don't bother to check inside will protect your ride if you know something about a car theft.

Call us at one 800 tell NiCd good dog public service message from the National insurance crime Bureau battle buddies and I attended the HL Stadium series state. We had the time of our lives that ticks we can't thank you enough every empty seat in the concert game play is a missed opportunity to say thanks to a veteran and servicemember special is different really, really your favorite songs. Are you. I thought it was a funny song that was appropriate for the show.

I'm not saying it's a favorite song. It was from Gilligan's Island.

It was really silent and amazing that you remember that nice to watch all the shows when I got home from school and I didn't actually remember that you said something was mosquitoes guess is that rather than saying that that's right. I do remember a little bit about the Beatles look at the time, this time a bug you that, failure your good company. We are talking about a loser, failure these labels that sometimes we take on some elements of truth. If they didn't have elements of truth whom we probably would be able to push him away but then he's really good at taking a little bit of truth and fertilizing it really well. Fertilizers a good word yet to where it really produces some bad seed) some bad crops and so how do you handle those times when you feel like a failure. How do you say okay how do I move past that before you answer that question for you were to go to a club. This could probably consider the force. If you would yeah it's from the movie cars. As you might imagine from a Christian card and naturally and it you might remember lightning McQueen. This is All-Star young whippersnapper, guy comes to town and he's being harassed by Doc who is the police chief was a Hudson hornet penny happens in the docks garage and lo and behold Doc had all these piston cops which met him that you know he was a rock star rock racecar at one time and lightning cannot figure out why it was that he didn't want the world to know he used to be a great risk will not know your history is to remind me never to go back and one time will will will like you hear how long you know you are so your office you talking okay with probably had something more you want to say about not know it was its wind you know lightning confronts him with what in the world's going on here and I find it fascinating enemy when he stays on your case like that when you when your vision starts coming off of Christ and starts coming back on cell phone. My value and what I can do what I can't do is docks was in this case. Then all of a sudden Doc had to create this very elaborate fig leaf in that town like lightning called called him on what he knows who you really are and he had disguised his true identity, but you know in a car sort of world God came after him there and and there he was confronted with who he was and that opportunity to rise again to the occasions we finally watch it.

Thanks boiler alert you seem so obvious that in years probably were way ahead of me. Or maybe you're right but now was with its but where is that failure come from and in docks case it came from woundedness. The feeling of failure came from woundedness and from an external thing that was put upon him there. Some other times of failures come from fears. I can feel like a failure if I'm hearing that I'm not to be this or not you get there.

It can come from expectations placed on you from others and as Doc was talking.

There really became a little more clear to me that this come from lots of different places and so you know how I would ask you is is joking with you earlier. You think a lot of the time the failure that you face you think about is that coming from a place of where you been wounded out. You know it's comes from woundedness from other people. Self-inflicted wounds and it came from the enemy and about 10 years ago a friend of mine from high school came to family rate your nonfamily ring about church reading he was with my friends and he said yeah my mom and I were talking and she couldn't believe that you were still alive like what she was, let alone married with a job and I thought that really hurt, but by the same token, when I when I was hurt. My wife said man. Look how far you've come. She should your comeback kid in it for me.

It goes back to being fathered by God. The restoration when I get those lies that come at me. I remember something that I was told was made in the image of God he doesn't make junk.

It's a lot when I hear those lies start focused a focused prayer. Take these lies away from me, take me out of this. Don't the enemy get my head. Don't let it messed me up and I know something my dad told me just recently last year so I was talking to him about why he never played basketball because I was never good at what we don't want to spend my time when everybody else is great at it and I'm not. He said I'm to focus my time on what I'm good at them like why would she would've told me that when I was five email because so often I pursue things for my weakness. I tried to fix my weaknesses instead of pursuing my strength and there's a great book out there called strength finders and it's got an online test when it tells you about what your strengths are.

It's an amazing book that will help you look at yourself differently because we are all fearfully and wonderfully made, and that means that there are things inside of us didn't. Nobody else has the ability been us to do an understanding what your spiritual gifts are understanding what your your physical and mental and emotional gifts are so huge, true turnaround.

If you boot from believing the lies. Thank you. I I know I've told you this story, you guys here but I don't know if I set it on the air. The very first time that I felt as everybody knows that I come from New York City.

We used to play stickball and dodge the cause coming on the road.

I was about 10 years on Marrakesh replace the bowl and I was in the summer and all the people in the houses.

Come on out.

There was nowhere condition was nothing they were all outside on sidewalks and stooped.

I will play stickball me in my actually he was my best friend lock. We got into a little skirmish with the ball. You know my father comes walking up behind me slaps me in the head and yell got me fired him, knock him out, don't do this portion know we were kidding around and I had to fight him my best friend which I didn't want to do and I went home. I couldn't help but feel that my father thought I was a failure because I didn't do what he would do, but it was a grown man if you want to fight somebody for good reason. I'm not. Anyway, I woke up the next morning we decide the penny pinball machines and I put it in there. I got it gumball and I called up Roland. That was his name and gave it to Mrs. I'm sorry but anyway the point of being a failure that was a very first time that I thought that I was a failure. How my father sort of situation makes me wonder how many times we feel like God may think were failure. LB ever felt that way, have you ever been tried to be convinced that maybe God may feel like you're failure early Christianity.

Oh, I can, I would say before I went to my first boot camp I was certain I go to work early and I was meeting with some friends and I kept saying I think God's mad at me. I just got this incredible feeling that he's angry with me there like what he talking about. These are my Christian friends and I was meeting with they said no. Why would he be angry with you what. It was great, and have you done that he would maintain some anger with you and I'm like I don't know I just get this feeling and that's what they said that's not God's personality that's not God. God wants a positive relationship with you as a father-son. He's not looking to be angry with you from I needed to hear that because you and I talked to somebody just recently who believe God is a God of judgment in a so he so good and so perfect, but it said judgment keeps me a line. I'm like you know you're right he he's got judgment for those that are non-repentant, but when you repent. He wants a father-son relationship with you. That's why Jesus said on the way the truth and the life. No one gets to the father except through me.

The father your father figure is a kid zone, you know. Once upon a time back at all the times we've been at church camps and things like that as kids growing up or maybe vacation Bible school that was Jesus loves me right in. That song is and that's when it says that you know when we are weak he is strong. I think that there's times we need to just realize that in that weakness in those times we feel like a failure.

The answer that we have is to turn to him and to take some of his strength to get through that situation. It was never meant to be no solo journey made this a father-son journey father daughter journey. What if you try to do it alone.

Your destiny get lost in your destined trip and fall your destiny get off the path. But if you walk in with your father. You listen to him and you stay focused with his voice is can guide you to where you it's all about trust and love is all about trust and love and it's also dealing with the true truth is sometimes we do fail to make bad decisions sometimes make good decisions, there's consequences for those decisions and they can make you feel like a failure. That's when he got a hold of that identity that you have in God he doesn't look at you like a failure as a loving child that he wants to help get through very difficult problem. If you feel like you're failure today turned back to that loving father to got I really need your strength today to help guide me through this patient listening and look forward to talk to you next week

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