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Having Integrity; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 26, 2015 12:30 pm

Having Integrity; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 26, 2015 12:30 pm

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Jesus made many life feels more like a losing battle when something done, request no yearning or glad to have you with us today, where you move where your hearing fall weather out here for us in North Carolina Chile. Please know I love about all of it. Many houses other than those minutes about to get well giants that's about you like to please each other really nice team is a group for her both the same.

Owing to yet. So I'm thinking this can be the Colts and the Giants in the toilet bowl.

Times Square, it might be, but that's not or talk about today. Not today. Today we are talking about integrity and were going to talk lots of different things about integrity and part of that.

What makes it so hard to have integrity these days. What white you see so little of it, but before we can to get into that now come up with this topic.

While I read last week we were talking and Robbie was again to be here work with Robbie is, where is it natural national Asheville Nashville. One of those bills with or without the doesn't matter what we miss him and we were talking about innovating our talking on the way home and Lisa will topic on what you want to do the topic on and I'll just past DeVaney Vinnie because it will be taught when the topic came up. He was so passionate about. I knew it had that's right. We were talking about it and I thought about it and I'm really not a pro at this radio stuff. I just made my heart and when he told me what was on talk about it just jumped out of me. Why don't we talk about integrity. You think that I was hoping that salmon Robbie would like but then I remembered that Robbie wasn't going to be so.

Al agreed with me and then we are driving down the road going 50 miles an hour and he's looking on his telephone looking up what the word integrity means and I says well integrity means PPI the road but I was at a stoplight and you know it when you are driving where you but at that time been better yet would hit many curves are right. Anyway, we said that would be a good topic and is called up Sam see what he thinks this I knew that Robert was in the and evidently they got together and talk cord yet. Let's do it. Integrity now for me and of the D dictionary is very short on it you know and explain what that have integrity, but for me, integrity comes in so many different ways and it's it's massive what you can put integrity to in words you know and then I just sent how this is out you very knowledgeable with the Bible, which I can't read anymore. I says I can figure out what I'm going to say just because of my long-standing on this earth.

Your tenured and so I told Mrs. what's a good song that we can pick no one tied in with the Lord through Psalm 15, and being as I can't read. I'm going to turn it over the house. Just let him read this and get us started on what should be a very interesting show.

Do it with integrity absolutely. This is from Psalm 15 were David they just brought the ark of the covenant back to Mount Zion in its in the tent and disease. He's looking at the tent and he think about who's really worthy the standing God's before God and this is what he writes. Lord, you may dwell in your sacred tent who may live on your holy mountain, the one whose walk is blameless, does what is righteous, who speaks the truth from their heart whose tongue utters no slander who does no wrong to a neighbor casts no slur on others who despises a vile person but honors those who fear the Lord who keeps an oath, even when it hurts, and does not change their mind who lends money to the poor, without interest does not accept a bribe against the innocent. Whoever does these things will never be shaken and I think if ever there was a male side to Proverbs 31. That's it. Yeah, I'm thinking of one of the will to ground her holiday man I am so close to Jesus and Mrs. Mr. yeah that I far for that, but that's because it is grace. Obviously, that we in any of us can stand there want to go ahead and get to a clip on and then we'll talk a little bit about why we don't see more integrity these days that others clip is from a pretty funny movie liar liar really is. And so we set up a little bit.

Well Jim Carrey's character his his son had a birthday and he missed a birthday party promised he was to be there and he wasn't the sons disappointedly makes the wish of the birthday cake. My dad would never tell another lie and his dad's lawyer. So right away that's just the difficulty of 10 in it this point he had to spend the whole day realizing he couldn't tell a lie. And this is when he gets back up with the sun later that day we should make a true max. No matter the Olympics yes on channel 23. No million years back.

Something good living. Listen Max gotta do something for me.

I need you to take back that which yes you, Max. Sometimes grown-ups it's hard to explain. Here's a good example your money was due.

She gained a good 40 pounds was nothing she wouldn't scare when she asked me how I look at St. money right beautiful.

Your going told mom she looked like feelings.

It's just something that say Max.

No one can survive in the adult world. Stick to the truth is McKay's motion don't need your help.

Max okay. I explained this I have to lie. Everybody is wonderful.

Jerry lies breaker unit dear member the first time somebody flat out lied to you in that feeling you had that they betrayed you wasn't a pretty day it was a fight I don't even know why I was, I guess, to preserve my integrity and what we were doing was on the ballfield. We will plan baseball and we got into it.

The coach came in just got the boat was like all fall like it was awful. After he finished with on site at a deep understanding what integrity meant. It's better to forgive and live with it. But as I told you guys before he came on the air just come so many words so many things in life cannot trust comes into the word integrity. So many of I'm struggling right here and they're both looking at making a blade member when when somebody actually cared about lied to me for the first time in it was an old saying that I just changed my mind. It was that nobody likes a liar. That's what I used to hear nobody likes a liar what he likes liar at that moment I realized it's not that nobody likes liar everybody hates a liar and when your words and your actions contradict contradict each other. That's when Hartke broke.

I think that the part of the topic is.

You know what what makes it so hard these days and why do we see such little integrity. I think Vinny said it has to go have any really my opinion is the loss of family structure. Without that you and I can have integrity because everybody goes their own way says what they want to save those what they want to do.

Then on.

Think about it being right or wrong thing to do.

I find that kinda said no because I've been on this earth a long time and I seen the family structure and I've seen the breaking up of the family structure and it's sort of like accepted where I couldn't accept it now as that's like 3040 years ago. I'm accepting it and I'm saying to myself, why are you speculating Floyd this is wrong, you know, and there was that's what integrity comes in. I am who I am, just like Popeye, Popeye yeah good. Thank you. Yeah that is true that there is a definition that goes with exactly what you're talking about when in one of the definition of integrity is the state of being whole entire undiminished. For instance, the watertight integrity of the ship yeah you know what I'm make sure the loss of the family structure for me is a lot of it's the loss of family values right to the goes in that when you have parents with its single-parent, which could have a single parent has incredible integrity and passes that on the other kids. It's easier not do parent household. Obviously, I think that's what God's design noise was no question that I think when parents whether it's one or two, decide that they don't want to let their little kids live with the consequences and try to get them out of the consequences of things they really need to learn from is really worthy integrity isn't built into some of that integrity for me is that I messed up and I had to deal with consequences in dealing with those consequences today. I don't to be here again, so I got to do something different. I get to change something I get a present something in a way that's more genuine than what I was doing and that's when integrity starts to get builders only say sometimes is consequences to come back and talk a bit more about why it's so hard to see integrity these days leaving their talk about what you do about it. You move more towards integrity. You feel like you lost it you start gaining some of it back more information or pass podcast go to messenger This is the sound of someone gyrating and it might be taking it out some inelegant, on average, one in six Americans will get a foodborne illness. This is so use a thermometer to each type of meat to the right temperature.

Keep your family safe food safety… USDA HHS and the right and everything can protect what matters. Learn more about your flood will back to integrity is well it depends on how bad you being stubborn about in advance what you're backing down from one of the things I wanted to point out as we really, really miss Dennis but we so much appreciate his involvement every week right when he picks the bump in music that it's a lot of time and effort. Thought it and usually nails it just really nails at the something about when you have integrity means that your standing for something right.

That's right and true. When we left were talking about the breakdown of the family structure would talk about the loss of family values. Now that kinda leads us a little bit to clip, doesn't it does.

We've got a clip from Wall Street and it's the scene where a foster father and son, Dr. Tsai and a father and son. That was a German plane that was the Fokker I'm lost but it's a father and son acting duo Emilio Estevez arm. Sorry Charlie Sheen and Martins Martin Sheen are both in a scene together and Wall Street. The father is the honest mechanic use these lead mechanic and he's in the union and the sons they've tried everything within this takeover of this airline.

They tried to bribe him. They tried to sweettalk him and now his son is trying to intimidate him and in just just not to give his opinion of what the truth is, and it creates moment where this father has to stand his ground and and say I'm not can it not even for my son will I backup my integrity now isn't part of this. Also that you have another character, and it Gordon gecko and in gecko is kind of the flashy. He seems to have it all together and dad doesn't so much right… And how this plays out. Lou Carver talk about dollar job embarrassing Internet connection, your stuff, save the workers of the world can I speak for next too much going to place you would like to just like everything is using a kid.

Now what I see is a jealous old machinist can't stand the fact that his sons become more successful.

See guy never measured a man's success by the size of his flat and stick your own play on the way you feel in most jobs stars being asked am still around as long as I am. I have a responsibility union membership. I represent the responsibility that is the fact that your opinions to your man destroy their lives. Don't do it with the membership decide for themselves what my men come to me tomorrow morning what life jumped a little bit there. Did you did get to appear to get chubby, but really what you have is dad standing his ground, do the right thing here and you have a son that's really kinda looking from a different perspective that's true, that the sun is his father was a blue-collar worker in the sun felt like wow you go make must claim to the world make mistake. I'm messing up that line from the movie, but you he's going to go after the white-collar job. He's going after what he envision success is material goods. The father believes that it's hard work doing a good job in being a man of integrity. You deftly have a breakdown of restructuring of a breakdown of family values, but in this part you to see another another part of the thing that chips away at that integrity in our lives, which is the world around us right right the environment that says that you not having integrity is not only okay but sometimes it's rewarded in society is, and that's exactly what happens in this movie that in order to get in with Gordon gecko that Charlie Sheen's character has to do something illegal or has to do some insider training trading. My mouth is not working today but he's got to do something wrong to get his attention. Get Gordon gecko's attention to become with the in crowd and that's the Lord in the enticement of the world around us. You know, if you compromise your integrity, your values then will give you something and will will give you little more. The more you do it and in the end it landed both of them in jail and what really what's a little like Live Meeting right candidates just chipping away at that integrity when I do I training with guys on things and remind him of his building houses you have moments of truth. Moments of truth, the weather, you're going to let something go on that you shouldn't let go on. Maybe the homeowner won't see it. Things like that.

I suggest we hire really good guys and they do a great job and remind him that your integrity can never be taken from you. You can only give it away and that's his decision will have to make a lot of days as is am I going to hold onto this integrity of any girl you just saw something that just blew my mind there. I am at 84 is all and I raise the family isolate what integrity they were children and I raise the way it was supposed of raisin as a family. Now all my children growing up and now they're in their 60s. Okay. And they said that you don't understand. That's the way it is. I said wait a minute. You want me to change and change the way what I know was right and what I believe, just so I could understand you. I think it's the other way around. What you teach your kids, are you going to give them integrity and that I believe is what is the probably the closest thing to integrity is the breakdown of family. Now I've got grown-up adults telling me that that's the way it is. You know it ain't that way doesn't have to be that way that you are selling out now out is also good story about where your dad kinda helped you along these lines. Integrity didn't. It was similar to the Wall Street clip I got into a discussion with my dad in you. I was at a point in my life where I had been raised to create this illusion around you and it was the illusion was more important than anything else and so my integrity became more about what people thought I was, rather than what I really was and my dad came to a point we set it where he said Al everything I do my integrity has to be up here to hundred percent hundred percent.

I can't change.

I don't even know where you're at your so far down I can't see you I'm not going to come down and this is paraphrasing, but I'm not going to come down there to get you. You have to fight your way out to get integrity and so for me, not long after that I asked Jesus Christ into my heart. I became a Christian and as I read the Bible. I understood what my dad was talking about what the purpose of integrity was. It wasn't just for what others think it's further the confidence in that humility within you that you're going to do the right thing.

That's that's with the father looks at Ennis and so it got to be.

I was just 10 years later in I'd really worked hard and every time I saw a moment of integrity. It became a crisis for me. We have to do the right thing and I was vehement, and I wasn't to let anybody dissuade me from that. My wife said why are you so upset and I didn't really know that it occurred to me would have my dad had said and she said you're not that man anymore. You made every decision you've made. It's been that important to you to make the right decision. It it was every decision I mean for me every decision, every action became a moment of crisis because I did not want to be a man without integrity right you and I think part of the issue that people face is sometimes a safe swimming and I guess is the lack of authenticity demonstrated by their parents. If you had a dad that's really successful in and never looks as though they make a mistake or mom for that matter, and all the suddenly seems like a never have a problem. What happens when you run and your first problem I don't how to handle it. I think sometimes that integrity is also having that something don't think I know sometimes it integrity is even going back to your kids time so you know, I kinda blew that one made the wrong call their little bit is in kids can appreciate the fact that you may notice when you do something that's wrong that's probably the greatest compliment complement I've ever gotten for my family was for my son Joshua and we were talking about fatherhood and how I was. I was trying to let them know that it's a struggle you should know one of the greatest things about you, dad is that you're not perfect. In fact, that plays out all the time but he said I've never known you to be wrong when you didn't soon as you realize it I've never known you not to go back and try to fix going better.

He said that's one thing that if you make a mistake with me.

You come back and you own it to me. That was I really didn't think of it in those terms, but to him that was what he wanted. He appreciated somebody say no. I got upset with you for the wrong reason.

I was upset about something else. It was displaced and I should talk to you. That way I should held accountable like that.

I apologize that to him that more than a admit more to him to have somebody would do that than have a perfect father and we have this lack of ownership is taken right. People don't want to take ownership for their actions and on a stand up and say no I kinda blew that one and so have a couple minutes left and in the showings. Let's talk a little bit about what can we do to move back towards that place of integrity. If we've lost it or how can we hold onto it either one of those with some thoughts. You guys have on that. I think it's a matter of standing your ground you know I said it on the show many times but my grandfather told me one time I was a young young boy and he anybody know he was always trying to teach me to good things and speak in Italian and he said to me, Vincent is only two ways to do things the right way and wrong way and I just let it go, but I have lived my life thinking about what he told me that they will walk there is so much that there is only two ways you can slice it any other way right way and the wrong way and if we get back to living as a family and care for our children care for our lives and care for all husbands. We will be doing it the right way. I think for me it's pride versus humility is your pride so great that your to say whatever it takes to make you look good or sure integrity in your humility to come through the knocking to be somebody I'm not supposed to be. I'm going to be exactly what I am on my mistakes and let the chips fall where they may, in like I said, nobody likes a liar, but every law. Everybody loves somebody they can trust you what he thinks really cool about the Bible is full of really good people sometimes chose to not have the right integrity and David did that Abraham did that but they grew in the Lord and they move past that for me. A lot of that is realizing there's a place that I have to play a role that I have play where I stand my ground. Any but also have to be humble enough to say got. I can't do this alone. There so many days are you to say I don't want to be that man anymore only be more this man that you're calling me to be and I need your help.

And so this is something were meant to walk with the father, not just of ourselves. I agree with those of the struggles that make a good man, a godly trouble. Thanks for listening this week and if you want to learn more about integrity, recklessness, overpass podcasts and see how you can move closer to God is closer to the father integrity comes right along with thanks for listening

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