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Dealing With Doubt; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 3, 2015 12:30 pm

Dealing With Doubt; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Many last to some of the stuff that God is given us over the.

The last few years as we've been on this masculine journey together for those who are not familiar. A lot of what we speak of in the Masten journey comes from John Eldridge's wild at heart. And so today we have something that's kind at the heart of wild at heart. Which is it a question that most every man faces to some extent in his life and one of those that we definitely need answer to that question is Al Robby Gilmore, do you have what it takes at do you have what it takes and so where to enter into sort of a three part series on do you have what it takes. With today being do you have what it takes dealing with doubt because one of the first steps when all of a sudden God has you in this place where he is going to help you with that question is it is that there may be some doubt involved and will, of course, we got some wonderful clips. We are joined by Vinnie Menino and you know we've known for many years that I guess for 85 now pretty close that Vinnie has what it takes for you to get to hear some really cool Vinnie stores today but will start off of this clip that a lot of you are probably familiar with the movie back to the future and in this movie.

There comes a point where Marty's father who at this point in time in 1955 is a young boy in high school and he didn't know he kinda got messed up he was supposed to take on Marty in this particular scene and when he opened up the car door, rather than be in Marty somebody that he knew he had what it took to fight. It turned out to be Biff, which Biff being the bully of the school and one gigantic man all of a sudden George finds itself a little bit overwhelmed in this situation. In order to find out the George have what it takes you fly close you leave her alone.

Okay, so I'm wondering how you guys listeners today, especially the guys out there.

Did you find yourself there where you didn't know it but all of a sudden you're squaring off against the guy that you're pretty certain is a great deal tougher than you, but for whatever reason God has placed you in this place where you're going to have to take a mom will let's turn this around for you. My good friend.

Have you ever been in that position I had in my case when I was in sixth grade. The first time. Now that all the glory.

Well I went to six grade twice. You know I didn't quite get it right the first times.

My parents wanted me to have another shot at it, which it is.

It was when I went to victory the first time I was in Chicago and we moved there from Colorado and so I didn't dress like somebody from Chicago. You know they were dress pants I wore blue jeans.

You know I were cups that you wrote. You know I look like a kid from Colorado and so naturally it was picked on and a lot of those kids.

They ran in gangs in the meanest, toughest gang in Lincoln Junior high school was Billy Kilmer's gang and Billy Kilmer have to ride in my bus stop and every day at lunch.

Just like clockwork.

You know, I mean every day when I do want to get on the bus in the morning. Billy Kilmer would take my lunch in the throat on the ground he stop at night. Hand it to me just to show everybody that he was a great deal tougher than me and this went on, we know pretty much every day so I didn't and I was getting skinnier and skinnier out what you get taller and taller well in January. One day, like George, I guess I just had enough of Billy laughing at me and like George in the clip. I just let it fly and it hit Billy squaring the nose I hit him in the nose and immediately his nose just trickled a little blood when that happen I mean, the crowd went wild. It was like those that who is that where did that happen you know because this kid was supposed to be the meanest kid in school so every body all on the bus on the way to school already know do more hit Kilmer buddy know that you know and the next thing I know, word got out that Billy was going to kill me when we got off the bus and of the whole school new in his whole gang got on the bus that David back them up.

That no when we got off the bus. He was gonna kill me, but by this time it was about a foot of snow on the ground and you know the scene you know we all get off the bus and they all scream and fight fight fight. It's Clack it's a classic six grade stuff and I'm thinking this is good to be bad, but I knew one thing I knew Billy Kilmer's nose would bleed and so when it started. I just started hammering on the nose.

I was like I'm heading and you know I got fairly long arms and that I just kept hammering on is not until blood just came everywhere and the snow was just turned red necks and you know Billy Kilmer was down and everybody was like who is that it was at George Mason like man I God gave me an opportunity see that I have what it took. But you know there's little caveat of this story.

Billy's mom shows up.

She was Billy and she throws me in the car and she takes me to my house. Well, my mother had been aware of my lunch squishing episodes for the one she had been wanting me to defend myself as my father had and so she starts taking off on my mom and my mom takes off on her and she says do you mean to tell me not even clean your sunup get him and my mother was a nurse and so she was like at him and he or she starts claim that the mother may just let me tell you about, you know, and that lady got a lot more than she bargained for.

But it's a fascinating thing that God had me in that situation, and it was something that built into me some confidence that it some point I have what it takes but you know, one of the cool things in Scripture is God had that for Jesus even at his baptism right now. You remember what happened.

Oh, this is my son, with whom I am well pleased. Right when he came up out of the water.

God himself was telling everybody standing there that this is my son.

He has what it takes but interestingly right after that he went out in the wilderness and he had to take on all had to take on the enemy Billy Kilmer with him and it was the first thing that Billy Kilmer said to Jesus, same kind of thing so you know how we may not have the time to get through but it in your situation or talk about this story were God had you someplace and I want you to think you listeners think with me when was that that you all of a sudden found yourself faced with a situation I don't think I've got what it takes to get over.

Maybe I don't have it on and I'm dealing with that doubt that I'm on this is good to go bad for me. Did you have a situation like that bullet did. It was in my previous job and had been there many years and I felt like I was really good at what I did and they brought these project managers and from Seattle of all places to the East Coast who thought they knew what they were doing and they were set up all these subprojects to do and they'd given some tasks in they did some stuff wrong and they blame me for nested but wait a minute. Here's the email I got an email this is you said to do this and you said to do this and he said to do that. I didn't tell him to do that. No, but you are the one that was supposed to be watching it in you.

It's your fault and I got upset and I waylaid him with words and I said look what I will say what I said but it was, it wouldn't profane but it was about incompetence. It was about not knowing what you're doing and not listening to the folks that are your dinner and in the place to help you. Well I got in trouble for going off on them and I got suspended. That was on Tuesday, May 1. I believe it was yet was May 1 and a friend of mine walks up at this point when I'm suspended with pay what they said you need to calm down and they said were to remove you from the front lines part of the project I've been preparing for this project for year I everything ready to go.

I just needed them not to get my way and but now I'm suspended there disappointed in me. Their concern about my anger issues and I just don't know if I have what it takes anymore. I mean this is a project that you know we knew was coming for two years and lo and behold you know I'm getting pulled from the starting lineup and I'm sitting there in a friend came came up to me says I know we supposed to be today, but only go to gay hamburger and I'll be back in a minute I'm like what he saidto be this weekend and it was it a masculine journey boot camp and that was something that changed my life because the self doubt, you know, for me, you're my father did grow up in the house know and I believe in God. We didn't have the connection awarded the personal relationship united and how to do it will hurt our brother Todd Clark congratulations Todd a new job, but I heard Todd Clark given his father by God, speech, and in how I'm now one with God on his son and he's he created me he spoke into my life that you know I was made in his image. So you know within a year and 1/2.

I was offered a job making 40% more didn't apply for the came and asked me you know I was given the autonomy that I look forward to in the doubt was all over me when I believe that my father was completely erased when we got a good break but I will.

We are taking a break. Maybe you can be thinking when it got have you in a place where you really never thought you'd ever come through but then he was showing you all the time you have what it takes to talk about today dealing without we got a lot more math, Internet radio, stated as a reading for help with docs and reading the whole thing is bright when she's reading. She has trouble sounding out words world music weight. I was trying to show how fast feels every day redirecting to understood.join parents and experts and free online resource about learning and attention issues to help your child drive freedom is your birthright secured and reserve unimaginable sacrifice we the people form governments to protect our rights, which are endowed by our Creator government and those entrusted with power are subject to corruption must be carefully monitored. Washington is out of control. The debt crisis regulatory crisis in the constitutional crisis threatened continued freedom. Article 5 convention states to amend the Constitution is the remedy convention of

We are masculine journey today asking the question, do you have what it takes and when did you find yourself in that situation where you are dealing with out in a course you know the whole story now and you can look back with 2020 vision. But the time you taught manners. This was going to be governor go over the top of my head, but then little did you know that you had more than a took then you thought you did. So I will play a clip here from the poor guy that man is was for Mary. This is, hard to listen to but can you imagine finding yourself in the situation were all of a sudden your wife is going to see if you got what it takes. This is from an amazing movie called the encounter. Allison and I love the movie in this particular scene is in the beginning, and it's where their riding in the car in your to hear her, chastisements because he tries to reach over and hold her hand that cannot make that connection say I love you. I want to be with you and hear how she responds to the need for a lamp Savini you listen to that EE don't you know there was a point in your life that really the way you are your family believed in those kind of things had you in a situation that was even more like don't. This is going to be more radical than what this man was facing much more and then can you take us there. Yes, I can, I fell in love with a woman that was married before and had two children, small children and we kept company for a while and I decided I wanted America so I took it to Alabama got a divorce come back and pulled in front of my house will not actually in front about a block away and lo and behold is my father walking up the steps. I said well here goes, be an Italian very strict.

I knew what the answer is going to be but anyway I went in when I post Mrs. pop. I want to talk to you. I don't want to talk to you get that woman and get out of here. That was enough. You know, so I walked back to my call my legs trembling and within a block. I had to make up my mind whether I had it in me to take care of my wife whom I love and the two kids whom I loved. Now, I think for the listeners to totally understand this in New York City. This is 1948.

No no no 50s it's 1951 or two in the early 59 and your your member of this family is pretty much your financial support. It's your support and when your father says you know you get to hear he's he's talking about. Like disowning you and in the family that you're in that serious. That's exactly right. You know, so I made up my mind and when I got in the call and I told my soon-to-be wife is really there is no hope for the family with my family. It's up to us. She said well okay out. Let's not get married as his own. We get married I would that I went to my cousin how about the petro, has seven dollars left from the trip back to Alabama from Alabama and before I go any further I want you to know that I was married to this lady for 44 years.

The most amazing woman that you want to meet anyway, I went to how you put us up. I got a job and we put it together and we raise the kids and I raise the kids.

Sometimes they question me because along the way. About three years after we had our own trial.

There was always this know the sea love her more than he loves us and if Mike is a listening know I never once an old he is married to your mom and older years that I was your dad. I never ever loved Anna more than I loved you guys I love you all the same and I still do it.

One of the wonderful things I know about this story because we've been good friends for 20 years is that your father now. Here's a man that you know at this point he is right knee often heat heat instead by that for a period of time, but I love what God how would that story turned near the end of your father's life with my father lived. My father and mother lived with me and Rita and we hadn't spoken long before that. Approximately eight years but they would accept the children. It was in the children's old but my father was living with me. We were taking care of them and we finally had put him in my mom and her assisted living and we would go every single night 32 miles to see him and my mother and my sisters came in one night the three of them and they hadn't seen my mom and dad and a couple months.

I guess you know and he was so much in love with my wife Rita that when they came in and he just waved them off like you know you can leave this is my daughter, my wife Rita well yeah she was taking care of them like a nurse, you know, there was no embarrassment no nothing. And he loved the kids unbelievable. He loved my daughter Rita and Jim in China. Joe is you know from being a tough guy and I'm in a tough guy and heart and body. He turned into this piece of mush and well you know you I can't help but think love never fails that genetically right of it that you think of that in first Corinthians you write and but now you have a story long as we don't listen to the Hank story. I think this is Dominic's excuse my mom at the end of this so here it gently, but I was 17 years old playing football. My mother was divorced and she had divorced when I was one, six years later she married a doctor and he died not long after, within a year. So I'm 17 now and she's dating for the first time in 68 years and the man starts wanted to explain to me about football. Tell me okay that's basic stuff and I said yeah I know that and he was the announcers would see something on TV and he would turn around and say like I heard it for the first time it was just get really corny and not I asked do you have anything new to add to the game or you can repeat everything they're saying on TV and he said if your neck like this, I would leave us a little at the door smacking on your way out.

And so we got up and we were ready to go at it and he said I would take it outside and teach a lesson I said I don't think I'm gonna learn anything from you today, and my mother looked at me and she said you have to move the car.

I go to move the car come back and he standing there and you know he's ready to go my moms out, go upstairs and he walks out and my mother looked at me and she said don't ever make me choose between you and him you will lose, and I felt just like Hank did. I walked upstairs I had is my mother who is done that and may not.

I had no I know connection with my father. That time I was just completely lost now, years later, my mother and I talked about and she said now I was so lonely. I made a decision in anger. I'm so sorry I said that what I married their year at this place of doubt. And so I learned something this week from William Col. read a book in the 1600s called the Christian in complete Armour which was my new favorite book and almonds.

Whatever book I'm reading currently is my favorite book and so it's my new favorite book is phenomenal, but there is this a line in it that just seemed little but I wrote a note on it in the book, and by the way, it's a free Google book if you want to get it it said that as a Christian when you're under attack by Satan.

There's a place of retreat that you can go where Satan can't get to you and that is in your heart because their God resides and sin can enter in, nor can Satan get to you because he doesn't have a key so I read that sentence and I noted an series of events within a week later I found myself under tremendous attack from site with a loved one, anger, all that stuff situation. I clearly thought that I there's no way I can get past this to the know. It just looks hopeless and I was right here.

I was at this place it out like there's no way I can overcome this, I been down the aim of this is never going to get any better. I don't have what it takes to fix this is just clearly not the situation. The bottomless pit, and the Holy Spirit, says Robby you think you might be under attack and so I began a prayer retreat seriously. Sam got I don't know how I get in the my heart where Satan can get to me but clearly I'm hearing his voice and I need to get I need to get on the bunker with you. I need to get just me and you Odyssey to get along with you and I kept praying. It took the better part of three hours really for me to get there and when I finally got there I got to this point of surrender said Lord I'm not hearing it anymore so it's just me and you cannot just get this love person to give give this level and you can I just ask you to come in to the situation and he started point out things that I needed to forgive, you know what it was like can we get together on this. Robby, can we forgive this and we began to forgive these different things that I needed to forgive, at the end of that. I said okay, I'm seeing things out. The smoke started to clear as I could see God in the situation and I said that I need some counsel here, man.

I have no way to know what to do. I have no understanding. I need some counsel, I need to know what's my next move.

I was like in the war room I was in the bunker with God me.

What's my next move and what he told me to do was so counterintuitive I thought there was no way in the world that I can go do that with this person because her so angry at me there to speak to me up and spit me out, and this can be horrible. This can't work not know God, really, I can't do this. But finally I went and did what God asked Satan Americans. It was in my heart I did exactly that that Loveland literally melted in my arms as we in tears reconciled and I realized how women doubt and I don't know if I have what it takes.

There is a place of retreat.

It's in your heart. Satan can't get where you can find out my big brother is Jesus, and the speak he has what it takes. So thank you for listing the mass majority, by all means find us on Facebook messenger and the radio and twitter and messenger and and hopefully will have Sam back next week. Thanks, Alyssa

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