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Do You Have What It Takes In The Middle of the Battle; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 10, 2015 12:30 pm

Do You Have What It Takes In The Middle of the Battle; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 10, 2015 12:30 pm

The Christian Car Guy Show
Robby Dilmore

Jesus many things more like a losing battle when something done here last, like Scotland around here over the green room in 11 days. Micah yes yes we have this yeah yeah I gotta say I don't want to live in Scott or Seattle that will welcome to the show are to be continuing what we talked about last week but it's just me robbing our today talking with you and so hopefully will have a lot to say what we do but rub doing totaled about what you talked about last week. Since I wasn't able to be that we embarked on our first time ever, trilogy pricing wanted to do three parts of it. You have what it takes just one of those questions that hound us men of Micah have what it takes. And so we wanted to do the three parts being do I have what it takes to even engage in the battle. The doubts that would be there or even the denial as we find ourselves, or we can even engage is this is a battle I can win because men often will engage in less they feel like they might assure victory yeah. So that was last week shows. So this week show was now you're in the battle and what's going on with that and then reflecting on do I have what it takes in the midst of battle. Now that the battles over which sometimes you it will be the third part of the trilogy. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose and then you know where we are. Where are we with you. I have what it takes. After my talk a lot about being in the middle of the battle. I was thinking last time I was in the middle of knowing what your story would say that that's very much the same for you and I think it's probably the same for when out there. You know, there's usually life going on and sometimes those battles are bigger than others.

Some of them are ones that you just shake often so I'm taking you needs which you shall take you to these can inoculate got running a bit. Those battles come in. So what you need in the midst of that battle to help you go on Robbie's or something.

Mine absolutely for me. Like you say these, but there sometime inspiration that's beyond bigger than myself is this thing seems like that's what I got. I bit off way more than I can chew often and you're in that place where wow am I gonna have what it takes to actually pull this off now that I found that I stepped in up to my knees when I realized you know I thought it was just going up my ankle. Yeah, you do need some type of encouragement without citing you got off and send that to you know just exactly when needed.

Obviously, this risk looks really pretty fun Cliffords of montage of about 35 different little segments from different movies or TV shows is want to challenge you to try to figure out how many different movies or TV shows are in this clip that it's all about being inspired so we listened to tell a bit of fun with the greatest night of our lives. Janelle P.

Dolores and I guarantee you will find your life not letting them get well I'm not going home is not right is no, I mean how know we all will. There's so many of them and married Charlie Brown bear I like to take credit for that.

We actually found that on YouTube that work went into that importance of inspiration is a difference between inspiration maybe in encouragement. Get inspiration from a lot of different things sitting here listening to some of those clips I can feel a little inspired is remember the movies remember what was going on and I don't know about you Robbie, but there's a something sometimes hearing something a song or reading something they really just inspire me and even the music that they play in the background which that continuity they put that inspiring music behind it. To give you this, feel it, that you can make it in there something in the human spirit that just you know when you can compete against all odds and still win know that that's terribly inspiring unless you got the maps to be in the midst of it, and now thinking wow I'm thing to be overrun and you know there's a lot of stuff that's in there it gets pulled out when you got hurt that that's a bad thing. There's inspiration. But then there's encouragement and sometimes it encouragement doesn't always come from the most likely source. A lot of times you think it's can be your best friend or something of that nature. Sibling others are times we talk in the mornings robbing you give me a lot of encouragement and I try to give you some and I know I am thinking with Alan and Ince were able to help do that, but sometimes it comes from an unexpected source and I want to get another quit before going to break. This is from the movie the Lord of the rings. That's the final one in the trilogy, and in this you have Elrod who is the father of well Ariel that's from the little mermaid anyway.

He's a he's a father. The love interest of Aragorn. Thank you. I got nothing to he's love interest doesn't really not real happy they been seeing each other but this is a guy that is chosen to come give Aragorn encouragement. Just when he needs. And so what you can hear him talking about is a sword that had been broken.

It was the sort of the King had to be put back together for the real king to step back up again so to listen to that and see what we can learn from all will not show us sales from the South were outnumbered. Each will will on site throughout the last part we talked little bit about was before the shows side the Ranger wasn't an important statement there that he makes Rollins on Eldridge's book, the stage is the masculine journey there is a stage of the kingdom. It you know God has made us all to be and as we leave our families into this battle and all the stuff to you at some point in time got to take upon that sort of team but as we see in that clip you know he he was happy being the Ranger the young person but the man that was his possible other logs was speaking the truth of who he really was to become absolutely the stages. He talked about shows on that if you like to go back and listen to, any of the boyhood stage and you're the cowboy Ranger stage at some point you have to movement cowboy Ranger stage of the others and eventually to the king stage where you have Aragorn here that Ranger stage is safe. I don't have to report to anybody. I don't have a lot of responsibilities and on there's a lot of men that have responsibilities and still live in it. Ranger stage we need Bill to step into knowing that we have what it takes in the decking wall actually what keeps those men from stepping into that kept me from stepping into it more fully. Was I just didn't believe I had what it is I don't and it's a daily thing that I have what it takes in the situation to have what it takes in this situation, and so each day. It's a question of do I have what it takes and continue to talk about encouragement becomes. Or maybe there's a sometimes you just gotta hold on.

I don't know more about that when we come back. Thanks for listening mask underneath you will learn more about us could masking any come back and listen. We got a couple more great clips and some more commentary you make some great points made here for masking any radio show partial often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with father no one wants to see a counselor, but often are times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help turn my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father for information on seasons of the heart that's masculine journey journey radio is listener supported. Very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support us if use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is is a charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this masking journey radio that's masking journey welcome back to masculine journey. We are really glad that you stuck with us to talk about this encouraging thing for me absolutely continue to talk about the topic of having what it wrote most men you run into the may not be able to articulate it but isn't that really a part what they carry around with them telling you I and a lot of times are trying to get that answer in all the wrong place and you know it's one of those questions that we need answered and God puts situations in our lives so that we can find that out ourselves. Interesting and ultimately has to be the one answer that right. He has to be the one that does that answer your I know that for me. I'm in the middle some things right now that I don't know that I have what it takes to be quite honest I think there's just a lot of challenges that happen in our lives that you never faced or you just say hey I just don't know how to do this so there's a lot of that the patient to God policy, which is a good thing. There's also times that you gotta have that inspiration. We talked about last time last segment yet. You can find someplace maybe a song or listen to Rocky thing. I don't know, something that inspires your commute encouragement from someone else. Sometimes there's another thing you got a doing there's a movie about it. So you set up the move equipment back up.

Well, as is Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert.

You know there's tremendous hope just in that line to think that God leads us into these places because the spirit led Jesus in there so Jesus could see that he had what it took up against his enemy. And clearly Jesus did. As we know he was tempted in the desert after the 40 days and already went so we sometimes find ourselves where we don't think we have any answers were were pushed beyond what we can do and in the car business for years and years we had this thing called persistence overcomes resistance, meaning sometimes all you just gotta do is hang on just know that helps on its way.

Somehow, in the course of Scripture. Along those lines. Help is on the way almost to quick this young man. It's it's from the movie letterheads and it was a football movie, but he was a war hero that the story of how he became a hero got blown out of proportion because actually it was just a situation where he hung out and you can't see them all that's going on, but essentially I think it's important to note that he found himself in a foxhole and had been drinking too much because how cold it wasn't all that stuff and he'd fallen asleep when he woke up. The Germans were all there in his foxhole and he was actually an attempt to surrender any learn the German how to do that and when he jumps up. The Germans mistakenly think that the date that he's one of them. And that leads to phenomenal results, which sometimes this happens as God lays them at our feet stories get better over time that everything they say happened that the telling of it gets a little better and down the gully there about training thousand nine we down the foxhole dissuaded writer times is so cold, so how will layout nearly down about nine. We had planned German war camp all through the night fighting continued until we were all adamant sitting ducks. We have been up for 36 hours at health food for thought.

Don't know how few hours because by that time Jerry was so covered up. They never saw them and you jumped up and yelled one of them so they just dropped the data. Right about then Carter was all sorted out and thought it was best if we all just kept on the chips fall where they may.

Imagine you jump up think you're going to surrender as a mass surrender. The unit is that you know he he hung in there he was in the midst about a lot of bullets and his last answer was just the exact thing of understanding is taken from relatively true story of something that happened in the battle and you don't know where you are and what you know you seek counseling at that moment he had what it took to Garza got blown out of proportion over.

Time to get your magic when he said he had a sinking feeling because you know that Larry was in this you know humiliating situation might look like he was giving up, but in fact God had another plan absolutely and just by right place. He wasn't planning on holding on times we just have to hold on this coming but sometimes it's easy to lose sight of that is when those bullets are flying overhead if you like to get hit again and again and again that is if you're going to get hit when you're getting it hit me, because as life things and so it is hard to hold on what some of the things we can hold onto in the midst of that with some immutable and Isaiah says there's a song out that I sometimes thing myself.

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, you know, just a phenomenal song and as I can wait.

I realize that you know my helps on the way that God has another plan that even though I may fall is one of those who you know are taken out by the enemy armor that looks is enough.

I hope my position as well that that that even that God couldn't use for his glory in some way shape or form. So I know who wins this I know who I'm fighting for, and often I go in to battle sent an email and I know you do to same that I really don't understand where people are coming from, or what exactly is going on in the bullets are flying and the smoke is there and I'm totally lost and and I end up having to go in the deep into my foxhole absolutely got sometimes you really just need to hear these three words will you couldn't do it is good to hear that. That's great when it comes from God that you can do it is seeking a women just means you can keep his winning is relative to what we might consider winning may not be or what we might consider losing that has a greater purpose.

So we just gotta sometimes hold on San hey I can do that with God's power and strength with me and I didn't sing that song Charlotte sounded pretty good, but that relative yeah I just hold onto. Sometimes past victories in past times that I've looked at things and so there's no way am a bill to get through this. In God's help me find a way to get through it is looking back in history, saying, well, I'm not been in this position before but have been in other positions. It felt like they were outnumbered.

New things are coming at me from every direction.

There's no way to possibly win if you like Adrian's instant up and yell you The way it did for Rocky right at that but know that this looking back it's an okay guy you're with me then and I know you're with me.

Now I don't know the outcome but I know that you're with me to get through and one of the joys for me in the hall last on Friday is And Seeing the Spoken Time and Time Again, This Idea That We Are Born As Aragorn Was Become Who You Are Born to and He Made Us to Be Kings and He He Made As to Rule and and Who We Really Are.

If We Can Step in That I Identity Course Not Always so Easy to Find but Part of Why He Draws Us into the Battles That He Draws Us into His so That We Get Begin to Find Our Swing, so to Speak, Because You Know When You're Yielding That Big Sword. There's a Certain Swing That Only You Have an and Only You Can Swing That a Certain Way and God Needs That Swing the Way That You Can Lead Your Family. You Know He Put You in Charge of Your Children. He Gave You That Spouse, and so There's a Particular Swing That Only You Have an and God Wants You to Find Your Signed Response Absolutely Have To Learn about You Only Get Harden through the Back of David's Life. David at Experimental Battles Live on in. He Entered into Those Knowing That God Was with That Let Them Be the King That He Ended up Being Was Walking through Those Difficult Times.

Walking through Those Battles of Times of Uncertainty Kinds of Hiding in a Cave in on Things That Happen to Them Is Always Trying to Killing yet Knowing That God Was with the Help Them When He Needed It Most. Later down the Road Driving History Shows That Even If You Study World War II History You Can See That North Africa Is First Battle for America. We Essentially You Know Took It on the Chin Heart but That Hardened Us That Sin in the George Pat You Know to Begin to Become Battle Hardened and We Took Some More Losses and an Atlantic Submarines Again.

Those Losses Caused an Ultimate Victory Because We Started to Take It Seriously.

This Is a More Focused and We Got Really We Have To Learn from It. We Have To Go on to Give up to Get a Keep Going to Do a Little Bit Better with That Smart or Maybe Need to Go Back to the Advisor That I Need to Go Back to This Event Talking or Just Lots of Pieces Holding on to Having What It Takes to Battle.

There's a Time You Do Need Inspiration.

There's a Time That I Need Encouragement. Maybe Encouragement Is from an Unlikely Source. Other Times I Just Need to Try to Hold on Because Helps Common You Know What I Also Have To Always Hold onto His God Is Saying You Know What You Can Do and That Was for the All of the Out Of Sailor Movies and That's Friends As a Great Point. I Was Right but You Made It

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