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The Adventure; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 24, 2015 12:30 pm

The Adventure; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine using hand one feels more like a losing battle when something less, especially because we have two great people in the studio with me. We got the stuff I once a while this gives us some hope they were going to see you more often but nice comeback in these SB spend some time with us today in the front. My my G that we known each other for years now and over and talk little bit about adventure today and the second reason that such a good week is Al's revival, which he probably really needs it.

If you know how and if you listen to the show Rob is on vacation. We know he really needs it, then he's probably watching the Mets as his big Mets fans are very happy for him and then Dennis when it will be with us tonight so it's it's a different crew, but I think you can enjoy the show nothing and go back and visit a topic that seems to come up you know often I think it's one of those things that we we get it we understand it and somehow it just slips away. You know that in one day you're going away but how to get back here again and sort about the core desires of man's heart.

The core desires is written in the book while the heart, different authors, and set it a different way are the need for adventure. No one have an adventure. They want to have a battle to fight in a beauty to rescue its invention to live a battle to fight an immediate rescue. That's what a man's heart really kinda revolves around that good food were to talk little bit, talk just a few minutes more.

My kick it over to some of these guys but set it up a little bit talk lesson letter, different aspects of adventure today but were also tickle step differently and adventure than we've done before I was gone a couple weeks ago at a thing actually for my work and I'm very fortunate work for Christian company and one of the things that they had put in front of us was this topic of adventure and talk about the different adventures that you go on in life and what they are saying go on with God and he said he gathers these casual adventures which refiners of the things you got, you do for fun, Mike. What's one of the things that you love to do in traveling or locally.

The love to have fun. It's an adventure for disc golf.

Absolutely I do not leave.

All I have. I have a set of disc and every car we that's right right and so that's a great adventure and something that makes you feel good to do something about it being out there and on tablet something for you that you love to do and you just have some time eating is that an adventure. Now that you know where you're eating yesterday not hiking love hiking. For me it would probably be fishing enjoy getting out there and should call by decay, catching because I don't do a lot of that this casual adventures.

We live on in the really good for a heart and God man on to be good for heart. He knows that we need that in us and for each one of us. It may have a little bit different flavor to it before the Senate for most men. It's going to be outside skin be something that takes amount and nature consultant feels normal. Being out in nature, whether that's golf or whatever that might be skydiving in those types of things.

But then there's these things called critical adventures. Some adventures that God takes you on the can have some trying times to the obits where he's really honing you to be the warrior you were meant to be anything they like it is been some adventures that David went on right that you would definitely looking back might not originally called them adventure but they were in the last category is crucial adventure. What that is is when God takes you in a place that would be uniquely designed you to be kind to find your purpose. Your calling release for that season and is kinda know I'm here where I need to be and that's part of that other adventure with God and so you know where talk a lot about a lot of different things, but Todd were talking before the show about adventure in and you made a point when he first came in about adventure that sometimes guys mistake adventure little bit.

Yeah I think Adventure is so much a part of a man's life that we really need to understand it and we keep going back to it and keeps popping up in areas of our life. It's not something that you can repress because it'll it'll pop out is just something that's part of our core nature's I think it's a really important to understand where does it come from, why we have it with purpose of its excited to kinda dive into that think a lot of times men instead of understanding that the adventure is supposed to be enjoyable. A lot of times men make adventure a something to achieve or make a conquest make it competition and there's nothing wrong with competition, romance, a good thing we are Axley talking about the difference between participation trophies and your real trophies that have first second third place on or before the show but yet you know adventure is not always about the outcome. I guess is what entrance I sent always about accomplishing something or being the best were the first down the river. Whatever it is nothing wrong with that.

But adventure God wants us to have adventure because it just makes our heart, you know how many men do we know that our dad in their life there heart is dead and God wants to bring us into adventure to keep our heart 11 something that he does for us is 11 times that that's look at is boys being boys with her so much more to it takes action to a clip of somebody the wakes up one day and says wait a minute I didn't think life was supposed to be this way from wild hogs were to listen to it and come back and talk about wake up and wonder what happened. You really had such great plans my life my work venture, suburban, Dennis. That's why I would never overturn job. Now that my wife all night making me miserable. Now I say website is afraid of women in his sleep well one is as you think about that little bit about it. There's kind of an awakening going on there for him as to how would you say that you know if it was God prompting you has God ever done that you Mike is an instrument something out there that can prompt you also need find yourself on this adventure with all the time we whether it's the ministries of been a part of just guys give me ample opportunity over the last 20 years to participate, but was a time lead mission trips whether there locally or domestically or internationally and almost every single one I can say did not go as planned and yet we got we had put in situations where you know it was exciting and exhilarating and scary and you know at one point left me scratch my head when and how the world we get the situation and said that we thought, but you know those are the moments with those trips to a lot of those are the moments where you start to see this. This group of brothers you know is talk about men, especially during C&C and then come alive know when a we are in this trenches together were shoulder shoulder and this is this is gonna be good absolutely want to come back here and will bid and ask about seeing some of those guys can live whether there really young really old but when you get this other clip Inc. is what happens with guys if they don't get back to that adventure. It comes out somewhere, some way and surrealist the same guy will bit later as this is been boiling inside him. Sally kinda response to this lack of adventure in his life. So cross country trip cross-country trip. I just can't walk away from work late and I want just as well testing evening skies like age is not right. No doubt joking you think I'm boring you will think that is home now. I will work Lane while I just think she is in is no and some of what you've done for living. You probably come across guys that just spells out when they don't get those things out out of them doesn't yeah I mean we went happens that you know God created us for it with a desire for adventure and if we do not fulfill that in the way that God wants to bring us into adventure. We tend to look for adventure and in other ways that are not good for us and we all know those traps getting involved in things that are not good, but that's it's almost like a have you ever seen someone hurt someone who maybe got caught having an affair.

Whatever it could be, not always, but it could be that they didn't have adventure in their life in a good way and they look for adventure in a not good way mean God brings us into adventure because it makes our heart come alive in nothing wrong with sitting in a pew and serving on a church community. We have to do that but that's not what makes our heart come alive. We needed venture beyond and not mine. Anyway, when you're talking the thought of you know false comforters. We talk about that a lot, but the power false adventures and we picked the falls adventure over the real one right, whether it's fair or something like that or it's it's something where I've got to be the best at this videogame playing a videogame, but when you're planning not talking your whole family. Maybe there might be an issue there. Mike tells quickly about your experience. We may have to come back on the backside a break to finish it but about your experience with your son this summer that you took on a mission well I guess we have to wait till the backside of music that is a way to tear it up is because this is a great story when we come back.

My skin is share some really cool things about easy talk a bit more about what he seen as guys take mission trips in guys hearts come alive when they find a purpose for battle greater than what they see.

So we want to come back and join us if you like to know more about us could master journey again that's masking journey blogs there is rain here for masking journey radio show partial often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father. No one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons in the heart human catheters.

Counselors help you find healing through the father.

For more information on seasons of the heart that's masking journey journey radio is listener supported.

Very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is is a charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this masking journey radio that's masking journey is an thread about the listener born to be wild now probe. As you know we are born to be wild and when we left were talking a little bit with my said something the course of music played and can say anything it's born to be wild or this this born to have adventure starts the really early age had the opportunity this summer to see that kinda happen in one of your son's life yeah all oldest son Jacob was 11. This past summer and of the past several years, maybe less than a year's clinician teams on the Mexico once or twice a year and the summer. He expressed a desire to want to want to join us and so we took him as mom and I we took him on his first international mission trip and to say that he had the time of his life was is an understatement.

And he absolutely loved it. And all these fears that I had as a father about it. What if this happens with this I was protecting what about the language barrier. What about all these things have food and transportation and all this nothing. He loved every bit of it. He he he craved him in.

The trip was over Erasmus and how does this rank up and we travel a lot as a family and asked how this is what is, how does it rank among all our vacations. All of our trips news like that is the best and we had the opportunity last month to go to Disney World for weekend again. He absolutely loved it. And you know sorry talking one can go back but asked him I said we are not shooting the Disney would you rather do good if you had one trip to going next year we want to go back to Mexico and illness mission trip back to Disney in without hesitation he said all Mexico was a no-brainer and it's really got me reflecting you know how we often create weekly create what we call adventure.

You know, we have thrill rides with things that that we think are thrilling, but standing in line 90 minutes for two minute ride is not adventure and manufacture adventure with all the safety and everything built in anything catered to us is not the same thing is taken, you know, a trip somewhere where you have to lean on God, what were your out there among his creation his people. Another people group is different than UN and seen that come alive and you see that Simon life and this is incredible have 1112-year-old son. That's experience that I get the pleasure been able to do that.

The summer as well. I've never been on a mission trip in actually no one in her family had been on a mission trip in 12 sending her daughter had been none of the one still home and so Heidi and the boys and I went to Guatemala and I enjoyed it and it was really cool and I learned a whole and under some things and it came alive.

But what was really came alive in me was watching them come alive getting in their own element in a different way and finding a place where they fit in, and knowing that we were there part of something bigger when we left.

They both wanted to come right back.

Now you I want to come back. Our youngest want to come back without Heidi and I said hello without the other. They both want to go back and do that because I just it's the adventure. But then there's also that touches on that battle to fight. You know I'm entering in for somebody here, which is also very very important when you get to a clip from the movie city Slickers. And this is also a guy is a couple guys in this clip it but really, Mitch is going to focus on really scandalous site of adventure little bit you get a little glimpse of it back and talk about it and got 14 minutes okay so what you get two weeks. Three of us New Mexico driving cattle truck cowboys is a real old fashion cattle drive we drive from New Mexico to Colorado. You can do this. We will sleep out on stage show is this is good.

It's great what you always want to be right your vacation comes weeks I came to Florida to visit Barbara's parents sick was planned already promised. I work every weekend for you to get this with you these days.

I want this .5 as you listen to that. What's really going on.

Yeah, I mean I think that clip is for all the guys out there who have forgotten what adventure is like an are now at the stage in life where you're making excuses to not go on adventure and we have to recognize that's were doing that out of fear. You were doing that out of here wife cannot just be prepackaged Ziploc and microwavable.

Other something about God. It's wild and other something about him where we forgotten that the journey with him is about an adventure. He wants to take us on a lot lot about what Mike was talking about. Life isn't all figured out. It's an adventure with him and you know lifetimes. We think of our Christian life is just so heavy. Now I've got to be this perfect man. This husband and father figure leader and really we can just cannot put that aside, it's really just more about the adventure that God wants to take you on. And when you look at your Christian life that way. It takes the pressure off. He's just wanting you just enticing you with adventure. He knows that that you don't that you're not perfect that you need him so don't worry about all the austerity and there's no way I can achieve holiness will you know what, as you go on the adventure with him as you said Sam it's really about becoming closer to him and he will help you with that holiness, or that healing or whatever is the any movie you watch when there's an adventure involved people become closer together when you think about the adventures that you guys have been on ultimately relationships get deeper and swinging on a relationship with God gets deeper as well. The Howard Thurman quote you want to talk about that yes we are talking about the quote. Howard Thurman makes, which is some don't look for what the world needs into that. Look for what makes your heart come alive and do that because what the world needs are men whose hearts are live exactly we got men in churches today sitting there doing what they think is their duty, but their hearts, not a lot. It is not just in the churches in their homes right into what those families need our men with their hearts live in certain actually go to clip her a quick and will come back and finish out the show were continuing Mitch's story and as soon as a people leave this party. His wife Barbara who said he can't go to to with them to go to Florida with her.

Let's hear how she responds. The whole trip will come back and talk about it.

Tell me about this cattle cow is humbling Florida miserable nature never called and I was just joking. I said go. It's all right if you don't want to come with these two weeks, as you listen to Barbara talk to match what you really toning there. What comes to mind for you.

I was thinking what Todd was talking out to piggyback exactly what you talk about you know how much the church has stolen adventure out of the hearts of of of me and you know we may not. Men are the demographic that's leaving church the fastest and we wonder why is because when mantras of the church to say hey we have an adventure for you. We want you to take up the offering more hey we have adventure for you Spread mulch outside the church.

You know like things like that and that's not adventurous at all and so you know that they they go to church and they hear that this is adventure into the illness of the sort relate not to well is this all that God has designed for me and then exactly what I said earlier, these are searching for adventure in different places and may not believe it is our role as as Christian brothers to call these men back into life that that God is given them so they can find that smile again.

You know, and may not. I'm so thankful that I know that I have a wife that supported me on these adventures know that that say that she knows man Mike you need to go you. She can tell when I'm certain it's what I need to get out and do some things that she's very supportive and I think that's powerful for women understand they have a role in their husbands a sense of adventure and you know to really get to know that your thinking challenged adventurous challenge at work if they're not then let him know that maybe it's okay to look for another job any week and we can make it or not.

Feeling challenged adventurous within church and your Christian life will why is that in and women have a huge role wife seven huge role in in what they play into the adventures of men's hearts ugly but absolutely no and a lot of times it's it's not just the supportive role.

It's side-by-side. You know that there called to go do that adventure together. You know to shared adventure enough for me and I love the adventures that I've done with the ones I've enjoyed the most are the ones that Heidi and I shared together right there was something more about that that was more enjoyable when you when you're yoked together and doing that and so women have a vital role in actually heard a little bit in that first clip his wife was teasing. She was really kinda saying hey you need to come alive here is both is wise really knew what they needed in their family was her husband alive. And I know there's been times that's been me. The guy that doesn't feel very alive in the answers right there right it's an adventure of some sort.

Maybe it's a casual adventure. You can start with that. Maybe God's calling you more to that next adventure. The next adventure but it's always going to tie around some type of adventure with him and often with others like you to trip down to Mexico you talk about. Then we don't have a whole lot of time to touch on that. Just a little why that was so powerful for you when you made a trip in a van with another guy you absolutely couple years ago we send out about a ministry Mexico that help with human trafficking and whether big needs was a formfitting passerby so we found the church locally that donated one and my buddy Tim and I jumped in the van and drove to Mexico and TN had nothing to do with getting the van. There was the adventure along the way that we remember most is one of the most trips my entire life, and there is really cool story about even when you got down there and detained at the border God continue the Internet which we had time to talk about that is going out this week.

I mailed it out there. Listen to it has got about these ventures, you want me to be right now to casual venture to be in a critical adventure is a time for crucial venture. You don't always stay in one of those back-and-forth between your wife out there supportive person help draw that your husband is what you both need is for him to be alive. That's what God

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