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Why Does A Man Need A Battle to Fight; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 31, 2015 12:30 pm

Why Does A Man Need A Battle to Fight; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus many modern routers. Modern salmon can't be with the goes mask wealth as he was in here were able to in the master of masculinity himself is with us. The Vincent Menino all you know what a topic we have.

Along those lines today. Why does a man need a battle to fight. You may be wondering about that is actually in one of the tocsin we give it a big camp that was to be one of the core desires that that they talk about is in a man's heart.

Right now you got a yeah crazy adventure. Definitely. But every man's got a battle to fight these got a email sometimes ready for it. Sometimes a notch feet out from under you and no doubt those battles come in seasons). Even with the season you had when you are young whippersnapper in the New York event with a stickball yet battle to fight then then you did later on with your bad they're trying to talk to get something out of me.

Robby and right now on thinking what would be good on the year and how much I could say the it is quite an interesting topic.

I can't wait to hear what you guys are going to say is I want to copy all I don't doubt that the battle for us today. Vincent, go get him well to start off with CM to give us our first clip and edits from the movie animal house and and a lot of times a battle presents itself and in doing so, leaders are made right now all good and well I was to say that you know Pluto in this case, made him a leader where he didn't expect. He seems like the mischievous buffoon the whole movie. Up until this point when he rallies the troops a bit psychotic but leader started to rain as well join the Peace Corps. My mother's going to kill me and you knew it I knew it. Can't believe I threw up in front of Timor being 1 PM. The other Hitler youth. Why would you do is I guess looks like in this area did well officially kicked out of school where my just got my grades to assess school and they said what do you moron was over man women drop the big over all is will now used to know and greatest night of our lives in all so you have a situation here where they couldn't take the laying down and has been kicked out and they were for one leg sticking out from under but that scene in the movie it to me in so many ways. It made the move did you see the situation where the underdog decides to take on the battle and off they go). I remember specific incident that happened to me that this just say I earned my stripes don't go what it probably okay. I remember I was in junior high and that's middle school for today's kids okay yeah you never in junior high level. I was to write cross away from the school was a small block with a lake and then the kids use sailboats and so on salon when we had lunch we would go across sit there running all lunch and this one dude used to come up to me all the time and give me a dime. Give me a dime.

Give me a dime kept on going until somebody, you should let them get away with that because you won't leave you alone.

But after about two weeks of it. I finally said I don't have a dime and he looked at me says I told you give me a dime. This is, I don't have the time to put his hands in my pocket right and all of a sudden I don't know if you want to call it cartridge or I was embarrassed as to whole school was sent in the lunch will I hold off and gave him a shot and he fell in the lake that was okay. So we went swimming with the fishes right that was my first time with this and with the fishes and I jumped in the lake.

Well yeah and I got his head, and I kept it on the water baptism so I baptized them and all I know is that a bunch of guys came in and girls, pulled me off of him make a long story short after that incident. His name was Matthew became my best buddy and I became a candidate who now did he give you a dime.

Every day after that time to get me 1/4 interest. Well, I know some listeners maybe is especially lady listeners are gone, where's the where's the Bible and how is this biblical what is this got to do with Jesus and and what is this have to do with the mass mentoring from God's perspective and so now what would you say that well. I like the saying, the Vincent party said get together for real men in here on leaders are made, are created and if you go biblical documents leaders are born there.

Sorry sorry sorry the way I heard it was leaders are made or forged in fire in the way that happens is through battle. If you look at one of the best examples I would say King David know when he's just a little boy. He's out watching the sheep line comes up easy sling with a rock and killed.

Same thing with the bear he kills it. That gave him confidence those battles to protect the sheep gave him confidence will the next one he's delivering cheese for his mom and dad what happens.

Everybody's given them a hard time nobodies, even many credit and they're saying all you just want to watch the battle you're not really here pretty good purpose. And lo and behold, there's Goliath calling out God's people sit back there frame and he comes off with probably the best line ever for a battle.

Who is this uncircumcised Philistine to challenge the armies of the living God, and he steps up in the battle and becomes a leader. A leader that eclipsed the king right and what what you know. Sunday school doesn't teach that story and what child doesn't sit there muscling cousin says for men we love to see somebody showing that they have what it takes in the midst of battle for women and and and and actually even for our kids. Sometimes they want to know that they're worth fighting for absolute and and actually my mind, the one that that stands out is Jesus talk about somebody who took on the battle, but he knew the enemy and so he thought. The real enemy, and in a battle that's unlike anything that history is ever known before or since. But for all of this is a matter of our waiting to be remembered as man as we hear from the scene in gladiator where they were given a choice.

Are they going to fight his gladiators are they going to meet them. How are you to be remembered when the battle came your way. You know, and in the battle in the enemy's foot is he not you not seen it in your life is everywhere you know is we get through it. Some battles were meant to lose because they get us ready for bigger battles.

It's you you're never going to have the greatest comeback until you have somebody get knocked down. Just because you get knocked down as a man doesn't mean that God's not with you doesn't mean that your defeated just means it your get ready for bigger battle and God's letter from someone and why are these kind of movies so popular gladiator Braveheart those kind of things and they see those on the indigo ML what is it with men in all this violence well you know we were designed lawyers yes. And God gave us this warm your heart to fight the real enemy who makes actually the enemies of Robert the Bruce or at the enemies of gladiator are babies compared to what we were up against the Satan has got tricks at those guys never thought about it in. I think it's important you made a great point out Jesus came for a woman came for his bride. But this was a battle and he came back to find a battle when he fought in his way and he wanted his way my people didn't realize it.

You know when when he took everything the world had to offer and he came back with salvation. Nobody expected that the Hebrews did nobody that I was ready for. So that's that's where we have to come against our enemy the same way and that bride being the church exactly and it's pretty cool for mice to know that an animal tell a story only come back passenger radio's list are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do as their charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries for an Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this under the radio that's messenger the radio large family here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father.

I know no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help turn my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father.

For more information on seasons of the hard mask Internet radio that's messenger the Why does a man battle to fight the topic today on the mass, joined by my friend Hindley and Vincent sometimes known as Minnie Menino, who we've known for years and years were missing Sam today. Todd and a few others that there often join us, but it's pretty fun to do this topic and well. I love this topic. I was excited about a week when we first met made me want to grab a brought in a cuppa Joe is ready for the break. There was a story where I had an opportunity and now it's become sort of the stuff of Gillmore legend you know my family recalls it to me often whenever they think about their father talking. It was just on the battle came to me and it may sound the left-handed. You may even say that's far from biblical. But it's what happened and for somewhat how or another. When I reflect on the story. Now, years later, I reflect on it with some level of joy in spite of how traumatic it was at the time my wife's older brother committed suicide, 1991, which was horrific, and at the time we lived in Raleigh but I worked to the dealership that was in Greensboro so I had to drive from when when we got news which was about one in the afternoon. We called and booked a flight out of Raleigh and I had to drive from rings for Raleigh pickup. My wife was obviously very distraught at the time. We just had the two children Robby and Tess and Robby was about to and test was maybe eight or nine months old and we had to catch his flight in Raleigh in the Raleigh flight change flights in Charlotte to go to Dallas which is where Tammy's family so I get off the plane in Charlotte and my wife is saying this man behind me keeps bumping his briefcase in my backside is drive me crazy needs to stop and I gave him kind of a look at the time like you do that again. And this is not going to be good. But then I turn around as we started out the jetway. I stepped aside I said Tammy Stanback. You must be in a hurry. Maybe he's got a connection is gonna make her some which always been fine, except as he passed by us on the way as he walked by me.

He said you need to control your brats and at that point and you know it was like somebody just wave the red flag in front of Robby's face.that was okay, now you've done it so the way my wife tells the story eyedrops test either way. I remember the story I will I set her down gently on the jetway, but I was because I was good gets this cat before he got to the top of the jetway, which I did and when I grabbed him by the shoulder. I flipped him around and then I didn't hit him with my fist. I just try to push them and said now it's to see what you got buddy.

He knew it was on and heat. He turned like he was getting hit me and it was gonna be. It was going to be on and just about that very moment I had no idea what sky marshals can do it literally and really moment.

Scott Marshall put me in this headlock thing that II don't know is one of those holds are pretty sure was sleeper some because before I could think I was in the gate with this guy and he had us both sitting down and trying to separate nobody got arrested there was no blood all those things. It just became. You know how the story. Family legend.

That's right. There's no doubt that my family knew that they were worth fighting for. Absolutely. And Robby knew that when the moment came and it was time to know you know that those things would happen and and and that the warrior heart was in there somewhere. Sam, Sam, you're not Sam you're out when you're the heat is talking to you ready to talk you got a brother over there. We have another clip because there are seasons to this battle, and for some of us you know in our younger years were in a position to be in a be on the jetway but were not in that position, and so as we we go from the warrior stage to sometimes the sage stage of the masculine journey where were actually helping others to find their battle in this was an opportunity for Sean Connery to be teaching a young writer, but more than that is his season changed and I really love this clip to show that sometimes it changes. Where were the one now teaching how to fight the battle, guy like you places time read the National Enquirer means stress men like good times is time for dinner with fish, some Contessa school is right thing get into Windows running contest lunch long time ago you went with Kush.

I want my money is on track. Will imago students get a read in front of to do with writing writers write so that readers can read what someone else reader the original book in public middle get married nor rejected should question no, but I learned a few things along, which might be of help this young lady you're always talking about what the key to a woman's heart is an unexpected gift, unexpected time you give me advice on women unexpected gift, unexpected time and is he was saying unexpected gift, unexpected time those who are in the studio you could see had Vinnie's head popping up about this is something you know I was flawlessly brought this all you people out there. Hopefully this a lot of you. I'm sure almost every male has gone to the same situation very calm in certain situations until it becomes a little hectic. Let's say maybe an altercation will happen and you just tried to walk away from it. Maybe a girlfriend or wife makes a remark and forces you into being a man now I got to do it in a because I don't want to be no label is a Lewis and that happened quite often with me and my wife is my wife could never keep her mouth shut and she really made out and she was given show. I think you I can remember a number of things, but I know Mike family is listening on so go into too many but I remember one time we went to visit my grip my mother and father, and it's a skinny black would cause, but this is in New York City will cause parked on both sides and just salute laying in the middle that you go through until the next corner when the light shine anyway. There was a big bus behind me. I was stuck and wasn't moving and he's leaning on the horn. I can imagine the okay yeah you all and I'm not saying anything on sale and an idiot but my parents lived on the third floor on this fancy apartment and they looking down the heat on in oh and they see it's me, they know my call and I finally get out of the car to go to the bus. I don't know what I was going to do the first thing that I want to do is get the guy in the books for the horn man because my father in his bathrobe. Okay, that's what you doing Paul, this is kick the living due to out of and it pushes the door open to get at this book like this is what you get off of the horn please.

I can go nowhere anyway that was part of my dad's way of being a man, and I just thought that your embarrassing may pop as years went by he got older I got old and I realize that he was protecting his son and he had to show my mom who lives upstairs that he still was a man because he was totally immobile. He had rheumatoid arthritis and oldest came in to pick you know into my mind. He is asked and you get to admire certain things that happen in your life and that was one of the days when I looked at my dad and I said okay pop up of my better way.

Okay, go ahead love I am side picturing your father. I I've seen pictures of your father so cinnamon the bathroom down there said and then the boss in the horn and the New York City excuse to you get the whole picture I got the whole that I haven't heard what happened to the bus driver.

I'm not sure I want to know what happened now know the light change screen and then I was all Dennis Eli's life.

You and the green light saved his life. That's right, but I maybe had a moment like that to where you came up against the real enemy in God helped you out. You know it's only times before that battle either fought the wrong enemy or fought the wrong battle and there was a time when my wife we had picked a certain direction for our time and our money in our efforts and my wife took a hold of the direction contract. Contrary to what we agreed on and I was livid and I was ready to lay into her and I went and prayed about it first. God said you going and forgive her for anything she's ever done what and so I go in there because I want to be obedient with God in it that point I realized when I did she just started weeping, but I realized my enemy was not my wife. There was a different enemy third party that I didn't see didn't feel that no but she was my enemy at that point I just let him have it in. He was not there was. Not that that battle between us anymore.

My wife and I've grown through that tremendous and that's the cool thing when we recognize who the real enemy is and you know see that there is a battle to fight in that often is trying to go after the heart of her own family.

When you see them in the midst of a battle where they don't realize who the enemy is really stirring up strife between different members of the family. So how fun is that I have many friends on the topic. The shows can be leaving a legacy definitely want to. Saturday same time to hear the mass contrary meanwhile go to Facebook with her master journey radio and radio.board and competently go to hear from you.

Thanks so much for listed essential honor to really have you guys is

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